MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 732: Two-Handed Weapon

Chapter 732: Two-Handed Weapon

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Although the boss was clearing attacking with all it has, it would never stop the party from attacking him on and on until it reaches 20%.

It was time for the killing strike!

As mentioned before, like Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er who possess {Killing Cleave}, other classes had the skill that could increase damage, once the target has lower or equal to 20% HP. When the conditions are met, the skill can be activated to increase one’s power. As such, the party had activated their "killing" skills. Wei Yan Er took a bottle of [Amateur Power Potion Transmuted Grade 10] and unleashed {Indiscriminate}. She rushed over to the boss and consumed all her Rage to cast {Killing Cleave} on the boss.


The damage that she had dealt that instant was so powerful that even Zhang Yang had to stop and praised the girl.

"Good job!"

"Wahahaha! This but expected of me! Haha! Now I don’t feel bad for calling you noob tank! I am the wonder girl who has learned the sacred arts of the Nine Suns! I am invincible! Call me the Invincible Wonder Girl!" Wei Yan Er proudly praised herself. The smug grin on her face was then immediately wiped out by a fist from the raging boss, causing her to spin around in the air.

Luckily, she was in her Darkness Transformation state, physically, she sustained no damage. However, the fist was so powerful that the cloud of smoke that was surrounding her was blown away! It took only an instant for the smoke to return to her, though.

"Haha! Serves you right for looking down at someone!" said Fatty Han.

"Hmph! Stupid boss! You may be strong, but I am stronger! Go ahead and curse the gods for making me your opponent today!" said Wei Yan Er as she collected her composure and proudly hovered in the air. She then swooped down to the boss and kept her attacking rhythm at the highest.

That was why no one in their right mind would call Wei Yan Er a woman, even though she was already reaching 20 years old. The girl was practically a little girl on the inside! How could someone like her find a matching partner? Then again, the fact that she was extremely popular in campus, begged to differ. In campus, many young men had fallen for her charming young looks and did not care to see what her family background was. She had even managed to be elected at one of the Zhou Su University idols! Based on what Han Ying Xue had said, she was, in history, the "flattest" girl idol ever worshipped by fans! Sadly, the little girl was like a cow listening to Bach or Beethoven. Zhang Yang was initially afraid, but relaxed that the girl would never fall for the man trying to pick her up. All their efforts will only go in the right ear and exit from the left without being processed.

Romance and love would be determined by fate. When the gods have decided a partner for the little girl, she would fall for one who will accept the person she was. Right now, she is still young. There was no reason to worry for her future. Yet.

"Die! Die! Die!" the boss screamed out loud as the killing aura started to grow stronger. The flame in its eye sockets burnt brighter than before. The boss was raging since he was being defeated by a bunch of running ants! What sort of shame would a person feel!? Be it {Tail Whip} or {Death Blade}, all skills were unleashed repeatedly at an alarming rate.

Yet, the more damage it ditched out, the more it will receive from Zhang Yang. That was the reason why Zhang Yang had retained {Tribulation} until then. It was the best time and place to use it.

"Hell yeah!"


"Good job Little Yang!"

Everyone praised Zhang Yang for his skill and laughed as the boss was getting angrier.

Despite their sudden burst of jolly, their HP bars were still limited. Even though the entire party had unleashed their Transformation skills, they could not tank the rapid use of {Tail Whip}. However, it was not much trouble. If things get too dangerous for them, Han Ying Xue could simple restore everyone HP with {Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple} and let the boss enjoy fighting them again from the start!


When the boss’ HP dropped below 10%, its attack rate was increased by one fold. Naturally, the damage reflected back on it increased as well.

{Glare of the Death God}!


Ah…what a waste. But then again, it was not much trouble. The party’s DPS power was so strong. It would not be a problem for them to kill the boss in a matter of minutes.

"Ants! Pest! I will kill you all! I will bury your bones and crush them all into sand that will build my new towers!"

"Bla bla bla! Enough with your grumbling. Don’t you see that Death is coming to you soon! I want you to remember the name of your killer, that is Wei Yan Er! When you go down to hell and greet Yan Lou Wang (1), don’t forget to report the manner of your death!" said Wei Yan Er while she dusted off her shoulders. It was a gesture of smugness that she had learned from watching Hollywood movies.

Daffodil Daydream giggled and said, "Yan Er dear, the boss is a western character. When he dies, he will meet Lucifer. Not Yan Lou Wang!"

"What? Oh! Meh…"

"Curse you!" cried the boss as it hurled fist after fist at the little girl. Even though the fists were as annoying as such, it was merely an act of desperation.

It was horribly easy for the party to quickly end his life.

The massive boney structure crumbled apart and fell to the ground in pieces. Longador’s voice echoed through the land when he died. "The God of Death shall revive me…You will see me…again…Kill…death…"

A bright light glowed around his body before dimming down and dropping the loot and experience points to the party.

"Stupid boss. If you do come back, I’ll kick your boney butt with my Celestial tier axe! Haha!" Wei Yan Er kicked the now lifeless skull of the boss with her might, to release her pent-up rage.

"Hey! Enough wasting time. Little girl, go and do what you love most."

"Heeheehee~" As expected of a little girl, when asked to do something she likes, she would do it with a flash.

