MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 167: Lanier the Vampire

Chapter 167: Lanier the Vampire

"Here we go!"

Zhang Yang let out a battle cry and raised his sword to charge towards Lanier

"Huh?! Intruder! Hahaha! What a coincidence! With you guys around, I can kill some time!" cried Lanier. He stood up and dashed towards Zhang Yang.



Zhang Yang slashed the boss and quickly activated <Block> to negate the incoming attack.

<Crippled Defense>! <Crippled Defense>! <Crippled Defense>!

Facing boss fights, Zhang Yang would always prioritize inflicting <Cripple Defense> for 5 layers before other skills.

Sun Xin Yu moved in the shadows and appeared behind the boss, slicing and dicing his back, inflicting incredible amount of damage.

Just then, Zhang Yang had recalled that he had no engaged in any conversation with his "girlfriend" from when he had logged in. He thought about what to say to her for a while and sent a private message. "Hey..."

"Pull the monster properly!" Sun Xin Yu replied him instantly.

Without a gun pointing at him, Zhang Yang felt more relaxed talking to her. "Sigh...having a relationship an iceberg is quite stressful for me!"

"You don"t have to sugar coat everything you say, nor talking in metaphorical! I hate that kind of man! You don"t have to spend your time trying to make me fall in love with you! If I love you, I would love you! If I hate you! I would ignore you even if you would give me the moon!"


Zhang Yang laughed, "In that case, should we just remain the same as ever?"

"What more do you want then?"

It"s not what I want, it"s what you would want!

Zhang Yang said to himself quietly. If she had heard him saying this to her, she might really go berserk again and might even break into his house and kill him!

"Daffodil Daydream! I present you the gift of my blood! Joined me as the majestic vampire!" Lanier pointed at Daffodil Daydream and her body gives off a bloody-red glow that dimmed back into her body.

Daffodil was frozen at her place and when she stood back upright, her eyes opened, revealing bloodshot eyes. A pair of sharp fangs appeared baring from her mouth. All ten of her fingers started to grow long and razor sharp nails. Her fair skin had turned into a pale-white color, morphing her into a beautiful monster.

"Ding! Player Daffodil Daydream had received the effect <Blood Transformation>!"

"Wooow! How cool!" Wei Yan Er cried with admiration. "Sister Daffodil, you looked so much better like that!"

However, being controlled by the boss, Daffodil Daydream could not respond to Wei Yan Er. After a loud and long howl to the sky, she jumped towards Endless Starlight with such speed that he could not even react in time.

Fatty Han laughed. "Hah! What a small world, Daffodil Daydream targeted Starlight first when she turned into a monster. Here, I wonder if she was intentionally trying to attack him!"

Endless Starlight quickly cast a purging skill and restore Daffodil back to normal.


Lanier turned around and pointed his fingers at Wei Yan Er. "Weakling Humans! Surrender and be my nourishment!"

A glowing, circular red orb floated on top of Wei Yan Er.

"Ding! Lanier has used <Preparation>!"

"Melee fighters! Hit the little brat! Stop when you"re about to reach 10%! Do not kill her off!" Zhang Yang screamed.

Sun Xin Yu and Endless Starlight immediately shifted their head and ran towards Wei Yan Er to attack.

"Hey! Lighter! A little lighter!" screamed Wei Yan Er as she could not do anything to stop them.

Sun Xin Yu did not reserved any Stamina and most of her skills were in cool down. In 5 seconds, she had only manage to deal around 2500 damage on Wei Yan Er. Endless Starlight on the other had could only deal over 1000 damage. Wei Yan Er had only 900 HP left which was 20% of her total HP.

Zhang Yang saw what had happened and immediately cast <Force Strike>.


Crap. What luck, it was a critical strike that had completely killed the poor little girl.

"ARGGGGH!!" Wei Yan Er was infuriated. "Noob tank! Why would you do that for!?"

Zhang Yang grinned and said, "Sorry! Sorry! It"s not my fault you know! I can"t control a critical strike!"

"I don"t care! Hmph! Tonight, I"m going to write your name into the paper!" babbled the little girl angrily.

"Ow please. You"re still as young as a green horn. Romance is still something when only you"re mature enough!"

"Bleh!" Wei Yan Er stuck her tongue out.

"You think that I"m writing a love letter? Hell no! I"m writing your name on the paper and hang it on the origami paperman and curse you every day!"

Zhang Yang hold in his laughter and turned over to Han Ying Xue. "Did she pick something up from the television drama or something?"

"Yeah, she did. It was called "A date with a Magik"!"

"PFFTTT BUAHAHAHA" Zhang Yang laughed louder.

Killing Wei Yan Er was an accident, but Zhang Yang was able to stop the boss skill from activating in the end. It was considered to be an accidental skill stopping method!

