MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 67: Another godlike boss?

Chapter 67: Another godlike boss?

Translator: Zenobys Editor: TheRealSeal

“Hunters stand behind, as long as you can hit the monsters with your <Barrage>!” Zhang Yang thought for a while and said, “Little Snow, I want you to stand further behind. As for you, little brat, don’t attack the monsters just yet. Go and stand together with Little Snow!” Drizzler had her jaw dropped in shock. As a battle maniac, she did not feel comfortable when being asked not to fight.

“Okay! I’ll lure the monsters over now! I want you guys to attack the monsters when they start to approach the entrance. Hold on to their aggro!” Zhang Yang added.

“Roger that!”

“Off I go! Little Snow, give me a <Holy Shield>!”

Hong! Little Snow waved her hand and a transparent shield appeared on his body.

“Hah! Little Yang! The ‘protection’ you’re wearing is quite powerful huh!” Fatty Han said.

Zhang Yang ran out of the entrance and instantly triggered the eight Skeleton Spellcasters. With just a wave of their staff, eight debuffs appeared on Zhang Yang’s head. Zhang Yang quickly withdrew, luring the eight monsters along with him to the dungeon entrance.

“Open fire!”

Hundred Shots and Fatty Han both activated <Barrage> simultaneously and targeted the skill at the entrance.

All eight monsters changed their aggro to Hundred Shots and shifted their target to him.

Shush, Shush, Shush! Eight <Shadow Decay> appeared on his head and since he was 30 meters away from each other, the monsters were unable to cast <Shadow Whip> on him. They could only stare at him at the entrance with their gaping mouth.

Little Snow quickly cast a <Regeneration> and a <Holy Shield> on Hundred Shots. She also casted a healing spell to recover the loss of HP due to the DoT skill. Even with all the damage taken, it was not even a problem for Little Snow.

After a volley of arrows landed on the monsters, taking away close to 1,000 HP each.

Zhang Yang said to Drizzler, “Let’s go! Now that Hundred Shots holds the most aggro, the monster will not target us at all!”

“With pleasure!” Drizzler had been waiting for Zhang Yang’s green signal for some time. She then rushed onward with a <Charge>. Zhang Yang joined in as well. After a <Charge>, he landed a normal attack and gained 35 Rage. He then used <Horizontal Sweep> and dealt a devastating attack. There was even three accounts of critical strikes that dealt about 1,400 damage. With that, the monsters shifted their target to Zhang Yang. However, before they could start their attack on him, a volley of arrow came raining down from the sky, killing them off.

[Death Mage] (Normal)

Level: 25

HP: 2,500

All eight of the monsters were killed before the second volley of <Barrage> could finish. Everyone gained luxurious amount of experience points.

“Little Yang this place seems pretty nice to grind our level!” Fatty Han missed the day where he was ranked first in the Level Ranking Board. For these two days, they had been raiding dungeons instead of grinding; they were then pushed down the ranking board by Floating Fire Ball. He was now ranked first with a level of 22.

“Okay then, let’s clean up this place!” Zhang Yang walked up to the entrance and squinted his eyes. The second floor was extremely crowded with monsters; there were a bunch of Mages standing further inside the floor.

“Crap! There’s just too many monsters there! I fear if I’d go in, my HP would be shaved off to 0 when I come back! Fatty, this is your chance to shine. I need your pet to go in instead!”

“F*ck! You’re so cruel! Is this the same as throwing my pet into the fire pit!?” Fatty Han patted his little pet bear and said, “Little Fatty, go! If you die, I’ll burn a female bear and send her to the afterlife for you! You won’t be alone down there!”

“Enough talking horny bum! Make your move!”

Fatty Han then pointed at the nearest Mage. The bear then growled loudly and charged onward.

Shush, shush, shush! Just when the bear stepped out of the entrance, it was inflicted with more than 10 DoT skills. At the same time, the Mages waved their hands, casting a black colored ray and beamed it at the bear, causing it to slow down.

[Shadow Whip]: Use the power of shadow to whip the enemy. Causes 500 Shadow damage over 5 seconds of channel time. Requires channeling. Range: 20 meters.

The accumulation of firepower of the 10 monsters was extremely potent! Even though Fatty Han was a Beastmaster and had its HP improved to 1,500, it was still not enough to withstand all those Mages. After only a few steps, the little pet bear was sent to the afterlife!

All of the attacking Mages then turned towards Fatty Han and began to chase after him.

“Back to the entrance! Go, go, go!” Zhang Yang quickly shouted. Once they made it back to the safe haven, Fatty Han had already gained 10 icons of <Shadow Decay> on his head.

Both Hunters started their attack, unleashing two <Barrage>, raining down volleys of arrow from the sky onto the monsters. However, Hundred Shots was smart. He purposely delayed his <Barrage> to a few seconds later to make sure the aggro was held onto Fatty Han longer. He wanted to avoid getting inflicted with the DoT effect to lighten Little Snow’s healing burden.

Once the volley was done, they did the same maneuver as before. Both Zhang Yang and Drizzler went up and cast <Horizontal Sweep> and <Tornado Cleave> and killed all of the monsters.

“Alright this time, it’s Hundred Shots’ turn. Fatty Han quickly revive your pet!” said Zhang Yang.

“Woo…my cute little pet…” Fatty Han cried crocodile tears as he chanted the revival spell. His little theatrical act started to annoy the party.

