MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 171: Fight against Master Waller

Chapter 171: Fight against Master Waller

Except for Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu, the rest of the party used their [Beginner Power Potion]s and frantically fought against Angelo!



They still left 12 seconds to go before Angelo uses his <Devil Shield>!


9 seconds!


6 seconds!


"Ah!" Angelo roared with anger, his helmet shattered into pieces, revealing a frighteningly ugly face as he crashed down.

"Ding! The party you are in has killed Blood Guardian Angelo. Obtained 187,550 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!"

"Yes! We defeated Angelo!" The gang cheered and the atmosphere became lively. They were greatly relieved to escape from death.

"It was really thrilling but it was so exciting as well. Dungeons like these are really interesting!" Zhang Yang laughed and said.

Everyone agreed with what he said, when defeating new bosses of unknown difficulties and circumstances, wasn"t that is the joy of playing the game? But only Fatty Han was uninspired and said, "I"d rather that Angelo be easy to defeat. Sigh, Angelo got me so incredibly nervous!"

Wei Yan Er walked over and looted Angelo"s corpse. When she saw Angelo"s ugly face, she could not help but said, "No wonder this sh*tty boss covered up his face, he"s so, so ugly! Noob tank, Angelo knew that he was ugly so he covered up his face, why don"t you find a cloth and cover up yours?"

Zhang Yang immediately glared at her and said, "Do I look so ugly to you?"

"Exactly! By looking at your face, I don"t need to watch a horror film anytime soon!" Wei Yan Er laughed nonstop.

Zhang Yang felt helpless and sighed, "Little brat, go ahead and loot the corpse!"

Wei Yan Er skipped to the corpse proudly, as if she just won a war.

[Steel Helmet] (Gray-Silver, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +20

Vitality: +96

Strength: +48

Dexterity: +16


Level Requirement: 40

Endless Starlight immediately said, "Heavy armor without Intelligence, I"m not getting involved!"

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Little brat, let"s roll the dice!"

"I don"t want to roll the dice, you take it. You are still wearing Level 20 set equipment, it looks so lame! You would lose our guild"s face with such set equipment!" Wei Yan Er shook her head and said.

This little brat! Before they were fighting the fourth boss, Angelo, none of them were willing to move on from their Level 20 Gray-Silver set equipment and now she even dares to sneer at Zhang Yang! Zhang Yang selected request and received the helmet. Since it was difficult to obtain the 5 set equipment effect, he immediately equipped the Level 30 equipment he received previously.

Zhang Yang kept his Level 20 [Brave Glove] and changed all the other pieces of armor and boots to Level 30 Gray-Silver equipment. His HP rocketed up to 7,760! His melee attack was now ranged from 816 - 868 which was slightly higher than previous melee attack which ranged from 813 - 870.

This showed that the 10% damage increase from 5 set equipment effect was actually powerful!

Everyone did not show any interest in the remaining four Green-Copper items, so they directly passed the items to Zhang Yang, knowing that they would share the money equally if the items were sold out! The others would not have minded much even if that wasn"t the case. But Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were two money-grubbers, they would not stop bothering Zhang Yang if he didn"t share the money.

"Little Yang, after killing the final boss, I"m going to post this on the forum immediately and show it to those who looked down on us!" Fatty Han said it in anger.

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Your dream may not come true today!"

"Is it that hard to defeat old Waller? Aren"t you going to tell me that he is the Yellow-Gold boss?" Fatty Han started to be agitated.

When the rest of the people heard the word "Yellow-Gold boss", all of their eyes shone and looked at Zhang Yang. The previous four bosses were indeed slowly increasing in level. Angelo"s level was 47, so the level of the final boss, Master Waller, could be 50! Level 50 boss may be a Yellow-Gold boss!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, shook his head and said, "Unfortunately, Master Waller is a Gray-Silver boss! But, don"t feel disappointed yet, for Master Waller"s value is still very high! This is because among all the bosses in "God"s Miracle", only Master Waller would drop the [Level 2 Guild Upgrade Order]!"

"Guild Upgrade Order?"

"What is that?"

"Our Lone Desert Smoke is now a Level 1 guild, and if we wanted to expand our guild scale and obtain more functions and features, only by using the [Level 2 Guild Upgrade Order] could we upgrade to Level 2 guild! There will be many advantages such as our current 10% extra EXP obtained will increase to 20%! We could also buy the special mount, Storm and Gale Direwolf, from guild shop. The Member slots of the guild could also hold up to 20,000 players!"

Zhang Yang thought in deep and continued saying, "If we get the first kill of Master Waller, then the chances of dropping the guild upgrade order would be even higher! We will use the first guild upgrade order. If we get additional guild upgrade orders from this boss, we could sell it to other guilds. It will be totally no problem if we sell it at around 300,000 to 400,000 gold coins in the beginning!"

300,000 to 400,000 gold coins! According to the current exchange rate, it would be about 1,000,000 dollars! Even if they divided it by eight, each of them would still obtain about 100,000 dollars!

Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, Endless Starlight and Daffodil Daydream were not born with a silver spoon or a powerful background, so 100,000 dollars was not a small amount for them and their faces said it all. Although Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan er were rich, both of them were the standard money-grubbers, so both of their eyes shone even brighter. It was only Sun Xin Yu who was uninterested in the money and was indifferent as usual.

"Hurry up! Let"s go!" Wei Yan Er could not wait for it anymore and tugged at Zhang Yang"s arm.

Zhang Yang had wanted to tell them that it was not easy to defeat Master Waller, but now he that saw everyone being so enthusiastic, so he decided not to ruin the high morale.

The gang opened up the door that Angelo watched over and entered the final boss, Master Waller"s room.

This is a spherical building, approximately 50 meters in diameter. However, the structure was empty, except for a humongous werewolf dead center. From the look on it, they could see that it had it eye shut tight! Beneath him was a huge hexagonal magic seal, with beams of light blasting out from six edges of the hexagon into his body. Occasionally, the beam of light would change mysteriously!

[Master Waller, The Master of Shadowmoon Castle] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 48

HP: 2,000,000

Master Waller was a yellow named monster1! This meant that Master Waller would only attack a player when it gets attacked!

"... What is the strategy?" Everyone gazed at Zhang Yang once again.

Zhang Yang coughed a while and said: "Do you guys still remember the <Awaken Wolf> from the first boss, Jenny?"

"Yes, increase 10% damage every second which was very terrifying!" All of them agreed.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Master Waller was a husband of Jenny, he is much stronger than Jenny! According to the official statement, werewolves were a race that disrespected the Wolf God and were abandoned by Wolf God! But this Master Waller is a genius among the werewolves, he could re-connect to Wolf God using magic circles and obtain similarly incredible strength like his ancestors obtained years ago!"

"F*ck, little Yang, this is not a story telling session now! Just tell us what the strategy to defeat the boss is!" Fatty Han could not wait anymore and kept worrying that the server would announce that Imperial Sky has obtained the first clear.

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "The backstory and Master Waller"s skills are related, that"s why I need to explain this in detail! In short, Master Waller is blessed by Wolf God, so Master Waller is extremely powerful. Any players below Level 100 would be killed instantly if Master Waller struck anyone under normal conditions! Although Master Waller has obtained Wolf God"s recognition once again, Master Waller has not yet completely become the Wolf God"s representative, he is still in the progress of absorbing Wolf God"s strength! Those are the ray of lights going towards Master Waller!"

"Oh, I get it! We"ll have to interrupt Master Waller from absorbing Wolf God"s strength. We need to weaken him first and then only wipe him out!" Wei Yan Er had finally become smart this time.

Zhang Yang showed an exaggeratedly surprised expression and said, "Ah, little brat you finally figured out the trick? Is that really you?"

"Noob tank!" Wei Yan Er put her arm on her hips and shouted loudly.

Zhang Yang laughed happily and continued elaborating, "The hexagram magic circle appearing on the ground is the source of power for Master Waller. We need to send six persons to block each ray of lights, so that Master Waller"s damage will be reduced to 10%! Those who are blocking the lights, you do not need to stand on the pole where the light is emitted from, you guys just need to block the lights from him."

"It sounds easy!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "The lights will be disconnected once every 20 seconds. 2 seconds later, the lights will re-connect, but the colour of the lights will be changed randomly. The yellow lights emitted previously may be changed into green lights; the green lights emitted previously may even change into red lights! Besides, when each person starts to block the lights, they will have a 30 minutes debuff, for those who block the yellow light at first, "yellow source" debuff will appear across their head; while those who block the green light at first, "green source" debuff will appear across their head and so on! Thus, when you guys going to block the light once again, those who have "yellow source" debuff must block the yellow light and those who have "green source" debuff must block the green light. If any lights are wrongly paired, then the Wolf God will appear and all of us will be annihilated instantly!"

All of them frowned after listening to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang continued, "So, the six guys in charge of blocking the lights, when you realize that the lights behind you are not being emitted anymore, you must stay away from the path, where the lights emit, at the first instance. Otherwise, if we are unable to pair up with the correct colours of light with the debuff then we will be annihilated immediately. 2 Seconds later after the lights re-connect, we must pair the correct colours of light with the right debuff status and block the light as soon as you can! Master Waller"s strength will recover back to normal when any rays of the light irradiate him for 2 seconds, that would be our end!"

"So, with the six guys successfully blocking the lights by matching the correct colours of lights with debuffs, we would win! We could still fail if any rays of light irradiate the boss!"

"On the other hand, those who are blocking the lights will be dying immediately if they are not irradiating by the light for 5 seconds! Even if we make extra two persons to match the correct colours of light, it will be still pointless to help those who are blocking the lights!"

"Besides that, Master Waller will be in a fixed position, not moving around as he will need to absorb Wolf God"s strength! But guys, do not think that it will be easy to fight against him! If there is nobody within his melee range, he will then cast AoE spells, so the ending is still the same, complete annihilation!"

Translator Notes

1 Yellow name monster will not attack a player. The monster will only attack when it received an attack.