Now that the team had lose a high attacking member, the team overall DPS was still strong as ever and quickly took away 11% of the boss HP.

"Endless Starlight! You shall be my nourishment!" Lanier pointed at Endless Starlight.

"Everyone hit Starlight! Stop when his HP is at 30%! Let Frost Night to deal the rest!" Zhang Yang changed his strategy.

Bam! Bam! Boom! Boom!

Even though Endless Starlight had a thick skin, he could not counter any of his team mates attack and had his HP dropped down quickly. His HP was dropped down to only 24% and everyone else stopped besides Sun Xin Yu continued to attack.

Since her class was using dagger, her attack specialty was fast attacking interval with low damage. She would not kill Endless Night in a blast even if one of her attack was a critical hit

8%, Endless Starlight had only 472 HP left when Sun Xin Yu had stopped attacking.

"Hahaha! Weak beings! Just you wait, when I had my nourishment and healed my vitality! I shall kill you all with my strength!" Lanier pounce towards Endless Starlight and sank his fangs into his neck.

"Ding! Lanier has used <Feeding>!"

"Eww! That"s just too erotically violent!" Fatty Han mumbled.


The boss had gained a recovery effect. Even though it seems rather much, but the boss had only recovered 0.2%! Since the boss had only drained 0.8% of Endless Starlight HP, along with Zhang Yang <Destructive Smash> effect, the boss healing was reduced by 75%!


Another healing text ticked at the boss.




Along the Endless Starlight HP reduction, the boss recovery rate was also reduced. The total HP that the boss had recovered was only more than 10,000! It was not even worth activating the skill!

After <Feeding> had ended, Lanier returned to Zhang Yang and attacked him. The battle rhythm was restored back to normal.

Controlled? Purge.

Blood sucking? Hit the team mate.

When the boss"s HP was down to less than 50%, Lanier had not remained as stoic and dignified as how he would describe a vampire would be. Instead, the boss was starting to shriek aloud. His damage was gained a buff.

"Ding! Lanier had gained <Vampirism Rage>. All Attack is increased by 20%!"

"Eh? Dummy! Why didn"t you say anything about this skill?!" said Han Ying Xue.

Damn you girl! It had been a few years since I last battle this boss! It"s already a miracle that I could recall 2 skills! If my memory was that good, I would not have just enrolled in Zhou Su University!

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I"d totally forgotten about that!"

Even though the boss had gained a buff in attack, it was only just a slight bump of 20%. That amount of damage increase was not even considered a threat to the team since Han Ying Xue"s super support was by far the "biggest" in the entire of China! That little "bump" is nothing under Han Ying Xue huge bulking "support".

40%, 30%, 20%, 10%...

Lanier could only hit here and there before being defeated by the party.

Han Ying Xue revived her little cousin sister and the little girl pout her little pink lips and get the loots.

[Arcane Battle Axe] (Gray-Silver, Two handed Axe)

Weapon Attack: 699 - 799

Attack Interval: 3.5 seconds

DPS: 208


Level Requirement: 40

"WOW! Mine! Mine!" Wei Yan Er was rather pissed off but her anger was quickly dissipated when she saw the shiny axe. She picked the axe up and rubbed the flat shiny surface on her puckish face.

"What a shame though. The attack interval was at 3.5! It"s slightly faster!" said Zhang Yang.

"Why don"t they standardize a fix attack interval"Wei Yan Er asked Zhang Yang as she had already forgot about being angry at him.

Zhang Yang thought for a while and answered. "I think...this kind attack interval weapon would be dropped by non-important bosess...I think that the strongest boss would drop the strongest weapon! You know? To make a difference! On the other hand, faster attack interval would only increase the trigger rate of the weapon effect! It"s one way to reimbursed the lower attack damage of the weapon!"

Just like the first boss Jenny, Lanier had only dropped one piece of Gray-Silver tier equipment and 3 more Green-Copper tier equipment. The party did not even peek at the weapon properties and toss them all to Zhang Yang to sell it at his Little Merchandize Shop.

"Little Yang, the two boss that we had just defeated was very easy! Why would other guild would need to take 3 days to defeat them?" Fatty Han asked.

To be able to defeat the boss at such speed was not all because of Zhang Yang previous experience in his past life, it was also because of the proper battle tactics! With overwhelming team mates like Zhang Yang tank ability and Han Ying Xue supporting power, the battle was only then rendered to be easy!

Zhang Yang shook his head and laughed. "Well. We have out super damager little brat in our party!"

Wei Yan Er immediately praised Zhang Yang while patting her chest proudly. "Hah! Noob tank! I always knew that you"re a bastard. But you"re a bastard with an exceptional eye to see my strength!"

Everyone laughed together.