The same procedure was carried out by Hundred Shots’ pet. It drew the attention of a bunch of Mage and lured them towards the entrance, having to unfortunately die in the process. They repeated this way as many times as possible and after 20 minutes, they manage to kill almost all of the monsters in the second floor. The remaining monsters were not worth to pull back all the way to the entrance, so the party rushed in and killed the leftovers head on.

As they revised their collected goods, they found out there was nothing that was of actual worth. It was all just “garbage” and random etc items. As the party arrived at the end of the second floor, they could not find any sign of the boss. What’s stranger was that there was no entrance or pathway that led them to the third floor!

“Eh? Where the heck is the boss?” Drizzler turned around like ballerina and found nothing but shadows. “Maybe the boss must be triggered!” said Zhang Yang. He recalled that there was a place like this but he had never fought in before. He had that thought at the same time everyone else did too.

“Everyone! Scatter around and search for clues! There must be some kind of hint to spawn the boss!”

Everyone including Zhang Yang himself spread out to search the surrounding.

“I found it! Come over to me!” Hundred Shots called out. The party then gathered to where he was and saw him standing near a small altar. The altar was just the shape of a small dining table and on top of the table was a small bowl. There was a complicated magic circle underneath the bowl that was emitting some sort of eerie dark ray.

“Looks like we’ve found it!”

“But how do we summon the boss?” asked Little Snow.

“Fatty! Go and drop some of your blood into the bowl. This boss must be summoned with blood!” said Zhang Yang. “What?! Why me!” Fatty Han bellowed. “How come you didn’t choose Hundred Shots or Drizzler to do it!?” He protested.

Zhang Yang smiled playfully. “Okay then! Let’s put this to a vote. All those who agree that Fatty Han should be the one to do it, please raise your hands!”

Shush! Four arms were raised into the air.

Drizzler burst into laughter. “Hah! Serves you right, Pervy Fatty! Just give up and accept your fate!”

“Come on bro. It’s just a game. Go ahead and drop some of your blood!”

“F*ck! I hate you guys!” Fatty Han had no choice. He walked over to the altar and bit his thumb. He then reached out his thumb and dropped his flowing blood into the bowl.

“Tuk, tuk, tuk” drops of blood echoed through and the bowl suddenly vibrated. Fatty Han quickly withdrew a few steps back. The bowl then vibrated wildly and turned around on its own. It turned three times counter-clockwise and two times clockwise. The magic circle underneath then glowed brighter and let out a loud “hooooongg” sound. Wind started to blow in all direction; sand and pebble were shaken off the wall as the entire cave vibrated malevolently. It was as if something bad was about to happen.

“I have a bad feeling about this…I’m 100% sure that the next boss would be scary as hell!” Fatty Han turned his head left and right, trying his best to observe any changes around him.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The sound of broken chains echoed through the cave, followed by an eruption of black ray from the magic circle. The ray burst out like a column; huge and enormous. Suddenly, a massive figure emerged out of the light, wearing a majestic robe and a sorcerer’s pointy hat. In his hands, he was wielding a staff that glowed with a black light.


A strong shockwave blasted through the field and he vanished from the pillar and reappeared in front of the party. There he stood, a 10-meter tall, gigantic Necromancer. His entire body was only just a human skeleton, with no flesh to support, brittle and weak. But needless to say, his presence alone gave a strong sense of enmity to the party, especially those abyssal dark eye sockets that held a pair of emerald-green light orbs that looked like there were burning on the inside!

“Holy… What kind of monster is this?!” Fatty Han shrieked.

Zhang Yang and the party quickly checked on its system detail.

[Witch King of the Undead, Mardevich, Lord of Spectre] (Celestial)

Level: ???

HP: ???

“Jesus Christ! Why would a Celestial boss appear here!?” cried Hundred Shots. The ever silent and matured character was troubled. If all of the server players got together and joined forces to defeat this boss, they would ultimately fail and crash the server when they would be sent to the graveyard! They were facing a Celestial-tier boss for crying out loud!

“Hahaha! Mortal! I’d never thought that I would be freed by a bunch of lowly humans! Nevertheless, I am grateful for your deed! This king will now let you all continue to live and breathe as a reward!” Its eerie jaws moved and talked.

“Now, BEGONE!” It bellowed. Its voice was thundering till the high heavens.

The party was so scared that they took a few steps back. To think that they would take on a Celestial-tier boss… It would only mean certain death!

The party turned around and was ready to leave the field before anything could take place. Fatty Han stopped and he saw that Zhang Yang has not even budged from his place.

“Hey, let’s go! What’re you waiting for!?” Fatty Han cried out in the party channel.

Zhang Yang suddenly cracked a smile. He started to move forward, not towards the party, but towards the boss.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?!” Fatty Han frantically shouted. Even though this was just a game, there was no reason to walk towards a certain doom!

“Feeble mortal! Are you trying to have a taste of the power of a god?!”

Zhang Yang has successfully provoked Mardevich. Its voice was so loud and it also sent the cave trembling, dropping sand and pebbles all over the place.


Zhang Yang used <Charge> and dash towards the boss!

“Oh my god! Did he not learn how to recognize the word “death” in school!?” Little Snow facepalmed herself. She remembered how Zhang Yang was like when he faced the Python King and Martyr Unduin. He did not just simply charge towards them like he did now!

Zhang Yang versus the Spectre boss!