MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 166: Frivolous Maid

Chapter 166: Frivolous Maid

<Breaking Shot>!

Hunter Shots aimed his bow and shot an arrow towards Endless Starlight, sending him into a <Dazed> state. Endless Starlight was sent spinning, turning his head around like he was completely drunk.

Fatty Han immediately created a distance between Endless Starlight and himself. When Endless Starlight recovered from the daze, Fatty Han fired a <Concussion Shot> and slowed him down for 4 seconds. Hundred Shots also fired a <Concussion Shot> after the slow duration ended. After 3 status impairing skills were fired, the "slave" effect on Endless Starlight expired and he regained control of his own character.

The party then refocused their efforts on taking down the boss.

As the first boss in the Castle Interior, Jenny was not hard to defeat. As long as that party could dispel the <Werewolf Awake> on her and properly tend to the player who got sent into the lightning prison, the team would do just fine! However, that was if everything panned out well. This is because Zhang Yang"s current team had one flaw; and that was the fact that they had only one healer!

The boss had finally caught Han Ying Xue when she cast the <Lightning Prison> for the fourth time.

Zhang Yang reacted promptly and cast <Sacrifice> to protect her. He also activated the [Servant] skill <Substitute>. When the lightning struck Han Ying Xue, both Zhang Yang and her had system notifications popping up all over their heads.

Averted! Averted! Averted!

Immune! Immune! Immune!

6 seconds passed by and Han Ying Xue returned to the party. They had literally averted a disaster.

80%, 70%, 60%...

Under the massive firepower of the party, the boss"s HP was akin to tofu; brittle and fragile, easily crushable. The team defeated her in under 4 minutes.

"This seems easy!" Daffodil cried out as she stretched her hand upwards and relaxed. However, even though she said that, she understood that the team"s victory lay in the core structure of the party, the members of the party! If they had a slightly weaker tank in place of Zhang Yang, who possibly could not kite the boss to the ice platform to dispel the <Werewolf Awake>, they would have been completely devoured by the boss!

That was why a strong tank represents the soul, the brains, and the power of the party! Zhang Yang"s role as a core member of it signified a strong pillar that held the entire party together!

"Woohoo! Time for the loots!" Wei Yan Er bent over and picked up the boss drops. Everyone was rather unexcited about the loot since they had just defeated a Yellow-Gold tier boss not too long ago. This was merely a Gray-Silver tier one, and they now consider its drops to be trash.

[Blood-soaked Chest Plate] (Gray-Silver, Leather Armor)

Defense: +12

Vitality: +96

Strength: +16

Dexterity: +48


Level Requirement: 40

Three people rolled for the leather armor but Hundred Shots beat his other two competitors to it.

Wei Yan Er picked two more items up but discovered that they were only of Green-Copper tier. She could not help but stuck her tongue out and blow raspberries at the boss" dead corpse. "Bleh! Stingy prick!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "Hey, you can"t just accuse the boss of being stingy! I"ve told you before. All future dungeons would never contain anything valuable!"

"Huh? Why not?"

"Are you dumb?" Zhang Yang face-palmed, causing Wei Yan Er to be rather unhappy with his reaction. She pushed her fist up into the air and gestured it at Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang laughed it off and decided to explain to the little dumb brat. "Try and think about it for a second. If dungeons were always around for players to farm for strong equipment whenever they have reached the required levels and are ready to defeat the bosses in there, who would defeat a field boss then?"

"B-But! A Hardcore Mode dungeon is tough dude!" said Wei Yan Er as she tried to justify her words.

"According to the developers of the game, a Normal Mode dungeon will be easy enough to allow any random party to clear it. As for Hard Mode, only 10% of players around would be able to defeat it. Now, that was just a rough idea on the massive scale. For Hardcore Mode, only 1% of players in the game could try and attempt to defeat the dungeon!"

"With that in mind, stay with me for a while here. How many players do you think are playing this game? There are at least 50,000,000 players in the game right now! What is 1% of 50,000,000 players? 500,000 I reckon!"

