MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 198: Zhou Kang Ming

Chapter 198: Zhou Kang Ming

The three of them walked out of the parking lot and walked into the hotel lobby. There stood 4 beautiful doorwomen wearing tight traditional Chinese Qi Baos, greeting the guests of the hotel. When the three guys walked closer, the girls bowed down in respect and greeted them as well.


Fatty Han did a quick up-down on one of the girls and could not help but leak out a perverted smirk. He reached out with his flabby hands and grabbed Zhang Yang by the shoulder, whispering into his ear. "Dude! Check the babe second to the right! Damn, that is one fine piece of arse! I swear to god, I"ll grab those buns!"

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. "Dude. Undo the calamity that is your mammaries1. Did you accidentally swallow an entire bottle of Viagra before you got here?"

Fatty Han burst out in a loud thunderous laugh and it took sometime before he could catch his breath. "Hah, I could have died laughing! Say, Little Yang. I"ve noticed this for some time now,"ve changed! Like, you"ve turned into someone else! Didn"t you use to love hanging out with me, checking out chicks on the streets? What"s with the pseudo-gentleman get-up?"

Zhang Yang could not help but agree with Fatty Han. During his high school life, he was as Fatty Han described. Hanging out with Fatty Han at the streets, enjoying the view of girls walking by. Staring, judging, picking the girls with bigger boobs, or booties that rivaled Nicki Minaj! They would sometimes even throw out a catcall or two! They had been doing it so often that people in the street called them the little wolves!

However, times has changed. He has changed. His mentality was no longer the young, rebellious brat that had just graduated from university! He had experienced the working adult life, the 5 years of working in the society like every adult did. He had, in fact, died! If he had not changed mentally, that would be weird!

When Liu Qi Ming saw how nonchalant Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were, envy boiled up in him.

In high school, everyone was so busy trying their best to cope with studies. With the spirit of youth in them, none of them would slack for a taste of temporary enjoyment! It was a pity though; during university times, they eyes and ears were opened wide; with sweet luxury cars taking beautiful girls out, a scene that was rather common in that period, changing a young teenager into a man of money. You can"t put food on the table with bravery and guts. That"s the harsh reality of the world. Money makes the world go round. Without money, you can achieve nothing. No success...nothing. Don"t expect beautiful girls to even look at you, if you don"t have the bulge of a thick wallet on the back of your pants.

Liu Qi Ming was the same as Zhang Yang was, a university graduate. He had found a job in a small business and had to depend on his parents to buy him a generic car. Working a dull 9 to 5 job had killed off his joy! When he saw the car that Fatty Han rolled in with, he immediately knew that Fatty Han must be a business owner to be that rich!

Back when he was still in high school, Liu Qi Ming was not a man who would neglect his studies to mingle around with Fatty Han, a fat boy who would only spend his entire day brawling about in the streets. However, desperate times, desperate measures. Liu Qi Ming had thought of a way to help himself. Even if had to defy his own conscience to do so, he thought that he could at least try to pull some strings with Fatty Han. He would try to play the "old-school friends" card.

He thought that Zhang Yang was just the same as him, he thought that he could see through Zhang Yang acts; that he was trying to get to Fatty Han"s good side. But obviously, he was no further from the cold truth. Both of them were chatting along, getting into each other"s nerves like they were already in good terms. Liu Qi Ming felt a strong disdain, and silently cursed "ass-kisser, boot-licker".

"Say...Han Guang, what have you been doing after high school? How did you get your hands on a Maserati?" said Liu Qi Ming as he tried to slide in a word with Fatty Han. He could not let Zhang Yang hog all the quality time talking to Fatty Han.

Fatty Han had no intention of bothering the arrogant bastard, but when the snobby prick mentioned his car, he got a little excited. "Oh nothing really. I was just around, you know. Helping other buying and selling some stuff. Casual business. Commission based. What the heck though. That Maserati GT2034 had cost me 3,870,000 dollars! F*cking greedy Americans!"

Zhang Yang had specifically told him not reveal his trades to anyone. That was why Fatty Han had given a vague description like that. Even though he had a body full of fat, he was not pigheaded. He was, not really stupid, he was just really bad with books and all. He immediately sensed Liu Qi Ming trying to get to his good side. Fatty Han laughed mentally at him.

