MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 242: The Sudden Appearance of a Territory

Chapter 242: The Sudden Appearance of a Territory

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Zhang Yang managed to lose his aggro once again, forcing Luke Vick to cast {Frost Arrow} spell at Whitey instead. Zhang Yang recuperated briefly, hefted his battle axe without its usual partner, the shield, and dashed towards Luke Vick.

After two minutes, Whitey { Wild Recovery}’s cooldown was completed, and perfect cycle was bound to fall into place!

Zhang Yang had cleared his aggro twice. Whitey’s DPS was at least 1,600, and Zhang Yang was intentionally controlling his firepower throughout the battle. Thus, Luke Vick’s aggro was securely locked on Gold-Eared Bear King!

‘{Wild Recovery}, unite, {Berserker"s Heal}, split…’

Luke Vick’s HP continuously reduced as they repeated the perfect cycle over and over again!

Ten minutes later, Zhang Yang’s {Shadow of the Void} was ready again. He used {Shadow of the Void} again after madly slashing at Luke Vick to fully capitalize on the opportunity, stealing the aggro from Whitey for a few short moments!

40 Minutes later, Luke Vick’s HP bar was at its end, the boss suddenly roared loudly, an expression of disbelief on its face, and fell defeated!

‘Ding! You have slain Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre, Luke Vick, you have acquired 10,000,000 Experience points!’


Zhang Yang let out of a long breath. One of the reasons why he could defeat Luke Vick alone was because he had combined the abilities of his pet mount and and his own skills such as {Beast Taming}, {Berserker"s Heal}, {Wild Recovery}, and {Shadow of the Void}. Each one of them was indispensable coming together to form a miraculous culmination!

Luke Vick’s loot was generous; there was seven pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment and a lot of Gray-Silver equipment, it was truly awesome!

At Zhang Yang’s current level, he did not bother giving any of the Gray-Silver equipment a second look but directly threw them all into his backpack. However, the Yellow-Gold equipment did catch hold of his attention, and he studied them with the seriousness of a curator!

Among the seven pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment, two of them were leather armor, one of them a cloth armor and the other a heavy armor chestpiece, all of them being set equipment! The other two pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment were a cape and a pair of accessories.

[Flawless Defense Cape] (Yellow-Gold, Cape)

HP: +84

Vitality: +21

Equipment: Absorbs 40 damage points each time you take damage.


Level Requirement: 60

[Lover"s Charm: Yang] (Yellow-Gold, Accessory)

Use: Immediately teleports you to the target’s surrounding. The target is the wearer of [Lover"s Charm: Yin]. Cool down time: 3 hours.

Gender Restriction: Male

Level Requirement: 60

[Lover"s Charm: Yin] (Yellow-Gold, Accessory)

Use: Immediately teleports you to the target’s surrounding. The target is the wearer of [Lover"s Charm: Yang]. Cool down time: 3 hours.

Gender Restriction: Female

Level Requirement: 60

This would come in handy! After killing a boss or player, one could use this charm to escape, on the condition that the person who wore this Lover"s Charm must already be in a safe place!

But, who should I give this Lover"s Charm to?

The most ideal person was Han Ying Xue, because in the future if Zhang Yang ever encountered a powerful boss in the open field, Han Ying Xue could simply use [Lover"s Charm: Yin] to teleport to Zhang Yang’s location! But if Sun Xin Yu saw the questionable name of the equipment, wouldn’t she butcher the two of them?

On the other hand, Wei Yan Er was a cheeky brat, and if Zhang Yang did not hand this novelty item over to her, there would be no end to her whining!

Well, just forget about it, I will decide on this in the future!

Zhang Yang picked up a key that was made entirely out of clear ice and a silvery white magic staff, and placed them all in his backpack. These were the quest items, [Frozen Key] and [Staff of Prophecy]. Unfortunately, despite being a Celestial grade weapon, the [Staff of Prophecy] could not be used as a weapon!

Time to submit the item and complete the quest!

Zhang Yang ran back to the Middle Hall. Merlinda caught sight of him and immediately asked, "Warrior, have you succeeded?"

Zhang Yang took out the [Frozen Key] and opened the gate of the prison. At the same time, the chains on Merlinda were also unfastened. Zhang Yang then answered, "Fortunately, I did not let you down, and completed the task you assigned me!"

"What of the Staff of Prophecy?" Merlinda looked at Zhang Yang nervously.

Zhang Yang took the magic staff out from his backpack and handed it over to Merlinda and said, "The item shall returned to the owner!" He snickered to himself. If it was not a quest item but the real weapon itself, Zhang Yang would just run off with it!

Merlinda suddenly showed a relief expression, took magic staff with both of her hands and gazed at it in excitement!

