MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 161: Double homicide

Chapter 161: Double homicide

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The robber called Spade K was furious. “Diamond J! What the hell are you doing?! Can you stop thinking about woman for minutes?! How can you even think of having s*x right in the middle of an operation? If we can get away with this, I’ll let you f*ck 10 girls a day!”

“Boss! You know me! Once I get into the mood, I won’t be able to control myself anymore! How else would I be in jail the first place?”

“What the actual f*ck!” Spade K cried. He flipped up his left wrist and check his watch. “Quick! The cops will arrive after 11 minutes!”

“Enough! I can f*ck real fast! 5 minutes is all I need!” The robber called Diamond J was delighted that his leader had given him the green light. He then lounged forward and carried Yan Fei Fei up.

“NOOO!! HELP!!! NOOOOO!” Struggling as much as she could, she cried for help.

“Hahahaha” the robber laughed. He then placed Yan Fei Fei on top of the bank counter, facing her inward. He then pushed Fei Fei firmly against the counter, face down with one hand and tore off her skirt with his other hand. His strength was so immense that he ripped the skirt off in one pull.


The sound of the skirt ripping off could be heard among the anguished tone of Yan Fei Fei’s helpless cries. She continued to struggle, wiggling her legs as hard as she could. There were only a few pieces of fabric covering her lower part.

The masked robber laughed maniacally. “You b*tch*s love to wear these kinds of short skirts! I almost thought that you weren’t wearing anything underneath! Haha! I would have snapped my d*ck if I were to just poke it in!”

Yan Fei Fei continued to struggle and scream, her efforts to free herself were not only in vain, but had also angered him so.

“Argh! Stop struggling!”


He slammed her head on to the counter and the struggling stopped. Yan Fei Fei was still conscious. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, smudging all over her makeup. Her sobs echoed through the deafening silence of the crowd who could not do anything to stop her violation.

Diamond J reached for what remained of her skirt and yanked something out so quickly that Yan Fei Fei was screaming in pain. In his hands was a snapped purple colored T-back undergarment. He then pushed the panties against his own face and took a deep breath.


With one hand still on her back, pressing her against the counter, he reached out with his other hand to undress his pants.

Yan Fei Fei gazed down and saw what he was doing and finally realized that she was about to lose her chastity. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open in horror. She cried out as loud as she could. “NO! NO!!!! HELP!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!” More tears rolled down. The counter was almost filled with her tears and blood, mixed into a recipe of absolute horror for a common, ordinary little office lady. It was just too much for her to take in.

As her cries grew louder and louder, the rest of the victims went even quieter. There was nothing but the raging heart beats and terrified breaths. No one else dared to stand up and fight back under the threat of the guns facing them.

Zhang Yang could not help himself. His knuckles were clenched so tightly that he could have sworn that his nails have already pierced his palms. He was angry. Angry at his own disability to do anything at all. In a money or life situation, he would gladly choose his life over millions of dollars. However, there was an innocent girl, about to be raped right in front of his eyes! How could he just ignore that! But! The opponent had guns! He could not just dash out and unleash his martial arts without a plan. He might get shot before he could even save the girl!

Zhang Yang scanned the entire room for anything that he could use. He spotted an ashtray on a table in in front of him. He then kept close watch at the closest gunman, Spade K! He would have to wait for the perfect moment to strike!

“Aww come on baby! Let me f*ck you good!” Diamond J snickered evilly. He already had his pants down. He then turned her over and ripped off her shirt. Before he could do it…

“ARGH!” He screamed in pain and quickly withdrew his hands. They were bleeding from a deep bite wound.

“You b*tch! You dare bite me!” Diamond J yanked her hair, raising her head up. He then slammed her head directly at the counter top. With a loud thud, Yan Fei Fei went completely silent. Blood started to ooze out of her head. She was completed out of it, her eyes unfocused.

Dazed and immobile, the girl was barely conscious. “Hmph! I’ll f*ck you till you come begging for more!” Diamond J then smacked her bare, exposed butt and lifted one of her legs, trying to find a perfect position to slide it in.

