MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 727: The Proof is Here

Chapter 727: The Proof is Here

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Liu Xin Mei was flustered. Her eyes were glued to the computer screen yet her attention was elsewhere.

She had been Zhang Yang’s secretary for more than a month now, yet she failed to seduce the man himself. She failed to capture the moment when Zhang Yang tried to take advantage of her. After so long of letting herself go, Zhang Yang had never once even tried to make a move on her. As such, she was beginning to think that the man might be a eunuch! How else could she explain it when Zhang Yang was not even remotely interested in touching six super-hot, super sexy, super model secretaries! Could there be such a modest man in this century?!

It would not be true. Perhaps, was he trying to over compensate himself for not being able to pitch a tent, by hiring six hot boodilicious babes to follow him? What was going on!?

Liu Xin Mei sighed. She was not concerned about Zhang Yang’s well-being but rather her own mission. She could not get what she wanted. Young Master Hua had already given her a deadline, which was half a month. However, Liu Xin Mei had been "working" for Zhang Yang for more than a month! She had been in contact with Zhong Xiu Hua a few days back and the man had already expressed his displeasure with her work. If she stalls her mission any longer, she might be replaced by someone else who could get a man to work up a sweat!

Liu Xin Mei finally averted her gaze from the computer screen. Frustrated at her own failure. It was rather dull, Zhong Xiu Hua’s plan, that is. However, blackmailing was supposed to be direct and simple. Convoluted plans will only be messy and might not be as effective. The oldest method of blackmailing was always the best at doing their job. It’s because it was the best at it, hence, that was why many had ended up using them. It does not matter what Zhong Xiu Hua wants with it, as long as she gets her hands on it.

It was a recording, a piece of evidence that Liu Xin Mei could use against Zhang Yang. A scene where Zhang Yang is trying to or is actually doing a girl other than his girl. Zhong Xiu Hua would then release the recording the day Eternal Flame finally defeats Lone Desert Smoke. One was to obtain all the fortunes of Lone Desert Smoke, and the second was to obtained Sun Xin Yu’s heart. He would be the one that wins it all.

Liu Xin Mei pushed her chair back and scooted over to peek at Zhang Yang’s office. She grinned. She had found a way around the mission. It would be to record Zhang Yang cheating on someone. It does not need to be specifically her. Hence, she had no need to sacrifice her own chastity in order to do so!

Over the past month, she had made full use of her own overtime duration. When Zhang Yang leaves the office, she would stay back with the excuse of work and planted hidden cameras all around Zhang Yang office. The cameras were in place so well that she could capture every angle from above. She had even invested in the best miniature cameras. The camera can capture video in UMHDR mode. The recordings would be so clear that you could practically zoom in to check the person’s nostrils hair!

Yesterday, she had even placed a bottle of red wine in his office wine cabinet that was laced with drugs. Not typical drugs, but a high concentration aphrodisiac! The concoction she had picked was better than the rest. It does not induce a sudden unexplainable rush of horny-ness. Instead, it builds up over time and will push the individual into a beast with a raging sex drive!

The dosage she had laced the wine with was enough to make an impotent man poke his pole to the heavens. Liu Xin Mei was sure that Zhang Yang would not be able to sit still after drinking a single cup! Especially, when six bootylicious babes where always trying their best to have Zhang Yang take a peek at their overly exposed meat!

Liu Xin Mei had even prayed that the role would not be her, since the dosage she had mixed into the wine was so strong that Zhang Yang would be able to ram a sow till its pregnant! If she is the one getting humped, she might not be able to walk for several days! Heck, she might even take up the bed for the entire week!

That sort of treatment should only befall to those sly minxes!

Liu Xin Mei grinned. They say that a woman’s jealousy could start a world war. Especially if the reason was another woman being better than her! She was, naturally, referring to Cheng Xue Yao. Cheng Xue Yao had indirectly become the office’s goddess. Her presence alone was enough to make all men’s eyes glued to her. She would receive a crap ton of love letters to make a book! The flowers she received on her desk every morning was enough for her to open a flower shop!

