MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 726: More Set Equipment

Chapter 726: More Set Equipment

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After restoring his HP, Zhang Yang brought Felice and Phoenix up front to attack. He still insisted on attacking alone instead of calling his friends.

"Fresh FREEEESH FREEEESH MEAT!" cried the Leaper Captain as he leaped towards Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang had earlier sent away Felice and Phoenix, hence, he was the only one who suffered from the stunning effect.

While the stun effect was still ongoing, Felice and the Phoenix attacked the boss without waiting. Felice’s DPS was perhaps one tier higher than the Phoenix, hence, the aggro value generated on her was double that of the Phoenix. Hence, the boss had chosen Felice as his attack target. Sharp claws flung around, slicing and dicing Felice. Although she was wearing metal armor, it did not stop the claws from cutting through. Blood was spilt everywhere.

Zhang Yang recovered immediately and use {Charge} to instant close the gap between him and the boss.

Zhang Yang’s DPS was twice as much as Felice’s. With {Shield Oath} in effect, he could generate more aggro. After only 3 seconds of attacking, Zhang Yang had taken control over the boss and managed to save Felice.

With the godly skill {Block}, all physical attack type targets were in a shorter hand of the battle. Coupled with Zhang Yang steroid-pumped defense, the boss’ normal attacks could only deal as much damage as 4,500 DPS.

On the other hand, while the skill {Death Blade} could only be activated once every 10 seconds, dealing as high as 100,000 per strike on average. The damage dealt on Zhang Yang was only as much as 53,000 damage which was around 5,300 DPS. Hence, his skill damage was higher than his normal attack.

Combined, the boss true DPS was at least 10,000. He would take at least 100 seconds to kill Zhang Yang. Compared to the previous wizard boss, this leaper boss was much weaker.

Zhang Yang did not need to even use {Shadow of the Void} to escape the battlefield, for he could tank safely until the boss was killed.

Similar to the previous boss, this leaper boss had dropped one Mythical, and three Violet-Platinum tier equipment. The Mythical tier item was a set equipment at that!

[Soul Reaper Arm Guard] (Mythical, Leather Armor)

Defense: +96

Vitality: +1259

Strength: +247

Dexterity: +580

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 2,510.

Equip: Increases damage and healing rate by 3.5%


Level Requirement: 170

Soul Reaper set equipment: {Soul Reaper Mask}, {Soul Reaper Chest Plate}, Soul Reaper Arm Guard, {Soul Reaper Pants}, {Soul Reaper Boots}.

Three Set Effect: Increases damage and healing rate by 20%.

Five Set Effect: On every successful attack, grants a chance to increase Dexterity by 10% for 10 seconds. Effect cannot stack.

What a loot! The previous set equipment was a Cloth armor, and the next was a Leather armor! Perhaps, the last floor, Zhang Yang could find a Heavy Armor equipment!

There were a total of 15 towers in the vicinity and if he is lucky, he could farm two pieces of all the classes’ equipment sets. Zhang Yang slobbered a little as he thought of the money that he could earn from gathering all the equipment!

Zhang Yang proceeded into the fourth floor and reached the end of the tower.

On the fourth floor, the monsters were different. That time, they were all knights riding on hell horses, clad in heavy armor. Their swords were slung behind their back and were scrapping the floor as they were as long as 3 meters.

[Warfront Death Knight] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 170

HP: 5,100,000

Defense: 7,000

Melee Attack: 40,774 – 60,774


[Death Strike]: Deals a powerful strike on a target. Deals 100% melee physical attack. Has a 50% chance to deal 200% damage.

[War Stomp]: Leads the horse and charge towards a target. Closes the gap between the target instantly and stuns the target for 1 seconds. Range: 3 – 10 meters.

Zhang Yang sighed with relief. Finally, the monster was not the kind that could cast any major debuffs on him. Sadly, as a compensation, the Death Knight were the kind that deals more damage than the rest of the monsters. Double damage was not something to be underestimated. If Zhang Yang is stupid enough to engage 10 Death Knights at once, he could be in deep trouble. If 10 of them activate their skills, 5 of them would have the chance to deal double damage. Even with Zhang Yang’s steroid-pumped defense, he would take 250,000 damage all at once. That’s 25% of his total HP.

It’s too powerful to even be normal.

Alone, it would be impossible. Perhaps, if someone like God’s Left Hand came up, paired with a healer behind, he would have the potential to survive. Sadly, even if he survives, he might not be able defeat the monsters. Surviving and defeating were two whole different things. To put it bluntly, God’s Left Hand could not possibly produce damage that is as high as Zhang Yang. Even at his best, he would be much weaker than Zhang Yang.

With Felice and Phoenix supporting him, it looks like it would be a while before someone else could even match with Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang started the battle with {Spear of Obliteration} and fought one monster to gauge its strength.

The Death Knight took the hit and charged towards Zhang Yang, stunning him for 1 seconds.


With lightning speed, the long blade behind his back was swung downward, cleaving Zhang Yang’s neck, dealing 53,000 damage. That was the {Death Strike,} and it had managed to land a double damage!