Just then, Zhang Yang had leaped to his feet. He quickly grabbed the ashtray on the table and flung it across the room. He set his eyes fixed on his target’s head, Spade K!


The strike was so strong that the robber Spade K was completed spun around and fell onto the ground!

In a flash, Zhang Yang quickly leaped forward and threw a strong punch, knocking him out cold instantly. Zhang Yang twisted Spade K’s hands and locked them at his side. He had even managed to wrestle the revolver in his hands.

Quick as lighting, Diamond J dove for the short gun on the counter next to him as Zhang Yang grabbed the revolver at the same time.

The masked robber Diamond J quickly pulled Yan Fei Fei up and hid behind her, using her as a human shield. He screamed for his accomplices. “Spade K! Spade K! Where are you!? Hey! Boss! Boss!”

Zhang Yang aimed the gun at Diamond J and used his other free hand to grab hold on the other robber. “Your boss is tired. He’s taking a nap!”

“Nap my ass!” Diamond J pointed the shotgun at Zhang Yang’s direction and screamed. “Let my boss go!”

“Let her go first!” said Zhang Yang bravely without any trace of fear in his voice.

“F*ck you! Let him go! I’ll shoot her brains out!” said Diamond J. His eyes radiated with killing intent.

Zhang Yang remained calm and cool. He said, “Go ahead then. Try and shoot! By the time she’s dead, you’re dead too!”

“Sh*t! Sh*t!!!” Diamond J cursed and cursed. He was not a brilliant man to think of a way out. He could only stand right there and battle with his wits.

They were in a stand-off. The atmosphere got even more intense.

Tick…tick…The sound of the wall clock echoed through the room. The masked robber Diamond J was sweating intensely. His mask turned a little dark as the cotton absorb his perspiration.

Tch! The longer it dragged on, the worse the situation would get! They had calculated precisely that the entire process would take roughly 13 minutes for the bank to send a silent alarm to the police station, and for the police to arrive! In that 13 minutes, they would need to escape! If the police arrives they could do nothing but surrender without condition. They would then be sent off to jail for at least 20 to 30 years! If he refused to cooperate, he would be shot on the spot!

No matter which path he took, neither of it was what he wanted!

The killing intent in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. Right now, the only thing he could consider was his own life! He wants to kill Zhang Yang, and if he does that he could also kill off his boss! That was fine, fewer portions to share later!

“Yo! Spade K! I have already…” Heart Q had just only came out of the vault, carrying a huge bag that was obviously filled with bundles of cash! He quickly noticed that something was wrong and raised his gun up.


Zhang Yang reacted first. A shot was fired before the robber could shoot.

The masked robber Heart Q staggered a little before falling down on his back! There was a deep gunshot wound on his forehead.

Zhang Yang quickly turned the gun and aimed at Diamond J!

His marksmanship was not weak! When he entered the university’s military training, his skills with the gun was the institute’s number 1! His performance had even shocked one of the military captains! The captain had even encouraged Zhang Yang to join the military school! His marksmanship could be nurtured and could be the best sharpshooter in the military!

The masked robber Diamond J had never thought that Zhang Yang would resort to killing just like that. He even killed the other robber without any hesitation! Diamond J had just wasted his one in a lifetime chance of attacking!

The two of them were back to a Mexican standoff!

1 minute…2 minutes!...3 minutes!

“Wee…woo…wee…woo” In the midst of complete silence, the echoed sound of the police sirens could be heard approaching!

Panic started to tear at Cubick K’s thoughts. He began to frantically looked left and right for a way out! If he does not act now, death would be the only way out!


He raised his gun and pulled the trigger!



Two gun shots was heard in the same time! Thud! Thud! Both Zhang Yang and Diamond J had fall back, taking along the hostages they had been clinging to!

Did they kill each other?!

Amidst the eerie silence, no one in the bank dared to stand up, fearing that either one of the robber might get up and shot them!

“Fu…” the sound came from the body of Spade K! Everyone jumped in surprised and shrunk backwards.

