MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 728: Everything Out

Chapter 728: Everything Out

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Cheng Xue Yao took the chance to toast Zhang Yang and both of them gulped down the entire content of the cup in a single gulp. If any bartender sees the two gulped down the exquisite wine like cheap booze, he would have flipped out and taken the bottle of wine for himself.

"Mr. Zhang…Can I ask you a question?" asked Cheng Xue Yao with a grin. The alcohol had started to work up all the way to her cheeks. In fact, both Zhang Yang and Cheng Xue Yao were dyed in red.

"Ask away!" said Zhang Yang. He was beginning to feel the effect of the wine in him and felt wavey and tipsy. It got so hard to concentrate on anything at all, that any word that came out of his own mouth was forgotten immediately.

"What is your name?"

"*hick* My name? Hehe. Zhang…wait for it…Yang! Zhang Yang."

"Who are your parents?"

"My parents? Lets…see…they are nobody. Their names are Zhang Xian Yu, and Fang Li!"

"Who do you love most?"

"Ho ho…I would have to say…The witchy snow, and the ice cube!"

Two of them? What a pervert! Cheng Xue Yao clicked her tongue with disgust. Still, she was happy enough to know that the drug was working. Zhang Yang will then reveal any secret that he had inside and will not even remember what happened in between it! She had used it once when she had met with the private investigator Zhang Yang had hired. The poor man had drunk a cup of coffee laced with the Truth Serum and told everything about his client!

"What grudge do you have with Liu Wei!? Are you playing? Are you just putting an act of hostility but are merely following his orders?"

"Liu Wei…? The son of a b*tch? I want to collect any kind of evidence that can be used against that f*cker! And I could do it by having Cheng Xue Yao handing me the evidence! After that, I will send him and his entire nest of vipers down the drains!"

Cheng Xue Yao was stunned. "How did you know that Cheng Xue Yao had any evidence?"

"Hehe. It’s just a guess. I’m not sure either!"

Cheng Xue Yao frowned. She knew that Zhang Yang was not telling a lie, but the answer he gave had only made her suspicions of Zhang Yang being not sure himself. She continued to ask more question until she had finally dug out the truth. Zhang Yang was not a puppet of Liu Wei! He in fact, bore a deep grudge with the man and wished nothing but destruction upon him!

She asked more specific questions about the names of Liu Wei’s associate but gained no sort of information about them. She had even asked more and more questions until she was sure that Zhang Yang and Liu Wei was like water and oil. However, there was a part which she could never understood properly. She asked about details of Liu Wei and how he had wronged Zhang Yang. She understood the part where a certain name named Lin Yu was forcefully taken away from her and had his guild disbanded. However, the odd question was about the time and place. He said he had once played ‘God’s Miracle’ in his past life. He had even said something about Liu Wei and him dying together by jumping off a building!

That fact was rather intriguing but not of importance. Cheng Xue Yao only wanted to know that Liu Wei was his enemy and not an ally!

She continued to pour more of the expensive liquid into their cups and made Zhang Yang drink the entire bottle to reduce the suspicious. She sat down by his side and tried to sober up herself. Although she had only drunk one cup of wine, the alcohol in it was strong enough to intoxicate her to a certain degree. The effect of the Truth Serum will fade quickly. In fact, it would only last for roughly an hour after consumption. The headache and dizziness will soon come after.

She sat down, staring at the scenery of Zhou Su City, when she felt a heat wave rising from beneath her womb. It was unexplainable. Something was happening in her, which felt all too familiar. Her lady part was drenched! Both man and woman were the same. Don’t let any member of the opposite gender tell you otherwise. When they have the sudden urge to do it, they will solve it with each other or alone nonetheless. She had only lived to bring down the Liu family and had even needed to keep herself off the grid. She had no time to spare for a love life. Hence, when the urge comes to her, she will either use a flexible cucumber, or solve it herself with her own fingers.

At that moment, she felt the same urge, but it was several times more intense! It was so strong that she would not mind having any man scratch the itch! When the indecent thought popped out in her mind, she felt an intense embarrassment. However, that had only enhanced the need in her! She had to do something to get rid of it!

"What is going on!?" Cheng Xue Yao had merely touched her expanding clit and felt a surge of pleasure that sent her back arching up!