Following the staircase upward, the party arrived to the 3rd floor. Based on the structure of the castle, every floor was about just the same, hallow in the middle with two pathways splitting the castle into two wings. Both wings were identical with rooms and sliding doors. The only different on every floor was the monster that occupied it.

This floor, there monsters were male human guard dressed in an elegant ceremonial costume. Their age differ from one another. Just like the second floor, there were group in pairs and they were standing in front of the room doors.

[Castle Guard] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 44

HP: 88,000


Zhang Yang slide across the floor with <Charge> and used <Horizontal Sweep> and deal more and 1500 damage to both of the guards.

"Disturbing guests!" Both of the guards cried out and thrust their fist at Zhang Yang.

"Ding! You have been effected by <Uppercut>. Stunned for 5 seconds!"

When the guards had stunned Zhang Yang, they ignored him on one end and aimed at the other party member and attack.

Luckily, Endless Starlight had the skill <Justice Defense> and temporary take over the tank role for Zhang Yang.

Wei Yan Er laughed at Zhang Yang, "Tch. Tch. Tch. Noob tank, you"re so incompetent! You can"t even pull monster properly. Aiyoyo~~"

That little brat had just ridiculed Zhang Yang!

Not only the <Uppercut> had stunned Zhang Yang, it had also temporary cleared all aggro value on the target! It made group killing to be impossible for them. The party then proceed on forward step by step, one pair of monsters at a time. Luckily, there were two tanks in the party. When one was stunned and "ignored", the other tank would take over. If Zhang Yang was alone, the rest of the party member would have to rely on status effect skills to survive until Zhang Yang could recover from the stun.

Very soon, the party made their way to the third boss. The boss was a rather well-built and sturdy man. He was the looks of a 30 years old man. A fine, formal, and rather exquisite clothing was worn, sitting on a magnificent chair, the man was drinking from a wine glass.

[Count Demison, Master Walter"s Brother] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 46

HP: 1,400,000

"This boss will be slightly harder!" said Zhang Yang as he cleared his throat.

Hundred Shots scratched his head and said, "I hear that many guilds were stuck here!"

"Little Yang, don"t beat around the bush! Just tell us straight!" said Fatty Han hurriedly. He was trying to pushed everyone to defeat the Castle Interior dungeon to prove that their guild was the strongest!

"The boss strategy is rather easy. He had two skill. One would be used on the tank, and the other will be a random pick! The one that will be used on the tank is straight forward. It"s just a rather strong damage skill that I will take care of it. As for the other skill, the boss will target two random players and cast some sort of explosive parasite. If the parasite is not killed off in time, then the player would...BOOM! Die. Explode. The damage is 100% percentage of HP so, even if you"re a level 300 player with Celestial tier equipment, you would still die by this skill!"

"Oh! Then it"s simple. When the bug comes out, we should just target the bugs!" said Daffodil confused.

Zhang Yang shook his head. "The bugs would be invisible to others. Only the players that are inflicted with the bugs would be able to see and attack the bugs for 20 seconds! Furthermore, because the bugs are implanted inside the body, the person cannot target and attack the bugs in their own body. Only the other party could attack the bugs on the other player. The explosive bug would incubate for 20 seconds, but HP is 10,000. If the targeted players are attacker class, it would post much problem. But if the targeted players were healer or tank, then it would be a little troublesome."

Endless Starlight blinked his eyes rapidly and said, "You consider yourself a low attacking class?"

"Hm! Hm!" the rest of them nodded their head.

Zhang Yang shrugged. He had a few tricks up his sleeves like the <Eagle Eye> and the <Cripple Defense> that could ignore 50% defense value after 5 stacks. His damage was not at all low!

"Oh! Hold on to the <Beginner Power Potion>. Only use the potion to fight the bug! Remember! When the boss activates the parasite skill, be sure to find your partner and kill the bug on the other person"s body!" said Zhang Yang. "The only obstacle for this boss is the parasite. If we can overcome this problem, the boss would only be a piece of cake! If any of the bugs exploded, we would not be surviving this round then!"

"Shit! Hey! Kick Starlight out of the party! This guy is the weakest in DPS! Anyone who would be partnering with him would surely die! This guy is the enemy under our nose!" Fatty Han started to make fun of Endless Starlight.

Endless Starlight started to sobbed with tears flowing down his cheek. "Woo...Please Fatty bro! I don"t mean to be that weak!"

"Hey, don"t bully Starlight! He is an honest boy!" said Hundred Shots.

"If he is an honest boy, I am Brad Pit and Zhang Yang is Chuck Norris"s apprentice!"

"Alright! Calm your tits Fatty. I"m starting the fight now! Remember to kill the bugs!" Zhang Yang took out the sword and reminded the party again.

"Yeah! Grandma!" everyone said in unison.