MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 251: Lost Dream

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After having their lunch, everyone logged in after 30 minutes and got together.

Before they logged off, Zhang Yang had killed all the monster around the area. Since elite tier monsters required five hours to respawn, the place was empty and bare when Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue, and Wei Yan Er came back. All of them continued their journey and reached the end of the first part after three hours.

Technically, the entire tunnel simply followed the shape of the mountain from the inside. The spiral pathway led downwards to the lowest and deepest part of the mountain. Technically, Zhang Yang’s current position was a complete cycle from where they entered. If they could drill upwards, the entrance to the mountain would just be 50 meters up!

Now that he had arrived to what seems to be a gigantic rock blocking the pathway forward. Standing in front of the rock was a huge, mega-sized version of the Hatred Amalgamated. Its innards were spilling out of its rotten body. It had a pair of hands, and an extra hand stitched to its back. Each hand carried a gigantic cleaver. There seems to be green liquid leaking out from all parts of its body. The liquid dripped down, corroding the ground, releasing a visible cloud of gas around it.

[Despaired Hatred Amalgamated] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 56

HP: 2,000,000

Defense: 600

"Gimme Strength Crystal! Gimme Strength Crystal! Come! Come! Hoy!" Wei Yan Er clapped her palms together and mumbled something inaudible.

"Ay! Dummy! What are you standing there for? Get going quickly! It’s just a Gray-Silver boss!" Han Ying Xue urged hurriedly.

"Hehehe. Relax b*tch. Keep pushing and you’ll get nothing! I’ll cursed your future husband to be a minute-man1!" Zhang Yang laughed and rushed away before giving any chance for Han Ying Xue to respond to his sarcastic insult.

"[email protected]$%$%[email protected]%^[email protected][email protected]##@" Hatred Amalgamated rumbled incomprehensibly. It stomped forwards with large paces towards Zhang Yang.


The boss landed a strike on Zhang Yang. He purposely allowed the monster to hit him instead of activating {Block}. He wanted to gauge the monster’s attack. He was rather satisfied with the result. If he went all out with the boss, there was hope to defeat him in a solo fight! However, since it’s an indoor environment, he would have to rely on the "combined mode" with the bear to defeat it!

Han Ying Xue swiftly cast a {Regeneration} on Zhang Yang.




After two seconds, a green, viscous liquid spewed out from the boss and landed on all three of them, dealing different amounts of damage.

"Bleh! Disgusting!" cried Wei Yan Er. This attack was the boss’ {Rot Aura} which will deal 1,000 Natural damage to all targets within a 30 meter radius.

Despaired Hatred Amalgamated was just a one of the guardian bosses of 10,000 Phantoms. It wasn’t particularly difficult. Since the party strength was overwhelming, thanks to their high-tiered equipment, the boss was defeated in just six to seven minutes. The fat-*ss boss wailed and dropped to the floor, oozing out more green liquid after being defeated.

Hideous as it was, the boss was still rather generous! It dropped two Level 50 Gray-Silver equipment and a total of six [Fate Crystals]! One Vitality, two Strength, one Dexterity, one Intelligence, and one Spirit Crystal! All of them were Copper tier and could only add five points each.

After distributing the crystals, Zhang Yang took one Vitality and one Strength crystal while Wei Yan Er took one Strength and one Dexterity, leaving Han Ying Xue with the remainder.

[Fate Crystals: Vitality] (Copper, Usable)

Use: Permanently adds five points to Vitality.

All three of them smiled satisfyingly and used the crystal promptly.

‘Ding! You have gain 5 points of Vitality!’

‘Ding! You have gain 5 points of Strength!’

Along with the crisp clear sound of the notification, Zhang Yang attribute gained a tiny boost. Though the boost was significantly small, it would provide an obvious increase in power after accumulating more [Fate Crystals]!