At then, Zhang Yang woke up. It felt like a truck had rammed his head. The intense pain and the sensation of memory loss was not a pleasant wake-up call. However, there was a consolation prize for him. Lying down beside him was the girl who had invited him over to his house. She was moaning intensely with both her hands sneakily caressing her chest and hoohhaah. Her lips and cheek were moist, covered with both drooling saliva and glistering sweat that seemed to drench her clothes.

He was not in control of his actions. It felt like his body was being steered by pure instinct alone and his consciousness was being pushed to the backseat of a car! However, after much effort, he managed to take control of his own actions. His thoughts came back and managed to talked some sense into him. The aphrodisiac is not a drug that will affect a person’s psyche. It will only amplify a person’s want for sex by 10 to 100 fold, depending on the person’s will. Even if it was just a glass of wine, Cheng Xue Yao had taken enough dosage herself to made her incredibly horny! In fact, both of them were!

Zhang Yang steeled his mind and reasoned with himself to not just tackle the woman and devour her like how he devoured Yu Li!

However, just because he was able to control himself now, does not mean that he could keep the angelic side of him victorious. The effect of the drug had only just kicked in, after 30 minutes or 1 hour, the effect will reach its peak performance, turning any man into a crazy bull on steroids. Like a certain advertisement, the bulls with wings!

The two of them realized what they were careening into just then, and tried their best to be in control. As such, Zhang Yang started to engage in boring conversation to "break" the mood. However so, their eyes were constantly glued to the other’s sensitive parts. As much they could deny it, they were so enthralled!

"Argh…It’s it just me? Or is it getting kinda hot in here?" said Cheng Xue Yap as she wiped away her sweat and fanned herself with her hands. However, only one would know what was going on with oneself. She tried to leave, wanting to get away from her potential victim. She stood up but her legs failed her completely. With a gentle thud, she fell down on the carpet floor.

Zhang Yang instantly moved towards her and tried to lift her up. However, the moment when the two of them touched each other, an intense spark of heat burst out. The two of them glued their eyes together and kissed each other.

At first, it was merely a light touch of the lips. However, Cheng Xue Yao could no longer contain herself. She moans at the sudden warmness that attacked her lips and she craved for more. After one simple kiss, she planted her tongue in his mouth. Her constant moan of pleasure intoxicated Zhang Yang. His hands moved on their own and slithered underneath her blouse and played with her breasts. Lo and behold, she did not resist it. No. In fact, she welcomed Zhang Yang’s rough hands. She had even guided his hands to her peaks and cupped her hands on his.

Cheng Xue Yao’s assets were as good as Han Ying Xue. In fact, hers might be even better. The softness of them was so pleasurable that Zhang Yang could not remove his hands from Cheng Xue Yao’s chest! Which one of his hands were busy with her chest, his other hand acted on its own as well. Swiftly, he unlatched her lower skirt and pulled down her thongs. With experience, Zhang Yang knew where to slide his hands in. His did not need to even look as he traced his hands from her hips down to her buttocks and slowly made his way to the frontal forest of pleasure that had been flooded for god knows how long! With a gentle, fluid motion, Zhang Yang slid one of his fingers into her cave.

"AHHHH~ I’M-I’M---I’M COMING!" Cheng Xue Yao moaned like a lioness and hugged Zhang Yang tightly.

"Woman. I need your help as well…Please…help me solve this…" said Zhang Yang as he removed Cheng Xue Yao’s fair hands off his shoulders and have them greet with Zhang Yang Jr.

"Will it be enough with just my hands?" Cheng Xue Yao asked yet she acted on her own without even waiting for a response. The two of them stopped talking and started to allow their actions to do the talking.

Cheng Xue Yao wrapped her soft hands gently around the stiff rod and stroke it with the right amount of pressure.

Once….twice…trice…and Zhang Yang had unloaded his cream on Cheng Xue Yao’s face. Unlike the witchy snow and the ice cube, Cheng Xue Yao did not even react in disgust. In fact, she licked the droplets off her hand with her tongue. The lustful expression on her face only amplified Zhang Yang power. Just as junior there was about to have his rest, Zhang Yang himself had sent a powerful wave to it and make it stand strong again!

