MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 165: The First Boss, Jenny

Chapter 165: The First Boss, Jenny

Endless Starlight immediately casted <Shield Toss> and lured 3 elite monsters in a go. With a sudden roar, the bunch of 11 monsters all came running towards him while screaming things like, "Unwelcome guest! Begone!"

<Divide Shield>!


<Strong Hammer>!

He immediately pulled their aggro.

The rest of the team waited for a little while before they joined the fight as well, casting their AoE skills.

Zhang Yang did not join the fight. He went on forward and walked to the second group of monsters. They growled immediately when triggered and rushed towards him.

<Blood Rage>! +30 Rage!

Just as Zhang Yang was going to start fight, he withdrew immediately, but after managing to only take 4 paces back, the monsters already appeared right in front of him.


<Horizontal Sweep>!

In an instant, most of the monsters received a huge damage of more than 1,500! The utilization of the AoE skill was maximized during this kind of situations!


<Thunder Strike>!

Multiple damage texts popped out again! This time, Zhang Yang only inflicted around 200+ to each of them but more importantly, they were all inflicted with slow. Zhang Yang kited the monsters and fell back to join Endless Starlight. He kited the monsters to group them together with Endless Starlight"s. With that many monsters around, everyone"s AoE skill could damage the monsters as well, maximizing both the time and skill used.

By the system"s logic, if there were many monsters in a dungeon, each monster"s attack power must be weakened down. If it was not, no tank could take the amount of damage received after kiting them all together. These monsters here must only have around 800 attack power. Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had only received less than 300 damage so far; easy enough for Han Ying Xue to heal them back to full health in a short amount of time.

Right then, Zhang Yang had already possessed the skill called <Blast Wave>, he could stun every monster in his vicinity for 4 seconds after every 20 seconds! OP as f*ck!

The party"s attack power was already strong to begin with, and after adding the few more aura effects, the killing speed was raised to a whole new level. In just a minute, the first group of monsters was already taken down, and the second group of monsters had only one third of their original HP remaining!

"Starlight! Get the next group of monsters!" Zhang Yang ordered. As the second group of monsters locked their vision on Zhang Yang alone, Endless Starlight could easily end the fight without pulling any monster towards him.

When Endless Starlight brought in the third group of monsters, the second group had already fallen. Sun Xin Yu and the rest of the attackers did not even have time to rest. The next wave of monsters arrived and they continued slashing and blasting.

Zhang Yang only smiled lightly, feeling satisfied at the team"s attacking progress. He then proceeded on to pull the fourth group of monsters.

"WOOHOO! This is awesome!" Wei Yan Er happily squealed as she blasted away the monsters with her <Tornado Cleave>. She could deal at least 1,900 damage to every monster around on each cast, with only 5.5 seconds of cooldown. Her attack had already long surpassed Zhang Yang"s and was so strong, that Endless Starlight had difficulties properly holding on the aggro of every single monster. Some monsters were even OT and nearly got close to Wei Yan Er to attack her.

Luckily, Zhang Yang was fast enough to pull the monster back to his attention. After a few hits of <Horizontal Sweep> and <Thunder Strike>, almost every single monster turned their attention to him.

"What are you doing!? Are you trying to tire me to death?!" Han Ying Xue cried.

An attacker could stop to have a rest for a while to catch their breath, but a healer does not even have time to wipe the sweat from their brow. If the healer lags even by just a bit, the tanks could die! Both Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had been taking turns in pulling more and more monsters that Han Ying Xue had no time to catch her breath; it felt that she could throw a fit at any time out of frustration!

Zhang Yang saw how frustrated she was and only laughed. "It"s not like your MP"s dropping. Why would you need to rest? It"s only a waste of time!"

"GRAAAH! Damn you!" It was not like she could just ignore her team mate and just rest on one side. She had to just suck it up and continue to heal!

Group by group, the monsters were being kited to the party by both Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight. The party was progressing so fast that neither of them had the time to even pick up the spoils of war.

Daffodil Daydream did not receive the "75% mana reduction" passive skill, but instead obtaining a "15% increase in all flame attacks" passive skill from the Level 30 class quest reward after she cleared the A-level difficulty quest. If she had completed the S-level difficulty instead, she could have obtained 20% bonus passive.

It was all fun when a Pyromancer blasts away the monsters, waves after waves, until their mana runs out, that is. She could at most, last for 2 waves before running out from the battle and eating mana regenerating snacks to recover her MP!

The team was strong and fast, having taken only 10 minutes or so to clear hundreds of monsters in this majestic hall. The entire floor was filled with coins, random ETC1 items, and equipment. It took another 3 whole minutes just to sift through everything!

"How do we fight this boss?" asked Wei Yan Er. After looting all the items, the bodies of the monster disappeared from the hall, leaving it clear and barren.

"The boss has 3 skills!" Zhang Yang had already taken step to recall the battle strategy. He wrote them down in a little notebook. "Number 1, she would choose a random player and put them in some sort of a prison for around 5, or 6 seconds, I guess. In this period, the imprisoned would lose HP. That person can"t cast any skills or take any potions. Only a healer could heal the HP lost. That is why this dungeon is supposed to have 2 healers. If one is imprisoned, the one healer would help the tank while the other would heal the person being imprisoned!"

