MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 735: A Seize

Chapter 735: A Seize

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The boss did not give everyone within its attack range a moment to hesitate. It began to throw countless of small pinkish crystalized square boxes to its surroundings. It did not take long before the entire space of the area was filled with these small pinkish crystalized square boxes. Suddenly, every single one of those crystals exploded. It was the boss’ {Timed Energy Charge}!


Violent currents of energy whirled across the entire area. Everyone could see that space itself was being torn apart by the whirling force of the energy flow with their own eyes. A crack that looked like a black hole appeared right in the middle of the air. Everyone in the vicinity sustained over 200,000 basic damage! That wave of attack was fatal to most players in the surroundings. Well, a DPS player that is well equipped with a full set of Level 150 Ethereal Tier equipment could only have over 400,000 HP. Meanwhile, Spellcasters like Priests would have even lower amount of HP, even if they have a full set of Level 150 Ethereal Tier equipment on them! They would most likely have about 340,000 HP, give or take!

Although everyone in the vicinity had mounted on their Mounts to boost their Maximum HP, how many of them would be able to have a full set of Ethereal Tier equipment? It would have been very fortunate if they even have a Mythical Tier Pet Mount. Furthermore, mounting on a Mythical Tier pet could boost one’s Maximum HP up by 200,000 HP, at best. A player would only have at most, 600,000 HP after that.

Even if that is the case, the players would still be suffering a great deal of damage after sustaining a total of 200,000 damage.

Everyone was an easy prey to the boss now. If they do not fight back now, they would be as good as dead! Furthermore, they would not be able to rejoin the boss battle if they ever get killed. The main reason being, that there was an invisible air wall surrounding the entire area now. If any of the party manages to hold their ground until the very end, they might even get to kill the boss and claim everything for themselves!

Therefore, all parties within the vicinity decided to strike back at the boss. They began to bombard the boss with everything they had.

The body mass of the boss was just too big for anyone to comprehend. Its mushroom head had already occupied an area over 500-meter radius wide. Therefore, there was no way that anyone would have missed the target. The entire target was even bigger than what everyone could see!

"We’ll be attacking from the top!" Zhang Yang shouted. Then, he led his party and flew towards the top of the mushroom cap. A large number of players began to launch their attacks around the bottom of the mushroom cap as aggressively as they could.

Zhang Yang did not intend to fix the aggro of the boss onto him. However, his damage output was just too powerful. Furthermore, his passive Skill {Shield Oath} even provided him a 20% additional aggro value. Therefore, it did not take long before he became the primary target of the boss. The boss began to spam its {Light Energy Ray} on Zhang Yang!

Fortunately for Zhang Yang, his Defence was high enough for him to hang on. Each {Light Energy Ray} could only deal approximately 140,000 damage to him. Furthermore, he had Han Ying Xue supporting him from his rear. She managed to heal him up good, all by herself. Other than that, Fantasy Sweetheart and a few other Healing-type Battle Companions were also supporting Zhang Yang from the rear as well.

None of them had activated their Inheritance Transformation just yet. That was mainly because, no one understood how powerful the other parties are, and how long would the boss battle take. If the boss battle takes longer than 2 hours, then their effort would become pointless if they activate their Inheritance Transformations a little too early. They would end up doing the heavy work for the other parties instead!

Everyone was on the same page, hitting hard. However, everyone understood as well that when the HP bar of the boss is reduced to a certain level, this fragile ‘bond’ between them would be broken in an instant. Everyone would be competing against each other to be the one slaying the boss. After all, everyone was striving to be the ones who complete the main story quest of the game!

Fortunately, even though the Ancient Spiritual Beast King was a Holy Tier boss, it was not deemed as one of those super powerful World Tier bosses! World Tier bosses would definitely have the capability of bombarding everyone with countless waves of AoE attacks! They would not have any AoE Skill that have a long cooldown of 30 seconds!

Long before this, Zhang Yang had encountered a boss named ‘Martyr Unduin’. Although Martyr Unduin was just a Gray-Silver Tier boss, it was a World Tier boss. With only one of its {Shin Fire Ball}, the boss managed to torch the entire ground up without even have to wait for the Skill to cooldown!

If this boss could also spam its {Timed Energy Charge} without the need to wait for any cooldown period, everyone in the vicinity would be wiped up, in a matter of minutes if they do not activate their Inheritance Transformations.