"Seven thousand years! Seven thousand years! The Staff of Prophecy has finally returned to the Elves!"

‘Ding! Merlinda has received Elf’s Celestial weapon, upgrades received!’

A golden light appeared around Merlinda, and the Level 45 Elite NPC immediately leveled up at a rapid pace!

[Merlinda - Song of the Forest] (Yellow-Gold, Humanoid)

Level: 65

HP: 15,000,000

MP: 10,000,000

Defense: 1,200

Her excitement was gradually replaced with a solemn expression, and she said, "Warrior, the Elf tribe in Forest of Tanila has suffered great losses to King Arthur, we must destroy the demon as soon as possible! In such a state of emergency, we cannot afford to waste a minute!"

‘Ding! Your quest: Kill King Arthur completion requirement changed. Please assist Merlinda in destroying King Arthur together!’

After doing so many tasks, Zhang Yang was back at the starting point!

Zhang Yang nodded and agreed, "We shall set off immediately!"

Both of them ran out of the Front Hall and started summoning their mounts.

"Ao!" Merlinda’s mount was a white tiger, it was magnificent and mighty, and just as large as Whitey!

"Let’s go!"

The tiger and bear started moving their limbs, and exploded into a sprint through the forest, towards Thunderous Storm Castle.

After half an hour of rushing, both mounts stopped in front of Thunderous Storm Castle. The castle, which had been host to a massacre not long ago, still reeked of bloodshed and anguished deaths. The castle looked like a horror movie from afar, smoking and riddled with holes!

Supposedly, monsters should have spawned around the area but currently in its story mode quest, it was completely deserted.

Merlinda and Zhang Yang reined in their mounts and slowly entered the castle. Along the way, the bodies of Elves and thieves were scattered throughout the pathway. Merlinda’s face was a mix of sorrow and rage!

Both of their mounts increased their speed and reached the front of a cathedral at the top of castle. There was a huge training ground at the entrance, filled with rows of wooden targets.

King Arthur was standing in the middle of the training ground with his sword raised up like a cup of wine. He was huge! Eight elite Thieves were surrounding him and cutting the woody target with weapons for training.

"Demon, your death is coming!" Merlinda shouted zealously and dashed towards King Arthur with her white tiger.

King Arthur cracked a smile and said, "You little’uns, kill this woman!"

The eight Thieves immediately stopped their training and dashed toward Merlinda.

"Warrior, please intercept them, that demon is mine!" Merlinda turned around and loudly shouted to Zhang Yang.

Damn, every time this NPC gets so fired up and always rushes ahead, and I always end up covering her *ss! Zhang Yang grumbled to himself as he dashed forward with his Whitey. Once he entered {Charge}’s attack range, Zhang Yang immediately jumped down from his mount and dashed towards the frontmost Thief monster, activated {Blood Rage} and used {Horizontal Sweep}!

A bunch of ‘-3,800’ damage texts popped up. Zhang Yang then followed up by using {Block}, increasing his rage points by up to 30 points, and used {Blast Wave}!

The eight Thief monsters were instantly stunned, and Merlinda quickly broke off them and directly dashed towards King Arthur.

Zhang Yang skillfully moved around and kited the eight monsters away. He also did not forget to pay attention to the battle between Merlinda and King Arthur.

"Fool, the battlefield belongs to men and only men. Women only need to stay in bed and nurture the seeds of men into strong descendants!!" King Arthur scoffed at Merlinda, "Pathetic Elves, to actually be led by women, what a weak race!"

"Demon, then witness this weak woman sending you to hell!" Merlinda stopped 30 meters away from King Arthur. She raised her right hand and threw a {Holy Punishment} on King Arthur.


King Arthur raised up the huge sword on his hand, made a loud laughter and said, "Stupid woman, this is the [Sword in the Stone] given by God, and whoever who wields this will have invincible power! Go to hell!" King Arthur bent his knees slightly, lowering himself into a horse stance, and launched himself forward, creating a shockwave and breaking the objects beneath his feet and in his surroundings!

"The Magic of Prophecy: Blast Topple!" Merlinda raised up [Staff of Prophecy].


This sent the oncoming King Arthur flying back. He rolled on the surface ground like a rock skipping across the surface of water, smashing through ten woody targets and laying sprawled on the ground.

Wow, so this is the power of a Celestial weapon?

Zhang Yang exclaimed to himself while he was pulling the monsters.

"Ha ha ha" King Arthur immediately got up, "You may knock me over, but without causing actual harm, how far can that take you? I have [Sword in the Stone] and I will never be defeated!"

"Then you shall no longer have the [Sword in the Stone]!" Merlinda raised her [Staff of Prophecy] once again and proclaimed in her regal voice, "The Magic of Prophecy: Deprivation!"

