MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 175: The second piece of [Guild Upgrade Order]

Chapter 175: The second piece of [Guild Upgrade Order]

"Silly Yu, don"t always pick on my little Yan Er!" Han Ying Xue stood up for the unfair treatment.

Zhang Yang laughed, and then he said, "The first piece of [Guild Upgrade Order] will be used by ourselves, there"s no doubt about it. The 2nd, 3rd pieces and more to come shall be auctioned out for funds! The dungeon is about to be refreshed, let"s come again tomorrow to bust our luck again, there might be another drop of this!"

"Really?" Wei Yan Er had returned to her joyful state.

Zhang Yang nodded, and then he said, "I have some points of the luck attribute, which may slightly increase the rate of dropping additional items!"

"What do you mean?" everyone was confused.

"For example, this Master Waller will constantly drop 3 pieces of Gray-Silver equipment and 7 pieces of Green-Copper equipment. So, depending on which equipment pieces would he dropped out of the 3 pieces of Gray-Silver equipment and the 7 pieces of Green-Copper equipment, that all depends on luck! But, this piece of [Guild Upgrade Order] is an additional drop as reward. Whether it drops or not, it will not affect the number of the other loots dropped! The drop rate for this additional reward will be affected by the player who has the highest luck attribute points among the party that slayed the boss!"

"Oh!" Everyone understood.

Following the event where everyone in the gang agreed upon it, the first piece of [Guild Upgrade Order] is now officially belonged to Zhang Yang, going straight into his backpack.

Zhang Yang immediately used his position as the Guildmaster to bring up the configuration of the guild, and he selected the "upgrade" button in the menu of the upgrade option.

"Ding! Lone Desert Smoke is eligible for level 2 upgrade, proceed in upgrading Lone Desert Smoke to level 2 guild, this will consume the [Level 2 Guild Order Upgrade], continue?"

Continue of course!


A progress bar appeared on the configuration interface almost immediately, progressing in quite a slow manner, it required about 30 seconds to complete.

10%...... 30%...... 70%...... 100%!

"Ding! Congratulations, Lone Desert Smoke is now a Level 2 Guild!"

Instantly, all members of the Lone Desert Smoke heard the system voice notification over their ears.

"Server announcement: Congratulations to Lone Desert Smoke for being the first Level 2 Guild in the China region! All members of Lone Desert Smoke will receive additional 100% experience points as a bonus for the next 3 days, the cost for repairing equipment, inserting socket gemstones, identifying equipment will be reduced by 50% as reward!"

Boom! The members of the Lone Desert Smoke had not yet calmed themselves for their own guild achievement in acquiring the First Clear title, and immediately, they were boiled in excitement once again!

Pride! Glory!

Those were the emotions of the members of Lone Desert Smoke at the moment, especially those who were walking down the city paths, showing off their character information. Seeing other players passing by, they would purposely stopped, worried that others would not see the guild title above their heads!

What is honor? This is honor!

Zhang Yang sent a secret message to Han Ying Er, saying, "Witchy Snow, send a guild invitation to Daffodil Daydream."

------- as his settings only allowed officers and above to invite people to their guild, only Han Ying Er, Wei Yan Er, Fatty Han, Hundred Shots, Sun Xing Yu and himself had the authority to do so.

"Why? Trying to win her heart over using your current victor"s mood?" Han Ying Er instantly replied.

"If that was what I really have in mind, I would have won your heart over first!"

"As expected, my looks are the prettiest of all and all men shall bow before me!"

"Cut the crap and start working!"

Within a short amount of time, the system sent him a notification, "Daffodil Daydream has joined the guild!"

Zhang Yang could not help himself but smile, and he said, "Can"t see that you have the potential to be a madame! Such great skills in tricking others to sell themselves over!" the successful recruit of a future superstar magic-caster had made his day.

Han Ying Xue, "......"

Wei Yan Er picked up the 3 pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, one after another.

