MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 179: Level 50!

Chapter 179: Level 50!

"I assume that everyone knows now that there are 8 major cities in just China alone. In each city, the same level 10 to level 50 training grounds are there. However, once you"re over level 50, players must leave the city ground and enter the training grounds beyond level 50. One more thing, you can"t just simple walk or fly to there. There will be an extremely long quest to unlock the area!"

Zhang Yang sighed heavily in his heart. To think that Dream Technology was that good in doing business. They are obviously conducting daylight robbery; taking away player"s money and gold, and yet they could present it nicely like a booby trap in a present box.

"What quest are you talking about?" asked Wei Yan Er.

"This patch is called Expedition. Which is kind of self-explanatory. We are to fight a large group of enemies in a large party! As the idiom goes, before you sortie, be sure to bring enough supplies. Without proper preparation of war, how could you even expect the soldiers to perform? That is why, as of now, players could head to the main city"s Expedition manager to submit all kinds of materials. This is considered to be a repeatable quest. The items that they would take would be like, 20 pieces of [Cotton Bandage], or 10 bottles of any healing potions, and other random items as well! The NPC will take it all. Every time the NPC collects a material, the storage bulk will be filled up a little. There"s a progress bar! Once the bar reaches 100%, the army will then set out to attack the enemy waves and unlock the level 50 training ground!"

"Damn...the system sure is sneaky!" said Daffodil Daydream.

Zhang Yang nodded, agreeing with her. "However, even if the players do not submit anything to the NPC, the progress bar would still go on by itself, only much more slowly! Once a player has submitted a certain amount of material, the system would award a chest which will has a 99% chance of dropping [Reputation Medal] and a 1% chance to drop other items such as equipment, recipes, [Gem Stone]! The grade of the item could range from Black-Steel to Yellow-Gold!"

"Y-Yellow?! Yellow-Gold?!" Endless Starlight choked.

Zhang Yang laughed. "Don"t get your hopes up that high! I must warn you that the drop rate is only 1%. If you want to have Yellow-Gold tier drops, it might even be at rate of 1 in a million chance!"

"A chance is still a chance, I"d still go for it!" said Endless Starlight. "We have only managed to get 2 pieces of Yellow-Gold equipment in 7 days from the Evil Necromancer Zac! How is that enough for us all?!"

Everyone else nodded. Who would not want to get their hands on the best equipment in the game? But the drop rate and the boss" respawn time simply made it impossible! Still, if it was set to be on an even scale, the equipment would be immensely downgraded like a street goods.

Zhang Yang further explained. "There are 64 major cities in the world, each of them will have their own respective progress bars for the expedition quest. Whichever city is the first to have their progress bar filled, will be able to send our their Expedition Army! Mind you that this fight will be like a huge, climatic war. When the war starts, there will be waves of monsters appearing from the base. I think it would be at least 10 waves! All waves will spawn an unlimited number of enemies and will be accompanied with a boss. All players must work together and only then we could defeat the monster attack. The NPC army will be joining the battle as well. However, the number of NPC will be negligible. The main attack would still depend on the players!"

Zhang Yang continued to explain. "After all 10 waves are over, the battle will only be over once the enemy general is defeated. Otherwise, the expedition army will sortie again after another 2 days. The first city to successfully defeat the enemy waves and the final general would be awarded with a buff. Everyone in the city will receive a 100% experience boost! Besides that, the top ten players who contributed the most in the war will received extra reward. It could be Grey-Silver, Yellow-Gold equipments, there could even be a skill book or a skill point!"

"The enemy general will drop a [City Order] at death. The person who obtains the [City Order] could be the Territory owner and also a "Hero of bla bla bla city" title. All repair fees, gem socketing, teleportation will be reduced by 50%! With 64 major cities in the world, the taking of one of them would end the war, and the remaining 63 cities" Territory would automatically be taken. All monster waves will end, and there will not be any luxurious rewards for the other city"s players.

"After conquering the fortress, the teleportation point of all major cities will be open to everyone. Player can use these teleportation points to go to any city they want. Banks and auction houses of all eight major cities will share the same information, thus players are not required to go back to their own city to conduct transactions!"

"Following after the battle, the level 50 dungeon, Poison Fireland will be opened. This is a 20- man limit dungeon. Every player will have to raid this dungeon once to complete the level 50 class quest!"

Zhang Yang shrugged his shoulders to relieved himself. "Argh...anyhow, that"s the summary of the <Expedition> patch content!"

"So you"re saying that, we are competing with the other cities in the china server, as well as the global 56 cities as well?!"

"You"re god damn right!"

"After level 50, all players in the china server would share a single map?"

"That"s absolutely correct! Not just one though, many!"

