MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 201: Yang Zhi Xian

Chapter 201: Yang Zhi Xian

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Yang Zhi Xian only deepened her frown and expressed her disgust. However, she remained quiet. Her silence towards Fatty Han sent the message that she would never lower herself to talk to a person of his stature.

Li Ru giggled. “Yang Zhi Xian. I’ve not seen you in 4 years. Your temper seems to be much better now!”

“Please.” Yang Zhi Xuan only replied with a single word.

What an arrogant and prideful lady!

Looking at the lady, fully clad in branded clothing, she looked like she came from a wealthy background. No one dared to put up a face publicly and kept their judgment by themselves. They went back to the dishes and let things run its course. The world won’t stop turning just for one person. It’s best not to think too egoistically!

Zhang Yang only smiled knowingly . Even though Yang Zhi Xian tried her best to play the role as the cool and noble beauty, he saw right through her immediately. This was not her true nature, but a persona, carefully crafted to express her apparent status.

To put it bluntly, it’s an expression derived from psychological motivations. When one encounters a true lady, the person would consciously try to imitate the behavior as she would deem it superior and exemplary. Yet, if she could not behave like the original, she’ll end up…weird and strange. Something would be off. She would fail to portray the true noble-like behavior, turning out egotistical, rude, and stand-offish.

A good example would be Sun Xin Yu. That was what a real, cool, ice queen should look and behave like. She does what she thinks, and whenever she encounters anything that does not sit right with her, she would immediately take action. She would do it without fail as it’s her true nature!

People true to themselves would not need to put up any pretenses. It would naturally be expressed out.

After a short period of silence, the noise returned and the atmosphere in the hall returned to its liveliness.

At the table, Yang Zhi Xian was always clicking her tongue with a cold, patronizing grimace. As she turned to the left, a “tsk” could be heard. As she turned to her right, another “tsk” came again. She was disgruntled, dissatisfied with something, apparently, and she made a huge show out of it.

At one point, Fatty Han could take it no more. Just when he was eating happily, he would raise his head to see a blackened, disgusted face! How could he even eat in peace! He laughed awkwardly again and said, “Yang Zhi Xian. So, where are you working?”

If it was Sun Xin Yu, she would not even be bothered to look at you, much less answer your question! You could reel in the moon and blacken the sun, but she would still ignore your entire existence. On the other hand, this lady, who loved to put up airs, pretended to stall a little but eventually replied to Fatty Han in a rather happy tone. “It’s nothing. I’m working as a deputy chief in the Industry and Commerce Bureau in Chang Lang province.”

“Is that real!?” Wang Hai was the first to be startled. His face was filled with excitement and shock. “You just graduated recently and was able to work in the government as a chief!? Oh my lord, that’s Industry and Commerce Bureau we’re talking about. The most lucrative department!”

Zhao Hui Shan looked like she was forming an alliance with Fatty Han. Among the 3 Queens, despite Li Ru being the wealthy widow due to her million-dollar inheritance, Yang Zhi Xian seemed to be in an even better position!

No matter how much money Li Ru had, everyone knew that she had obtained that money by selling her own body for it. With the tag “lonely widow” on her head, everyone else would want to have her as their own. She was no threat to Zhao Hui Shan!

But Yang Zhi Xian was different. Back in high school, she was called the genius girl and the beauty queen! And, right now, she bore the aura of nobility with a rather good position in society. In an instant, she had managed to place a huge gap between them. Others could only gaze up to her as if she was higher than anyone of them.

The meal, the gathering they were having right then was all because of her and Zhou Kang Ming! But when people like Fatty Han, Li Ru, Yang Zhi Xian had appeared and grabbed the spotlight, Zhao Hui Shan had been left wordless.

She laughed lightly and said, “I heard that to climb ladders in the department is easy as unbuckling one’s pants. The leader would surely obliged!”

What a poisonous utterance!

