MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 162: The Violent Sun Xin Yu

Chapter 162: The Violent Sun Xin Yu

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How persistent could this bastard be?! Zhang He Yuan started to get a little agitated. An armed robbery is a huge case! They were right in the middle of the Bureau for god sake! Sooner or later, there would be more nosy officers sent here to interrogate the victims. By then, it would be too late to change the subject! And he would be caught red handed!

“Mr. Zhang! Please leave this to our hands! Officers of the Public Security Bureau could fire shots in public without a problem! We won’t face any trouble for doing so! But you’re a civilian!” Zhang He Yuan continued to persuade Zhang Yang.

“No! No! I cannot, in good conscience, bring trouble to you! You’re purposely trying to console me! I know that all policemen are good guys! I would never let this sin be laid upon to you all! How could I treat you in such manner, people who sacrifice their lives to protect the good and peaceful community!” No matter how Zhang He Yuan tried to convince him, Zhang Yang would only shake his head left and right.

Zhang He Yuan had completely wasted his breath talking to Zhang Yang. No matter how hard he tried to persuade him, Zhang Yang would only accept “the consequences of his sins”. He even reached out with both of his hands for him to cuff! Aiyoyo! Zhang He Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. If he had known that this young man had such a down-to-earth character, he would not have lied to him in the first place! Now that the situation had developed so far, how does he dragged this stubborn donkey back to reality?

He should had figured it out way earlier! Anyone who was so good at martial arts, and would put his life on the line to fight bad guys, and would definitely be a man of virtue! To trick a man of virtue is to bring calamity to oneself!

Zhang He Yuan felt regret pouring into him like it was judgment day itself! Time waits for no man, if he had explained everything clearly without the lies, he would have solved this matter in a jiffy. If any other officer would have taken over this case, everything would be lost! It could be worse that this. He could be marked as the person whom frightened the hero of the community! This was not a light matter that could be brush off easily! Who knows, he might have to turn in his badge!

What do I do?


The door knob turned and opened. A female police officer in uniform enter the room. She was rather tall and extravagant in that somewhat tight uniform that had every fiber on the uniform stretched over her skin. Her chest was so large that it was impressive on how strong the buttons on her shirt were, to be able to even hold them in. She was not alone, behind her was a middle-aged man with bruises on his face. When she noticed that there were people in the interrogation room, she scoffed coldly and said, “How come Liu Ren Liang did not notify that the room was being used…”

When the bruised-face man noticed Zhang He Yuan, he quickly screamed out. “Help me! I want to make a police report! This crazy b*tch is insane! Look! Look! She did this!” said the man as he pointed his fingers to his face.

Zhang He Yuan could not voice out his true intention since everything inside the room was not on the record. He had to privately settle this case with Zhang Yang.

“Erhm. Perhaps Little Liu had forgot I was here.” Said Zhang He Yuan, ignoring the bruised-face man behind her.

The female officer turn around and did karate chop on the back of the poor fellow’s neck, knocking him out cold. The man eyes rolled upwards and fall onto the floor. The woman turned around and scoffed at Zhang Yang. “Why are you here?”

Zhang Yang smiled, revealing his shinny teeth and said, “Oh wow! What a coincidence, to be seeing you again!”

This female police officer was Sun Xin Yu. Everyone who knew her would had already recognize her with that violent chop. It was as expected of her extreme violent behavior, like a tigress!

Her face remained as cold as ice. “Stop smiling! Hmph! What happened? What did you do…”

Zhang Yang shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly and said, “Well, I killed someone!”

Sun Xin Yu widen her eyes suddenly. “Are you out of your mind?! Don’t think that just because you’re invincible in the game, you could also ignore the rules of society!”

Zhang He Yuan immediately coughed and said, “Little Sun, I’m sure you have other matters to tend to. I’ll take it from here.”

Ignoring him, Sun Xin Yu walked over to Zhang He Yuan side and sat beside him and opposite Zhang Yang. “Explain yourself!”

