MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 241: Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre

Chapter 241: Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre

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"Priestess! I bring grave news!" Zhang Yang retold the events that had happened where Kalor had led an attack to assault the Thunderstorm Castle which failed miserably when King Arthur slaughtered them all.

Merlinda listened and could only express her sadness and rage. After a while, she finally opened her mouth to speak. "The Sword in the Stone is a godly relic with unlimited power. Legend has it that only the bravest of warriors could lift the sword out of the stone. Warrior, I would need your help! As I am now imprisoned, I would need you to find the Frozen Key that is on the person of the Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre! You’ll need to get the key and the Staff of Prophecy! Only then, will I be able to confront King Arthur with his Sword in the Stone!"

‘Ding! Quest Change: Kill King Arthur. The quest requires you to kill the Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre and get the Frozen Key and the Staff of Prophecy for Merlinda!’

"O’ brave warrior! Please take extreme caution! Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre has powerful Ice magic! She cannot be defeated easily!" Merlinda warned Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang nodded. "Priestess, rest assured. I shall return with the key and the staff!"

After getting out of the Middle Wing, Zhang Yang had to pass through the flower garden. Along the way, he spotted many more [Frozen Ice Weeding] and was extremely agitated. Soon later, a man who sat atop a bear entered the Back Wing, having killed more than 10 monsters along the way.

The largest area in palace was the Middle Wing, and the smallest was the Back Wing. As expected, ‘smaller’ was just a relative term. It was still huge. The area was supported by 12 humongous pillars. Each pillar was at least 60 to 70 meters tall. Close to the ceiling were carvings that looked like the Moon God. Along the pillars were 12 Spectre Warriors sitting atop Skeletal War Horses, standing guard beside their respective pillars. Each of the warrior was fully clad in thick metal armor, with only the green-emerald flaming eyes visible through the gaps of the helmet visors.

[Frozen Fractal Death Knight] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 65

HP: 300,000

Defense: 1,000

Note: Beware the Harbinger of Doom! Beware their swords.

In the deepest part of the palace, there was a huge majestic throne. Sitting on the throne was a huge being with the name tag "Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre, Luke Vick". Even though it was a spectre, it did not possess any skeletal body like the normal spectre monster. This one looked like a mighty monarch, a dominating and powerful aura being emitted from its throne.

[Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre, Luke Vick] (Yellow-Gold, Spectre)

Level: 68

HP: 10,000,000

MP: 5,000,000

Defense: 1,200

Zhang Yang smirked. He might have trouble against any other boss with such stats. But this particular one was clearly ice-based! It would be nothing but an easy target for his bear!

Now, before worrying about the boss, its best to take care of the 12 death knights!

Zhang Yang picked up a small rock about the size of his palm and tossed it at one of the death knight.


It hit. The rock toss was nothing but a provocation. It did not inflict any sort of damage to it. The death knight that was hit by the rock turned around and bellowed. It pulled the reins of its skeletal horse and charged towards Zhang Yang.

What a cheater! How could it use a mount inside an indoor environment!

Zhang Yang sighed and took several steps back, waiting for the right timing as the monster entered his own effective range.


Zhang Yang glided across the floor with {Charge} and quickly inflicted several layers of {Cripple Defense}. He quickly chained a normal attack after and dealt 1,726 damage.

The Death Knight recovered quickly after Zhang Yang’s {Charge}, this time, before it could even lift it sword, Zhang Yang commanded the white bear to use {Wild Charge} and stunned the monster again. After one second, the monster recovered again and finally able to attack. It lifted its huge sword and swung it towards Zhang Yang.


Having completed the five layers of {Cripple Defense}, Zhang Yang’s attack was raised to a higher level. Slowly, each strike of his axe increased in damage over time.

Suddenly, the emerald flames in its eyes glowed with a sudden burst of flame, and the sword in its hands burst out in dark green flames!

‘Ding! Frozen Fractal Death Knight has used {Death Strike}. All damage increased by 100%!’


The {Death Strike} was similar to a Critical strike, it did double damage. Its basic attacking power had reached 10,000! Only a tank could survive after taking the hit! If other classes were to replace him, he or she would surely die!

Zhang Yang jumped in surprise. He quickly hopped atop the bear’s saddle. {Shared Life} was automatically applied, boosting up his HP to 41,920.

Technically, Zhang Yang’s and Gold-Eared Bear King’s combined attacks were superior to that of the Death Knights. However, they would be unable to hold for too long as the monster had 300,000 HP. Zhang Yang was forced to use {Shield Wall}, {Berserker’s Heal}, and even {Merlinda’s Shadow} to kill the monster.

At his current level, Zhang Yang had already upgraded {Shield Wall} to Level six. Coupled with the set-equipment’s set-effect that reduced {Shield Wall}’s cool down by one minute, {Shield Wall}’s current cool down was only at three minutes and 30 seconds! This was only 30 seconds more than {Berserker’s Heal}’s cool down.

After eating some recovery snacks, Zhang Yang waited for two minutes before attacking the second Death Knight. Since each Death Knight would take up some time, and Zhang Yang would need to wait for his skill to finish their cool down, he would spend more than 50 minutes to kill all 12 Death Knights. All that was left now was only the boss itself! But before he started the fight, Zhang Yang decided to wait until all his skills were ready to be used.

