MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 174: Take down

Chapter 174: Take down

"Haiya -------" Fatty Han sighed dejectedly and said, "Excited over nothing!"

"Alright, let"s pick up our corpses and go!" Zhang Yang smiled and said, "I have issued a very clear notice with only one word - "Accepted", so you guys won"t leave me alone to be embarrassed, right?"

"Serves you right!" Wei Yan Er turned towards Zhang Yang and stuck out her tongue at him.

The gang went back into the dungeon and revived. After replenishing their statuses, they activated their aura skills immediately. If this act did not becomes a habit for them, they will easily forget to activate their aura skills every time they are in combat. Although a boost of 2%, 4% of did not seem like much, when the players" basic properties are higher, the boost will still be very significant.

In Zhang Yang"s case, without activating his <Vitality Aura>, he only has 7720HP, but after activating it, he will have 8030HP. That is a total boost of 310 HP to the players!

After everyone got in their assigned position, under the instruction of Zhang Yang, Han Ying Xue and the gang, all 6 of them, moved one step forward and triggered the boss battle.

"Huh? Who dares to interfere me while I am absorbing energy?" Master Waller spoke a line that now sounded familiar. With both eyes opened and a roar full of rage, he instantly swung his big bad claw and slashed at Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang immediately fought back, stacking 5 layers of <Cripple Defense> and unleashed a flurry of attacks, doing what he does best. The faster they struck, the lesser times they were required to move, undoubtedly decreasing the difficulty of the battle!

20 seconds had passed, the first <Shift of Light Rotation>.

40 seconds had passed, the second <Shift of Light Rotation>.

60 seconds had passed........

95%, 90%, 85%...... the HP amount of Master Waller was depleting at a slow rate! Firstly, it must be due to his overly high HP amount. Secondly, the gang had to move multiple times after awhile, having no opportunity to comfortably unleash their damage output.

After countless hours practicing, Han Ying Xue and the others had mastered the movement quite well, and their cooperation was so much better. Hitting into each other, blocking each others" ways, those are phenomenon that will not happen again, ever!

60%, the entire team got wiped out.

Next attempt!

53%, the entire team got wiped out again.

Another attempt!

45%, the entire team got wiped out...... 34%, the entire team got wiped out...... 22%, the entire team ......

The gang had lost count of how many times, 6 or 7 times, have they been wiped out. But no one was frustrated by that, instead, they were burning with the will to fight! Because every time they were wiped out, bit by bit they progressed, and they were getting closer and closer to empty down the HP of the boss!

8%, the entire team got wiped out! 5%, the entire team got wiped out! 3%, the entire team got wiped out! 4%, the entire team got wiped out!

Having pushing themselves to deplete the HP of the boss down to only within 10%, the gang were starting to become impulsively greedy. After a few attempts of being wiped out when the HP of the boss were very low, they were getting frustrated!

So Zhang Yang immediately shouted to get their attention, "Let"s go back to the city to repair our equipment, and then we shall be back, and we shall prevail!"

Having been wiped out for almost a dozen times, their equipment were all in red letters, wearing those equipment on their body was basically useless as the equipment had no effect at all before repair.

So the gang quickly tore their own teleportation scrolls and headed back straight to the city, where they found themselves the blacksmith to repair their equipment. Afterwards, they headed straight back to to dungeon.

This trip took them about half an hour, Zhang Yang could not help himself but sympathized, them, saying, "It"s such a pity that Hundred Shots haven"t be able to learn <Repairment Robot>, if he did, we could have place a Repairment Robot in the dungeon and save us the trip of getting back and forth for our equipment repair."

"Zhan Yu, where can I learn this <Repairment Robot>?" Hundred Shots asked.

"Level 50 Dungeon, the Poison Fireland. There is a possibility that the blueprint of the <Repairment Robot> will be dropped by slaying the final boss! But it requires a professional level of an engineer, can you learn it?"

"Not now, but I am still about half a month away from reaching level 50, and my current proficiency is at advanced level with 328 points. I will definitely reach full points before I reach level 50!"

Talking all the way through their journey, Zhang Yang and the gang had reentered the dungeon and stood in front of Master Waller.

Looking at the time, Zhang Yang told the gang, " This will be our final chance today! It"s about to be 12 am, the dungeon will be refreshed, by then, we will have to repeat the whole dungeon, battling the four bosses and clearing those annoying creeps and monsters! So, this time we ------"

"We must prevail!" The gang cried together, their morale soaring in desperation!

"Very well, in position!"

The gang went straight to their own positions and stood readily, as this would be their last attempt of the day, and if they failed, they will have to repeat everything on the next day! No one can accept that kind of outcome!

"Huh? Who dares to interfere me while I am absorbing energy?" the loathed dialogue spoken by Master Waller sparked the battle.

90%...... 60%...... 30%......

With their proficient cooperation, movement between positions, and the consecutively successful blocks, Waller"s HP was decreasing gradually.


Again, it was the moment of life and death! Zhang Yang and the gang had failed at the very last moment multiple times!

"Keep it up, steady, steady!" Zhang Yang was not pressured at all, because he knew, all he had to do was to focus on slashing the boss with all his might, slashing away Waller"s large amount of HP with his sword, one swing after another!

8%...... 4%...... 2%!

The light around suddenly dimmed.

"Don"t rush yourselves, a 4-second of time is not enough to take down a 390000 HP. Fall back and keep your distance. We just need to do this one more round!" Zhang Yang quickly shouted, as he was worried that someone would really went over their head and go all out, leaving their own post.

Han Ying Xue and the others retreated backwards, everyone was nervous from head to toe, because this was their one attempt that was nearest to winning the battle!

2 seconds later, the 6 points of the lights on the hexagram started to flash up.

Moving position! Block!