Zhang He Yuan was already tormented by Zhang Yang’s persistent behavior. He was already barely restraining himself. But when Sun Xin Yu had just walked into his interrogation room and sat down, he had it! Sun Xin Yu had only entered the Bureau 2 months back! How dare she ignore the Captain! He would not let this pass!


Zhang He Yuan slammed the desk and cried. “Sun Xin Yu, I’m ordering you to leave this room!”

Sun Xin Yu only stared coldly at him, with a suspicious look. She then ignored him and turned back to Zhang Yang. “Why did you kill?”

“Sun Xin Yu…” Zhang He Yuan was greatly angered. In his thoughts, “You think that you’re so beautiful eh? I know that you’re indeed a pretty one, I might even take you in bed happily! But that doesn’t mean that you could just do what you want with those looks! You would even go as far as ignoring me, as the captain!”

Zhang Yang smiled again and said, “There were a few robbers in the bank. I was agitated. I could not control myself and ended up killing them all!”

“Is that true?” She turned to Zhang He Yuan and asked for the truth.


Zhang He Yuan was already maddened with rage. She would even dare to turn to him and ask for a confirmation?! His face was as red as a fuji apple. He calmed himself down and said, “Sun Xin Yu, your actions have already broken the police code! Now, get out of here, I will have a little chat with you later!”


The door opened again!

This time, it was a young man who looked like he was in his twenties. He was in a police uniform and was rather handsome looking, though he was a little short in height. He turned around and saw Sun Xin Yu and smiled sweetly. “So there you are, Little Sun.”

When Zhan He Yuan saw the young man, he too smiled as well. “Ah! It’s Ma Hang! Everything here has been settled, I assume?”

This young man was the beloved son of the Chief of the Bureau. That was why even a senior officer like Zhang He Yuan would not dare do anything to this “prince”.

Since the old man was an important person in the department, Ma Hang did not even consider Zhang He Yuan to be anything of importance. He only smiled back and place his attention on Sun Xin Yu. “Little Sun, I have booked a seat for us at La Venus. Shall we have lunch together later?”

“No.” Sun Xin Yu rejected coldly and turned to Zhang Yang. “What happened exactly?”

Zhang Yang explained everything from top and bottom about the case without any additional information.

Sun Xin Yu leaned back to her chair and sigh. “Is that so.”

Ma Hang expression had turned sour. 1 month back when he had spotted this beautiful jewel, his heart had been captured by hear cool and cold complexion. But when he dug a little deeper, he found out that Sun Xin Yu had been introduced to the Bureau by the Executive Deputy Chief officer Gu Jun!

Even though Ma Hang’s father is the real Chief who had a certain level of authority, he alone still could not rule over everything. 3 Executive Deputies had the same authority level as the Chief himself! If Sun Xin Yu was under Gu Jun, then Ma Hang could not act all high and mighty! He did not have the authority for it!

That was why Ma Hang had always been in the shadows, observing her every move. But for the next week or two, he had not found any connections between Sun Xin Yu and Gu Jun! Ma Hang then concluded that Sun Xin Yu must be a close relative and the daughter or an old friend of Gu Jun. That was how she could be in the force! With that, Ma Hang had decided. Since she had Gu Jun as her back up, he could not depend on any dirty tactics, such as promotions, salary increments, or even the threat of losing one’s job as a method to get her. He had to rely on the old fashion way, to come up front and “tackle” her!

However, being the Sun Xin Yu that they all know, she had only treated him as coldly as the others, completing ignoring his efforts! Ma Hang had always held it in because of Gu Jun’s existence, he could only silently swear to get the b*tch on his bed, and have his way with her!

To endure is like holding a double edge sword; Ma Hang was a man already intoxicated with the misuse of power!He was the only son of the Chief Ma Wu Shi! Sun Xin Yu was nothing compared to him! Even if she was a relative of Gu Jun, it did not matter if she was his cousin or his daughter, how could she compare her position with his own?

