MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 231: The Traitor of the Kingdom

Chapter 231: The Traitor of the Kingdom

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Zhang Yang was on the verge of spewing out a series of vulgarities!

Does this game want him to die that badly? It was enough, having to deal with every NPC that once considered him a friend, but now, actual, human players had been sent after him?

Level +3, a Yellow-Gold weapon, and the title of ‘The Grant General- Protector of the Kingdom’! With such rewards, even Zhang Yang thought about killing himself and turning his own head over for the reward!

All players of the game would want to have higher levels, better equipment than everyone else. That was a given. However, the title was priceless! Levels and equipment can still be achieved by other means, but the title of ‘The Grant General - Protector of the Kingdom’ was one of a kind!

The Protector of the Kingdom, Grant General, it was truly impressive!

All the players in White Jade City had been riled up into a riot, as large guilds began formulating plans. The players in other seven main cities had also teleported over one after another, shouting slogans like ‘Kill Zhan Yu, become Grant General’. In no time at all, entire armies had been formed in White Jade City.

"Hahaha." Wei Yan Er laughed gleefully at his expense. "Noob tank, you have become a boss now, giving players who slay you experience points, loots and also a title! Why don’t you let me chop off your dog head then? Better not to let one"s own fertile water flow into the fields of others!"

"F*ck off, little girl, where’s your loyalty?" Zhang Yang was speeding away on his bear as he cursed under his breath repeatedly.

"I would rather betray everyone, rather than have me betrayed by everyone else" Wei Yan Er spoke in the tone of an ancient conspirator.

"You’ve been watching {{Romance of the Three Kingdom}} these days?"

"How’s your mother? How’s your whole family?" Fatty Han immediately recalled a few lines, laughing at himself, before everyone else quickly shushed him up.

"Guildmaster, do you need us guild members to escort you?"

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and said, "No need for that! It can be assumed that 80% of the players in China region are trying to pursue me. Even if the whole guild gets involved, there’s no way we can stand up to them with numbers! Furthermore, we’ll only end up as a bigger target, I’ll use speed to handle this!"

"But the system will announce your coordinate once in every 10 minutes!"

"Not a problem, 10 minutes is a lifetime. They won’t get a clear fix on my location!"

Zhang Yang continued riding Whitey into the forest. His high level reduced the chances of monsters being attracted to him.

"Guildmaster Zhan Yu, your quest definitely shook the heavens and the earth. China is all riled up thanks to you now! There’s even a thread opened solely about your situation on the official forum website. They are guessing whether you can evade all the NPCs and players and succeed at the end of the day!"

Snow Seeker connected her voice communication device with Zhang Yang, a smile on her face.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "My luck has been always good!"

"Yeap, you definitely need that now!" Snow Seeker expressed her agreement. Needless to say, even the alliance of Lone Desert Smoke, Crimson Red and Lost Paradise had no chance of holding the entire region back. It would be just like a mantis trying to stop a chariot1!

After thinking about it for a while, she asked, "So you cannot stay offline to go into hiding?"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "The quest will fail the moment I log off!"

Snow Seeker gave a gentle smile and said, "My members will not lay a head on you. However, if you ever feel that failure becomes likely, don’t let the others earn the spoils, just prepare your neck for me when it comes to that!"

Not long after, Crimson Fire had also messaged Zhang Yang, almost echoing Snow Seeker’s words.

What the f*ck, everyone was treating Zhang Yang as the meat of the Tang Seng2!

10 minutes after, the system had updated his coordinates.

"Hey Zhang Yang, you are really good at getting yourself deep into trouble, I think you really woke the whole of China up!" Li Rujiao could not stop laughing, "Bad boys are always more attractive, I really feel like giving you one bite! Hmm, it’s getting so wet, I better change my panties!"

F*ck! Femme Fatale!

Most perturbed, he quickly cut off the communication with Li Rujiao.

An hour after, Zhang Yang had arrived at the map of the level 30+ Wild Boar Ridge. Because he constantly changed direction every time his coordinates were announced by the system, nobody had found him yet!

However, it was clear to the more experienced players that he intended to leave the fortress!

The moment he step his foot out from the embouchure of the Wild Boar Ridge, Zhang Yang had finally met with his first ambush!

The Dominators!

By the embouchure, about 30 players were in a formation that faced the passageway. Humbly Gentleman himself stood right in front of them all. When he was Zhang Yang riding out atop his bear mount, he could not help himself but laughed loudly. "Zhan Yu, no matter how clever you are, you shall never escape the grip of my five fingers! There are only three ways to get out from the Wild Boar Ridge, and I have arranged people to set up ambushes on every route! But, I never expected my luck to be so good, for you to run into MY group!"

Most players would be chasing after him based on the announcements of his coordinates. However, more ingenious players would be able to intercept his routes, setting up ambushes in advance! Currently, the way to his front was blocked, and the back... Zhang Yang dreaded even thinking about it, there would be tens of thousands, or even millions coming after him!

No time to waste! Must open up a bloody path to escape!

Zhang Yang scanned the members of the Dominators. He could not help but smile gently. Gulping down a [Fire Resistance Potion], he rode out towards his enemy on his mount and laughed, "Hypocrite, do you know what is a ‘Pi Fu Han Da Shu (a tiny insect, trying to shake a mighty tree3)’?"

"Pi Fu Han Da Shu (Sweaty Skinned Uncle)?" Humbly Gentleman had limited vocabulary, instantly interpreting the wrong idea. Blood rushed up his face, and he raged, "What’s wrong with me having sweaty skin, it’s not like it’s some chronic disease!"

