MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 239: Invincible King Arthur

Chapter 239: Invincible King Arthur

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Four attacks landed simultaneously on Zhang Yang, taking away only 10% of his entire HP! The basic attack values of the bandit captains should only be around 3,500. Their attacks were nothing but a scratch! Furthermore, Zhang Yang’s current armor was already leagues ahead of the number two tank in China! With a full set of Yellow-Gold equipment and the pet mount {Shared Life} ability, these four elite monsters were nothing but ants waiting to be squashed!

Zhang Yang smirked and slashed the monsters with {Horizontal Sweep}, dealing more than 3,800 damage of the monsters. There was still, one drawback while fighting with the OP pet mount. Despite the massive boost to the rider’s HP, moving around while mounted was a little too meticulous, it lacked the fine control of an individual person’s movement. It would be fine if they were fighting a boss, since it’s impossible to dodge the lighting speed attacks. However, fighting normal monster would require agile maneuvers and footwork! Furthermore, some skills were inaccessible while mounted.

Zhang Yang got off his mount and stomped the ground hard with {Thunder Strike}, slowing down all four of monsters. Zhang Yang thought of a plan and laughed. In such a small area, Zhang Yang started to kite the monsters around. He finally made it so that the bandits blocked off each other, only being able to attack him one at a time!

With {Block} and other status effect skills, Zhang Yang and the bear killed off the four elite monsters with relative ease.

Among the loots, there was a key.

[Large Gray-Silver Treasure Chest Key] (Useable)

Use: Opens a locked Large Gray-Silver Treasure Chest.

After taking care of the guards, Zhang Yang went up to the large building and slammed the edge of his axe onto the door.

The door was also a destructible target with 500,000 HP and 1,500 Defense. It took Zhang Yang quite some time and a whole lot of banging and hacking before he got the door open.


After the wooden door fell apart into many broken planks of wood, Zhang Yang entered the building and saw that it was a huge storage room, filled with thousands of solid chunks of blue colored crystals. Zhang Yang referred back to the quest helper and saw that he was standing right at where he was supposed to set the explosives. Zhang Yang got on the bear and took out the [Bag of Explosives]. He steeled himself before he lit the fuse, and tossed the explosives into the warehouse before rushing away from the scene like a race horse and its jockey.



A deafening explosion was heard from behind, sending pieces of the building flying in all directions. A large mushroom cloud soared up into the night sky, further darkening the already blackened night sky.

Even though Zhang Yang had left the place before the explosive even began ticking, the shockwave from the explosion had knocked Zhang Yang off his feet, sending him and the bear flying into a stone wall.


The collision was so strong that it had taken off as much as a third of his HP!

After the ringing in Zhang Yang eardrums ceased, voices and screams from the bandits started to replace the ringing. Chaos filled the air and many of the bandits started to run around in massive confusion.


In the same time, the drums of war could be heard from a distance. Zhang Yang got up and headed to a clear spot where he saw groups of Elven soldiers on leopards appearing outside the Castle! Riding with the speed of the wind, the warriors were charging in fearlessly with the weapons it their hands, ready to strike down anyone in their path!

Wham! Bam! Boom!

The battle started with the padding sound of the running leopards, as they sprinted with their might, carrying their Elven masters into the castle. The cannons on the castle wall had started firing, managing to kill hundreds of Elven warriors. However, since Zhang Yang had already destroyed their ammunition depot, the cannons stopped firing after one volley.

Zhang Yang took this chance to rush over to the castle entrance. He killed the bandits guarding the entrance and took control over the drawbridge. He flipped the switch and lowered the draw bridge to allow the charging groups of Elven warrior to enter the castle.

Kalor was also present in the fight. She was riding a black Night Panther. She approached Zhang Yang. He saw her legs seeping out of her ceremonial outfit, revealing her sexy jade white thighs!

"You did it, warrior!" said Kalor happily.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Destroy the Defense of Thunderstorm Castle. Obtained 1,000,000 Experience Points!’

Zhang Yang smiled weakly and said, "Thanks to the Gods of war, I’m barely alive at the moment!"

Kalor smiled back and turned to gaze up towards the peak of the castle. "Warrior! We’re not done yet. Even though the defenses have been taken out, there is still much to do before victory can be claimed. The leader of these bandits is an extremely powerful beastman! I have heard that his sword strikes are so strong that they could break apart even the strongest shields ever! He is said to have torn wild beasts apart with his bare hands! We…our people call him…Arthur the Butcher!"

Zhang Yang stared back at her, unfazed. "In the face of justice, let those who worship evil’s might! Beware my power, justice shall fight!" Zhang Yang tried to say something cool but he butchered the line on the way.

Still, Kalor was impressed by his speech and expressed her admiration. "Well said, let’s go now, Warrior! Together we shall end this monster’s life!"

‘Ding! Priestess Kalor has a quest for you: Kill King Arthur. Will you accept it?’


"Warriors of the night, to me!" 12 female Elven warriors, all of them atop Night Panthers gathered close to Kalor as she raised her magic staff up high.