Pfft! What luck…

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. After recovering from the stun, Zhang Yang laid down a barrage of attacks and took down the Death Knight in only half a minute. Similar to the previous monsters downstairs, the Death Knight had a handful of [Frost Inscribed Cloths].

Zhang Yang took a break to restore his HP after fighting three Death Knights. Zhang Yang was dissatisfied with the killing speed. If only Felice could obtain a healer form after the next seal is broken…Zhang Yang was not greedy. He would not ask something like Han Ying Xue’s healing capability. In fact, if Felice could heal like any other common healers, Zhang Yang could then be a perpetual killing machine that does not need to reload nor refuel!

But, right now, Zhang Yang would have to play nice with the elite tiers.

While Zhang Yang was complaining he was too slow, the rest of the player could never reach his level of efficiency. In fact, the level of difficulty was so high that normal players would have to assemble a full team of DPS, tanks, and healers to engage the monster. Zhang Yang alone could kill three Death Knights before having to rest!

Fortunately, the number of Death Knights on the floor was not too much. In fact, Zhang Yang had taken close to 30 minutes to clear the entire floor. At the end of the floor, there was a mini-boss as well. Like the others, the floor boss was a captain of the monster. However, unlike the other floors, the boss was not guarding any entrances. He was sitting down behind a desk, writing on some sort of parchment.

If the annoying Wei Yan Er was there, she could have asked why and how could a Death Knight ride a horse inside a tower, and why would there be a captain writing something down? Zhang Yang could have answered with a simple reply. Shut your mouth and kill the boss. That’s all there is to it!

[Warfront Death Knight Captain] (Mythical, Spectre)

Level: 175

HP: 8,750,000

Defense: 7,000

Melee Attack: 40,822 – 60,822


[Death Strike]: Deals a powerful strike on a target. Deals 100% melee physical attack. Has a 40% chance to deal 200% damage, and a 10% chance to deal 300% damage.

[War Stomp]: Leads the horse and charges towards a target. Closes the gap between the target instantly and stuns the target for 1 seconds. Range: 3 – 10 meters.

Although the boss’ {Death Strike} was slightly upgraded, its normal attack was all too similar to that of the elite monsters. Even though the skill had a 10% chance to deal triple damage, it was only 10%! Perhaps the boss was fated to be a mediocre character in this map. At least, he had close to 9,000,000 HP, which suits a boss well.

Naturally, faced with a physical attack target, Zhang Yang had not need to hesitate to attack. Even though the boss had dealt triple damage attack several times, 100,000 damage was easily "dodge-able" with {Shield Wall}. With a quick {Shadow of the Void}, Zhang Yang had Felice replace him as the tank and killed the boss easily.

As expected, the boss dropped a set equipment that was of the Heavy Armor type.

[Death Conqueror Chest Plate] (Mythical, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +170

Vitality: +2519

Intelligence: +1160

Spirit: +514

Equip: Increases maximum MP by 2,320

Equip: Increases damage and healing rate by 3.5%


Level Requirement: 170

Death Conqueror Set Equipment: {Death Conqueror Helmet}, Death Conqueror Chest Plate, {Death Conqueror Armlet}, {Death Conqueror Greaves}.

Three Set Effect: Increases damage and healing rate by 20%.

Five Set Effect: After every successful casting, restore 10% MP of the spell’s MP cost.

The chest plate was meant for a Sacred Knight. Perhaps, there should be one for a physical attack type like Zhang Yang. However, since the boss had only dropped one Mythical tier equipment, there were no more left to be found in the tower. However, there was still hope, perhaps he could find one that is suitable for him in the other tower.

Once the boss was killed, the parchment that he was writing on glowed. It was the system notifying the player, that the item as interactable.

‘Ding! You have acquired a [Command Order]. Sadly, due to your rusty Spectre Language mastery, you cannot decipher any of the words written on the parchment. You should collect more [Command Orders] and report back to Gulaj. The Gnome has been in contact with the Spectre, since he had been doing business with them!’

Zhang Yang received the system notification when he picked up the parchment. As such, to finish the quest, Zhang Yang would have to go through all 15 towers, and 15 final floor bosses in order to collect all [Command Order]. It might be bothersome, but it was something Zhang Yang did not mind doing, since he could obtain a massive amount of experience points and equipment! On the other hand, it was not bothersome at all!

Zhang Yang went down to the ground floor and exited the first tower. He then headed to the second tower closest to him, and killed his way in.

The tower was compromised of basically the same kind of monster. The ground floor would have normal tiers, the second floor would be magic types, and the third floor would be the Leapers, and the fourth floor had the Death Knights. In summary, Zhang Yang would take close to 2 hours or more to clear one tower. 15 towers would take him 30 hours in total. Convert that to real time, and it would be a span of 8 hours.

Zhang Yang killed his way through all the tower and by the time he was done with the 11th tower, he stopped for a while and logged out to go back home. In his inventory, there was a Cloth Armor set equipment, Leather Armor set equipment, Heavy Armor set equipment, which was divided into three more types. Overall, the separated equipment was too cluttered in his inventory. It was messy. Zhang Yang had four defensive equipment and had two healing types, and two DPS types. There were even some that were the same kind, making it extremely difficult to farm a complete set by the time he was done with all the towers.