Shush, [Sword in the Stone] on King Arthur’s hand instantly turned into a ray of silver light that shot directly into the sky and disappeared.

"Impossible!" King Arthur roared loudly, "B*tch, return me my [Sword in the Stone]!"

King Arthur roared angrily, his skin that was originally green in color flashed red and he dashed towards Merlinda.

‘Ding! King Arthur has become enraged after losing [Sword in the Stone]. He will now deal and also receive double damage!’

"The Magic of Prophecy: Blast Topple!" Merlinda simply raised her staff and King Arthur was toppled over immediately. At the same time, Merlinda also cast {Punishment Ray} and a ‘-4,000’ damage text popped up above King Arthur’s head. Her attacks were still as weak as ever!

King Arthur started advancing but was toppled over again, before being stung by {Punishment Ray}. The two NPCs were repeating their actions over and over again.

Three minutes later, Zhang Yang threw a chain of life-saving skills and finally killed all eight Thief monsters. Then, he mounted his Whitey and dashed towards King Arthur.

Although Merlinda was a Yellow-Gold boss, her attacks were very weak. Zhang Yang rapidly built aggro and got the undivided attention of King Arthur.

As predicted, Merlinda was a healer through and through, she immediately cast a {Higher Regeneration} on Zhang Yang.

It still restored 5% HP every second, despite her upgraded state. After casting her {Higher Regeneration}, she repeated her actions in Underground Tower, casting {Punishment Ray} after ray at her target.

The difference now was that Zhang Yang had vastly lesser HP back then, so the 5% HP recovery did not help him much. With his massive HP now, the 5% HP recovery was ridiculous!

Restoring him by at least 2,000 HP every second, almost every healer class player would be put to shame.

One of King Arthur’s barehanded punches dealt about 6,000 damage on Zhang Yang. But the King attacked rather sporadically, once every two seconds, so if Zhang Yang used {Block} every six seconds, he would reduce the bulk of the DPS to around 2,000 which could be covered by {Higher Regeneration} easily!

On the other hand, King Arthur received double the usual damage which increased Zhang Yang’s DPS to around 5,000. With such DPS, the King had his back against the ropes!

With the help of Merlinda’s {Higher Regeneration}, Zhang Yang was unbeatable. It was just a matter of time when it comes to slaying King Arthur!

80%, 60%, 40%... King Arthur had 4,000,000 HP, but with the effect of receiving 100% additional damage, his HP dropped dramatically, and his HP bar became empty within six minutes.

Finally, Merlinda blasted her final {Punishment Ray}, and King Arthur cried out, crashing down onto the ground while loots continuously popped out of his body.

Although they won the battle, Merlinda remained stoic. After a moment of silence, she finally spoke up, "Warrior, thank you for your help! I have to go back to my tribe now to see my people whether they are safe, "xin luo si er ke"!"

In the Elven tongue, "xin luo si er ke" held a meaning that could be translated as "farewell".

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Kill King Arthur. Gained 1,000,000 Experience points!’

Merlinda gently patted her white tiger and white tiger took her away rapidly.

That’s it?

After going through the trouble of killing a Gray-Silver boss, a Yellow-Gold boss and running all the way forth and back, the reward was 1,000,000 experience points? It was a total waste of time!

Zhang Yang let out of a sigh and picked up the loot. Although all of them were Gray-Silver equipment, he could always sell them for money. Money always brought some happiness at the very least!

[Pseudo Sword in the Stone] (Gray-Silver, One Handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 320 - 520

Attack Interval: 2.5 seconds

DPS: 168

Use: Dispels all debuffs and causes you to be immune to all damage and effects. Lasts for 2 seconds.


Level Requirement: 60

This weapon came with an invincibility effect! This was definitely a PVP weapon. Besides, if it had a 2 second invincibility effect prior to being identified; that effect would probably be extended to 3 seconds after the identification process!

This weapon looked familiar to Zhang Yang. Still, even if the invincible effect was incredible, the weapon’s tier was too low. After identification, the weapon’s DPS would still be very low. It was not worth giving up the [Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] for the [Sword in the Stone]!

This weapon could only be sold!

However, with this invincible effect, it could definitely fetch a high price!

Finally Zhang Yang’s mood lightened up, and he kept the rest of Gray-Silver and Green-Copper equipment. Then, he suddenly caught sight of a piece of light green command order.

The moment his fingers made contact with it, the red color wordings that was unique for system appeared in world channel.

‘Server Announcement: The first Territory Command Order has appeared, battle for territory will be held tomorrow at 7.00 pm, all players please make your preparations! Territory’s position will be at Forest of Tanila, the exact location will be announced when battle for territory starts! The battle for the territory will last for three hours, when the battle ends, the final player who holds Territory Command Order will become the lord of the territory!’