Unexpectedly, the boss had dropped two Holy tier equipment, four Ethereal tier equipment, one [Skill Point Crystal], three High grade [Aura Stone], and one skill book. It was the [Aura Stone] that no one had expected to see from the boss drop.

The [Skill Point Crystal] was distributed accordingly and after major discussion, and it was decided that Zhang Yang will take all the [Aura Stones] to upgrade [Vitality Aura]. As such, the entire party could enjoy having an additional 40% Vitality boost. It was extremely useful for both boss fight and PvP battles. Although Wei Yan Er’s {Strength Aura} and Han Ying Xue’s {Life Aura} were equally important, those will come later.

The two Holy tier equipment were weapons. One of them was a black long blade which was the same as the boss. The other had a one-handed sword which had a half-opaque, blue colored blade.

Wei Yan Er first posted the long blade to the party.

[Deleia, Death Scythe] (Holy, Two-Handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 23,810 - 33,810

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 7,582

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage by 40%.

Equip: Increases Critical strike rate by 10%

Equip: On a successful attack, grants a chance to direct reap the soul of the target, dealing 30,000 Chaos Damage.

Level Requirement: 180

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

"Wuuu~~~" Wei Yan Er wept as she looked at the weapon in her hand and the axe on the floor. "Why must it be this way! Why must you make me choose?! I want both!"

"Nah ah! Only one."

"Grr… Fine! Noobie tank can have the new weapon. I am but a kind hearted girl. Plus, I’ve developed some feelings for this one right here."

Everyone laughed when she said she was kind-hearted, for everyone knew that she was the exact opposite. If you hang out with her long enough, even a monkey could read her face and know what she’ll do next. The reason why she would not want the new weapon is because she did not want to spend more money socketing her equipment!

It’s the characteristically stingy little girl!

Since only Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er were the only players in the party who could use two-handed weapons, Zhang Yang took it after Wei Yan Er gave it up. Sadly, the Sword of Purging Devourer was unable to transfer its powerful effect to another weapon. Zhang Yang had outgrown the almighty weapon.

It was really hard to believe that the weapon had been stuck with him for more than two years. In all MMORPGs, players swap weapons all the time. To be honest, there would definitely be more than one weapon used for two years. Then again, two years was really the upper limit. If the game developers had not released any new expansions of the game and increased the Level Cap, the strongest equipment will remain until the end of time. For example, the forgotten new class called the Shaman.

Naturally, the Sword of Purging Devourer was extremely rare for it had seals that can be broken to allow the weapon to grow stronger. That or the weapon would have been discarded long before the dinner of the same day.

"D*mn son. New weapon huh! The boss is gonna be OP af!" said Endless Starlight with admiration. Since he did not have special Inheritance effect which allowed him to equip two-handed weapons, he could only settle for the designated weapon for his class. Still, even though his equipment was good, his DPS contribution to the party overall DPS was extremely low.

"Imagine that. OP HP and OP DPS. What makes the guild master then? A god? Hahahaha!"

"Contain your excitement there, boy! There’s one more sword for you!" said Wei Yan Er.

[Frost Bane] (Holy, One-Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 12,330 – 20,330

Attack Interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 5,832

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage dealt by 40%

Equip: Increases Critical strike rate by 10%

Equip: Grants a chance to freeze a target for 3 seconds on every attack.

Level Requirement: 180

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

The sword was strong and powerful if it is used by a quick sword user like Bandit. Even though the weapon attack of a one-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon differs greatly, the effect the weapon has does not. For example, the additional equipment effect for both Frost Bane and the Scythe was the same.

Bandits have quick attack interval speed, hence, they could gain an additional effect compared to the other classes. Both Endless Starlight and Sun Xin Yu could use one-handed swords but since Sun Xin Yu had the S class Inheritance, which grants her the bonus 5% Critical chance and damage, the priority was then given to her. Endless Starlight’s class job only applied to Hammer.

As such, clenching his broken soul with pain, Endless Starlight gave up the sword to Sun Xin Yu. Wei Yan Er walked to Endless Starlight and pats his back to cheer him up. "Don’t be sad for this. Next time, I’ll find one one-handed hammer for you!"

The last item was the skill book, which was given to Daffodil Daydream. It was [Superior Inferno,] which was her skill.

[Superior Inferno]: Increases Inferno damage by 30% and grants a stunning effect. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Inferno is a skill that is only available to Pyromancers. With the caster as the center point, a wave of flame is shot out to 15 meters around the caster, dealing 100% magic fire attack. Now that she had obtained the upgrade, she could deal an additional 30% damage and a 3 seconds stun!

After distributing all the items, the boss’ corpse disappeared as well. Like any other boss, if players do not loot all the item, the dead body of the boss would not disappear. They would not be able to continue with the quest, then!

[Goblin’s High Explosive Bomb – 3rd Gen. Prototype] (Quest Item, Usable)

Use: Place the bomb and skedaddle guys! Technically, the bomb should explode after 10 seconds. But the bomb was contracted by the infamous Goblins. Their productions have always been notorious for being "overly" powerful. Perhaps you should be extra cautious of the bomb!

Note: Tick Tock Tick Tock. KABOOM? Explosion that you can trust! Goblin Tech Incorporation. The explosive that you can trust.