MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 164: Girl Friend

Chapter 164: Girl Friend

Ma Wu Shi carefully and respectfully handed over the phone back to Su Xin Yu, with the kind of gesture that you would see from a cashier at the supermarket while giving the customer"s change. But it was more than that; it was as if the person in front of Ma Wu Shi was not his subordinate, but his mother. That kind of nervousness and respect would totally add up!

Sun Xin Yu took the phone and slid it into her pocket and nonchalantly said, "So, am I still fired?"

URGH! That speech was like a direct slap to the face! A salt to the wound!

Ma Wu Shi took her sharp words like a knife to the chest, but still smiled bitterly back at her. "What are you saying!? Little Sun is an officer of the law, the officer of the people! Everyone had always looked up to you! Remember your merits!"

On the other side of the room, Ma Hang was already devastated by greed and anger; his face was twisted ugly. He thought that he could get his hands on that b*tch! Lock her up for a few days and play with her with how he saw fit. Never would he have thought that he would be cut short! His father was literally got c*ck blocked so bad he might be able to make it stand anymore!

Even though he full of himself, he was not a fool. He knew when to back down when even someone as his father had his head bowed down to Sun Xin Yu! How could Ma Hang expect to even stand up to her now?!

Sun Xin Yu had enough with the father and son drama, and she went towards Zhang Yang and gestured her fingers. "Follow me!"

Zhang Yang had been watching the "movie" that was laid in front of him for a whole day. If he was not famished, he would not have let it end that quick! He stood up and went towards Sun Xin Yu, with a little unsatisfied kind of feeling.

Everyone was at the other end of the story was staring at Zhang Yang enviously! This woman was the "goddess" of the law! The powerful being that had the support of the Municipal Secretary! Anyone that could have any kind of relationship with her would be the luckiest bastard around!

Don"t tell me that you would not want to have her as a friend?

Sun Xin Yu walked for a distance before turning quickly to face Ma Hang. Ma Hang raised his face menacingly.


Sun Xin Yu threw another punch in his sorry face!

"ARGH..." Ma Hang wailed. The bleeding that had stopped from the earlier punch was leaking once more!

She just punched the man"s son right in his face! However, Ma Wu Shi had no choice; it was blatantly obvious. His face was all smile with no sign of pain nor anger, as if Ma Hang was no longer his son and Sun Xin Yu was his own daughter!

Following closely behind Sun Xin Yu, Zhang Yang"s heart and mind were surging! He truly believed that when he had a mass fortune of 20,000,000,000 or even 200,000,000,000, Ma Wu Shi would still not surrender to him. He would not even stand still when Zhang Yang would beat son like how Sun Xin Yu punch Ma Hang right in front of Ma Wu Shi!

That was the true power of authority!

Truthfully, it was Sun Xin Yu who threw the first punch! If Ma Wu Shi steeled his decision to charge her, no one could have stopped him! But, subsequently, he would have to face the wrath of the municipal secretary, a man of a higher ranking that could easily "take care" of him, a mere section officer.

Could Ma Wu Shi make it all discreet? Could he really silence everyone who was involved? Once an investigation was issued, any hidden matter would be unfold! And once Ma Wu Shi was down, it was time for Sun Xin Yu to take his place! By then, Ma Wu Shi could not only exact his revenge, he would have lost his career and position! He could even be thrown into prison for god knows what kind of misused law!

It has been said that once a man had the taste of power, he could not live a day without it. Having tasted the power of his authority, would you expect the man to drop everything, and start over? If that day really came, the gods must have tried to take his life as a game!

That was why Ma Wu Shi chose to endure it, even if he could not stomach it all!

Zhang Yang only always had a rough idea of the power of authority. But today was the day that he truly understood what it meant to be a man with authority!

It did not matter if Liu Wei would want to choose Zhang Yang as his foe in this current life; Zhang Yang would be the first to pick up the hammer of justice and smite down upon the man who ruined his previous life! To do that, it would have to have a proper, thorough preparation. A man such as Liu Wei was not just any man from a random rich household. He was the kingpin, the crime lord, the real master with a multibillionaire fortune! If Zhang Yang would want to wage a war with him, money alone was not effective; others would have done the same thing. Nothing in this world was fair! History was written with the blood of the loser! Only the strong will survive!