Zhang Yang truly believed that if Sun Xin Yu was here and heard what Zhao Hui Shan had just said, the latter’s face would have a reddish hand print on her cheek. However, after listening, Yang Zhi Xian only smiled and replied evenly. “My father is the Head of Magistrate of the Cang Lang province.”

Head of Magistrate! That is a Provincial officer leader! It’s the same as local governor.

No wonder! Hah! No wonder! Everyone exchanged a look in understanding. They turned back to Yang Zhi Xian, and looked at her with a sense of respect. A citizen cannot compete with an Official, that was the beliefs of the people of China since the ancient times!

Zhang Yang returned to gaze at her seemingly nonchalant, casual expression. He could easily observe and detect, she was actually expressing a hint of pleasure. From the slow beginning, to when she revealed the information about her father, Yang Zhi Xian wanted to experience the shock of the crowd!

And she had pulled it off successfully!

Back to when he was in high school, Yang Zhi Xian was the one who Zhang Yang admired the most. He really loved her conduct and elegance. However, as how things were now, he would not even think of marrying this woman. Even if he wanted to get back to her, he would completely start over again, he would only do it for the fun of it. Once a relationship with her carries on for a longer period of time, no one could possibly endure her snobbish attitude.

To qualify as a true beauty, a beautiful face alone is not enough to pass the bar. Without a sense of independence, a beauty would be no different from a pretty picture. Back in ancient china, a so-called classic beauty would need to be good with the ancient Chinese music instrument, Gu Qin, Chinese Chess, books, drawing, calligraphy and more!

Zhao Hui Shan was bitter. But just as she was about to sulk even more, she had a sudden realization. Among the three-beauty queens, she was the least successful one. One had a million-dollar inheritance. The other was the daughter of a Head of Magistrate! As for her, her family background was rather normal. Even though she managed to got herself a rich husband, how could she compare herself with the other two?

Because of that, Zhao Hui Shan had failed in her intention to further shame Zhang Yang. She lowered her head in silence and ate the meal in front of her, licking her own wounds quietly.

The entire hall was still rather lively. Many of them were still drinking and chatting happily. Slowly, they spent close to two hours in the dining hall before one by one, they started to leave.

Zhou Kang Ming eyes was filled with lust and depravity, glancing with every chance, at Li Ru’s magnificent chest and called out. “Guys! Everyone! Since it’s such a rare occasion for all of us to gather together, shall we continue the party? How about a trip to the KTV Karaoke center?!”

“Oh! Sounds good!”

“Nah, we can’t make it. We left our baby back at home and got to go back soon!”

“I’ll go! I’ll go!”

“GRAH! What a shame! I’ve work tomorrow!”

A part of the crowd could join, while the others had to leave the party. After a headcount, there were about 40 people that had to go back to take care of their children, others had to work tomorrow and rest early. In the end, only 12 remained.

Zhang Yang wanted to leave but he was dragged along again, by Fatty Han. Fatty Han had successfully hooked up with a former member of the Disciplinary Committee. Because of that, he wanted Zhang Yang to tag along and have a good time at the karaoke center.

When they leave the building, Zhang Yang whispered to Fatty Han. “You fat f*ck! Didn’t you once hate Wu Hai Li?”

Wu Hai Li was the Disciplinary Committee of the class they were in back then. Whenever Zhang Yang and Fatty Han got into trouble, Wu Hai Li was almost always responsible because of her whistle-blowing tendencies. That got them to write dozen of books worth of punishment writing. Back then, wherever Fatty Han heard the name Wu Hai Li, he would grit his teeth so hard and he could grind them into bits.

Fatty Han laughed. “That’s because we deserved it back then. Right now, I’m going to drill her, like really drill her, as payback for what she did to us!”

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes. Fatty Han was truly beyond saving.

Back at the parking lot, Fatty Han gallantly dragged Wu Hai Li by the hand to ride along in his car. He turned around and told Zhang Yang, “Bro, this car has no more space for you now! How about you join that Li Ru chick?”

