MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 160: Robbery

Chapter 160: Robbery

Zhang Yang quickly took every piece of Green-Copper equipment in his inventory and shoved them all into the shop"s storage. He also made a few more stacks of [Beginner"s Anti-Shadow Potion] and place them in the shop"s storage as well. Do not underestimate the low sale quantity of the potion, even though he was only selling a few stacks a day, the business is consistent. Eventually, it will pile up to a large fortune. However, with potions or not, the main reason he keeps the low valued sales up was to draw in more customers.

Zhang Yang opened the "Upgrade Shop" menu and deposited 100,000 gold coins before selecting "proceed".

"Ding! You are about to upgrade "Little Merchandize Shop" to level 2. This upgrade will cost you 100,000 gold coins."


"Ding! "Little Merchandize Shop" has been upgraded to level 2 Shop. Shop inventory has been increased to 2000! One additional floor has been added! The next upgrade would increase Shop Inventory to 3000 and an additional floor. The next upgrade would cost 500,000 gold coins!"


Ding! "Little Merchandize Shop" has been upgraded to level 3 Shop. Shop inventory has been increased to 3000! One additional floor has been added! The next upgrade would increase Shop Inventory to 4000 and an additional floor. The next upgrade would cost 1,000,000 gold coins!"

Again! Nah...just kidding. This would suffice for now. He only needed the space for [Solid Iron Bar]s. Zhang Yang will try his best to spend all his gold coins before he reaches level 50!

Before Zhang Yang left, he adjusted Natalia the shop keeper"s settings to only buy [Solid Iron Bar]s instead of [Iron Bar]s or [Iron Ore]s and increased the buying price from 0.85 gold coins each to 0.9 gold coins each. The small difference of 5 silver coins was enough to let many Mining profession players turn their ores to bars and sell them all to this little shop

[Solid Iron Bar]s were not for sale just yet. The demand in the market for [Iron Bar] itself was low. Most of the player would sell them in the auction house for only 2 gold coins per stack. Even so, these entries would go unsold and be promptly returned to their owners. The supplies for [Iron Bar] had far exceeded the market demands!

Along the rise of the average player"s level, ingredients and materials for [Beginner Iron Skin Potion] and [Beginner Power Potion] were beginning to surface. However, their quantity was only a handful. Still, it was enough for Zhang Yang to make 2 stacks each, totaling up to 800 bottles. Half of them were placed in the shop for sales, while the rest were stored in his inventory for the exploration of the Castle Interior Hardcore mode dungeon.

"Little Yang! Big new! BIG NEWS!" Fatty Han suddenly yelled through the private messaging service.

"What"s up? Did you get dumped again?"

"F*ck you! I saw the news this morning! The guild called Imperial Sky were the first to kill the 3rd boss in the castle interior Hardcore mode!"

"Oh." said Zhang Yang. His eye brows twitched a little.

Imperial Sky...One Sword Stroke! The number one tank in the entirety of the China server in his past life!

He has finally showed up!

"Damn! Little Yang! Why are you so calm about this? We have yet to even set foot in the dungeon, and someone else is already on the brink of getting the First Clear!" Fatty Han screamed.

Zhang Yang had only known One Sword Stroke when he was around level 50. Only then did One Sword Stroke had built up his fame from a small province to the entire China! His skill as a tank was on a professional level! His PK skills were as formidable! He had brought a battle team call "Sky Ocean Electronics" to the S-level Professional League and became the best S-level battle team in the entire China!

"It"s good to have some sort of a competition now and then. It"s not wise to have all the spotlights on us the whole time!" Zhang Yang laughed it off.

Fatty Han grumbled before he spoke coherently again. "So, when are we going to raid the Castle Interior?"

"These past few days have been really tiresome. Rest earlier tonight, we"ll raid the dungeon tomorrow night!"


Zhang Yang glanced at the system clock and saw that it was close to 6pm. Zhang Yang then logged out and went out to buy his dinner. Zhang Yang grabbed his wallet and found a single, lonely piece of 5-dollar bill inside. Other than the dust falling out, there was nothing else. Zhang Yang could not help but shake his head. "How ironic for a millionaire to only have a piece of 5 in his wallet!"

After Zhang Yang bought himself a packet rice, he was completely broke! He did not even have money for tomorrow"s breakfast!

"Looks like...I might have to wake up a little later than usual. Take it as marathon training! I shall run to the bank and withdraw money!" Zhang Yang thought of his solution while eating his dinner. After dinner, Zhang Yang logged into the game and met with everyone. They all did a run at the Garden area Hardcore mode dungeon and obtained a few Gray-Silver tier equipment, submitting them all at the Little Merchandize Shop. He even called up Daffodil Daydream and Endless Starlight to polish up their teamwork.

Zhang Yang offered invitations to the party to the both of them in raiding the Castle Interior Hardcore mode. Daffodil was a little hesitant, however, she accepted it eventually.

These days had put a toll on Zhang Yang, and since he had to wake up at 9am the next day, Zhang Yang retired earlier and went to bed.

Zhang Yang woke up the next day, turning around on his bed before he got up at around 7am.

