MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 170: Blood Guardian Angelo

Chapter 170: Blood Guardian Angelo

Angelo seemed to be a true warrior with a rather dignified look; when Zhang Yang entered his aggro zone, Angelo did not open his mouth to say anything unnecessary and only swung his huge axe at Zhang Yang. The silver, pale metal axe was coated in dried blood on the blade; one could only imagine exactly how many people he has killed, or perhaps drained their blood dry!


Other than the protection of the shield, he had nothing special to offer. His attack power was nothing much, yet it was the only thing that he depended on whenever his shield breaks. He would try to keep his attackers at bay with sheer attacks, capable of pushing healers to heal until they were out of MP! The boss would only use normal attacks on Zhang Yang. There was no need for Zhang Yang to rely on <Block> to survive as he usually did, unless he was up against an ulti.


After the second attack only did he manage to damage Zhang Yang. However, the boss had already received 3 stacks of <Cripple Defense> and had his own defense value dropped significantly.

"<Cripple Defense>!"

"<Cripple Defense>!"

Completing the maximum 5 layers of <Cripple Defense>, Zhang Yang had rendered the boss to be completely "naked" as he fought him. Every attack was completely disregarding his defense!

Sun Xin Yu and everyone else had surrounded the boss and pushed themselves to attack as fast as they can. Since the boss had other self-defensive measures hidden up his sleeves, they could not afford to drag the battle for long!

99% 97%, 95%... Bit by bit the boss" HP dropped down like an old man walking down the stairs.

"Demon from the abyss! Heed my call and engulf Drizzler"s soul!" 10 seconds into the battle, Angelo raised both his hands in the air and activated a skill.

"Ding! Angelo has used <Demon"s Call>!"

Right in front of her, a mirror image character of Drizzler appeared. With a dark hue and a translucent body, the summoned shadow character was a splitting image of her!

[Demonic Shadow] (Normal, Summon)

Level: 41

HP: 10,000

Once the shadow appeared, the aggro was automatically fixed to Wei Yan Er. However, as the timing would have it, Han Ying Xue had cast a healing spell on Zhang Yang, drawing the aggro away from Wei Yan Er to herself.

Wei Yan Er shouted angrily: "Bastard, don"t run away! Don"t you dare look down on me! I will chop you up into ground meat!" She quickly broke formation from her spot beside the boss and chased after the Demonic Shadow.

In the eyes of everyone, she was inexplicably talking to the air, murderously raising her axe and dashing towards Han Ying Xue.


She slashed in Han Ying Xue"s general direction with her axe.


In the meantime, Han Ying Xue screamed and a damage text appeared above her head. She then stared at Wei Yan Er and said, "You little brat! You should hit the shadow, why are you hitting me?"

"No, it was the shadow that slashed you and I"m avenging you! You are my cousin, how could I possibly slash you?!" Wei Yan Er quickly answered, feeling that she was wrongly blamed!

In the eyes of Wei Yan Er, Demonic Shadow turned around to face her instead of attacking Han Ying Xue. Similarly, Demonic Shadow also slashed towards Wei Yan Er with axe.



One normal strike and one <Tornado Cleave> totaled up to a massive amount, taking off Wei Yan Er"s HP by 3,600!

"Sister, quickly help me!" Wei Yan Er was well aware of her own skills, and <Destructive Smash>, has not been used by Demonic Shadow yet! After she passed the quest at A difficulty, she had a 50% healing reduction effect along with the 150% melee damage of the skill, which was very powerful!

Han Ying Xue had cast <Regeneration> on Wei Yan Er, at the same time, she also cast <Healing Bond> so both of them healed about 1,000 HP, and finally she cast a <Holy Shield> on Wei Yan Er.

"Damage absorb!"

Demonic Shadow slashed Wei Yan Er again but this time the damage was fully absorbed by <Holy Shield>. However, the 50% healing reduction effect from the attack, <Destructive Smash>, still appeared across Wei Yan Er"s head!

Wei Yan Er already summoned her [Servant: Centuar Guard] and attacked Demonic Shadow together. Hundred Shots and Fatty Han"s <Companion Aura> was effective on the servant as well. Although it was only increased 3% damage, it was still worthwhile!

Even though the Demonic Shadow"s HP was higher than Wei Yan Er"s HP, a peerless healer was standing behind her, so how ever much damage she took from Demonic Shadow would be covered by healing. Ten seconds later, Demonic Shadow turned into a ray of white light and crashed down on the ground. Wei Yan Er quickly picked up a blood-red shiny thorn from Demonic Shadow"s corpse.

[Evil Blood Thorn] (Consumable)

Use: Dispel Angelo"s <Devil Shield>.

"Little brat, do not immediately use [Evil Blood Thorn] when Angelo is casting <Devil Shield>, wait for demonic Snow to cast a <Holy Shield> on Daffodil Daydream first!" Zhang Yang promptly reminded Wei Yan Er.

