MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 734: A ‘Fun’ Situation to All Parties Indeed

Chapter 734: A ‘Fun’ Situation to All Parties Indeed

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After getting down from his pet mount, Zhang Yang went up to the head of his party. He threw his {Spear of Obliteration} as the signal to charge.

"Mourd"za leidenla!" the aggro of the two spirits were locked to each other. When one of them was lured over, the other one would follow. They were speaking in a strange and unexplainable language while they were charging towards Zhang Yang. These spirit beings were probably as tall as 5 meters. Their entire bodies were formed from a mixture of different gases. Some of the gases were gray, while some of them were white. These spiritual beings had two hands but no legs. They were levitating around mid-air.

[Volcanic Dragon Mountain Air Spirit] (Elite, Elemental)

Level: 170

HP: 5,100,000

Defence: 7,000

Melee Attack: 40,822 – 60,822


[Jetstream]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage on a target and blasts the target 10 meters backward.

[Self-destruct]: Detonates upon death. Causes 50,000 Nature Damage to all targets within the range of 100 meters.

[Recuperate]: If there happens to be a Spiritual Beast in the vicinity of 50 meters from the monster, it can flee into the Spiritual Beast to recuperate its own HP.

Because the monsters had the capability to blow themselves up, the party could not afford to lure too many of them at the same time. Well, the players could time the intervals between each of the monster’s death. However, the purpose of luring a bunch of monsters over would be to kill them all as quickly as possible. If players want to plan out the interval between the deaths of each monster that they encounter, they would not be able to lure many monsters and kill them all at once. In simpler words, killing monsters all at once with AoE attacks would not let players control which monsters to kill first because AoE attacks would just bombard whichever monsters that were within the effective range of the Skills. With every monster detonating themselves after they die, it would make the entire situation to go out of hand if they ever try to kill so many of them at the same time.

Hence, it would be better to lure a little lesser of them monsters before letting themselves all out on the monsters. Zhang Yang had to be aware that Wei Yan Er would lose herself, once her excitement on killing monsters takes over her sanity. She might just go on and kill everything, causing everything to explode at the same time. Her action would surely lead to everyone’s death.

Elite Tier monsters could be extremely dangerous for normal players. However, they could never post any threat to Zhang Yang and his gang. It did not take long at all for Zhang Yang and his party to take out these monsters. However, their {Self-destruct} were really powerful. Each explosion would cause 50,000 Nature damage to each of Zhang Yang’s party members. There were a total of 22 targets if the Battle Companions and Pets were included. So each explosion managed to deal as much damage as 1,100,000 damage!

"What the hell! Terrorist! Bombers!" Everyone began to laugh.

After clearing a few more waves of these monsters, the party arrived before a Spiritual Beast’s giant mushroom cap. They lured 3 Volcanic Dragon Air Spirits at the same time. However, right before monsters were about to die, they turned around and hid in the ‘rod’ of the mushroom cap.

Instantly, the Spiritual Beast that seemed to be dead was suddenly activated. It shot a beam of ray towards the entire gang.

Everyone could see the process with their own eyes. The three Volcanic Dragon Air Spirits were inside the ‘rod’ of the mushroom cap. They looked like three extra moles that suddenly appeared in the ‘rod’! Meanwhile, the HP bars of the three monsters were recovering at a rapid pace.

"What the… so this is like a healing rod for them?"

Well, this ‘rod’ packed more of just a punch in the art of healing! Not only could it heal many targets at the same time, it also had very strong attacks!

However, even though this mushroom cap ‘rod’ had a very high amount of HP, it had a fatal weakness. It cannot move around like normal monsters do! It was just planted firmly on the ground! If players could not defeat it, they could just retreat by backing off. Players would not need to worry that this powerful Spiritual Beast would pursue and kill them.

Although this Spiritual Beast was labeled as an Elite Tier, its HP and Attack were much more powerful than a Mythical Tier boss. It was not easy for the players to take it head-on. However, even though this monster had over 50,000,000 HP, Zhang Yang and his gang could deal over 900,000 DPS even without activating their Inheritance Transformation. It would only take about a minute to kill this monster.

