MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 182: Shameless Pricks

Chapter 182: Shameless Pricks

Just as everything was going smoothly, The Dominators started to rush towards the boss!

The moment The Dominators initiated a move, countless of guild-less players, as well as guilds that were too small to even participate in the guild master"s meeting yesterday, all poured in after them.

Due to the status of Sky High as a Chinese Super Guild, many did not want to get on to their bad side, and had respectfully kept their distance, leaving the boss to them. But as they saw the similarly ranked Dominators charging in, nefarious thoughts, rising up from human nature, took over their minds.

If they were to join the fight, it would be like vultures picking clean the bones of carcasses left as remnant"s of a lion"s meal....

Facing the swarm of players, Sky High, acted in manner fit for a professional guild. Some of the players broke off from the boss fight, quickly forming a circular defense line. Thousands remained with the boss, hacking for all they were worth. These vultures would have to go through the defense line, if they wanted the boss!

The atmosphere turned dreadfully hostile in an instant.

Sky Shaman cried out. "Hypocrite! You f*cking bastard, do you want to KS the boss??"

Humbly Gentleman smiled gently and laughed. "Sky Shaman. Which pair of eyes told you that we"ve even touched the boss?! Can"t we just come closer and witness your strength from the front rows?"

Sky Shaman silently muttered to himself.

Watching the boss" HP starting to drop, the smaller guilds started to feel the anxiety. Slowly, one by one, they started launching attacks. It was not like they were attacking Sky High players, they simply wanted to land a strike on the boss!

In "God"s Miracle", the system will register a player as part of the attacking force. Being registered as an attacker would grant anyone a chance to obtain the battle loots! When the boss falls, anyone could run to the area and take the loots if they were registered as such!

With the smaller guilds starting to attack, the random players around joined in and started to attack the players from Sky High.

Sky High is strong. Their average player level was rather high! With proper equipment and skill, they could be described as a strong lion! Those smaller guilds would never be on par with Sky High. Despite their best efforts, they were like hunting hounds at most!

A single hound may be useless while facing a lion, but if say...5 or 6, or perhaps 10 to 20 hounds attacked a lion? The outcome would be different!

Just like that, the defense line formed by members of Sky High was broken. A large number of players started to break through their defense and landed hits on the boss! As long as they could land a hit, they would be able to pick up the drops! That was, if they were still standing when the boss is killed!

"Noob tank! Should we KS the boss as well?" Wei Yan Er nudged Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang smiled. "Let it be! That"s just a level 50 Gray-Silver boss. The drops will be nothing compared to anything that is Yellow-Gold tiered! We already shook on a deal with Sky High. There will be no KSing of each other"s bosses. Why would I jeopardize our good relationship for a mere Gray-Silver boss?!"


Zhang Yang and his little merry band of friends had already defeated a level 40 Gray-Silver boss and a level 50 Yellow-Gold boss! None of them had any desire to fight Bangla ever since they tasted the blood of far greater foes.

That being said, if The Dominators up and KSed the boss, Zhang Yang would surely bring a few men into the fray! If you ever attempt to communicate diplomatically with Humbly Gentleman, you may as well be playing catch with a wall!

Pouncing on the opportunity, The Dominators made their move. Through the gaps that other players have made, they made their way through to the boss.

"Brother Sky Shaman, I have brought along my brothers from The Dominators! Do not fret! With two guilds working together, I"m sure we can punish these unlawful players!" cried Humbly Gentleman as he commanded his underlings to attack the boss.

Sky Shaman was so infuriated that he could feel the rage in him rising up like hot bile! Could anyone go lower than this scum!? It was this bugger himself who brought his men here! Others had taken advantage of the situation and made it worse! Those smaller guilds and random players could not have known what the bigger guilds had already carried out a meeting prior to this! Of course they would be driven to this point when Humbly Gentleman made a decisive move!

In the end, Humbly Gentleman is just here to KS the boss, on the premise of "helping" them fight off the other players! This f*cking hypocrite had gone even lower than what Sky Shaman could ever imagine!

Sky Shaman bellowed angrily. "You shameless prick! F*ck all 18 generations of your ancestors!"

Humbly Gentleman laughed it off. "All 18 generations have already turned to dust in the earth! Feel free to f*ck them if you want. I"m afraid that you might not find any holes for your little d*ck."

Sky Shaman was rendered wordless. How could he face someone as shameless as him? To argue with this humongous assh*le would only cause him to vomit blood! Sky Shaman could only command the guild members to kill anyone close to the boss, preventing other players from grabbing the loot.

