MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 249: Rival in Love

Chapter 249: Rival in Love

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The next day, Zhang Yang woke up early in the morning and directly logged in to the game, he was being summoned urgently by Wei Yan Er. So, he quickly used a [Teleportation scroll] to teleport to Thunderstorm Castle and arrived at the entrance of the castle as instructed by her.

The little girl was on top of an extremely colorful Chocobo, joy all over her face, giddy with joy.

Zhang Yang had something that was a mix between a glare and a smile, and he asked, "Little girl, did you rush me here just to see ‘Birdie’?"

"Of course not!" Wei Yan Er quickly shook her head, but her smile only grew wider, and she eagerly asked, "What say you? Isn’t my Little Flower very pretty?"

Giving names such as Little White and Little Flower, this little girl could only seem to throw out one-dimensional names! It wasn’t as if Zhang Yang had exceptional naming sense himself, looking at Whitey...

"Hm, it’s definitely prettier compared to you!" Zhang Yang replied with a deadpan expression.

"I’m not talking to you anymore!" Wei Yan Er lifted her chin up with rage.

Zhang Yang could not help himself but smile, and he said, "Alright then, I’ll take my leave!"

"No! Stop! Cousin sister is still waiting for you to save her!" Wei Yan Er quickly caught up to Zhang Yang on her Chocobo and said, "I’m giving you a chance to save a damsel in distress! Cousin sister will definitely be grateful, you can have her body all to yourself!"

"Ha!" Zhang Yang guffawed, and he said, "That’s no damsel, that’s a bloody siren! Like, those ladies who drown you with voices! Why would I save a siren, that’s asking for death, one must be alert before doing so! Look at Xu Xian1 who saved the White Snake2, look at how miserable they turned out to be!"

"Pui! You must be a man with a sad love life!" Wei Yan Er sniffed.

"Yeah, yeah, what’s this all about then?" Zhang Yang did not see any signs of Han Ying Xue, the siren would usually be inseparable from this brat.

Do you still remember that guy we used to mention, Luo Yang Ming?"

"Yeah, the guy who stalked witchy Snow all the way to England, but got kicked out later on, what about him?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Wei Yan Er nodded continuously, "That guy has a face thicker than the ancient civilization! Even when cousin sister has totally turned her back on him, he’s still sticking onto her like a piece of dog sh*t, he’s really starting to piss her off! Everyday, he would call and mutter some disgusting mushy words, she’s already smashed three of her phones to pieces! Hehe, that one did break her heart!"

While he was imagining Han Ying Xue smashing the phones with a look of instant regret, Zhang Yang could not help himself but laughed out loud.

"You really don’t have a conscience, do you!" Wei Yan Er quickly criticized him, but she had also started giggling.

"I thought your ass was on fire, from the way you called me over, but this is it?" Zhang Yang frowned disapprovingly at her, her mind seemed to work in a completely different manner from the average human!

"You’re the one who ran here like your ass was on fire!" Wei Yan Er was never one to back down from petty war of words, and she continued, "Of course not, do I look like I’m that boring? We don’t know how that Luo Ming Yang found out that cousin is playing {{God’s Miracle}}, or how he even found her game ID out. This morning, he came looking for her, and has been stuck on her since then! I will always boldly do what is right, so I purposely summoned you, the Panda Prince to save the princess!"

"What the hell, why don’t you just kill him off, what trouble would that be?!" Zhang Yang shook his head continuously.

"You are really stupid! The Luo has a face thicker than the walls of the city! Killing him won’t work at all, he’ll come back like an immortal nightmare! I have a great idea, why don’t you act as her boy friend to get rid of that Luo guy!"

Zhang Yang rolled both of his eyes backward ad said, "Little girl, are you trying to save witchy Snow, or are you trying to push me over into the burning furnace? Even if I just have to play act, I can still feel a chill running down my bones!"

"Hehehe, cousin has the same genetic inheritance like me, you should feel blessed to have her as your fake girlfriend!" Wei Yan Er pulled Zhang Yang by his arm and said, "Faster, faster! Cousin’s gonna blow anytime soon! I couldn’t care less if I wasn’t in the same house as her, but if this is going to affect my lunch hour, my life would be miserable!"

"Holy god, and here I was thinking that you were just looking out for her!"


The walked through the alleyways. They saw Han Ying Xue in a corner, with a male warrior kneeling by her side, both his hands holding up a bunch of black roses, offering it up to her!

Holy sh*t, those flowers required real money!

In ‘God’s Miracle’, there are numerous shops that sells items that are purely cosmetic. A variety of rings, necklaces, accessories, were purchasable. They added no attributes to players, but they were all finely crafted and appealing to look at. Of course, that would make them extremely expensive.

For example, a platinum ring with the flavor text -- ‘Love her, then buy it for her!’, would cost 99999 gold pieces!

These were so called Luxurious Items, and flowers also fell under this category.

That bundle of flowers that the male player was holding up was the most expensive variant in the florist shop, costing 9999 gold pieces each. Furthermore, one day later, the flowers will automatically wither and fall, it was the most money-burning item ever!

Although a platinum ring is more expensive, it would not deteriorate or disappear!

That player did not hide his personal information, the name ‘iLuvHanYingXue, level 10, male human, Berserker Warrior’ was floating right above his head. There was no doubt that this man is Luo Yang Ming.

"... little Snow, I truly love you, please just accept my tidal wave of love for you!" as they walked closer, they could hear the mush Luo Yang Ming was making.

Han Ying Xue was almost blue in the face, she was probably too annoyed to even say no.

"Luo Yang Ming, you really are thick faced! Cousin already told you to roll home a hundred times, why can’t you see that!" Wei Yan Er could not bear it anymore as she snarled at him.