"It’s time! For revenge!"


13 Night Panthers and their riders dashed towards the peak of the castle. Zhang Yang followed closely behind on his white bear.

Along the way, they had to jump across dead corpses of both bandits and the Elven warriors. War is always cruel. War does not spare the innocent. War knows no peace. War will always bring death.

"Foolish Elves! How dare you sneak into my territory! I shall mince your flesh!" A thunderous roar blasted through the entire stronghold. The roar was so loud that all of the riders, including Zhang Yang had to let go of the reins to cover their aching eardrums!

Kalor face turned green. "It’s…It’s the demon! It’s Arthur!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of crashing rubble was heard in the distance, along with the sound of a woman wailing in pain. In a flash, a three meter tall, green-skin man appeared right in front of everyone. In his right hand was a massive sword, dripping in fresh blood. In his other hand was an Elven warrior’s neck. She was choked so hard that she could not even scream. All she could do was struggle in vain.

When the green monster saw Zhang Yang and Kalor, he cracked a malicious grin and tightened the grip in his left hand with a force so strong that the sound of cracking bones could be heard. The struggling Elven warrior suddenly collapsed as her life was taken in an instant.

[Leader of the Bandits, King Arthur] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 68

HP: 4,000,000

Defense: 700

"Kill the demon!" Kalor roared. She jumped down from her Night Panther and sprinted forward. Once in range, she pointed her staff at King Arthur and started chanting a spell.

All the 12 Elven Warrior followed behind and charged towards King Arthur after getting off their mounts.

"Bah! Imbecile little weaklings! This King could kill you all with one finger!" King Arthur laughed manically. He lifted a massive leg and swept across the field knocking, into one of the female Elven warriors.


The boss force was so overwhelmingly strong that, when the female warrior was hit, all she could do was cry "Argh" and slide across the floor, silent. The body was so disfigured that the chest had caved in, as if all the bones had shattered from within. Blood oozed out from her mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

King Arthur brandished his sword and let out a glowing ray of light. At the speed of lightning, the sword slashed through four Elven warriors so swiftly that Zhang Yang could not even make out what he was doing!

Shiiing! Shiiing! Shiiing! Shiiing!

After what seemed to be a million strikes, blood spilled everywhere like broken fountains. All four targeted female warriors were literally turned into fine mince meat. Pieces of them fell to the ground like a large pork loin going through a meat grinder. The result was so disturbing that Zhang Yang could not bear to look.

The battle was completely one sided. Five warriors were taken down, no, mercilessly destroyed in an instant!

D*mn! Those warriors were elite tier! They had at least 130,000 HP each! Yet, even they had not lasted for more than a second against the boss! This was a battle that he cannot turn from! Zhang Yang jumped down from his mount and rushed towards King Arthur.

{Wild Charge}!

Zhang Yang commanded the bear to charge up to the boss as he slashed with his axe.



All attacks, including the blast of {Punishment Ray} from Kalor were useless against King Arthur! All their attacks were only responded with the word "Immune".

D*mn! All attacks are immune? How are we supposed to fight!?

Kalor face turned white as a paper. The staff in her hands trembles from her fear. "Y-You! You demon! You have the Sword in the Stone!" Kalor cried as she saw the huge bloodied sword in King Arthur’s hand. Despair filled her soul.

"Hahaha! I am the King’s Candidate! A man who will become

king! All those who oppose me shall die!" King Arthur lifted with his sword. Zhang Yang noticed that he was about to do the same series of quick slashes that he performed earlier, and prepared for the attack.

The sword glowed again and this time, this time, King Arthur swung the sword again, instantly killing every single target in his sight. In just a few seconds, all 12 of the Elven warriors were in pieces. The last target was Zhang Yang. He could not see where King Arthur was, but only caught a gleam of the sword. A strike was coming!

{Shadow of the Void}!


Zhang Yang entered an alternate dimension and avoided the boss ultimate killing strike!

Since the boss was invincible, it had to be a mechanism set by the quest. In order to kill King Arthur, he had to find a way to dispel the invincibility on him! Since it was part of the story line, King Arthur’s ability to kill everyone with a single strike seemed reasonable.

Zhang Yang withdrew all the way back into the corner of a random shack. After the 20 second effect expired, Zhang Yang reappeared back to the "real" world and walked out of the shack. King Arthur was long gone by now. However, Zhang Yang still kept his guard up. He walked carefully towards the spot he was standing and found Kalor’s mount lying dead on its side. He walked a little further to find Kalor’s body split in two. She was dead before her body could even fall to the ground.


When Zhang Yang approached the body, a bright, white light flashed. Countless of white particles emerged from Kalor’s corpse and gathered together to form a humanoid figure.

[Kalor’s Soul] (Normal, Summon)

Level: 1

HP: 0/50

Defense: 0

Zhang Yang approached the soul and spoke to her.

"Warrior! You’re all right! Thank the gods!" said Kalor’s hallowed soul as she expressed her happiness and surprise.

If it was another player doing the quest, they would surely have been killed. If Zhang Yang had died, he would have had to return back here to revive himself. The story would continue on anyway.