As the moon hung high in the night sky, the two of them were entwined together in opposite directions. Zhang Yang’s head was buried in between Cheng Xue Yao’s thighs, while Cheng Xue Yao was busy with Zhang Yang’s groin. After Zhang Yang had lost count the times Cheng Xue Yao swallowed his load, the atmosphere in her house finally calmed down. The two of them took turns to wash themselves and dress up. It was extremely awkwardly for the two of them afterwards.

It was, after all, a sudden, mysterious call for lust. Although Zhang Yang had not pounded the punnani pumps, what they did was, at an extremely grey area which was almost touching the black part.

By the end of route 69, both of them had concluded that something in the wine had made them that way. However, it would not matter if they find out what was it. What matters most then would be how they are going to solve that awkward tension.

"I’m guessing that you have something with you. Some sort of evidence that can be used to bring down Liu Wei and his nest of vipers?" Zhang Yang decided to drop the act and started to engage with the serious topic.

Cheng Xue Yao had understood that Zhang Yang was not Liu Wei’s accomplice, hence, there was no reason to continue her act. She nodded. "You must have investigated who I am? No? You’ve guessed right. A few years ago, when both my parents had submitted the evidence, they kept the original copy somewhere safe. When I came back from my overseas studies, I was handed a will. However, the will that the lawyers gave me was strange. Eventually, I found the real will. Before my parents had passed away, they left me a message, revealing what they did."

"I understand that. However, I need you to listen to me now. Please give me the evidence, so that I can be the one dropping the hammer of justice."

"I understand. I’m not someone who can simply lift the hammer of justice without any consequences. Very well. I shall hand over the evidence to you. It’s currently kept safe in the bank’s vault. I’ll deliver them to you tomorrow."

Now that the two of them had confirmed each other’s identities and affiliation, they had no need to beat around the bush any longer. However, after they ended their serious conversation, the awkwardness in the air returned.

"…Erhm…It’s getting late now. I better get back home," said Zhang Yang as he grew uneasy.

"Ah. Yes. There’s the door."

After taking off, Cheng Xue Yao’s calm composure broke down. She sat at the sofa where they had just sucked each other off and hugged herself, crying. "What a bastard! He almost had me! How could he just leave me hanging like this! Pervert! Fool! Useless scum! He has two women at home and so many secretaries at work! Why would he pick me for!"

With rage, she stomped on the floor with all her might but ended up hurting herself.

"Just you wait. After we have dealt with the Liu family, I shall have your head as well!"

When Zhang Yang came back home, it was already 2 past midnight. Even though he had called them to inform about his lateness, his time of arrival was too late that both Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue were both suspicious of him. Furthermore, there was the lingering scent of Cheng Xue Yao’s womanly scent latching on his entire body. Hence, without any effort to hide it, Zhang Yang told the truth of what had happened to him.

Luckily, the two women were rather understanding. He was drugged and had no power to resist the unknown urge.

After being scolded by the two babes, they punished him in bed and gave him a warning to leave Cheng Xue Yao alone. Never again should he ever get too close to that woman.

Naturally, he knew that Cheng Xue Yao had no reason to drug him. That leaves the other five secretaries as possible suspects. But then again, when all five of them were suspicious, four of the senior secretaries were loyal to him, since they were there even when old man Wei was still alive and kicking. That shortens the number down to one. Liu Xin Min. Even though her background was clean, it could be manufactured easily with the right people. As such, the arrowhead now points to Zhong Xiu Hua alone. With his connection and circle of powerful people, that sort of task would be nothing but a walk in the park. He had the objective and the motive to do so. When a man would do something as extreme as to break the law just to get the love of his life, it would be unacceptable. Sun Xin Yu would never forgive such a man!

Right then, without proof, there was nothing that he could do. But then again, Zhang Yang was not an officer of the law, suspicions alone was more than enough to make a person to act. He shall let someone check his office at work for anything suspicious and have Liu Xin Min be kidnapped somewhere until he finds out the real truth about her. If nothing turns up, he would let her go. If something is found, he would then try to use her against Zhong Xiu Hua!

Zhang Yang took off his clothe and laid down on his bed. He took the gaming helmet, put it on, and sleep. The sucky sucky session with Cheng Xue Yao had placed a toll on him, that he was sore all over. Most importantly, the massive headache was still assaulting him!