The real god of fortune is standing right next to me! I don"t see you bending over, head over heels to him! I"m the fake one! Hah! I"ll see how you suffer later!

Zhang Yang laughed at Fatty Han"s comment about his car. "Dude. Maserati is from Italy you dumb-f*ck! What"s it got to do with Americans?"

"OH!" Fatty Han opened his eyes wide as he jaw was left gaping.

"What the hell! That bloody sly manager! I told him to give me the best sport car! And that sneaky old fox dared to sell me a toy car from Italy!? Oh heeellll no! I ain"t gonna stand by this! I"m going back and drive this sh*t crap car into his broken *ass!"

This oblivious Fatty Han was not familiar with any famous brands. He thought that he had cheated by the manager of the auto shop. His heart ached when he realized that he had spent all his savings into buying a cheap car!

On the other side of the coin, when Liu Qi Ming heard what Fatty Hansaid, he could not help but realize just how rich this guy was to throw his money away without a care! What kind of person could just ignore the brand of the car they are buying and make the purchase without thinking twice? What sort of human would do that!

Zhang Yang laughed. "Damn you, American fan-boy! Do you really think all good things come from America?"

"Is it not then?" said Fatty Han with genuine curiosity.

Zhang Yang smacked Fatty Han"s head. "Of course not! You dumb wit! That shirt you"re wearing! Burberry. That brand is from England! What does it had anything to do with America!?" Zhang Yang sighed. No wonder people say it would take at least 3 generations to culture a noble family. If they were to be like Fatty Han, 10 billion dollars would be wasted in a day!

Fatty Han shamelessly nodded and laughed it off. "Ah well. I don"t care if it was made in America, England, or Zimbabwe! I"m rich! I can buy anything I want!"

Liu Qi Ming knew that Maserati is an Italian car, but he did not dare to be the Nazi. However, he had never thought that Zhang Yang would blatantly point out his mistake and ridicule Fatty Han for it. Instead of being angry or offended, Fatty Han was rather jubilant about it! Filled with regret, he should have just corrected Fatty Han when he had the chance.

"Zhang Yang! Liu Qi Ming! Han Guang!" A loud voice could be heard from the front of them. Not far from where they were standing was a young man that just hit his twenties. Dressed to impressed, with glimmering hair line that shone under the light. However, his overall appearance was rather dull and common. Nothing really stuck out in particular. He did not have a handsome, nor unsightly face. It was, at best, the most generic face and body that anyone could see and have.

With a glance, Zhang Yang could easily recognize the owner of the voice. It was Zhou Kang Ming. He was also a student of the same high school as Zhang Yang. Zhou Kang Ming came from a rather mediocre family. A few years back, the government wanted to create road ways that would cut right through their family home. To reimburse them, the government had paid them a generous amount of 10,000,000 dollars as compensation. With that money, his father built a factory that made picture frames. The business was shockingly high; with annual profit of 2 to 3 million dollars!

This information came from his own mouth when Zhang Yang had attended the student gathering in his previous life. When he had announced his wealth, he was rather proud of it, and had looked at his fellow friends with a rather condescending look when he said that his annual income was close to 2 million dollars.

"Zhou Kang Ming!" Zhang Yang greeted him coldly and let it be that way. He came to the gathering today as a favor of the bastard Fatty. He would not go out of his way, pleasing everyone else.

Zhou Kang Ming smiled with a grandiose posture and said, "It"s just the three of you, Yang Zhi Xuan, and Li Ru. Ok, let"s go, I"ll let Shan Shan give a call to the girls, and let them get a room for themselves when their arrive!"

Just as the name Shan Shan was mentioned, Zhou Kang Ming had eyed Zhang Yang.

This exact scene, was just like Zhang Yang"s previous life.

Zhou Kang Ming had been seeing Zhao Hui Shan, the same girl that Zhang Yang was with in high school. The two of them would have been about to get married in a few months" time! In high school, Zhao Kang Ming was rather mediocre in every aspect, he was not wealthy nor poor, he had a personality that was rather down-to-earth, following rules obediently to the letter.

He was not a handsome man that could easily pick up girls at will. He was, as previously described, the most generic kind of person you could ever met. The kind of person that would not naturally attract the attention of the opposite gender.