Hence, the sense of jealousy that had built up over the month had Liu Xin Mei wishing that Cheng Xue Yao would be the one getting f*cked silly.


The fax machine came alive and started to print out several documents. Zhang Yang was still in his office, packing his stuff and was ready to leave when he noticed the documents. He picked them up and glance at them. Immediately, he smiled.

The documents were from Zhang Yang’s private investigator. The reports were all about the backgrounds of Cheng Xue Yao and Liu Xin Mei. After a thorough investigation, Liu Xin Mei’s background was extremely plain. She had been through junior school, all the way to university and graduated with flying colors. All work posts she had been in was too plain to even noticed. In short, all she had was her looks and her brains.

On the other hand, Cheng Xue Yao’s background was extremely interesting. Her father was Jing State’s police officer while her mother was working in Liu Industry’s as an accountant. It was the same company that that bastard Liu Wei owned. Four years ago, Liu Wei was charged with rape. However, the victim was unable to hire a private lawyer hence, she had resorted to the public prosecutor instead. The case was handled by Cheng Xue Yao’s father personally. Mr. Cheng was a man of justice. Even though Mr. Cheng was known to the Liu family and many other higher officers, he had placed impartial judgment on Liu Wei and investigated the case thoroughly. Eventually, he had succeeded in uncovering many of Liu Wei’s hidden crimes and managed to collect a whole load of evidence to use against him. At the same time, Mrs. Cheng, Cheng Xue Yao mother’s had audited the accounts Liu Wei’s company and found many mistakes in the accounting. She too, had collected evidence that could be used to charge Liu Wei.

However, the Liu Industry was Jing State’s powerhouse. They were not someone like the Chengs who would topple over easily. Facing with such a disadvantage, Mr. Cheng had resorted to contacting his superior officer. During then, the Deputy Major of Jing State was Luo Xi Yuan.

Sadly, unknown to Mr. Cheng, Luo Xi Yuan was already in Liu Wei’s payroll. He was already convoluting with the Liu family since the beginning. On the surface, he had convinced Mr. Cheng that they will bring down the Liu family with the hammer of justice. However, under the table, he had already contacted the Liu family about the evidence. Eventually, when both Mr. and Mrs. Cheng had submitted all the evidence to Luo Xi Yuan, they were both involved in a fatal "accident" on their way back home.

When the incident occurred, Cheng Xue Yao was still studying overseas. When she returned to the mainland, she disappeared without a trace. The private investigator that Zhang Yang hired had deduced that Mr. and Mrs. Cheng had contingency plans. They wanted their daughter to be kept out of reach from the poisonous fangs of the Liu family. He also guessed that they had kept the original evidence somewhere safe. Hence, he had tried to search for Cheng Xue Yao himself, but failed to do so. He added that Cheng Xue Yao and he had made contact before Zhang Yang had requested the investigation. He was genuinely surprised when Zhang Yang sent her photo!

Zhang Yang read the report thoroughly and made his own conclusion. Perhaps Cheng Xue Yao had managed to trace the investigate backward and found Zhang Yang himself. As a result, she had thought to investigate the person holding Zhang Yang’s lease and have herself to "infiltrate" behind the enemy’s line. That was probably the reason why she had turned up to become Zhang Yang’s secretary.

They say, that the best hiding spot was where your enemy would never expect it! Who would have thought they the person they seek was merely disguised in plain sight!

"Hoho. Now I understand. It looks like she has a grudge against the Liu family. No wonder she is always trying to get on my nerves and ask me about Liu Wei! She might reveal her true self to me if I could prove that my vengeance with Liu Wei runs deep as well! Maybe, she could join forces with me to fight Liu Wei…Could it be…that she has the evidence to all of Liu family’s crime?"

Zhang Yang widened his eyes with delight. The Liu family had barricaded themselves well by being the powerhouse of Jing State. To dig out the past without consequences would be hard without Liu Wei finding out. As such, although both of Cheng Xue Yao’s parents had succeeded, it had been at the cost of their own lives.