To have someone as a connection to the office by his side, he could be at an advantage when Liu Wei decides to use some dirty tricks to sabotage Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang"s thoughts were rather calm but when he turned his head to look at the beautiful Sun Xin Yu, he could not help but smiled.

Sun Xin Yu noticed his sweet, warm smile and reacted rather coldly. "Stop smiling like a pervert! Come with me! To the practice hall, we"ll fight one more time! I won"t lose to you this time!"

Zhang Yang immediately held his steps and gestured her to stop. "Hold up! A kingdom cannot fight with a hungry soldier! At least let me eat something!"

Sun Xin Yu turned around and saw the clock showing 11am. She then sighed and exclaimed. "Ok, let"s have lunch together! Don"t even think about running away!"

The two of them exited the station and dined at a nearby restaurant. Being a heavy eater, and even missing a meal, Zhang Yang ordered five plates of rice scarfed it down like a hungry lion! The other customers in the restaurant were in shock with his appetite!

What the... Just right beside this glutton is a beautiful girl with style and manners. How could she just sit right beside him without even trying to stop him? Is she trying to be funny? What"s she trying to do?!

Zhang Yang noticed the nosy glances of other customers but chose to ignore them. All he cared about was to fill his empty stomach to the point of satisfaction.

"You"re done? Then let"s go!" Sun Xin Yu was rather clod and let Zhang Yang pay for the meal. Both of them returned to the station and headed straight to the gym.

They changed into their training outfit, the kind that was almost similar to that of a taekwondo or karate, which made it easy to grab because it was loose. They were to not wear any shoes in the gym and sparring. You must know that during a kick, having a shoe would make a huge difference! However, they were just sparing, and not fighting till the death.


Their fight began with strong ferociousness.

During the spar, most of the officers in the station went off to have their lunch. The only people in the gym room was just Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu. Aside the thundering sound of kicks and punch, the rest of the station was completely silent, further amplifying the noise from the blows.

Sun Xin Yu"s level of skill was rather high, but Zhang Yang"s daily training had proven to make him even stronger. They both were almost at each other"s necks during the start of the spar. But as the spar dragged on longer, a man"s natural built and strength started to show greater advantage. Sun Xin Yu"s breathing was getting louder as her punches were beginning to lose their destructive power. Even her speed was getting slower!


Zhang Yang leaped at her like a tiger"s pounce, throwing her down to the ground! Sun Xin Yu was getting tired. She lost most of her strength! She wanted to dodge the pounce but her body would not listen. She was forcefully pushed down to the ground!

Zhang Yang was rather close to her at this point. Both of them were only inches apart from each other, and then he laughed. "Ice Queen! Admit your defeat! Be it real life of in the game, you would never ever be able to defeat me!"

Her cheeks were flushed in red with anger. Her eyes narrowed with the glint of a killing intent!

Zhang Yang was rather shocked. Perhaps he said too much... But then he realized, both of his hands was grabbing her voluptuous breast!


This body of this queen is really the real deal. Zhang Yang knew that his hand was wide enough to hold up a basketball, but he could not even properly hold on to those super XL sized watermelons! That unrivalled softness and perkiness was truly extravagant! The feeling was truly blissful!

Zhang Yang"s body went hot and had triggered a certain "flag". Ever since he was reborn, he had never done it before; not even by himself! The amount of excitement caused Zhang Yang to react in the manliest way possible!

He quickly took his hands off and smiled innocently. "I"m so sorry! It was a mistake! I did not do it on purpose!"

Sun Xin Yu turned away from him, got up to her feet and dashed to the changing room.

Pak Pak Pak! The sound of her heavy footsteps could heard as her two slender and fair feet were running through the room.

Zhang Yang turned back and looked at his palms. He recalled the times whenever he traded blows with Sun Xin Yu, and having inevitably "taking advantage" of her...

About 30 seconds later, Sun Xin Yu walked out of the room and approached Zhang Yang with a gun in her hand! He could feel the strong killing intent emitting from all around her!