However, it seemed that things were not as simple as they thought. The 3 Volcanic Dragon Air Spirits came out of the ‘rod’ with their HP bar full again!

Before they could take out the Spiritual Beast, it would be futile even if they try to take out the three monsters first. These monsters could just jump back into the ‘rod’ to fully recover their HP bars again, every time they are about to die. Therefore, everyone aimed their attacks at the Spiritual Beast first.

The Spiritual Beast did not just sit on its *ss, waiting to meet its own demise, of course. It began to throw out some crystalized Spiritual Energy into its surroundings. Those crystalized Spiritual Energy immediately exploded right after they landed. Instantly, the attacks caused quite a number of damage to the gang! Han Ying Xue and Sweetheart Fantasy began to heal everyone as quickly as they could. Well, the three monsters would be detonating themselves when their HP bars are emptied. There would definitely be casualties if their HP bars are not healed back up.

After running around in the surroundings like cats and dogs, they finally took care of the giant fellow and the three little monsters. Everyone was exhausted after the busy session. Truth to be told, the correct way of taking care of that situation was to lure the three little monsters 50 meters away from the Spiritual Beast. By doing so, the three monsters would not have the opportunity to heal themselves at all.

As for the Spiritual Beast, it would depend on whether the players want to take it out or not. Well, the system designed the monsters to stay in one spot. Maybe the players could just plant a bomb on the monster and blow it to kingdom come. There was actually no need to engage the monster at all.

However, Zhang Yang and his party have been known to be extremely powerful. Even though it was quite troublesome to take on the Spiritual Beast, they would have to take the long way around if they don’t kill it. That would cost them a lot more time than just killing it. As long as they stay cautious while dealing with the Spiritual Beast, nothing should go wrong.

Zhang Yang and his gang wiped out any monsters that got in their way. However, the monsters were too numerous. Zhang Yang and his gang took one day to clean up a quarter of the entire Air Spirit Region. On the second day and the third day, the two parties of Lone Desert Smoke and Crimson Rage had been camping at the site. The number of monsters in that area was just too abundant. Furthermore, there were no other players interrupting them to take their share. Therefore, the two parties managed to enjoy the abundant Experience Points from killing hordes of monsters!

--- the area had implemented a mirroring technology. Those players who had not reached Level 160 and had not received the quest would not be able to see nor enter this battle area.

However, on the fourth day, a third party had entered the area --- Land of Savages from the India Region!

They did not try to pick a fight with the other two parties. They chose to clear out the monsters in the Fire Spirit Region. It did not take long before a fourth party entered the vicinity. It was the Hell Family from Europe Region. They chose to clear the Rock Spirit Region. Right after that, the fifth and the sixth parties had also entered the ‘arena’. They were the Justice League from the America Region and the Wolf Warrior from the Africa Region.

As the entire region was too big to begin with, the Air Spirit Region itself was enough to have 10 parties killing monsters in the vicinity, without having to compete with each other. Therefore, none of the parties provoked any other party into a fight. Everything was peaceful among the parties so far. They were just minding their own businesses --- no one would want to engage in a battle that would not benefit them at all. Well, high Tier players rarely engaged in battle with each other. Meanwhile, normal players would have raised their weapons and charged at the other players from their enemy Region without any hesitation.

However, when a boss or a location of a countdown bombing is spawned, the peacefulness between these high Tier players would be broken right away. When that happens, everyone would not be able to avoid a fierce battle among themselves. After all, only one party could complete the main story quest.

On the fifth day and the sixth day, more and more parties entered the Spiritual Region. Currently, only the top Tier players managed to reach Level 160 and enter this region. If there are any conflicts happening between them, the battle would become as fierce as it would be whenever there is a Territory Conquest!

Meanwhile, the current situation did not have a 3-hour timeframe, like Territory Conquests did. There was no time limit at all in such a battle in this region. Furthermore, it still remained unknown whether there would be a boss in the region or not. Even if the players are a little bit weaker than the others, they could just lay low until a boss is spawned. When the others are busy battling the boss, they could just interrupt the battle and kill those players. With the boss’s ‘help’, they should be able to take out their opponents without much of a problem.