"You are such a nag, am I that stupid?" Wei Yan Er pursed her lips.

Another ten seconds later, right after another attack from Angelo, he shouted, "Demon from the abyss, heal me!"


A black colored light shield immediately encircled Angelo, and the debuffs from <Destructive Smash> and deadly poison effects appeared across his head were all dispelled. He even gained immunity to all the attacks from Zhang Yang and the gang. Still, Angelo never stopped attacking Zhang Yang and continued hacking away with his axe.

"Ding! Angelo has obtained <Devil Shield>"s effect. Recover 3% HP every second and immune to all damage. Lasts for 33 seconds!"

Han Ying Xue immediately cast a <Holy Shield> on Daffodil Daydream and yelled, "Yan Er, break the shield!"

Wei Yan Er had already taken out the [Evil Blood Thorn] from her inventory and was at the ready. Once after she heard Han Ying Xue giving the order, she promptly targeted Angelo and selected [Evil Blood Thorn].

"Ding! Angelo"s <Devil Shield>"s effect has dispelled!"





Angelo"s shield was broken and scattered into pieces of black colour flames which shot towards Zhang Yang and the gang and huge damage texts floated over all of their heads. Han Ying Xue quickly cast <Holy Prayer> and <Regeneration> on everyone. Fortunately Angelo"s melee attacks were not any powerful. While healing the tank, Han Ying Xue also had enough time to recover everyone"s HP to full.

Nevertheless, Angelo"s HP recovered from 88% to 94% which wasted half their efforts.

Ten seconds later, Angelo used another <Demon"s Call> and a mirror image character of Hundred Shots appeared.

Conversely, <Demon"s Call> would only clone the shadow of player and not pets, therefore, the attack power from Hunter"s shadow would definitely be much lower! Hundred Shots was a Beastmaster and almost half of his attacks came from his pet. So how could the Demonic Shadow defeat Hundred Shots if <Demon"s Call> didn"t clone Hundred Shots" pet?

Besides, Demonic Shadow"s aggro was drawn by Hundred Shots" pet. So, Demonic Shadow was foolishly fighting against Hundred Shots" pet! On the other hand, how could a cornered melee Hunter produce high damage? Thus, Han Ying Xue did not need to be distracted and Hundred Shots defeated the Demonic Shadow easily.

A Beastmaster"s pet could share its master"s attributes, thus, the stronger its master, the stronger the pet it is! Currently, Hundred Shots had 5,240 HP while his pet, Wind Wolf, had 5,920 HP which was much higher HP than its master!

Han Ying Xue had the previous experience of Angelo"s <Devil Shield>"s effect, she casted a <Holy Shield> on Daffodil Daydream five seconds in advance. So, when Angelo used his <Devil Shield>, Han Ying Xue immediately shouted, "Hundred Shots, break the shield!"


Angelo only got to recover his HP once before his shield was dispelled again. The shield which broke into pieces caused massive damage to the gang once again!


It was really hard to fight against Angelo as the gang had clearly reduced 22% of Angelo"s HP but Angelo in turn, had abruptly recovered 9% of his HP!

Ten seconds later, right after <Devil Shield> was dispelled, the third <Demon"s Call> was used by Angelo once again. This time, a mirror image character of Endless Starlight appeared.

Endless Starlight fought against Demonic Shadow confidently this time as Demonic Shadow would fight back and he did not need to worry about running out of MP anymore! Luckily, this Demonic Shadow was a clone of Endless Starlight but obviously it did not know how to heal using <Sacred Protection> or <Sacred Heal>. Otherwise, the gang would need to surrender if any Defender, Guardian or healing classes were selected by <Demon"s Call>!

In spite of Demonic Shadow"s high defense value and most of Endless Starlight"s damage being Holy Damage, the damage wasn"t affected by defense value! Even so, when Endless Starlight was fighting against Demonic Shadow, Angelo had already used <Devil Shield> for three seconds!

"Starlight, hurry up and throw the thorn!" Han Ying Xue already cast a <Holy Shield> on Daffodil Daydream.

Endless Starlight hurriedly picked up [Evil Blood Thorn] and quickly threw it towards Angelo without aiming carefully.


Angelo"s <Devil Shield> broken into pieces once again and causing huge damage to everyone. His HP recovered from 74% to 86% which was 1% higher than the second time the shield was broken!

Endless Starlight felt so sorry and guilty. He said, "I"m sorry!"

"If apologizing is so useful then it is pointless to have the police!" Wei Yan Er gave a short laugh.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "It"s alright, we just need to fight a little bit longer!"

Everyone was clear about usual pattern of Angelo using his skills. Ten seconds after breaking <Devil Shield>, Angelo would use <Demon"s Call> and twenty seconds later, Angelo would use <Devil Shield> once again. Thus, players had only twenty seconds to kill Demonic Shadow and pick up the [Evil Blood Thorn]!

The fourth time of <Demon"s Call>, a mirror image character of Han Ying Yue appeared.