"Well? What are we still standing here for?! Let"s farm some items and be the first city to start the war!"

Zhang Yang nodded. "The item submission quest is not a quest for just one man! Everyone must contribute as well! Hundred Shots! Daffodil Daydream! I need you to announce in the guild and convey the importance of the Territory battle!"



Both Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream nodded. Every else dispersed after Zhang Yang had ended his explanation.

This submission quest was indeed a long and dragging quest! There was no way you can complete it in half a month!

Zhang Yang rode to the Griffin manager and rented a Griffin before flying to Canyon of Scattered Feathers to grind his level to 50.

After 2 days of heavy grinding, Zhang Yang achieved level 50 and equipped the Dragon Tooth Dragon Axe, Lion"s Blood Battle Boots, Limitless Cape, and more level 50 equipment. His attributes had gained another huge upgrade.

HP: 11230

Weapon Attack: (1528-1728) x 105%

Strength: 437

Dexterity: 169

Defense: 420

Damage Absorption: 450!

Zhang Yang had invested all the skill points he had gained at level 50 and the Castle Interior"s First Clear Achievement into <Shield Wall>. By then, this skill"s cool down was reduced down to only 5.5 minutes!

Zhang Yang tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and went back to White Jade Castle and met up with the class instructor for a new skill.

"Young warrior! Your growth sure was fast! However, the path to strength is a far and harsh journey! Like the flow of the river, if you do not fight the current, you"ll only be washed away with it"s power. To grow stronger, you have to beat yourself! Now, are you ready to move on?!" Emmy looked rather excited.

Zhang Yang replied. "I"ll accept every challenge!"

"That"s the spirit! At least you have proven yourself to be fearless!" said Emmy while nodding her head.

"Ding! You have accepted the quest: Level 50 Class Quest!"

[Level 50 Class Quest] (Difficulty Level: Selectable)

Quest Description: Kill Roshan - Copper Hammer, and prove yourself to be a brave warrior! Roshan - Copper Hammer is now hiding in the Poison Fireland. That place is a dangerous area, so please bring along enough comrades with you in your journey! This quest has 3 Difficulty Level:

Level A, Kill Roshan - Copper Hammer in Hardcore mode.

Level B, Kill Roshan - Copper Hammer in Hard mode.

Level C, Kill Roshan - Copper Hammer in Normal mode.

Progress: Kill Roshan - Copper Hammer 0/1

The hardest level being A and not S? Zhang Yang snickered. By far, only Zhang Yang would know about it. This quest has a hidden option. After killing Roshan, and the hidden boss in the Poison Fireland dungeon, Silica, the Queen of Medusa, the quest would be upgraded to an S level difficulty and so would the reward.

However, the hidden boss was rather hard to defeat. It would take at least 4 to 5 days, or even 10 days" time to properly explore the boss" skill. No party would be willing to spend the time there! Once they have defeated Roshan, they would just submit the quest and head straight to the maps beyond level 50! No one would be willing to linger in the quest.

Because of that reason, this hidden option remained undiscovered for a long time! Until one day, a high-level player had returned to the area and babysit his recently joined friend and help him defeat Roshan and the hidden boss. Only then, was the hidden option was reveal to the public.

Emmy had only the quest for Zhang Yang and did not grant him any skills. From level 50 onwards, skills that are obtainable from the class instructors will be lesser. Those powerful skills could only be, and exclusively, obtained from skill books.

To complete the Level 50 class quest, he had to wait until the submission quest was completed and take the Territory down, only then the Poison Fireland would be unlocked for him. Zhang Yang encouraged the guild to complete the submission quests while at the same time, pick out the strong players among the weeds in his guild. He tried his best to upgrade the equipment they have.

"Server Announcement: Player 7 Prosperity Calf had obtained a shiny silver equipment from the Army Chest! He looked at the equipment and it was [Soaring Dragon Sheen Guard]!"

A server announcement was released out of the sudden. The equipment obtained from the player seems to have its properties attached in the text as well.

[Soaring Dragon Sheen Guard] (Gray-Silver, Leather Armor)

Defense: +12

Vitality: +120

Strength: +60

Dexterity: +60

<Level 2 Socket 1>

<Level 2 Socket 2>

Equip Effect: Increases Attack Power by 60.

Level Requirement: 50

Players around were rather agitated and excited by the equipment properties! Should they know, only Hardcore mode dungeon would drop Gray-Silver equipment! Most of the Gray-Silver tiered field boss had already been occupied by guilds. Small guilds and random guild-less players could not even lay their hands on the boss! Since the difficulty of the Hardcore mode was too much, the majority of players around could only return after over exceeding the dungeon by at least 20 to 30 levels.