Zhang Yang kept quiet. Not knowing what to reply, he nodded.

"Warrior! My soul will not last any longer." Said Kalor.

"That demon had obtained the legendary artifact! The Sword in the Stone! He now has an immortal body! No one…no one could kill him now! I need you to find an Elf called Merlinda! Currently, she resides in the Sacred Palace of Frozen Fractal! You can find her there! Only she has a way to defeat the demon! Please make haste, warrior! You must kill him before he kills all my brethren!"


Kalor’s soul trembled broke off into countless of light particle. The particles faded away eventually.

‘Ding! Quest Change: Kill King Arthur. Please proceed to Sacred Palace of Frozen Fractal and search for Merlinda!’

Merlina…what a familiar name. Wasn’t she the same NPC that was held captive in the Underground Tower back then? Zhang Yang tried to recall. He summoned the [Gold-Eared Bear King] and rode out of the stronghold. Luckily, there were no surviving bandits as they had all been killed by the attacking Elven warrior army back then. The place was completely deserted and Zhang Yang rode swiftly, leaving Thunderstorm Castle behind.

Now, the million-dollar question. Where was this Palace of Frozen Fractal?

Right now, the only thing that came into his mind was Han Ying Xue, the directional idiot, the broken compass! That lady had absolutely no sense of direction, but had a knack of finding the right places at the right times! Zhang Yang could only feel disgruntled about it.

Hold up. Zhang Yang remembered something. He tried to recall the memories back from his past experience. Back then, he remembered grinding before in the same map, and went the Palace of Frozen Fractal. There was a boss called the Frozen Fractal Witch Spectre, which was a Yellow-Gold tier. However, back then, the boss was already engaging a guild. He had only managed to catch a glimpse of it. It was supposed to be…the West side!

Zhang Yang pulled the reins of the bear and headed towards the West of the map.

Zhang Yang rode fast and passed through a thick forest. After a while, the forest cleared up and reveal a large flatland. In the distance ahead, Zhang Yang could now see the silhouette of a palace, and as he got closer and closer, the image of the palace got clearer. Zhang Yang stood from a distance, surveying the entire palace. It was as large as a football stadium! It was probably the same size as the sphinx in Egypt!

The entrance to the palace had two skeletal soldiers guarding it. Their deep, dark eyes was lit up with the familiar green-emerald colored flames.

[Frozen Fractal Skeletal Warrior] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 65

HP: 130,000

Defense: 350

From the looks of it, and the names of the skeletal warriors, this must be the place!

Zhang Yang felt a little drowsy and found out it was already 12 midnight. He quickly checked around his location and logged out, calling it a day.

The next day, after his daily routine, he logged back in and reappeared at the same place. He summoned the white bear and rode towards the palace. When Zhang Yang was within range, he charged into them and start his assault. The aggro range of the skeletal warrior was extremely large. Before Zhang Yang could enter their melee range, they had already pulled out their spears, let out their roar, and charged towards Zhang Yang.

As soon as Zhang Yang got within 10 meters from the skeletal warriors, Zhang Yang jumped down from the bear and used {Charge}, colliding into one of the skeletal warriors. At the same time, Zhang Yang commanded the bear to used {Wild Charge} and engage another skeletal warrior.

{Blood Rage}! {Horizontal Sweep}!

Wham! Four counts of extremely high damage was inflicted!

Two of the monsters were stunned and the remaining two struck Zhang Yang.


Thud! Zhang Yang stomped the ground, activating {Thunder Strike}, slowing down the four monsters as they moved slower towards him.

{Blast Wave}!

Four "-593!" popped out and all of the monsters was stunned again.

The white bear could only focus on one monster at a time, chomping on them. This Yellow-Gold pet’s regular attack was high, but sadly, its skills were lackluster, dealing only 1,900 DPS. Still, it was a value that could be evenly matched with a fully Gray-Silver geared Level 50 player!

Luckily this was not a boss! The monster’s attack speed was fast, but not fast enough to be unavoidable. Without breaking a sweat, Zhang Yang danced around with the monsters and played them like they were just nothing but dance partners. He quickly killed them all while only losing as much as 5,000 HP! He did not even need to sit down to eat any recovery snacks!

Zhang Yang proceeded to enter the palace. After passing through the gates, Zhang Yang entered a flower garden with thousands of withered flowers. There were pathways to the left and right that branched out from the main path. The palace was so old, who knows how many years it had once stood in glory before turning into ruins. With cracked walls and broken pillars lying everywhere; the once beautiful marbled floor was now just pieces of broken tiles. Only two to three pieces of marble tiles were still intact to tell hints of their tale.

Zhang Yang followed his usual behavior and took the pathway to the left.


In just a few steps in, the ground beneath Zhang Yang cracked open. A pair of skeletal hands came out from the soil and grabbed Zhang Yang’s legs. No wonder the pathway was so empty! All the monsters were hiding beneath the ground!

At a simple mental command, the bear growled fiercely and began swinging its massive claws.