"Cousin Yan Er, how could you speak like that to your cousin brother!" Luo Yang Ming straightened up upon seeing Wei Yan Er. He turned around and replied her in the strict tone of an elder.

"How can he be your cousin brother, if he and witchy Snow --- " Zhang Yang could not help but began to wonder.

"He is the son to the cousin sister of my father, and cousin sister is the daughter to the sister of my mother. So, the two of them are totally unrelated by blood!" Wei Yan Er waved her hand around.

Luo Yang Ming, however, stared at Zhang Yang warily, and said, "Cousin Yan Er, who is this man? Don’t forget our standing! Please do not mix with these mongrels!"

What the hell, that sentence would score him ten out of ten points in provoking people into beating him up!

Wei Yan Er snorted and said, "You who bear the surname Luo! What are you overweening for? If my father did not sponsor you, that factory of yours would not even be open! Cutting corners in production, taking advantage of your own people, your actions almost destroyed my mother and her sister’s blood and sweat!"

The face of Luo Yang Ming immediate turned pale, and he said, "Cousin Yan Er, don’t throw false accusations at innocent people!"

"Witchy Snow, let’s go, didn’t we agree earlier to go leveling up together?" Zhang Yang waved at Han Ying Xue.

Luo Yang Ming’s gaze on Zhang Yang instantly turned from wariness to outright scorn, so he turned around to Han Ying Xue and asked, "Little Snow, who is this?"

"Hey, I’ll only say it once!" Zhang Yang rode on his Whitey and shoved himself in between Luo Yang Ming and Han Ying Xue, looking down from his elevated position. As he reached his right hand out and lifted up his index finger, he said, "Witchy Snow is my woman, you better god damn stop harassing her!"

"Haha! Where did you wretched being come from, what right do you have to pursue my little Snow?" Luo Yang Ming shot back.

"You idiotic moron, she’s been my woman since forever! What rights are you talking about, are you really that f*cking idiotic?" Zhang Yang purposely cursed continuously, using his very best to land some solid hits into the heart of Luo Yang Ming.

Luo Yang Ming grew even paler, and his whole body trembled, but after a while, he suddenly smiled and said, "Little Snow, this is an actor you hired, right? You have never had a boyfriend till now even, your heart is filled with me!"

"God, Mr Luo, can you possibly get any more disgusting!" Wei Yan Er made a show of puking.

"My dear hubby, let’s go!" Han Ying Xue summoned her [Storm and Gale Direwolf], gazing at Zhang Yang seductively while speaking sweetly, and Zhang Yang felt a shiver down his spine. His heart was knocked off rhythm for a second, and in a bad way!

The three [Mounts] began to pick up speed, leaving Luo Yang Ming behind in one of the alleyways.

"You bastards, whether you are acting or not, Han Ying Xue is mine! Only mine!" Luo Yang Ming barked at the backs of the three figures that were rapidly disappearing. His face was almost goblin-like as he cried, "You f*cking b*tch, you humiliated me for so many years, just wait till I get my hands on ‘Silky Soft Holdings’ and make it mine, I will turn you into my toy till you die!"


"I realize that your relationships are a little messy!" After riding out for a distance, Zhang Yang began to talk.

"I guess it’s okay to tell you everything now!" Wei Yan Er looked at Han Ying Xue, and seeing no objection, she continued, "More than 20 years ago, when my mother and my aunt were still pursuing their studies in university, they took a loan and founded ‘Silky Soft Holdings’. The two of them were the best designers in the world! In just a short time, they already made ‘Silky Soft Holdings’ a major company!"

Zhang Yang was shocked for a moment, never once fathoming that ‘Silky Soft Holdings’ was founded by their mothers together.

"Then, about 17 years ago, my mother and my aunt went to Europe to take part in a Fashion Design Exhibition. Who would have guessed, on their way there, their plane crashed! My mother and aunt..." Wei Yan Er was solemn for once, her eyes genuinely beginning to tear.

Zhang Yang stared in shock and asked, "Southern Airlines, CA1077?"

"Huh? How did you know!" Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue whipped around to look at him, their eyes wide in shock.

Zhang Yang sighed painfully and said, "Both my parents were on that plane too!"

The three of them remained silent for a moment.

"Noob tank, to think we actually share the same fate!" Wei Yan Er patted Zhang Yang on his shoulder like an old friend. Perhaps in a way, their souls had that sort of bond.

Unpleasant memories quickly came flooding back, and he quickly said, "Please, carry on!"

"Yes!" Wei Yan Er nodded and said, "So my mother and my aunt left their shares of the company to me and my cousin here. However, before we hit the age of our adulthood, the company will be under the care of by my father and my uncle! A few years back, my uncle had cancer and passed away. For my sake, my cousin let my father look after the holdings on behalf of her. But, he’s not really doing it any good, he’s using our shares to sponsor dirtbags like Luo, helping them start up their own companies!"

She shrugged and said, "I’m fine with that, but they’re ruining our reputation! As they are considered subsidiary companies of Silky Soft Holdings, their actions reflect on us! They often use substandard goods to throw the market off, resulting in lots of rejected stocks, the company that my mom and aunt had put all their hearts and passion into is really shaky at the moment!"

"My father will always stand by his side of the family! Hmph! When I am 18 years old, it will be the time to place justice above filial piety! I’m not going to let the efforts of my mother and my aunt go to waste!"

TL Notes:

1. Xu Xian: Male character in ‘Legend of the White Snake’ novel, who fell in love with White Snake (disguised herself into a woman named Bai Suzhen)

2. White Snake: Female character in ‘Legend of the White Snake’ novel, who fell in love with Xu Xian.