Having been rejected numerous time by Sun Xin Yu, Ma Hang could not take it anymore. As his own principles, to chase after a woman, the one and only way is to use his power of “authority” to win her over!

After listening to Zhang Yang’s explanation, Ma Han interject. “Oh! So you’re the guy that shot the robbers! Hmph. You do know that it’s a crime to fire a weapon if you’re not an officer of the law?”

He was already informed of the situation by his father. He had pulled a few string with the robbery victims and had gotten them to agree to confess that he was the police officer, the hero who saved them all; the person who shot the villain and save the day!

After he had known that Sun Xin Yu had returned to the office, he had then came back hurriedly. Right now, he knew that Zhang Yang was the target to take over the role of hero, and he had to do the same thing Zhang He Yuan had done, to frighten him a little.

Before Zhang Yang could open his mouth, Sun Xin Yu had already exploded. “What did he do wrong?! If he had not acted then, an innocent lady would have been raped! Without him, we might be in a shootout with those robbers! How many innocent lives would have been lost then?!”

When Ma Hang saw that Sun Xin Yu was on Zhang Yang’s side, he could not help but feel jealous, and showed an even more bitter face. “What he did was more than self-defense!”

“Oh. So you’re asking me to defeat the armed robbers with my bare hands? Is that your definition of true self-defense?” Zhang Yang looked at him in ire, he did not like the man one bit. His tone was rather provoking.

Ma Hang scoffed. “Anyone deserved the right to surrender! Did you ask them to give up? Did you ask them to surrender? Did you tell them the severe punishment of abiding a robbery? You didn’t did you? You just went ahead and shot all 3 of them!”

“Technically, I only shot 2 of them!” said Zhang Yang as he lifted two of his fingers. Zhang Yang obviously annoyed by this ridiculous man. Zhang Yang instinctively treated Ma Hang as a fool in the crowd.

Ma Hang got angry. “What kind of attitude is that?!”

“Huh?! What did you say? What kind of attitude do you want me to show you? Who you think I am? Your wife? Punk *ass B*tch!” Zhang Yang replied rudely.

“What the f*ck did you say?” The more arrogant you are, the faster it will explode in your face; Ma Hang unlocked the hatch and pulled out the sidearm and points it directing at Zhang Yang, trying to intimidate him.

The safety lock on the gun was still on, however, being the other side of the gun was a that feeling no one would like! Zhang Yang expression changed.

Sun Xin Yu was even colder. “Ma Hang, put the gun away!”

“Haha! Relax! I’m not going to pull the trigger!” said Ma Hang with a proud face. In the entire department, his father was the top of them all. The next successor would be him. Even if he pulled out a gun and aiming it at a civilian against protocol, who would dare to oppose him?

Sun Xin Yu stood up and stared angrily at Ma Hang. Her voice was filled with such intense anger that anyone could feel her rage. “PUT. THE. GUN. AWAY.”

“What’s with you? Is he your man? What got you so worked up for?” said Ma Hang.


Sun Xin Yu threw a direct punch and landed it firmly on Ma Hang’s face, knocking Ma hang back a few steps against the wall behind him. Blood started to ooze out from his nose. The pain was so intense that Ma Hang gurgled in agony. The punch was a punch thrown by none other than Sun Xin Yu. Even if Ma Hang was prepared to receive the punch, with his level of martial arts, the end result would still be the same!

Zhang He Yuan was staring at his end with his jaw hanging.

This woman…must be crazy! To compared what she did to Zhang He Yuan, a mere insubordination towards a senior officer, it was nothing compared to punching the son of the Chief!

Zhang Yang too, was surprised at her sudden action. Even though he hated Ma Hang’s guts…but beating a police officer inside a police station was way out of this world! Sun Xin Yu…she was truly the woman of the year!