There were many players around, but Sky High had no problem dealing with the boss. On the contrary, the boss was killing players off at even faster pace! The boss swung a gigantic arm and cast many black holes everywhere. The entire area was almost engulfed in black dye, instantly killing countless players around!

Wei Yan Er pouted her lips and said, "Look at those petty players. It"s like they have never seen a boss in their life before! It"s just a level 51 Gray-Silver boss! It will only drop level 50 Gray-Silver weapons at most. It"s not like it"s going to drop any Yellow-Gold stuff!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and laughed at her. "Little brat! We just only fought Zac a few days ago and got some Level 50 Yellow-Gold and Gray-Silver equipment for ourselves! To them, a level 50 Gray-Silver equipment is by far, the best equipment they have ever seen!"

Han Ying Xue sighed and said, "Curiosity killed the cat; greed killed humans!"

Fatty Han opened his mouth to say something. But before he could speak, he turned around to glance at Sun Xin Yu and turned back again quietly and silently. His face looked like he was holding in a massive turd; twisted up to look extremely uncomfortable and full of pain.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily and said, "Fatty, if you have something to say, just say it. It"s not like it"s our first time listening to your crap!"

"Men would die for his d*ck, Woman would die for ..."


Before he could finish his sentence, everyone close enough had already smacked his head.

"The boss is about to die!"

Amidst the chaos, someone had screamed out loud. Non-tank players who had fallen back after throwing in a hit or two were already charging back in, getting ready to fight for the boss" drops.

"MA LA BA SHI DA!" Bangla cried out and his huge body blew up, dealing massive damage to every player within a 20 meters radius. It then turned into a paper-talisman which dropped onto the floor. Similarly around the area, many equipment were dropped.

When the boss was killed, the explosion had killed off all non-tank players. Only a few higher HP tanks remained around the corpse. Sky Shaman reacted quickly and picked the loots as fast as he could.

When the rest of the players around tried to pick the items, they quickly noticed that the items were not entering their inventories. "Guild leader! Switch to free-pick mode! Don"t use Leader Distribution mode!"

Whenever a super guild like Sky High attempts to kill a boss, most parties would choose to use Leader Distribution mode to pick the items. This was to prevent spies in their own guilds from running off with the items! Sky Shaman was the guild master of Sky High, and naturally, the party leader of the entire network of parties. However, the tanks from other guilds would not necessarily be party leaders. Even though members of the party had the right to pick up items, only the party leader would have the authority to distribute the items. When that happens, they could only wait for the leader to make the decision!

By the time the other parties had switched the distribution mode to free-pick, Sky High had already looted most of the equipment around, leaving only a handful of Green-Copper equipment around for the others.

What a bloody waste! They had lost so many players and because of one small detail, they had wasted their efforts for only 1 or 2 Green-Copper equipment! What a huge let down.

Zhang Yang had been laughing hard on the other side of the warzone.

Once the boss was defeated, other guilds started to disperse. With 9 more waves of monsters coming up, it was not a good time to start a civil war. To put matters into perspective, while KSing the boss, close to 3000 players had died.

Even though Sky Shaman had managed to loot most of the drops, he remained in a foul mood. He turned to The Dominators and screamed, "Hypocrites! When this is over, I will personally bring my own army to destroy you!"

Even though Sky High was a strong guild, The Dominators were not weak. Humbly Gentleman replied immediately. "Sky High! What are you getting all work up for?! I brought my troops to help you! How could you not recognize the deed that I had done!?"

"Bullshit!" Sky Shaman cried. "If you had not brought your f*cking men down here, none of the random players would have attack! F*ck you! I had clearly saw what you had did! I"m KSing the next boss you fight, and if I don"t, I"m f*cking deleting my account!"

Humbly Gentleman scolded back. "Shy Shaman! You"re such a petty little man! I helped you out, with good intentions! But you would bite me back after what all that, like a rabid dog! What on earth has happened to you!"

"Holy..." Fatty Han nearly slipped and fell. "Isn"t...isn"t that just too shameful for him to be saying it out loud?"

Zhang Yang shook his head sadly. He did not know Humbly Gentleman well enough, and never would have imagined the level of indecency that man was capable of!

Sky Shaman was filled with pure rage. If he had not been a guild master of a super guild, having to maintain his status and protect his guild"s interest, he would have already thrown down the order to kill everyone from The Dominators!

"Ding! The second wave of monsters have started to come out of Tukulo Fortress!"

Just 30 minutes after Bangla"s defeat, the system beeped again and countless red colored monsters started to emerge out of the fortress. The march of the little red devils could easily be seen with the naked eye as the monsters were easily distinguishable via the dangerous, red color that one would associate with disaster. The monsters that emerged out were mostly red devils, approximately 1 meter in height. While the lesser few were at least 3 meters tall, darker in color. They were obviously the elite.