[The Black Wolf"s Armor] (Gray-Silver, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +20

Vitality: +96

Strength: +48

Agility: +16


Required Level: 40

As Wei Yan Er had already possessed a similar level 40 [Sol Brave Chest Plate], and Endless Starlight had also possessed a [Sincere Soul"s Chest Plate], so this piece of armor naturally went to Zhang Yang. The remaining 2 pieces of the Gray-Silver equipment were leather armor and cloth armor, which were divided among Han Ying Xue and the others. As for the 7 pieces of Green-Copper equipment, all that went straight into Zhang Yang"s backpack.

"Alright, the dungeon has been completed, everyone can have a good night sleep tonight!" Zhang Yang smiled.

"That"s right!" Wei Yan Er nodded continuously, and then she said, "I had a dream yesterday night, it was about me taking down the boss all by myself! And this morning, when I was thinking how to block the light in class, I was called up by my teacher to answer some questions. My first reply was, I will block the yellow light, don"t bother about me! That made everyone else in the class laughed!"

"Hahaha!" the whole gang was laughing out loud.

Wei Yan Er was annoyed, and she said, "Hmph! Even you guys are laughing, you guys are so bad!"

Later, everyone tore off their teleportation scroll and shoof! Everyone was back in White Jade City. It was about to be 12am, so everyone said their goodbyes and went offline for a good night"s sleep.

One night passed, and when Zhang Yang went back on to check the official forum, what he found was that Lone Desert Smoke had conquered the whole forum by borrowing their leading party"s winning momentum, the forum pages were crawling with posts about how their leading party secured the First Clear title of the dungeon. Meanwhile, the Imperial Sky had crashed down into the ground, with nothing to defend themselves. The forceful Mountain Cleaver who came with confidence earlier on could not even make a fart"s worth of noise.

Zhang Yang received countless friend requests in his information station, luckily, he did not have to reply one by one, he could just switch off the whole thing and be done with it.

After logging into the game, he went straight to the Identifying Shop and the Jewelry shop to be slaughtered with the high prices. Firstly, he passed the [Black Wolf"s Amour] over to the Identifier for identification. And truth to be told, this piece of item did not even have any special effects, with only two extra empty sockets. This was a total bad luck!

But looking at the bright side, for the coming 3 days, all the cost for identification will be decreased by 50%, at least the system did not fully suck him dry.

The first clear of the castle interior had been taken down, plus there were no special quests or target to be achieved at the moment, so Zhang Yang started focusing on buying [Solid Iron Bar]s. He currently has 4400 available empty slots, but so far only 1100 slots were occupied!

But this kind of thing did not require him to do it himself, because the price that he offered is 0.9 gold for each iron bar. Although the price is a little lower than what the auction house had to offer, considering the 20% commission which will be taken away, it will be more profitable for players to sell them to the Little Merchandize which is owned by Zhang Yang!

So what Zhang Yang could do now was to build up his advertisement on this as much as possible so that more Miners would know his Little Merchandize shop was currently purchasing [Solid Iron Bar]. However, he could not make the deal too obvious, because he was considered to be one of the famous stars in the game, having no idea of how many people watched him closely at his every move. If people were to discover this, they would also start purchasing the iron bars, and that would undoubtedly seize most of the market stocks! And when the number of goods are greater than the market demand, the price for the [Solid Iron Bar] will decline, and the profits will naturally be lower!

So Zhang Yang gave his thoughts about it for half a day, at last, he still decided to put the [Solid Iron Bar] onto the racks, selling them at the price of 1 gold for each, with the effort of trying to hide his true agenda. Anyway, no one knew exactly how many [Solid Iron Bar] has he received, because all sellers will deal with Natalia, the NPC with a pair of big boobs who was responsible for purchasing the iron bars from the sellers.

For these 3 days, there would also be an addition of 100% experience points added onto the experience points earned by the players. So it was the best time to grind up their levels. So, Zhang Yang picked up the pace and gathered Han Ying Xue and the others. Then they headed to the Centaur Palace"s 1st floor to level up! Because of the rich amount of experience points to be offered through grinding during this period of time, Wei Yan Er skipped her classes, while Hundered Shots and the other skipped their work just to be there, every single one of them were present at the gathering!