Zhang Yang immediately yelled, "Demon Snow focus and kill the Demonic Shadow, do not bother about me!"

"En!" Han Ying Xue answered Zhang Yang but she still cast <Regeneration> on Zhang Yang before casting a <Holy Shield> on herself. After that, she started to cast <Punishment Ray> on Demonic Shadow.

Demonic Shadow would not know how to use healing skills, so its only attack skill was <Punishment Ray>. Demonic Shadow immediately fought back against Han Ying Xue.

"-1,812! -1,831! -1,819! -1,823!"

"Damage absorb!"

"-542! -1,523! -1,511!"

Although it was the same <Punishment Ray> attack, Han Ying Xue drank a [Beginner Power Potion] just now, so, her attack power had instantly increased by 20%!

However, the disadvantage of being healer class was shown, by the fourth time both of them had cast <Punishment Ray> on each other, Demonic Shadow had about 2,800 remaining HP while Han Ying Xue had only 1,700 HP. If both of them continued casting on each other like that, they would die at the same time!

Luckily, this was Han Ying Xue! She still had an instantaneous healing skill, which was <Mending Prayers>! Even if she never learned <Mending Prayers>, Zhang YanG still had two skills to aid teammates, which were <Sacrifice> and < Vanguard"s Aggression>. So, it was unnecessary for Han Ying Xue to worry about being killed!

Han Ying Xue used only twelve seconds to defeat the Demonic Shadow. She immediately picked up [Evil Blood Thorn] and waited for Angelo to use <Devil Shield>.

"Demon from the abyss, heal me!" Angelo shouted loudly and activated <Devil Shield>!

Han Ying Xue cast a <Holy Shield> on Daffodil Daydream and threw the [Evil Blood Thorn] towards Angelo.

"Shoot! <Demon Shield> had broken!"

Angelo recovered his HP once and back to 78% HP!

"It is really tiring killing this boss!" Fatty Han complained. Even though they successfully break the shield right after Angelo recovered his HP once, the HP recovery was 3% which was also equaled to 45,000 HP!

"Cut the bull sh*t and just fight the boss!" Sun Xin Yu coldly said.

Fatty Han suddenly had a cold sweat and dared not to voice out anymore. But he personally sent a private message to Zhang Yang, "Little Yang, I never thought that you would favor girls with strong personality. You dared keep such a tough girl! This is the first time I"m not envious of you having the luck to be adored by a pretty girl!"

Zhang Yang got speechless and replied, "Cut your bull crap and continue attacking the boss!"

"F*ck, you are really acting like her husband already! Sigh, somebody had hoes before bros, I despise you!"

Because Angelo had HP recovery skills, if the gang could break the shield once Angelo casted <Devil Shield>, then they could reduce about 15% of Angelo"s HP every minute. But if they were unsuccessful in breaking the <Devil Shield> in the beginning, sometimes Angelo"s HP reduction could be much lesser than his HP recovery!

They worked so hard and successfully reduced Angelo"s HP to 6% in nine minutes!

They had used such a long time to fight Angelo, that even though Han Ying Xue had her skill costs reduced by 75%, she was at her limit! If it was not due to the fact that she was an expert in MP management, her MP would be totally running out! Still, she had only 7% of her MP remaining.

What was most unfortunate was that <Demon"s Call> selected Han Ying Xue this time. After killing Demonic Shadow, her MP was almost depleted and she did not even have enough MP to heal her HP to full!

"Ranged positions stand behind melee and I will use <Vanguard"s Aggression>!" Zhang Yang immediately made a decision without hesitation.

Five seconds later, Angelo used <Devil Shield>.

Zhang Yang hurriedly caged everyone into his <Vanguard"s Aggression>"s protection barrier, at the same time, he also used <Shield Wall>.

Both Han Ying Xue and Zhang Yang had an unspoken bond, and then she immediately threw the [Evil Blood Thorn].


Angelo"s shield broken into pieces again, with the effect of <Vanguard"s Aggression>, it almost nullified the damage on everyone!

"Demon Snow, don"t need to heal anyone and use this few seconds to recover your MP!" Zhang Yang said. He also used the necklace [Heart of Fallen Warrior] and Angelo"s damage was instantly reduced to about 500.

In "God"s Miracle", Spellcasters would recover their MP by relying on Spirit attribute during combat. But this had to follow the so-called "5 seconds principle" where the Spellcaster needs to stop casting any spells or skills for 5 seconds before the MP recovery that relied on the Spirit attribute would kick in!

Ten seconds later, Han Ying Xue"s MP recovered to 7% while Angelo remained at 5% HP. Angelo used another <Demon"s Call> and Endless Starlight was selected this time!

"Don"t bother about Demonic Shadow, everyone focus and fight against Angelo. If we don"t kill him this round, we are going to be annihilated! Drink your Power Potion if it is not in cool down and release all the damage you could to Angelo!" Zhang Yang shouted loudly.