But what kind of guy would not want to get involved with girls? Zhou Kang Ming had feelings for Yang Zhi Xian, Zhao Hui Shan, and Li Ru when they were still in high school. But then, who would have noticed him? Only after his family struck gold, and having coincidentally entered the same university as Zhao Hui Shan, after a few small gifts, he had successfully captured the heart of the young maiden called Zhao Hui Shan.

Having a beautiful woman by his side now was definitely a joyful event, however, there was still a heavy emotional baggage that Zhou Kang Ming could not let go, like a sharp prick in back of the brain. That was the fact that Zhao Hui Shan have once dated Zhang Yang for a year! He would not have that! What"s so good about Zhang Yang back then? Both of his parents were dead, leaving him nothing but dust. He was bad with his studies and was always getting himself into fights! What did Zhao Hui Shan see in this person!?

That was the reason why Zhou Kang Ming retained a certain level of resentment towards Zhang Yang. In his previous life, Zhang Yang was provoked endlessly by Zhao Kang Ming in the same student gathering. In the end, his provocation had gotten to Zhang Yang, which led him to sending a good strong punch directing to his mouth. That one punch had bruised his mouth and sent 3 teeth flying off!

Reminiscing the past, Zhang Yang started to laugh when he saw his mouth.

Want to have another go at it?

This time, Zhang Yang was thinking of breaking all of his teeth!

The four of them came into the elevator and arrived at the fourth floor of the hotel. They entered another large hall. The hall was filled with 8 large tables which was already filled with over 60 people at the age of 20 and so. Some of them were exchanging words, smiling at each other courteously, nodding politely while talking about the past. Some of the people around were alone, while the rest brought along their partners.

As the 4 late comers arrive into the gall, everyone stood up clapping their hands, welcoming them to the occasion.

"Alright guys! It"s just Yang Zhi Xian and Li Ru left! Let"s eat!" Zhou Kang Ming waved and gestured something with his hands to the service crew, signaling for the crew to start serving the dishes.

"Here! Zhang Yang, please sit here!" Zhou Kang Ming pointed at the center table.

Fatty Han smiled delightfully and said, "Zhang Yang and I must sit together! We"re like salt and pepper!"

Everyone sat down and after a while, a few service crew start coming out from a corner, pushing a cart full of dishes to each table.

"Zhang Yang~~" Just when Zhang Yang sat down, an incredibly beautiful woman smiled proudly, with a hint of patronizing behavior.

"Zhao Hui Shan!" cried Fatty Han and laughed as he replied her. "How many years have passed, I see that you"re only getting prettier by the day! I see that your parents will no longer need to bug you for a relationship huh! Ah! Just right, my brother, Little Yang is still single! You guys talk!"

Zhao Hui Shan changed her expression in a flash. "Han Guang! Please don"t remind me of the past! I was stupid and juvenile at the time! I wouldn"t have known if I was being cheated!"

Fatty Han frowned. "What are you talking about? Back then, I remember that you were the one that followed Zhang Yang like a loyal puppy! What cheat are you talking about?"

Zhao Hui Shan was wavering. Back then, she admired men with strength! During his high school days, Zhang Yang was famous for being the king of fighters. Whenever Zhang Yang was in the middle of a fight, she had always been secretly peeking at the brawl, thus falling for Zhang Yang. However, everything changed when she entered university. Everything was either money or cash. When she saw her classmates taking out their cold hard cash every time they shop, slowly and eventually, her mentality had changed. Seeing other rich people having the ability to buy anything they desire, that behaviors had changed her into becoming a gold-digger!

When Zhou Kang Ming brought his fortune into her life, she felt that he was her fair prince on a white horse. Eventually, she gave into her desires and became his girlfriend. Today, they had fixed the marriage date, a few months from now!

Now that she had recalled back the day she had wasted with Zhang Yang, Zhao Hui Shan cursed at herself in her heart. How was she that blind to actually fall for a poor and useless man! Like striking the lottery, she felt that she had made the right choice. If she had not taken her parent"s advice and lived on together with Zhang Yang, she could been one of those poor housewives, strolling along the farmer"s market trying her best to think of the cheapest vegetable to buy!

That is why, the worse shape Zhang Yang"s life currently was, the happier she would be. At least, she could get proper closure on the matter. Still, it was an incredibly stupid theory.

1 ...Not a translation error.