The gang shot their levels up by a lot after a day of grinding, each of them rising by 2 levels at the least! Unfortunately, the effects of different additional experience points could not be stacked after one another. It only picked the greatest effect among them, limiting everyone to only have an increase of 100% additional experience points based on the experience points they earned, including Sun Xing Yu who possesses the [Heaven"s Pearl].

Among the 8 of them, 6 of them had made it to the top level list of the White Jade City! Currently, Han Ying Xue was listed as number 1 with level 45, Fatty Han was listed at number 2 with also level 45, Zhang Yang, Sun Xing Yu, and Wei Yan Er were listed at number 7, 8, and 9 respectively, with all 3 of them at level 44. Daffodil Daydream was at level 43, where she was listed at number 14. Hundred Shots and Endless Starlight were at level 42, it was just a little more before they can make it up on the list. However, if they continued to grind on the next day, they would definitely make it up onto the list!

Han Ying Xue and Fatty Han had made it up to the leveling list of the whole China region, being the 7th and the 9th respectively!

During the night, because the castle interior had been refreshed, Zhang Yang regrouped his gang and went straight into the area to grind.

With the confidence of clearing the dungeon once before, the gang went to the dungeon with a different attitude. Without the pressure of dying for a righteous cause if they failed, they repeated the dungeon easily and slayed Master Waller on their first attempt this time around!

God seemed to be taking care of them, and when Wei Yan Er was looting from the boss"s dead body, another piece of [Guild Upgrade Order] was among the drop!

Everyone cheered instantly.

Back in the main city, Zhang Yang published an information under the name of his Little Merchandize Shop, saying that, "Extra! Extra! Tomorrow at 7pm, The Little Merchandize Shop will be auctioning a [Level 2 Guild Upgrade Order], interested parties, please come with your money!"

The information was published just briefly, and Zhang Yang had already received numerous secret messages from Snow Seeker, Sky Shaman and the others, all trying to bargain with him, hopefully that he could sell it to them because of their previous engagements! Humbly Gentleman was also present in the lively situation, aggressively commanding Zhang Yang to sell the [Guild Upgrade Order] to him straight away with the price of 10,000 gold pieces!

Zhang Yang had already published the information, because he did not intend to go back on his own words, he had to decline the offers from Snow Seeker and the others, and of course, he replied Humbly Gentleman with only one word, idiot!

However, the number of people sending Zhang Yang secret messages had began to increase, all of them being Guildmasters! Some of the guilds might not be large, and their progress in exploring the dungeons were slow, but most of them are rich, and money was never a problem to them! Slamming an in-game item [Level 2 Guild Upgrade Order] on the table should be considered as a large-scale advertisement effect! It would be even better if the system could make a server announcement!

Therefore, every single one of them were polishing their fists and fangs, ready to put up a good bargain for the night by tomorrow! To progress by clearing dungeons, their were way out of their leagues, but to progress using cash money, every single one of them are professionals!

Therefore, Zhang Yang could not oversee that fact and sell the piece directly to Snow Seeker and the others!

Zhang Yang took a piece of glove that he acquired from the dungeon previously to be identified, before he replaced the last piece of level 20 equipment on him with this piece of equipment.

[Pale Gauntlet] (Gray-Silver, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +20

Vitality: +48

Strength: +24

Agility: +8

<Level 1 Socket>

Level Required: 40

By inserting a [vitality gemstone] on the equipment, and by activating his <Vitality Aura>, Zhang Yang could reach a total HP of 8960, a strength of 347, and an attack between 816-868!

Although the guild had already been upgraded to level 2, getting all sorts of benefits of the level 2 guild required elevating the experience points of the guild to 100%! Fortunately, there were guild points as incentives, and members of the guild were very enthusiastic. Moreover, every member would be entitled to enjoy the welfare of the guild, there no reason for anyone to get lazy!

However, to fill up the guild experience points up to 100% required about 10 days more or so, they could only take it easy at the time being.