[Little Devil] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 52

HP: 5,200

Defense: 50

[Malevolent Little Devil] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 52

HP: 100,000

MP: 40,000

Defense: 300

Zhang Yang immediately shouted out his orders. "Regroup! Now! Prepare for the next wave!"

Scattered members from Lone Desert Smoke, Crimson Rage, and Lost Paradise converged quickly and reformed the defense line. Tanks and ranged attackers got to their positions while healers prepared themselves for support.

As the sea of red monsters approached closer with every passing second, the tense atmosphere in the air grew heavier. Anxiety, worry, and dread grew to a fever pitch.

Zhang Yang activated <Blood Rage> and gained 30 Rage. With that, he activated <Horizontal Sweep> and swung his sword with brute strength, dealing more than 3000+ damage to all monsters nearby.

Several "-3000!" damage texts popped out, displaying such devastating power to those around him, rousing their morale.

While Zhang Yang was ditching out bombastic damage, he was only receiving menial, petty damage from the monsters.




While Zhang Yang was dealing super-crazy-high damage to countless monsters around, he had only received cat scratches from them. It was estimated from all the collective damage, that by average, he was receiving about 30 damage per monster.


In an instant, a huge <Fire Ball> came flying through the air and blasted Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang turned around swiftly and retraced the direction of the projectile, finding that the attack came from a Malevolent Little Devil. Unlike those little devils, the elite monsters were magical attack types! To make things worse, the monster"s attack range was really far; to be able to strike Zhang Yang from 20 meters away! In between the elite monster and Zhang Yang was a crowd full of monsters cramped up together, forming their own version of defensive line, allowing the monster behind to cast its spells away without any worry.

Zhang Yang cried out to Hundred Shots. "Hundred Shots! Get over here!"

Hundred Shots listened and complied. He made his way from all the way back to where Zhang Yang was.

"What"s up?"

"See that tall one there? I need you to attack that Elite monster and kite him towards me!"

"Roger that!"

Hundred Shots immediately went ahead and shot the monster. Once Hundred Shots had managed to draw the attention of the elite monster, it turned towards him and fired a <Fire Ball>.


Hundred Shots spontaneously turned and ran back, kiting the monster closer to where Zhang Yang could start his assault. Being out of the firing range, the monster"s spell was interrupted and it was forced to move closer.

Zhang Yang immediately cast <Provoke> and forced the Malevolent Little Devil to change its target to Zhang Yang. The monster stopped mid-stride and immediately started chanting a spell.

<Crash Magic>!

Zhang Yang successfully stopped the spell from casting and also inflicted a <Silence> effect for 3 seconds; preventing the monster from casting any other skills within the debuff duration. Unable to use its regular magical attack, the monster resort to using its claw to attack.


As a magic type monster, the Malevolent Little Devil had only around 500 physical attack damage. After going through his defense and passive skills, Zhang Yang literally felt nothing!

With the massive party"s attack, the monster"s 100,000 HP was nothing to be concerned about. Within seconds, the party took down the monster effortlessly.

Once the second wave of monsters attacked, the classes which did the most damage were Spellcasters. They were the naturally AoE killers; with <Rain of Fire> or <Hail Storm> being able to inflict more damage than a Hunter"s <Barrage>! However, the one major disadvantage was that all Spellcasters would require MP to cast any skills! Naturally, AoE spells were the ones that consumed the most MP! At most, a Spellcaster could only cast around 10 AoE spells before needing to withdraw from the front line to restore their MP. However, in battle mode, players could not just sit down to nibble on recovery snacks. To recover HP or MP, they could only depend on Spirit and MP potions, which were rather inefficient.

This time, it was the Hunters who could display their strength since they depended on Focus points to cast skills. Focus recovered at a constant rate of 10 points per second; Hunters would be able to fight as long as they needed to, as long as they had sufficient arrows in their inventory.

A Spellcaster"s damage skills could easily exceed a Hunter"s in a short period of time, however, once the fight drags on for longer, Hunters would easily catch up with overall damage output. If a Spellcaster wore equipment with high Spirit attribute, they could match evenly with a Hunter in terms of total damage output.

As the war continued on for 40 minutes, the monster that were coming out from the Fortress started to decline. However, the number of elites in the warzone were starting to increase in frequency, from 100 normal monsters per 1 elite, to 10 normal monsters per 1 elite.

The pressure of the war has increased dramatically as more and more players were starting to die off. If 7 or 8 Malevolent Little Devils were to attack simultaneously, even Zhang Yang would be roasted to a crisp.