Even though none of them had provoked any battle among themselves, everyone knew that a high degree storm was about to explode soon. The moment when a boss is spawned, everyone would start killing each other.

As expected, more and more parties were entering the region on the seventh and the eighth day. They were all top Tier players from different Regions as well.

‘Ang!’ In the morning of the ninth day, a long and muffled roar echoed throughout the entire region. It was ear-piercingly loud! Right in the middle on top of the Volcanic Dragon Mountain, a gigantic Spiritual Beast was suddenly spawned. Compared to those Spiritual Beast that were only 50 meters tall, this mushroom capped Spiritual Beast was approximately thousands of meters tall! It looked like a gigantic mushroom had grown on top of the Volcanic Dragon Mountain. The mushroom cap had reached out to a radius of 500 meters wide. The size of that cap had completely covered the entire mountain.

[Ancient Spiritual Beast King] (Holy, Elemental)

Level: 180

HP: 18,000,000,000

Defence: 18,470

Magic Attack: 85,228 – 125,228


[Light Energy Ray]: Shoots out a beam of destructive ray towards the target, causing 200% Magic Attack of Nature Damage to the target. Range: 1,000 meters. Instant chanting. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

[Timed Energy Charge]: Throws out its spiritual energy into its surrounding, causing 200,000 Nature Damage to all targets in 1,000 meters. All targets will be stunned for 3 seconds.

[Energy Mine]: Plants a spiritual energy on the ground. When a player gets too near to the spiritual energy, the spiritual energy will explode and causes 150,000 Nature Damage to all targets within the range of 30-meter radius of the blast.

[Elemental Constitution]: Recovers 1% once in every 30 seconds. The amount of HP recovery will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: As the only remaining ancient Spiritual Beast, this Spiritual Beast has a gigantic body mass that would send fear into the hearts of men. Its only weakness is that it could only move in and out from the hole it dug itself out of.

The moment when the boss was spawned, all parties immediately stopped what they were doing. However, none of them went up to battle the boss.

A Holy Tier boss was a disastrous threat to any of the parties at the current stage of the game. Meanwhile, the first party that engages themselves in battle with the boss would immediately become the primary target of the other parties as well. The other parties would take advantage to take out their competitors, without a doubt in their minds. So whoever who goes up first would be wiped up in a matter of seconds!

From that moment on, none of the parties moved out. All of them were waiting for someone to make their first move. However, the boss would not stay idle either, even though no one was attacking it. After all, this mushroom capped Spiritual Beast had over 1,000 meters of attack range. That would also mean that its aggro range would reach out by 1,000 meters!

Instead of the players making their first move on the boss, the boss launched its first attack out. It shot out a beam of ray towards a Priest from a party that hailed from the Europe Region. A damage of 220,000 instantly took away half of the Priest’s HP bar! Shoof! Another beam of ray was shot out right after that. Well, because none of the players were attacking the boss, the mushroom head did not have a specific target to focus on. So it was randomly shooting its attacks out at anyone who was on its aggro list.

So now, the real question had changed. Should they fight or should they escape!?

Without a further moment of hesitation, most of the parties had made up their mind. They began to fly away from the boss on their Flying Mounts. Well, who would be stupid enough to charge in and die?

However, everyone who tried to flee had discovered a very awkward situation. The area of 1,000-meter radius around the boss had been cut off by a layer of invisible air wall! In other words, whoever who was within the aggro range of the boss had been trapped! There was no way that they could escape from the boss now! Players who were outside the vicinity could not get in while the players within the vicinity could not get out!

Obviously, this was the battle stage. Without taking out the boss or the boss taking out all the players, the air wall would stay!

Well, that was awkward as f*ck. It would not even matter whether you hit the boss or not. The boss would just come over and hit you! Furthermore, the boss had its trustworthy {Light Energy Ray} that could allow the boss to focus its attack on one target. Then the boss also had its {Energy Mine} and {Timed Energy Charge} to deal AoE attacks to the players in its surroundings. As long as you’re engaged in the battle with the boss, you’d be the one suffering!