Han Ying Xue cried out. "Hey... dummy... please add one more healer to the party! I can"t endure this much healing alone! I"m so freaking tired!"

"Fine. As long as I can find one suitable for our party, I will add a healer in!" Zhang Yang replied, as if he did not mean it.

Wei Yan Er then pointed out a flaw of having just one healer in the party. "What if she was sent to prison? She can"t heal herself!"

Zhang Yang laughed it off and said, "I have <Vanguard"s Aggression> and <Sacrifice> to cover her. But if that sorry b*tch had to just be picked twice, then, I have nothing to say. We might just have plain bad luck!"

"Hmph! What else?" asked Wei Yan Er.

"The second skill is like the boss"s sister; to randomly pick and control a player. I think the skill can"t be purged. It would only expire after a fixed duration."

"The third?"

"The third skill is berserk! Well, technically is a kind of passive berserk. It will add 10% attack damage per second. It will stack endlessly and can only be dispelled by dragging the boss to an ice spot that will spawn when the battle starts!"

Zhang Yang concluded his explanation. "Well, all in all, it"s pretty easy to fight!"

"Shall we start?" Zhang Yang signaled Hundred Shots. "Hundred Shots, attack the boss for a second. Drag her down here. The ice platform will not spawn up there!"

"Alright!" Hundred Shots aimed his arrow at the boss and let it fly towards her.


"Huh! What sort of wild, uncivilized bastard dares to infiltrate my banquet!?" Jenny was furious and stomped down the stairs. She had Hundred Shots in her sight and took out a long black whip from god-knows-where and whipped him.

<Blood Rage>! <Charge>!

Zhang Yang raised his sword and slashed the boss.




Zhang Yang quickly built up the aggro and inflicted <Cripple Defense> on the boss to reduce her defense by 50%.

Jenny then turned her sight at Zhang Yang and attacked him with her whip. "I"ve spent so much time and effort to decorate this hall for the banquet, and you just barged in here and killed all my guests? You ruined my banquet! I will kill you all! I will kill all you savages!"

<Block>! +30 Rage.

"-321!" <Block> Reflect damage.

"-642!" <Shield Bash>.

In just 2 seconds, the boss attacked Zhang Yang again. This time, he had no <Block> to use and had to receive the attack head on.


"Hm. Not that bad. The boss only has around 3,000 attack damage!" Zhang Yang attacked the boss while talking to Han Ying Xue. "Hey! When the boss picks someone, I want you to only heal the person. I think I can hold on for at least 5 seconds!"

"Daffodil Daydream! Accept the lightning punishment!" The boss cried out and light slid through the floor. Daffodil was then immediately teleported to the entrance and was encased in a large light barrier. Inside the barrier, lighting struck her endlessly.

"Ding! Jenny has casted <Lightning Prison>. Receive 2,000 Natural damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds!"



With her naturally low HP of only 3,840, she would die by just under two strikes!

Han Ying Xue quickly casted <Holy Shield> first and then <Brilliant Light>, lastly following up with <Healing Bond>. After healing over 4,000 HP, she quickly cast <Regeneration> and left her there.

<Holy Shield> alone was enough to absorb at least 2,000 damage. Zhang Yang used <Block> once and within 6 seconds, he had only lost 2,000 damage. To him, that was a mere pinch when he had over 7,000 maximum HP.


"You defiled me! A noble! A true noble! For that, you will have to pay the price for your sins!"

Jenny growled loudly and her entire body started to expand, instantly turning from a beautiful noble woman into a beastly silver brown werewolf!

"Ding! Jenny has cast <Werewolf Awake>. Increases 10% attack every second!"

Zhang Yang quickly scanned the hall room and found the ice platform. He then kited the big bad wolf towards it.

10%... 20%... 30%... as each second past, the boss gained increased attack. If Zhang Yang had not used <Block> against the attack, he would have received increased damage from 2,000, 3,000... to even 4,000!

Luckily, the ice platform was not far from he was. When the boss gained over 8 stacks of the buff, Zhang Yang managed to drag her hairy butt to the icy platform.

"Ding! <Werewolf Awake> had ended and will disappear!"

The boss lost her werewolf form and slowly returned to her human form. Although she may had restored her human self, her clothes did not. Pieces of torn clothing were just dangling on her body, with only a tiny bit of cloth coincidently covering the private parts of her body, exposing a large amount of skin to the public.



Fatty Han and Endless Starlight eyes glinted with a perverted shine, drooling as they speak.

"This is the true <Cripple Defense!>"

"Fatty bro! That must at least a 34D no?!"

"You bet it is!"

"ARGHHH. I wanna touch them so bad!"


"Both of you...can just die off!" Han Ying Xue scoffed.

"Endless Starlight! You shall be my slave! Serve me as your one true master!" Jenny pulled out a long bow, again from god-knows-where, and shot an arrow towards Endless Starlight.

"Ding! Player Endless Starlight had received the effect <Soul Temptation>!"

"For my master!" Starlight cried and dashed towards Fatty Han. He raised his hammer and slammed Fatty Han.

"F*ck you! Why would you choose me! There"s so many others for you to choose from! Bastard!" cried Fatty Han.

"HAHHAAHAHHAHA" Wei Yan Er had to rubbed her belly as she laughed uncontrollably.

"That"s what you get for being a perverted dog!"