"Now, put that in scale and think of what would happen if the Hardcore Mode was cleared by those players 500,000 times! Now, think of how many field bosses there are in the entire game? 50? 100?"

"Even if you flip the entire world over and searched the high heavens or the scorching hells, you could probably find no more than 200! A field boss" drops are much more precious and valuable than the measly Hardcore dungeon bosses" drops! Naturally, they would not be easy to defeat. Why do you think the developers would even bother creating those bosses out there for? Decoration?"

Wei Yan Er scratched her head and widened her eyes as she stared at Zhang Yang as if she was still confused about what Zhang Yang had just said. "So... erm... do we skip dungeons now?"

Zhang Yang cringed so hard until he was about to burst a vein in his forehead. He sighed heavily and cried out, "Which house is missing a stupid kid? Please take her home!"

Wei Yan Er was angered and drew her weapon. "Noob tank! Keep calling me stupid and I"ll really slam your face in!"

"Little brat! It was you who started complaining about how stingy the boss was didn"t you?!" Zhang Yang started to laughed instead. "A dungeon boss would only get stingier and stingier. Furthermore, the equipment grade would always be one level lower than those you could farm from a field boss! That is the importance of a field boss! In the far future when we would need to fight a world boss, it would take an entire guild of thousands of players to fight for god-knows seven days and seven nights to defeat it. Do you think that a regular Hardcore boss could be that tough?"

"Nyeh!" Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue.

"You..." Zhang Yang face-palmed again.

"You still don"t understand, do you?"

"Nyehehehehe!" Wei Yan Er nodded her head honestly.

"Zhan Yu, now that you have explained it as such, then what meaning is there in us clearing the dungeon then?" Hundred Shots was not stupid but since Zhang Yang had explained something simple with such complexity, he too, began to feel confused.

"Hm... to fill in the blanks for the field boss." Zhang Yang explained. "I had explained that earlier. A field boss of the same level would be extremely scarce. So scarce that if we were to share the boss to everyone in the game, it would be less than one boss for every 1,000,000 players! It"s even likely that I have made a rather relaxed estimation! According to that logic, players would not have bosses to kill and thus, would not have good equipment, would they? That is what the dungeons are for! With three different types of difficulties, there would eventually be one that is suitable for you to raid!"

"That would only mean that the field bosses" equipment is the best!" asked Daffodil Daydream.

"Oh my God! My sweet Lord! Baby Jesus! You must have hung out with the little dumb brat for far too long! Now you have contracted her dumb disease as well? I had literally explained twice! God! My saliva is about to dry out!" Zhang Yang was seriously vexed that he could burst his bulging nerve on his forehead!

"Noob tank!" Wei Yan Er jumped to her feet and stomped towards Zhang Yang. Being shorter than he was, she could only point her tiny finger to his chin. "You are not allowed to call me stupid! Hmph! I"m breaking up with you!"

"Breaking up? Who said we were friends to begin with!?"


"Hahaha!" Zhang Yang laughed. He had fun toying with the little girl and felt really comfortable with her.

"Let"s go! Move on! Move on!" Zhang Yang led them further in.

As the party marched towards the second floor, they reached a junction that split into two paths. These paths had monsters with a rather lustful and seductive posture. There were at least a pair of these monsters at every ten meters or so. They were wearing colorful costumes and low cut tops which revealed luxuriously ample amounts of those mouthwatering watermelons! And those cleavages were so deep that they caused all women to feel envy.

*Gulp* Endless Starlight swallowed his saliva heartily. "Damn. I could not bear to swing my hammer at those babies!"

"Where to?"

"It"s the same. Both ways would lead straight to the opposite end of the castle where the second boss would be, standing guard to the entrance of the third floor!" Zhang Yang thought a little and commanded Endless Starlight to attack, "Starlight! Go and start the fight!"

Endless Starlight hummed and rushed towards the monster, wielding the hammer in his hand. From a distance, he threw his shield and struck only two monsters, since the third one was too far away for the shield to bounce to.

[Frivolous Maid] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 43

HP: 86,000

MP: 43,000

"Aiya! There"s a guest here!" Both of the maids smiled lustfully and locked onto Endless Starlight to cast <Fire Ball>.