Upon battling on for 5 to 6 minutes, the boss’s HP bar had been reduced by 10%. Judging from that pace, the boss would be taken out in about an hour! Furthermore, no one had activated their Inheritance Transformations just yet. If everyone activates their Inheritance Transformation in the first place, they could have taken down the boss twice as fast as they could now!

However, everyone knew how to do the math. Therefore, players began to activate their Inheritance Transformation the moment their HP bars were healed back to their full state!

Suddenly, there were at least 20 players hopping off from the back of their Flying Mounts. They were flying with their own powers. Those players were either holding a Class A Inheritance or a Class S Inheritance.

The HP bar of the boss was reducing at an insanely fast pace. However, instead of calling the boss a beast, the boss looked more like a plant. The boss only struck out its {Light Energy Ray} and {Timed Energy Charge} even though it was whacked up badly by the players. Sometimes, it would also activate its {Energy Mine,} trying to get players to step on them.

At the beginning of the boss battle, the boss was a threat that everyone could not ignore. However, now that everyone had cast aside their prejudices for the moment to focus their attacks on the boss, the boss was now facing a large bunch of top Tier players all around the world! It was a combination of powerful formation that no Region could form. Every single high Tier player from all around the world were together in this! After everyone activates their Inheritance Transformations, they obtained a large amount of boost on their amount of HP. Because of that, the threat that the boss posed in the beginning of the boss battle had been minimized.

The higher the HP amount, the higher the Margin of Error that players would have. They could also give their Healers more time to heal, if they had more HP. Because of that, it would become harder for the boss to decrease the number of players in the boss battle.

In the blink of an eye, the mushroom head boss had become so pathetic to look at. Its mushroom head was bombarded with players’ attacks so badly that it looked like the surface of the moon! There were countless holes all over it!

80%, 70%, 60%!

The HP bar of the boss was decreasing even faster now! The boss could not help it, because most of the high Tier players had activated their Inheritance Transformations now. Even though the boss had insanely powerful attacks, it had an AoE Skill that could not be triggered frequently. Just imagine it. If the boss could activate its {Light Energy Ray} once every two seconds, the situation would have become very different now. The players would still be struggling, even if they activate their Inheritance Transformations!

40%, 30%, 20%!

When the boss’s HP had entered its ‘Killing Cleave’ stage, finally, there were a small number of parties who could no longer hold their heads low. They broke the fragile ‘bond’ of alliance among the players and started slicing up their ‘teammates’!

The first party that went rogue was a party from the Africa Region. They launched their ferocious attacks on another party from Australia Region that was positioned closest to them. Because of that, the PvP matches began to bloom across the battlefield. Things became messy in no time at all! Well, it was actually an expected outcome. The boss would only drop a few powerful pieces of equipment. Even one party would complain that the loots were far from enough for a single party! Furthermore, there could only be one party that completes the main story quest. The only way to 100% secure that was to eliminate all opponents in the vicinity.

Someone had started the war. So, the others followed. More and more parties began to attack the other parties around them. As long as they were not from the same party, just kill them!

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang and his party did not make any move on the other players. They were very focused on bringing the boss down, Because the boss had {Elemental Constitution} that could let the boss recover a certain amount of HP over the time, they could not afford to let the boss stay idle and heal itself back up! However, everyone was reserving their powerful Skills that had a longer cooldown period for the moment. They planned to use them only at the last possible moment right before the boss dies.

As the battlefield was getting more intense in every passing second, everyone began to get serious. They no longer held back their powerful Skills. They began to activate their super Skills and Spells on their opponents. The visual effects of the Skills bombarding out was just stunning! If anyone is just there to enjoy the view of it, that person would be able to enjoy a spectacular view!

The party battles had begun. The rate of the boss losing its HP began to slow down. If the AoE Skill of the boss could be described as a drizzle before that, then the boss’s AoE attacks had suddenly become extremely threatening! Players were slaughtering among themselves while their HP bars were dropping like hell. Even Healers could no longer keep their HP bars up anymore. If they are not careful, they could be taken out by the boss’s AoE attacks all of a sudden!

"Zhan Yu!"