Thud. “Spade K” stirred and rolled away. Zhang Yang pushed the corpse off him and got up as quickly as he could. He then dashed quickly toward the counter and looked through the window.

Behind the counter, laid the remains of the masked robber Diamond J. There was a small 9mm hole right at the left side of the skull. White fluid that seemed to be brain matter had oozed out from the hole, mixed together with the fresh blood. He was dead before he could even hit the floor. Yan Fei Fei was right on top of the body. Half of her top was already torn off with only a few buttons holding the clothes intact, revealing her purple undergarment. Her lower half was practically naked, completely revealing her entire bushy forest!

Her eyes were dilated, her body was trembling. She was suffering from shock. It was a traumatic aftereffect from experiencing such an ordeal. She had still not recovered from it.

In the gunfire, Zhang Yang had moved Spade K into the path of the bullet and used him to block the shotgun’s shot. The unfortunate robber was killed by Diamond J. Since the gunfire was from a shotgun, the impact had knocked him back, sending him and Spade K flying backward.

Zhang Yang breathed a sigh of relief. He threw the revolver in his hand aside and took off his top. He squatted down closely to the still catatonic Yan Fei Fei and covered her lower half with his shirt. He whispered gently, “It’s alright. The bad guys are all dead. Everything is going to be just fine. I promise.”

Yan Fei Fei was still in a daze. For a long moment, she shed tears and cried out loud like a baby. She quickly realized that Zhang Yang was right beside her and hugged him tightly.

“Waa…Waa…” her cries filled the entire room.

Blood that had drained away from her face had not yet returned. Her cheeks were so pale that she looked like she was completely petrified. After such horrific experience, she felt that the only safe place she could be was in Zhang Yang’s embrace.

Everyone on the bank stood up only after they were certain that the danger was over.

Chattering of police offers could be heard from outside of the bank and another loud muffled voice that was amplified with a loudspeaker could be heard. “You’re surrounded! Give up! There is no way you could leave here safely now!”

One by one the victims inside the bank started to screamed back. “Don’t shoot! The robbers are dead! They are all dead!” They then left the premise.

No sooner, a team of 20 fully armed special forces rushed into the bank only to be shocked when they witness 3 dead bodies lying on the ground. A simple bank robbery had turned into a multiple homicide case. Every single victim that was involved in the case had been sent to the police station for debriefing. Yan Fei Fei had only released Zhang Yang embrace and looked into his eyes with her own teary gaze. She cried out with gratitude, “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Without Zhang Yang bravery assault, she would definitely have been raped on the spot! Who knew what kind of person this man would be? He was a prison inmate, he would be carrying all sort of S.T.D (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) and would have ruined her life!


The sound of the police siren echoed throughout the entire block. Many cars took off at once, carrying victims of the bank robbery to the Public Security Bureau of the Ping Jiang District.

The debriefing of the robbery was done rather smoothly. Since the robbers did not destroy any security cameras in the bank, the officer only needed to extract related information from the recordings and the testimonies from all the victims in the bank robbery case. Once they had collected all information, the officers had confirmed that Zhang Yang’s act of “bravery” and saved the hostages.

After a while, Zhang Yang was sent to a questioning room used by the police to interview suspects.

“Mr. Zhang Yang, am I correct?” A policeman with stripes and stars attached to his sleeve sat opposite Zhang Yang. He was rather calm and had impartial look on his face. He smiled and said, “What a coincidence! I am also a Zhang. Zhang He Yuan. Captain of a small task force, I might say.”

Zhang Yang smiled back and greet him. “Nice to meet you, Captain Zhang.”

Zhang Yang himself was barely focusing. He had just ended two human lives. When things had just settled down, it was safe to say that he wasn’t emotional about it since he had no time to think about it. Yet, now here, sitting calmly and having the time to think about the matter seriously, Zhang Yang was not at all disturbed by the fact that he just killed two humans! It must have been the effect of dying once before. He must have understood the meaning of life. Afterall, the two robbers were evil and deserved what that was coming to them. Zhang Yang had neither the stress not the guilt to bear in his heart.