Who would not want to have good equipment!? Those who did not have a strong party could only stare in envy as they see the shiny equipment on the bodies of other players. Right now, they would not have to raid dungeons or fight a bosses they knew that they could not defeat to obtain the equipment! Just because of that, players around were burning with passion to complete the submission quest as many rounds as they can to obtain equipment! The ridiculously low chances did not hinder them!

The system was rather fair to the players around. As long as a player obtained a Gray-Silver equipment from the chest, the system would announce in the channel to the world! Still, even then the proc rate was extremely low, there were at least 2 billion players around the globe! How low could it be to suppress the sheer number of players opening the chest and proc"cing an equipment? In an instance, the world channel was like a Chinese rolling scroll, scrolling down endlessly as many more players had obtained their own respective Gray-Silver equipment!

The power of a "role model" is truly impressive. This was especially effective when a lucky player proc"ced a Yellow-Gold equipment from the chest! Everyone was even more excited than before when they knew that there was a chance to obtain luxurious items! Even the high ranking officers from super guilds were agitated; they did not have any Yellow-Gold equipment!

Just like that, the entire world was send to a burning fervor!

Dream Technology was not only good at developing the game, but they were also rather smart at marketing! As such many items were recycle back into the system. Undoubtedly, as the economy of the game flourishes, the game company will earn a massive fortune!

Zhang Yang sighed heavily and contacted Han Ying Xue through the voice messenger. "You evil b*tchy snow woman, did you sell yourself to anyone in the Dream Tech? How could you explain the Yellow-Gold equipment from the chest?! The drop rate is insanely low!"

That"s right. The lucky player in the game that had proc"ced a Yellow-Gold equipment was none other than Han Ying Xue.

Han Ying Xue snickered and replied. "Haha! That"s right! I had to sleep with 2 men in one night! Aiyo! They were so rude and rough with me. My breasts are sore from them rubbing it so hard and roughly!"

Zhang Yang could not help but imagine her perky, voluptuous would it feel like, having those soft bouncy balls rubbing his d --- Zhang Yang immediately felt hot and steamy. He changed his thoughts. That evil woman really knew what she is doing!

Zhang Yang changed the subject. "What is your Rune Crafting mastery?"

"Aiya! I had completely forgotten about it! Now that you have mention it, I need more level 40+ Black-Steel and Green-Copper equipments! I"m almost reaching Advanced tier now! Help me a little!"

Zhang Yang dripped cold sweat. "Sister, how many Black-Steel and Green-Copper equipment have you already taken from me now?! It"s been two days now! How can I continue my business while you take all my stocks?!"

Han Ying Xue was the only one in his gang to convert her profession into Rune Craft. Since this particular profession required endless disassembling of equipment to increase their mastery level, the profession required heavy investment! A normal player would not be able to train that high. The profession was mostly brought up ny a strong guild!

Han Ying Xue, being who she was with Zhang Yang, did not reserve herself while dealing with Zhang Yang. For the past two days, she had taken many equipment from the shop to disassemble them! Just two days, Han Ying Xue had burned away close to 50,000 gold coins worth of equipment. Ever since the introduction of the profession, the useless equipment had be of some use! Since the disassembled product would be the same, the price for each equipment had risen; indirectly raising the buying and selling price of the Little Merchandize Shop! Furthermore, as many players had taken the Rune Craft profession. Old equipment have become a scarcity in the market. There was high demand with low supply.

Han Ying Xue giggle a little and said, "Dummy! Are you trying to seduce me? Oh you bad boy!"

The way she said that was truly slutty yet alluring. Her words sent Zhang Yang"s blood into a boiling rage, softening every part of his body except for one part!

What a b*tch! What a b*tch! Zhang Yang shook his head hard. "Fine! Fine! Fine! Just take the equipment!"

"Heh. You should have said that earlier. I wouldn"t have to waste my sex appeal to attack you!"


Han Ying Xue hung up.

It was an unspoken law that every guild had to raise a Rune Crafter. Since the risks and expenses to raise a Rune Crafter was extremely high, each super guild out there had carefully handpicked their members to prevent the cultivated Rune Crafter from jumping!

Han Ying Xue was rather reliable, as it was her and her cousin sister was the one that had built the guild originally. It"s rather impossible for her to suddenly quit the guild to join someone else"s. Beside, the b*tch was from a wealthy, billionaire family! She merely played the game for the fun of it! To think that other would buy her in using money was rather improbable.

Zhang Yang took out a few [Bandages] and herbs and submitted them to the Expedition Army"s manager and obtained 12 [Army Chest]s. He only obtained 12 [Reputation Medals] from all the chest. It was rather expected and normal for him to obtain only the medals. In fact, it would be considered to be extremely lucky for him to obtain any equipment at all!