"I’m just saying, don’t be so overconfident of yourself!" Zhang Yang had already began his assault on The Dominators that were surrounding him. They struck back.




The attacks of the range professions reached Zhang Yang first. A string of damage values popped up above his head. He currently had a defense of 920 points, 930 points of damage absorption. Melee professions who were equipped with Gray-Silver equipment could only inflict 150 points of damage at most. If the weapon in hand had a high attack speed, it might even end up doing no damage whatsoever!

Only the casters could hit him significantly harder. However, as he had drank a bottle of Fire Resistance Potion, the Pyromancers were also unable to land solid blows!

Such was the balance of the game!

Tank professions subdue Melee professions, Melee professions subdue the Spellcaster professions, while the Spellcaster professions subdue the Tank professions. Of course, that was the case between similarly equipped players of similar skills. For the current Zhang Yang, not only did he have vastly superior equipment, along with a powerful battle mount that granted him a vast amount of hit points. He was basically a boss monster compared to the 30 players.

The damagers of The Dominators were a total of 5 Cryomancers, 7 Pyromancers, 6 hunters, 9 thieves and 4 berserkers. The remaining 6 were healers. Without a tank --- during a PK, no player would be stupid enough to go up against a tank and accomplish nothing.

In a hurry to gather manpower, Humbly Gentleman was only able to scoop up about a hundred of his best players, but as they were required to block three different routes, each route was blocked with about 30+ players.

Zhang Yang had already summoned his Servant: Clear Lotus and Shadow of Merlinda as he charged forward. As he sustained {Concussion Shot} from the hunters which reduced in his movement speed, he immediately activated {Substitute}. Whitey regained speed once again, finally colliding into the crowd of players.

{Horizontal Sweep}!

Numbers up to 3,300 appeared on top of the attacked players at the same time, some of them struck with the horrifying critical damage of 6,700+! But, as these members were elites of The Dominators, they were decently equipped. Their health points surpassed 7,000, with some of the better ones having 8,000 health points. Zhang Yang could not instant-kill anyone, not even with his powerful critical strikes of {Horizontal Sweep}.

{Blast Wave}!

Another field of numbers -- 490+ -- appeared on top of the players in range!

"What the hell! How did he manage to attack on his mount?"

"No, something’s not right! He can’t have more than 20,000 HP! Our attacks had already inflicted more than 10,000 damage points, but still has more than half of his HP!"

"Sun of the beach, he must be hacking!"

Seeing Zhang Yang atop of Whitey, killing players in all four directions, the group of 30 were in disarray. Zhang Yang had hidden his personal character information from public. Although others could not see the specific amount of his health points, they could still predict an approximate value of his health points by looking at the fractional variations in his health bar, between the health lost and the health remaining!

The healers of The Dominators began to heal their comrades up, but Zhang Yang threw another {Horizontal Sweep} and a {Blast Wave} at the players around him. The healers were panicking, as they had no idea on which players to heal first, they could only focus their healing on the players with the least health points for a start!

Other than {Holy Shield}, {Regeneration}, and {Mending Prayers} which instantly activated, other healing spells required a short cast time!

Gold-Eared Bear King was currently at level 46. Surrounded by players who were around level 50 without much difference between their levels, his Yellow-Gold pet mount struck with deadly force, his damage fully unleashed. Under the control of Zhang Yang, a regular attack was thrown at a spellcaster who only had 800+ health points left. The poor spellcaster went straight down onto the ground, lying quietly.

Whitey had once again targeted another half0dead thief who was left with only 900+ health points. With a wave of its paw, a damage of ‘-1824’ was inflicted upon the thief, leaving the player flat on the ground as well!

The duration of invincibility triggered from {Substitute} had passed. Zhang Yang began to see his health points dropping gradually. Well, at least there won’t be a shortage of his rage points. His battle axe rose and fell again and again. {Destructive Smash}, {Force Strike}, and even {Cripple Defense} were all flung out like confetti, as he channeled all his attacks at the players who were left with the least health points, managing to kill off several players!

{Kidney Shot}, {Frost Ring}, all sorts of skills, one after another, hammered on him in return.

{Warrior"s Will}!

Zhang Yang activated {Shield Wall}. With his vastly increased defense, high damage immunity, high health points, and high damage, he charged straight into the formation of The Dominators, hacking away along with Whitey!

Zhang Yang had managed to instantly-kill several spellcasters at the beginning, but these elites were not idiots. They scattered across the place, giving no opportunity for Zhang Yang to take them out in bunches. Thoom thoom thoom! In less than 10 seconds, the health points of Zhang Yang that started off close 30,000 had been reduced to the very bottom.

{Berserker’s Heal}!


As he had been hit with {Destructive Smash}, Zhang Yang had only managed to recover half of his health, but it was already enough for him to kill another one or two players!

Humbly Gentleman was enraged to the point of no return, he could not even imagine that the 30+ elite players he had gathered would be bested by Zhang Yang so easily! It was simply too humiliating! As his {Fire Ball} formed within his palms, he snarled, "Zhan Yu, I do not know whether you have accepted a quest or not, and if you did I will definitely not allow you to complete it! On the contrary, I will be using your head to acquire a title that would shake the world!"

Zhang Yang laughed loudly, charging towards Humbly Gentleman atop his mount, shouting, "Then I shall slay you first, hypocrite!"

1. A mantis trying to stop a chariot: an ambitious attempt without a sense of one"s pitiable limitations.

2. Tang Seng: a central character in the novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng"en. The character is based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzang.

3. A tiny insect, trying to shake a mighty tree: Ridiculously overrating one"s own strength.