Zhang Yang paced slowly to the bear and gently patted the white’s fluffy head. "It’s time, Whitey. Bite that sucker!"

Whitey growled and kicked off his velvety paws, rushing towards the boss. Since mounts were generally faster than a character’s movement speed, the white bear reached the boss’s aggro range fairly quickly.

Luke Vick stood up in surprise and bellowed angrily. "The living? How could the living be in my palace! Die!"

It raised it’s the staff in its right hand and started casting a {Frost Arrow}. With a quick mental command, Zhang Yang made the bear U-turn sharply. Before the boss could finish casting the spell, the bear had already ran out of the effective range, wagging its stumpy, fluffy white tail at the boss to stare.

Enraged, Luke Vick started coming after the bear. When the boss walked out of the throne room, Zhang Yang quickly greeted it with a {Charge}.

{Cripple Defense}!

‘-288!’ {Crippled Defense}.

‘-1,629!’ Normal attack.

The aggro on the bear was quickly replaced by Zhang Yang. The boss started targeting Zhang Yang, casting {Frost Arrow}.

{Wild Charge}!

The bear rocketed towards the boss and clawed at the boss ferociously. However, it seemed that the skill was unable to interrupt the boss’ skill casting.

In that case!

{Crash Magic}!


D*mn! It did not work. It was not as weak as the one in the Tomb of the Shadow Ash!


The boss’ damage was strong as well! With one strike, the boss was able to take away a quarter of Zhang Yang’s HP!

Zhang Yang inflicted five layers of {Cripple Defense} and started his full-scale assault. He consumed a bottle of [Beginner Power Potion], used {Warrior’s Will}, hacking away with {Destructive Smash}!



Such power! Even Zhang Yang himself was shocked at his own damage. At the current stage, which non-tank character would survive this hit?! What if, in the future, Zhang Yang could get his hands on the "God of War" inheritance and gain the ability to wield a two-handed weapon, using its long 3.8 seconds attack interval weapon to strike an enemy. What sort of damage would he deal in that case?

It was a pleasant surprise but he currently had an immediate threat to deal with. The boss was strong to begin with. {Frost Arrow} was fired every three seconds. With 10,000 basic attack, Zhang Yang would be receiving a constant 2,000 DPS! How long would he last against a boss that had such an abundance of HP?

After 25 seconds, Zhang Yang HP was reduced down to a dangerous number of 237 HP. However, he did not activate {Berserker’s Heal} and fought the boss, regardless of his HP.


A {Frost Arrow} hits Zhang Yang on the chest, however, instead of killing him, Zhang Yang recovered his health!

This is the 5 set-equipment set-effect of his Furious set!

"When you received a fatal attack, the attack will not kill you, and will cause you to recover 40% of your maximum HP. Effect will only proc once every FIVE minutes."

After three seconds, a second {Frost Arrow} was fired, and Zhang Yang took the attack was left with only 4,031 HP

The boss had started its next attack.

{Frost Arrow} 1 seconds…2 seconds…2.9 seconds…


{Shadow of the Void}!

Zhang Yang tucked his tail and ran away from the boss. He reappeared far from the boss’ effective attack range and ate recovery snacks to heal his HP. Back at the battle, the boss had switched his target to the bear after losing sight of Zhang Yang.



A {Frost Arrow} was fired and the bear barely felt it!

Hm. {Icy Build}, nice job!

With haste, Zhang Yang quickly recovered himself back to full health and used {Charge}. This time, to prevent him from gaining too much aggro value, Zhang Yang had unequipped his shield to disable his passive skill {Shield Oath}.

The bear was now the main tank and Zhang Yang acted as the main attacker! This was one of the reasons why Zhang Yang did not want to "combine" with the bear. It was to allow the bear to gain enough aggro to pull the boss! In the "combined" status, attacks of a mount would be registered as the attacks of its master!

After eight attacks from the boss, Zhang Yang mentally command the bear to use {Wild Recovery} which healed the bear 50% HP over a period 10 seconds.

After another 20 seconds, Zhang Yang aggro value had exceeded the bear’s, he immediately reduced his skill usage to allow the bear to regain the boss’ aggro.

After two minutes into the fight, the bear was finally dying after being shot countless times. Zhang Yang quickly equipped his shield and hopped onto the bear, raising the "combined" HP to 21,420 / 41,920.

Even though Zhang Yang possessed strong damage reduction skills, his damage reduction was inferior when compared to the white bear’s {Icy Build}. Just 30 seconds into the battle, Zhang Yang was already being beaten to a pulp!

{Berserker’s Heal}!


Once Zhang Yang triggered the skill and healed both himself and the bear, he hopped down and started to fight, one man and one bear!

However, back when Zhang Yang and the bear were linked together, Zhang Yang had gathered a huge amount of aggro from the boss. When Zhang Yang separated from the bear, the boss switched to Zhang Yang instead of the bear. As the battle progressed dangerously and he was close to death once again, he used {Rearm} and activated {Shadow of the Void} to run away, again!