The gun was still in its holster, locked. But the women was trying her best to unlock the hatch to pull out the gun. You could see that the woman was not thinking straight. Her breath was rather ragged and unstable. Her pupils were contracting and expanding uncontrollably. Sweat dripping down her silky skin. Her hands and feet were trembling furiously! She had only manged to unlock the hatch of the holster after numerous attempts, and she pulled out the revolver and cocked it!

Kachack! The safety was off!

Seeing the muzzle pointing towards him, Zhang Yang could not help but to think that she might actually pull the trigger! This woman was brave enough to punch a man"s son right in his face, she would not think twice to shoot the man who had molested her! At her breast! TWICE!

ARGH! What luck! This was the 3rd time he was at the other end of the gun!

Zhang Yang did not care about Sun Xin Yu being arrested for murder. He had to think for himself this time! If he died, everything that he prepared to do would be for nought!

A million solutions were running through his mind! Should he beg for mercy? From the looks of it, this cold woman would not care about his pleas. In fact, she might be even more aggressive and shoot him nonetheless! She might even shoot him one shot at a time and slowly kill him while he had to suffer the slow and agonizing pain before dying!

Should he snatch the gun away? But that was Sun Xin Yu there! The woman could fight at the same speed as him! By the time Zhang Yang could even get close, he would have gained new holes in his chest or even in between his eyes!


Zhang Yang had a sudden thought! He remembered watching a very old movie before, and he remembered a scene that he could re-enact to save him!

Zhang Yang put down his hands, stared intensely at Sun Xin Yu, and then screamed from the top of his lungs.


Sun Xin Yu was stunned. The first time in his life, Zhang Yang witnessed the ever so cold Sun Xin Yu expressing an emotion! Her fingers were nowhere close to the trigger!

Alright! This might work!

Zhang Yang forced himself to calm down and treat Sun Xin Yu as a boss in the game to defeat.

First! To lower her defense! 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense>!

"I can no longer lie to myself anymore! Ever since I laid eyes on you, I"ve fallen deeply in love with you!" Zhang Yang said it slowly. He tried his best to construct the sentences properly. He was not good at coaxing a woman to begin with!

Sun Xin Yu remained motionless. But she was still listening.

That"s good! She intends to listen!

If he had heard the sound of a gunshot, even in his ghost form, he would have nowhere to hide!

Alright! Her defense was lowered. Now to implement super skills! Here comes <Horizontal Sweep> and <Destructive Smash>!

"Shoot me, if that is what you want! I will not hold a grudge against you! To die in your hands, would be my greatest honor!" Zhang Yang continued to distract her.

Sun Xin Yu remained silent and ever so stoic. She was only staring at Zhang Yang with her beautiful eyes.

1 minute...2 minutes...8 minutes...9 minutes!?

Zhang Yang was still standing there staring at her motionless. Inside his heart however, he was literally screaming. "Oh my god! Could you please hurry up and make your decision?! Do you want me to die?! Just say the word! God! I"m right here waiting for you making a decision for like forever!"

Finally! Sun Xin Yu lowered the gun and slid the weapon of destruction back into her holster.

She turned and looked back up at Zhang Yang and said, "Alright. From now on, you"re my boyfriend!"

Zhang Yang stunned.

What? Was that all? He still had a few more tricks up his sleeves! Could it be that he has become a novel"s main character? To become the center of a mass harem with a thousand woman groveling beneath his feet wearing a full western suit, after just showing off some awesome move or something?

Sun Xin Yu was still as cool and emotionless even after declaring Zhang Yang as her boyfriend. She said, "There are only very few men that could defeat me! After all, I would need to get married someday! If you think you could stand a chance to prove your worth, I don"t mind giving you a chance!"

Oh, please! You don"t mind? I would mind! Zhang Yang sighed heavily in his heart. "Ahhh! Please forgive me Lin Yu! If I had not lied against her, I would not have the chance to meet you in the future!"

Hmmm...Should he be the first to ask for a "break up"? That would be impossible! Knowing her, Sun Xin Yu would go berserk! It would not be a surprise if she picked up the gun and really shot him this time!

Looked like he would have to wait for Sun Xin Yu to be the one to ask for the break up then! He needed to show that he was no husband material; only a good friend! That way, he could save his own butt and maintain this friendly, super-beneficial relationship with her.

"I"m going to clock out now! Head home by yourself!" Sun Xin Yu said as she turned and headed to the changing room.