Suddenly, a loud roar was heard. 3 parties flew up to Zhang Yang all of a sudden. They were parties from the Justice League, the Dark Palace and the Undying Souls. Every one of them was glaring at Zhang Yang with murderous intent. Obviously, they had come up with a deal that they would be sticking up together until they have taken down Lone Desert Smoke.

"Zhan Yu, you really have a lot of enemies, huh? Haha!" Another party had appeared. They came up to the Lone Desert Smoke --- it was the party from Paragon that was led by God’s Left Hand!

Among these 4 parties, there were two players with Class S Inheritance and at least 3 players with Class A Inheritance! Their combined strength had definitely exceeded the strength of Zhang Yang’s party! If they really go head-on with the four parties, Zhang Yang and his party would definitely lose without a doubt!

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu! Need a hand?" Snow Seeker suddenly appeared and smiled. She had led her army of ladies over and stood side by side with the Lone Desert Smoke.

Real friends would not only add icing on the cake. They would offer timely help or support!

Fatty Han immediately screamed, "Ladies from Crimson Rage! You’re the best! I’m willing to shoot for you until I die!"


Everyone began to whack him up for good. They were aiming their fists and palms at his face. Instantly, Fatty Han was struck to the point that he spun in the air over and over again.

"4 VS 2! Zhan Yu, you still have a small chance of winning, don’t you think?" God’s Left Hand said coldly. He had been pursued by Zhang Yang before. He even got killed by Zhang Yang and dropped his previous broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation]. So, of course he had a score to settle with Zhang Yang.

"Then count us in!" Suddenly, Dusk Phoenix waved her hand and all of her members of the Hell Family went up and stood side by side with the Lone Desert Smoke as well. Although everyone from Hell Family was not willing to do it, who would dare to defy the order of a real-life princess then?

"Dusk Phoenix!" God’s Left Hand was infuriated. Then he roared in rage and said, "Don’t forget! You’re also one of the parties from Europe Region!"

"Cut that crap of yours! So you’re saying that you can join forces with the North America Region and the Japan-Korea Region, but I can’t join forces with China Region? Oh my pathetic, little God’s Left Hand, do you have a stroke or something?" Dusk Phoenix glared at God’s Left Hand with rage and said. God’s Left Hand was so infuriated that he was trembling in rage.

Fatty Han just got up from being whacked. He immediately scratched his head and said, "God’s Left hand? Hehe, from what I can see, you’re jerking off so often that you’re godly indeed! We should just call you God’s Masturbating Left Hand! Because it’s very obvious that you’ve been jerking off too much that your IQ has decreased, no, deceased, sorry!"

Upon hearing what Fatty Han had to say, everyone laughed out loud. Even the people from Undying Souls, Justice League and Dark Palace were trying to hold back their own laughters.

"You bastard!" God’s Left Hand was no longer calm. He fluttered his wings and charged straight at Fatty Han with murderous intent. Right after he made the first move, his party members followed him into battle. Meanwhile, Captain America and his goons did not stand idly. They would not allow Zhang Yang and friends to slaughter God’s Left Hand and his party up. So they also charged into battle.

"Oi! Yellow hair guy! I’m not going to get gay with you! You’ve picked the wrong guy! Starlight! He’s all yours! You don’t have to hold back for me! Wreck his *sshole!" Even though the big battle had begun, Fatty Han was still fooling around with his words. He turned and aimed his arrow at a Thief while he screamed in a strange voice.

"Brother Fatty! I don’t do gay as well!" Endless Starlight replied in a weak voice.

"Starlight! Keep God’s Left Hand busy!" Zhang Yang began to assign combat roles to his party members. God’s Left Hand had an extremely tough Defence. However, his Attack power was not too powerful. Endless Starlight would be able to keep him occupied for a long period of time. If Zhang Yang went straight up to God’s Left Hand, it would be a waste of Zhang Yang’s high damage output! He should be focusing on other matters first.

Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu had locked her attention onto Heart of Destruction. Ever since their encounter back in the Forest Gump’s Fortress, Sun Xin Yu was pissed because the battle between the two of them was interrupted before they could finish it off. Well, Heart of Destruction had retreated after he found out that there was no way he and his party could claim victory over the Territory Conquest. Therefore, this would be the continuation of their previous battle. No one should interfere this time!

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er had turned themselves into killers. They joined hands and charged into the alliance of the four ‘countries’ and begin to slaughter anyone within their cross-sights.