“I’ve seen the recordings Mr. Zhang and I have to say that I’m deeply impressed by your bravery! Your strength and will are both quite impressive!” laughed Zhang He Yuan.

Zhang Yang knew something was off when he had dragged him into this room alone. Hmph! There’s no need to put on airs or spout bullsh*t.

Zhang Yang replied. “Every citizen has the responsibility to stand against crime! It was only a coincidence that I was there!”

“Yes…yes…However…” Zhang He Yuan frowned and put on a worrisome expression. “Mr. Zhang. 2 out of the 3 robbers died due to your actions! They were killed by you. Even if you stated that it was only in self-defense, technically, it’s more on the lines of murder!”

Murder your ass! If he had not acted then and there, Zhang Yang would be the one dead and the criminals would have gotten taway with it! In fact, during that standoff, Zhang Yang was nearly killed himself! The only way left for Zhang Yang was to shoot that bastard to hell!

However, the person sitting opposite him was saying things to frighten him. His motives were still unclear to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang could only wait for him to reveal his intentions, but until then, he could only put on a plastic smile and remain silent.

Zhang He Yuan was at the impression that he had successfully frightened Zhang Yang. “As a Public Security Officer, we have the obligation to take care of the citizen’s safety! What you have done was truly an admirable act of bravery that deserves to be praised. That is why, I have an idea to get you off the hook. You could change your testimony, that the police were the ones who killed the robbers instead! Policemen, opening fire to kill the criminals and protect the citizens! Isn’t that the righteous thing to do?!”

Zhang Yang finally understood what he wanted when he had blabbered everything out. He wanted to get all the reputation!

Zhang Yang had guessed correctly. Once the case had been handed over to the Public Security Bureau, this big shot here had come to a conclusion! With the rising crime rate and its effect on the society, he must take this chance to grab the opportunity to increase the reputation of the police force and gain the respect of the public!

Zhang He Yuan immediately understood. According to the truth, this robbery case and the act of saving the hostages all feel on Zhang Yang shoulders. From the police’s perspective, the case was already settled when they had just arrived. Even though the police forces had arrived directly on schedule without a single second to waste, they could not just brush it off without doing anything at all!

The chief wanted the credit to fall onto the police department, since the beloved son of the chief was in the Bureau, to get a quick promotion, to get credits. As such, this was the best contribution he could stand to receive!

Of course, this share of the cake would not be eaten alone by the Head of the Bureau. He would have shared this benefit with other high ranking officers in the bureau as well. Everyone would tell tales of how they had contributed in the act of completing the case and sharing together, the act of “foiling the robbery and saving the hostage”.

Zhang Yang was not an Enforcer nor a member of the Public Security Bureau. If he received full credit for this case, he would only obtain some sort of reward like the “Excellent Citizen Award” and a few hundred thousand dollars as an additional reward. Zhang Yang had neither the need of money nor public fame. If this gentleman had started their conversation with full honesty, he would have handed over this matter for them to handle without a second thought. However, he could not stand by and watch this corrupted officer claiming credit for something that he had not done!

F*ck this sh*t! You want me to hand over my effort for naught? And you want me to thank you for things that I had done?! You should be ashamed of yourself!

If he was someone else with a weaker wit, he or she might have been truly frightened!

Zhang Yang purposely acted guilty and said, “Captain Zhang. I was raised with an honest upbringing. I’m afraid I cannot lie!”

Zhang He Yuan was afraid that Zhang Yang was a person who crave for fame and glory, and that he would instantly reject his offer. That was why Zhang He Yuan had frighten him in the first place! He would then strike a deal with him after. Zhang He Yuan smiled gently and replied him, “Mr. Zhang, we are not asking you to commit a crime by lying! This is to protect yourself!”

Zhang Yang thought a while and shook his head, “No! No! I cannot ask you to take the blame! I have committed a crime! Therefore, I must accept the punishment!”