"Ahh~ Respectful guest! You don"t have to reserve yourself. Please be rough on me! Ah~ Please use me to your liking!"

"F*ck!" Endless Starlight was so shocked at her opening speech that he nearly slipped and fell over.



Two <Fire Ball>s flew over and blasted Endless Starlight.

"Aiya~ The time for fun was just too short!" said one of the maid.

"Hmm~ After sleeping with my man last night, I had to slip out of bed to find 3 more guards to entertain me! Only then was I satisfied enough that I could finally sleep!"

"Holy sh*t! This is just too provoking!" Fatty Han was stunned as well.

"Shameless creatures!" Wei Yan Er mumbled.

"Ah~ What"s the hurry! Sigh... People come and go in a flash! How do I fill this empty hole!"

"Hmm~ Beloved guest! Why won"t you stop to have some fun with us!"

Both maids were repeatedly trying to "flirt" with Endless Starlight.

When he could no longer hold it in, Endless Starlight finally burst. "F*ck! Don"t toy with me! My will is as strong as steel! There is no such thing as riding the tricycle! It"s fake, it not real, it can never happen!" said Endless Starlight as he wiped away his stream of drool.

This Frivolous Maid had the skill, <Mesmerize>, that could cause players to be <Dazed>. Once the player was rendered immobile, the monster would cast powerful <Fire Ball>s that could deal immense damage of around 3,000. If two of the monsters attacked simultaneously, they could instantly take out any non-tank class player.

The party then quickly killed one of the monsters first before taking on the other one with relative ease.

While attacking magic-type monsters without strong damage reduction armor, to kill a large group of them simultaneously would be impractical. The party could only proceed on by killing two at a time. After 20 minutes into the floor, the party arrived at the second boss. Endless Starlight was pretty much flushed with embarrassment after being the target of "flirting" by the monsters. After being interrogated by Fatty Han, he discovered that this ultimate pervert was still a cheery boy!

By the looks of his appearance, the second boss, Lanier was a middle-aged man with a graceful yet stoic appearance. He was rather handsome as he possessed a kind of mysterious attraction that was compelling like Korean pop stars. However, both of his legs were chained with heavy steel, limiting his position to center around the staircase.

[Lanier] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid)

Level: 45

HP: 1,300,000

Note: He belongs to the Vampire race. He was defeated by Master Waller and kept as a slave to serve him as a guard for the castle. Being enslaved caused him to burn with a raging hatred and desire to shred any intruder at will!

"Ooooh! Vampires are so handsome!" Daffodil Daydream had been enticed by his handsome complexion.

"Hm. Indeed!" Han Ying Xue took part as well. "Especially the nose! It makes him look quite handsome!"

"Hey! Are you here to fight the boss or to participate in <China"s Next Top Male Model>?"

"Hey! At least let us savor the looks of a handsome man!"

Fatty Han scoffed, unsatisfied. "You have 4 handsome men here in the party! Why would you grasp for more lemons when you can"t hold any more?"

"Damn you, Fatty!"

Poor Fatty Han was bombarded with insults and scorn from the ladies.

*Ahem* Zhang Yang coughed loudly to get the party"s attention and begun to explain the battle plan.

"Listen up! This boss is practically a free service as well. The main skills are, number one, <Infection>. It will cause a player to temporary turn into a vampire that he could control. The way to counter this is extremely easy. Priests and Knights could use <Dispel> to remove the debuff!"

"The second skill! About every half a minute, the boss would use a kind of lifesteal skill to suck the blood of a random player. Before he activates the skill, he would place a mark on the target and will only activate the skill after five seconds! This skill would drain the player"s HP by 10% every second and recover the same amount of HP on the boss! It lasts for 5 seconds!"

"Next, it becomes a little complicated, so please bear with me for a while. If a player has around 40% HP left, the boss would only take away 4% of your HP and heal the same amount each instance. The second instance would only take away 3.6% HP. So, the lesser your HP, the lesser he heals!"

"So, to counter this skill, we must take away as much HP as we can before the boss can siphon from us!"