Zhang Yang breathed a sigh of relief and went to his own changing room. Only then had he found out that he was completely drenched in sweat, with his uniform plastered to his back! He thought back to how Sun Xin Yu looked like when she was all Wonder Woman style, ready to kill him anytime. A cold shiver ran down his spine! Damn! That Ice Queen is just too crazy!

After changing back into his own clothes, Zhang Yang walked home. Along the way, he was lost in his thoughts. No matter how long he thought about it, he could not think straight. He just did not know what to do next!

"Argh. F*ck it. I"ll cross that bridge when I come to it. That ice head couldn"t come over to my house and point a gun at my head to force me have sex with her!" Zhang Yang then lied down on his sofa and put on the gaming helmet, logging into the game.

"Little Yang! What took you so long?" Fatty Han immediately sent a private message. "Did you have a "fun" night? Hehehehe..."

"Fun, my ass!" Zhang Yang replied.

"Oh right! I have bad news!" Fatty Han cried. "Imperial Sky has already defeated the 4th boss in the Castle Interior dungeon!"

Zhang Yang narrowed his eyebrows. "That quick?!"

"Yeah!" said Fatty Han worriedly. "I"m afraid that they might conquer the entire dungeon before we could even start! They might get their hands on the "First Clear" Achievement!"

Zhang Yang laughed it off. "Keep calm! It"s alright! It"s alright!"

Even though he said that, after dinner, Zhang Yang logged on to the official forum to speculate other players" responds.

This time, player "Martian Homeland" praised the guys from Imperial Sky. He had even said that the player, One Sword Stroke, might be by far, the only player that could rival the current highest popularity player, Zhan Yu! One Sword Stroke could even have the potential to exceed Zhan Yu!

So far, the other super guilds were still struggling at the 3rd boss, yet Imperial Sky had already defeated the 4th boss with One Sword Stroke"s leadership. Their guild firmly grasped the advantage in obtaining the "First Clear" Achievement!

The forum discussion gained the support and agreement from many players! The rest that were fans of Lone Desert Smoke did not join the discussion since Zhang Yang and his team had long since took part of the dungeon raiding. They only left a comment, saying things like, "Just wait and see."

7:30pm, Zhang Yang logged into the game and gathered Han Ying Xue and the gang, and started to raid the Castle Interior.

Sun Xin Yu was still cold as ever. She did not even express any sign of being friendlier to Zhang Yang after the "declaration". Sometimes, when Zhang Yang was not thinking straight, he thought about the events that transpired earlier this morning as if it was just a bad dream.

"Ding! You have entered Shadowmoon Castle: Castle Interior (Hardcore)!"

The party entered the dungeon through the main gate and entered the castle of the werewolf.

As they went through the gates, they were greeted with a large hall. The setting was nightfall; hundreds of men and women were dressed extravagantly, happily dancing around to the romantic music that filled the air. There was a group of 10 in the room too, and standing at the corner of the stairs at the second floor was a slim, slender, and beautiful noble female. She had one slender fair hand grasping the railing of the stairs and one other holding a wine glass.

This noble was the same person that Zhang Yang fought in the Garden area of the dungeon. She was Jenny, Master Waller"s wife! This time, she was not some random monster, but Gray-Silver tier boss!

[Jenny, Master Waller"s Wife] (Gray-Silver, Humanoid Monster)

Level: 44

HP: 1,200,000

The party could not start the boss without clearing the minions first beforehand.

[Crazed Guests] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 41

HP: 82,000

"Those who have their aura skill, please activate them now! Every time you log in or log off, the system automatically switches it off. Make it a habit to always turn on your aura skill every time you log into the game!" said Zhang Yang.

"Oh crap! I really forgot to switch on my aura!" Wei Yan Er cried, turning her <Strength Aura> on only after Zhang Yang notified.

The party had a total of 5 different aura carriers. Since Hundred Shots and Fatty Han"s <Companion Aura> was the same, the effects would not stack up and would only be treated as one active aura effect.

<Strength Aura>, <Vitality Aura>, <Companion Aura>, and <Life Aura>. Everyone received 4 beneficial aura effects each.

"Starlight! Start the fight!" Zhang Yang called out.