“What the hell are you doing Sun Xin Yu!?” With his eyes wide open as his jaw, Zhang He Yuan screamed at Sun Xin Yu. Being in the same room when the punch was thrown, Zhang He Yuan had done nothing to stop her! That was enough to leave a bad impression on the chief, if he did not do something soon, he might not be able to withstand the fiery rage of Ma Wu Shi!

Sun Xin Yu only stared coldly at Zhang He Yuan without saying a word. To be precise, he was not worth her time!

Ma Hang wiped the blood away and when he saw the blood in his hands, he got infuriated. He pointed at Sun Xin Yu with his trembling hands and scolded. “Y-You f*cking b*tch! You dared to hit me! No one has ever dared to hit me ever since I was born! Don’t think you can get away with Gu Jun behind you back! Damn you! My father is the Chief! F*ck you! Today I will f*ck your brains out! Even if you sue me after, everyone would automatically say that you’re the slut and stand at my side?!”

Sun Xin Yu reveal an even enraged look. Her killing intent was leaking out like a faucet!

“Ma Hang…” Zhang He Yuan was stunned when he heard the name Gu Jun. No wonder Sun Xin Yu could be that bold! She had someone as prominent behind her back this whole time! He jumped up immediately and tried to sooth Ma Hang. After all, there were now two executive deputy chiefs that he could not afford to anger.

Ma Hang was already maddened with anger. He screamed at Zhang He Yuan, “You! Take these two out of this room! I will personal f*ck this b*tch up right now!” He pointed at Zhang Yang and the bruised-face man that Sun Xin Yu had brought in and knocked out.

Zhang He Yuan knew that he could not calm Ma Hang down when he was angered at that level. He quickly took out his mobile phone and called the Chief! When both Ma Hang and Sun Xin Yu had big shots taking care of them, he could not allow anything worse happening to either of them!

“F*cking b*tch!” Ma Hang’s anger grew by the second. He was the one and only Ma Hang, son of the Chief Public Security Bureau! If anyone had gotten hold of the news, that he was punched in the face by a woman, would that not make him the laughing stock of his lifetime?! With pure rage boiling inside him, he clenched his fists tightly and threw them towards Sun Xin Yu! He wanted to knock her out cold and drag her some place where no one could see him f*ck her brains out! This was the simplest plan brewing in his thoughts. As far as using his gun, Ma Hang was still sane enough to not use the gun inside a police office!

As a righteous man, Zhang Yang could not let himself sit by and allow Sun Xin Yu to take a beating, not when Sun Xin Yu had stuck out her neck for him. He jumped to his feet and acted quickly. But, even though his reaction was fast, Sun Xin Yu reaction was not sloppy either. She had already prepared to counter Ma Hang’s attack.


With Sun Xin Yu being able to fight on par with Zhang Yang, she could out maneuver this useless Ma Hang by a huge gap! This weak pawn could only block off a few hits before eventually falling down to her strikes. He was beaten down to his knees. If this was in the game, circling star would have already appeared on his head numerous times now. He was completely overpowered by Sun Xin Yu and was treated as a punching bag!

Good fight! Zhang Yang silently praised Sun Xin Yu. But when he had realize that the “punching bag” was the son of the Chief of the Public Security Bureau, he could not help but to think of the consequences. He could only silently hope that Sun Xin Yu could have a way out for them!

“Stop! Stop!” cried Zhang He Yuan. This woman is crazy! Out of her bloody mind!

Sun Xin Yu scoffed and pulled back. It’s not that she was obeying Zhang He Yuan, in fact, she had enough of punching the man out of Ma Hang

“Ma Hang…” a voice was heard at the door entrance. A fat man was standing there. He was about 50 years old. When he saw Ma Hang was already on the floor, with his head lying on the ground, bruises here and there, blood spilling from his face, and completely out cold, he could not help but feel both hurt and furious. He bellowed angrily, “ZHANG HE YUAN! WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!”