He flabby hands pointed at the smiling Li Ru.

“Zhang Yang! Join me! Let’s ride!” Li Ru waved at Zhang Yang.

Now that it has come to this, Zhang Yang had no choice but to sit in Li Ru’s Ferrari.

Right then, everyone could easily distinguish those who had a fortune and those who did not. Fatty Han has his Maserati, Li Ru had her Ferrari, both of their cars are world famous sport cars. Some had cars that at most cost around 200,000 to 300,000, while the majority of them had cars that only cost around 100,000 dollars.

Watching the Maserati and Ferrari driving off, leaving only a trail of dust behind them, the crowd was filled with both admiration and envy. Zhao Hui Shan was even madder. Blood had already drained off her face. Clenching her fist with pure rage, she turned to see Zhou Kang Ming’s own 600,000 dollar Toyota. She got into the co-driver’s seat and slammed the door with great force. Her face turned bitter.

Zhou Kang Ming had no reaction to what that had just transpired. Which could only mean that his attention was no longer on Zhao Hui Shan. Compared to Zhao Hui Shan’s natural beauty, Li Ru’s mature style had awoken a new kind of itch in him. When he was still in high school, he had always known that Li Ru was a sl*t. Now that she had lost a husband, he would not believe that the woman could endure being alone for long! If he could just put some effort, he believed he could reel in the widow, and then he would kill two birds with one stone, claiming both her fortune and her body.

But, it would be even better if he could get his hands-on Yang Zhi Xian as well. If he did, he could be living together with all 3 beauty queens! That would really be realizing his lifelong dream!

With a lewd smirk, Zhou Kang Ming started his car and drove out of the parking lot.

The sound of the Ferrari engine roared through the narrow roads of Zhou Su City.

“Hey Hey Hey! You’re not really trying to cause an accident, do you?!” cried Zhang Yang as he tried to stabilize himself in the car. Watching cars being overtaken by this red sport car at an incredible speed, Zhang Yang could not help but to feel and make a show of his horror. Even though he had died once, it had not turned him into a daredevil! On the contrary, it would be the lamest thing for him to die in a car accident!

Li Ru laughed loudly, shaking wildly as she laughs, causing her massive jugs to jiggle about vigorously! “What’s wrong, Zhang Yang? Back then, you’re the one people called the daredevil of the school! Was it all a facade of Zhang Yang the scaredy-cat?”

Zhang Yang forced himself to laugh. “I’m not afraid of fighting! But I do not wish to die in vain in a car accidental!”


Li Ru hit the brakes suddenly. The tremendous inertia and pushed Zhang Yang forwards and slammed him face first onto the dash board. He would have broken his nose if he had not shielded himself with his arms.

He was not wearing his seatbelt.

“WHAT THE F—” Zhang Yang turned around to faced her. But just as he was about to give her his piece of mind, Li Ru had already caught hold of him and laid him on her lap. She pulled his chin up and planted a deep, passionate kiss onto his lips.

“Ooh~ You naughty boy!” After a while, Li Ru withdrew from the kiss. She looked down to him, with sparkling eyes of lust as she spoke to him playfully.

Zhang Yang didn’t know what to think, or feel. Instinctively, he tried to push her away but found his hands sinking deep into her voluptuous breasts! A wonderful, blissful, feeling that you would usually find in heaven -- rushed across his palms. That sudden jolt of sensation left his hands resting there for a little too long. From the looks of it, it looked like he intentionally did it.

“I can explain!” cried Zhang Yang. Colors had vanished from his face. His senses were just beginning to return!

“Trying to give an excuse would only mean you’re guilty!” said Li Ru. She raised her hands and ran them down her own red-color lips, tasting her own fingers. She then put her index finger into her mouth and licked it ever so sexily. She moaned and touched herself as if tasting the remaining saliva on her lips had given her the ultimate pleasure.

“I have been wanting to kiss you since five years ago! Now, my wish has come true! Ah! That felt really good!”