"It’s time for you to die." Zhang Yang grinned.

"Kok kok kok!"

Someone was knocking on the door and after two seconds, the door was opened gently. Cheng Xue Yao walked in slowly with elegance and the utmost lustful stature. She smiled and addressed Zhang Yang. "Mr. Zhang Yang. I’m moving to a new place today. I would like to invite you to my house-warming party!"

Zhang Yang clenched his fist tightly to resist her charm. That woman was so elusive yet alluring! No wonder she could become someone of importance. If Liu Wei finds her, she might only end up being his plaything!

If Zhang Yang had not received the investigation report, he might have even considered planning his life with her in the equation. This precious creature’s magnetism was just too strong! Even Zhang Yang himself could not be certain that he would not do something to her!

However, now that he had the new-found knowledge about Cheng Xue Yao, he felt some sort of connection with her. A different kind. He could even have her working side by side together to topple the Liu family! However, in order to do so, he must get his hands on the evidence that she had, hence, he must play well with her.

Zhang Yang smiled back. "Sure thing! I must say, this is a little too last minute. I have no time to even get you a present!"

"I have no need of such things. It would be the best present if Mr. Zhang could be there!" said Cheng Xue Yao happily.

Zhang Yang snapped his fingers and recalled something. He walked to the wine cabinet and took out a bottle of wine. "I cannot have you leave empty-handed. Perhaps this bottle of wine should suffice?"

"1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild! I cannot possibly accept that! It costs more than my yearly salary!"

"Please. It’s pocket change to me. Take it and let’s go!"

The two left the office. Liu Xin Mei had left the office earlier than them. If she had not, she would be terribly upset seeing that Zhang Yang had taken away the bottle that she had "implanted" in his office with every tool and gadget in his office! Even if Zhang Yang and Cheng Xue Yao banged each other brains out to the roof, there will be no proof!

Cheng Xue Yao had her own car, so did Zhang Yang. With her taking the lead, she drove forward with Zhang Yang following closely behind. She drove around Zhou Su City and reached to her own place within a few minutes.

Her place was not of the ordinary. It was a hotel styled apartment. She lived on the 24th floor. Both of them took the lift quietly and arrive at her doorsteps. Her apartment was not too big, yet it was furnished grandly. The best thing about her apartment which Zhang Yang liked and hated the most was the scenery of the entire Zhou Su City.

Zhang Yang had not invited anyone else, hence, when Zhang Yang had asked, she merely gave vague answers. Cheng Xue Yao excused herself to the kitchen to pour the wine into proper cups.

From the corner of the kitchen, Cheng Xue Yao peeked into the living room, watching on Zhang Yang as he watched the scenery with a complicated expression on his face. At that moment, without Zhang Yang noticing, Cheng Xue Yao took out a pack of white power and poured it into one of the wine cups.

"You may be secretive Mr. Zhang, but this Truth Serum will have you reveal everything you have! Hmph! You cannot hide everything there Mr. Zhang. Hm…hm…hm…" Cheng Xue Yao poured the wine and mixed it thoroughly. "Drinking this would not cause any harm, but you will feel intense headache for a few days. That’s for being so secretive with me!"

Poor Zhang Yang had no idea what was coming at him. The same cup of wine was laced with extreme aphrodisiac and now Cheng Xue Yao had even added in the Truth Serum! It was unclear whether the two chemicals would react with each other to produce something that could make Zhang Yang a complete idiot or the embodiment of lust itself!

Cheng Xue Yao herself was oblivious to the fact that Liu Xin Mei had purposely added a concentrated dosage to make Zhang Yang as powerful as a bull, since she suspected that Zhang Yang had a problem with his junior!

With the two glasses of wine in her hand, she waltzed gracefully to the window and offered Zhang Yang the one that was laced with the Truth Serum. She then cheered and said, "To your health Mr. Zhang."

"To your happiness. Miss Cheng."

Surely enough, something big was going to happen that night. Real big.