Sun Xing Yu, in position! Wei Yan Er, in position! Hundred Shots, in position! Daffodil Daydream, in position! Han Ying Xue, in position! Fatty Han..... sun of the beach, he went to the wrong direction!

Zhang Yang immediately moved his body and blocked the last orange beam of light that shot out!

Made it!



"I am the son of the god of the wolf, the leader of the wolves, I should be the one who conquer the world! No! No! NO ------" Master Waller gave out a thunderous roar, raising his claws towards the sky and howled, then he unwillingly turned into a stream of white light. A stream of gold coins poured out like pillars of gold onto the ground, piling up into a mountain of gold!

"Ding! You and your team have slayed Master Waller, you have acquired 250050 experience points (50 points for team effort)!"

"Ding! You and your team has acquired the Shadowmoon Castle: Castle Interior (Death Mode) First Clear Title, as the leader of the party, please key in the name of your party. Your name will be published on the list of the First Clear title, allowing the world to praise you!"

"We made it!"

Everyone was cheering very hard. Even though Waller was not the highest level among the bosses they have slayed before, but it was undoubtedly the most difficult boss they had encounter in their whole gaming experience! Before this, none of them had ever put in so much time and effort in training!

Their emotions that were contained within them for the past 2 days had finally met their way out at that instant, the unspeakable joy! The men were hugging into each other, while Wei Yan Er, Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream were hugging each other as well! Only Sun Xing Yu seemed calm, but a even then, faint smile flickered across her lips.

Zhang Yang entered their name "Lone Desert Smoke", and the server immediately congratulated them on the big screens with a lot of announcements!

"Server Announcement: Lone Desert Smoke has succeeded in acquiring the Shadowmoon Castle: Castle Interior (Death Mode)First Clear Title, their great deeds will be published on the list of the Death Mode First Clear title (China Region). Please cheer for them!"

"Server announcement: Player Zhan Yu (Leader) has acquired the Shadowmoon Castle: Castle Interior (Death Mode)First Clear Title, acquired server reward 10 gold pieces, skill point 1, all reputation points of the alliance 500 points!"

"Server announcement: Player Zhan Yu (Leader) has acquired ......"

In just an instant, the players in the China Region were bombarded once again by the latest news!

On the forum, they were still going all out in the war of words, debating on which guild would win over the First Clear title of the dungeon, it was intense! It was believed that if the two sides were to meet in real life, they would have clashed and started a real-life PK! Just as their debate was on it"s peak, the sudden victory of the Lone Desert Smoke in acquiring the First Clear title had finally put an end to the contest between the two guilds!

The battle for the first clear of dungeon had concluded, however, the players on the forum had started a new trend of upsurging topic, making a lot of noise on the region channel.

"Brother Yang, I think I have dragged you guys down a little back there, again, I"m going to become a laughing stock, looked down by people." Fatty Han secretly told Zhang Yang.

"...... don"t worry about it, no one ever had a high opinion of you!"

"Sun of the beach!" Fatty Han immediately spat the words out from his mouth, then he said, "Haiyah, I"m not that kind of caliber, being so careless in many ways. You want me to fight, no problem! But playing games that requires considerations in so many aspects, that is definitely out of my habit!"


"Pui! And you claim to be my best buddy! Shouldn"t you be comforting me a bit?"

"Haha, you are normally shameless, ain"t I right?" Zhang Yang said.

"From now onward, I better not join you guys in exploring new dungeons! But, brother Yang, we are brothers, right? After clearing the new dungeons, remember to bring me some equipment or gears!"

"Fatty, are you seriously thinking about this? Actually, if you really want to stay in the party, I believe no one will have a opinion on this!"

"They aren"t saying anything, but I still need my face intact! It"s fine, brother Yang, let"s do it this way!"

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts, and then he did not try to convince Fatty Han anymore, since he had already planned to put Fatty Han and Endless Starlight to the second party in the lead. As they have experience in succeeding, he believes that the second party will do well. Endless Starlight has so much potential in him, even though he has not achieved any high standards yet, but it is obvious that he is improving.

"Loot time! Loot time!" Wei Yan Er cheered with joy.

Knowing from the look of their faces, they were obviously looking forward to the loot. Checking up on the loots after defeating a high difficulty boss was definitely a very joyful thing to do.

Master Waller was a Gray-Silver boss, so naturally there would not be any Yellow-Gold equipment among the loot. However, as the boss for the final defense of the dungeon, he was generous enough to drop 3 pieces of Gray-Silver equipment, 7 pieces of Green-Copper equipment, with an addition of a glittering green plate.

Wei Yan Er has a pair of sharp eyes, immediately she picked that piece of plate up. Because everyone was very much looking forward to the boss dropping a [Guild Upgrade Order], and among all the items and equipment, that was the only item that looked similar to the [Guild Upgrade Order]!

Immediately, she selected the "show info" box and the information popped up on the user interface of the gang.

[Level 2 Guild Upgrade Order] (Gray-Silver, Consumable)`

Use: Upgrades a level 1 guild into a level 2 guild.

Required: Guild master.

"It really came out!" the whole gang could not help themselves but muttered among each other.

With a smile revealing his satisfaction, Zhang Yang said, "This is the first piece of [Guild Upgrade Order] in the whole game, if we were to auction it out, it"s price might increase to the millions!"

Wei Yan Er immediate had her eyes filled with golds, and she said, "Then let"s auction it out first!"

"Silly girl, a [Level 2Guild Upgrade Order] gives a 20% additional experience points of the experience points that the player earns, and it will also allow players to buy a battle wolf for mounting purposes. Do you not want those?" Zhang Yang smiled while saying it.

"Owh...... " with money on the left hand, level and mount on the right, Wei Yan Er was conflicted by the choices at hands. She was flustered to the point that she was red in the face!