He trained in his room for a little while and went out at 8am, heading for the bank. The little area where he lived did not have any banks or an A.T.M.s. To reach the nearest bank would take at least an hour of walking. Instead, Zhang Yang jogged a little and arrived at the bank in only 20 minutes. The bank only opens at 8.30am, and Zhang Yang had not realized that. When he entered the bank, he was surprised to see a whole crowd queuing up. The majority of them were there to pay their water bills, electric fees, gas, and etc. The whole lot was lined up like a long river. couldn"t be helped. He had to line up as well.

*Stomach grumbling*

He had not eaten anything in the morning. With the extra mile of running and exercising, his stomach was beginning to growl in hunger.

Tick tock the time went, before he finally managed to get his turn at the operator window aisle.

"Withdrawal? Or Deposit?" asked the female operator. The girl looked like she was only in her twenties. She was wearing a white formal top that was so tight, her purplish bra that held her breasts up was completely plastered to the fabric. Her short mini-skirt was coffee brown in color and revealed her long, exquisite legs, wrapped in half-transparent leggings, ending with high heels that covered her delicate feet. No matter how you looked at it, she was the most popular of all the office ladies there. It was a very seductive uniform.


The beautiful girl raised her chin up and studied Zhang Yang"s face. After noticing his extreme common appearance, he lost her interest and asked nonchalantly. "How much?"

"I"ll take 10,000 dollars please." Zhang Yang did not want to take much out, but 10,000 dollars could last him for a very long time.

The girl then took out a piece of equipment and handed it over to Zhang Yang. "Please key in your PIN."

Zhang Yang pulled the machine a little closer and keyed in his PIN. After the confirmation, Zhang Yang pushed the machine back and the girl took it. After a few seconds of processing, a screen flashed on her computer, revealing his details. The girl"s eyes bulged out like ping pong balls! She was surprised to see the numbers displayed on the screen!

350,000? 3,530,000!? What the hell!? She must be seeing things! The figure before her eyes was 35,300,000!

Impossible! No matter how she looked back at Zhang Yang, he only had the face of a commoner! How could he even have such a massive fortune!? No wonder they always said that it was silly to judge a book by its cover! Even some one as rich as Mark Zuckerberg only dressed plainly in public! The richer one became, the humbler he"ll be!

"Sir, please mind your cash, please check your change!" the girl immediately changed her tone from a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and into a kind, caring, descended angel kind of tone. She then pushed a receipt and the cash out through the glass opening.

Zhang Yang picked the stack up and flipped it over to count. He then found a piece of small paper behind the receipt that wrote "137-123456-78, Yan Fei Fei"

This was obviously her name and phone number. Zhang Yang was stunned and he gazed up and looked at the operator. He thought that perhaps his face had turned a lot more appealing ever since he was reborn again, was that why he could pick up any random chicks with just his looks?

Yan Fei Fei met his gaze and smiled softly, revealing only a hint of her pearl white teeth in between her soft supple lips. Even though her smile could not be compared to Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu"s charm, Yan Fei Fei"s charm was enough to send any unguarded man head over heels.

Zhang Yang had no intention to "start a bush fire in the amazon". He only returned her smile and left the counter with the money in his pocket. He had wanted to throw away the note immediately, but that would crush her heart into billions of pieces. Instead, to avoid devastating a maiden"s heart, he kept the note only to throw it away later. He was not interested in further developing a random encounter.


The piercing sound of a gunshot could be heard. Zhang Yang ears were ringing with the sudden loud blast. He lifted his head, only to see 3 huge men wearing black ski-masks that covered their entire faces, with only their eyes and mouth exposed. All three of them were armed; two of them were holding revolvers and one of them was wielding a double barreled shotgun!

Zhang Yang wheeled around to the exit and was shocked to see the security guard leaning against the door, with a pool of blood on the floor where he stood, and a huge gunshot wound in his chest. Blood was still oozing out from the wound but the man had already bite the dust with his eyes all rolled up.

"KYAAAAA" After a frozen moment of shocked silence, the people inside the bank had finally realized the horror that they were involved in and screamed from the top of their lungs.


Another shot was fired and everyone fell silent.

One of them robber went to the entrance and pulled down the shutters. Another one was holding his gun and aimed at the crowd. The last one screamed, "Silent! BE QUIET! We are here for money! Not your lives! If you"re not in our way, we"ll let you go off without a scratch! We are taking the bank"s money! The government"s money! So listen closely to what I"m saying now. Do not try to be a hero! Guns don"t kill people, this man will!" said the robber while pointing his thumb at his chest. "Don"t try to do anything funny or I will break my promise, eh!"

"Everyone! Hands over your heads! Sit at the benches there! Hah! See how nice I am? I know that you"re tired! Go on! Get a move on!"

The same guy shouted, "Heart Q! Take the manager to the bank"s vault!"

"Roger that!" replied one of the robbers. He then took out a few match box sized cubes and paste them against the door.


A loud bang was heard and iron plated shield door that was there to prevent robbers was blasted open, leaving a huge hole!

Behind the door was another layer of security, though it was only a wall of glass between the operator and the other side.

"Diamond J! Break that glass!"

"Yes boss!" said the robber that was called Diamond J with the shotgun in his hands.

"Stupid! I told you to use codenames!"

"Ahh right. Sorry! Spade K boss!"

The robber called Spade K must be the leader of these 3 robbers. He then shook his head and said, "Hurry up! We don"t have much time!"

"Understood! Spade K boss!" Diamond J then took out a clay-like lump of material, about the size of a match box and pasted them on the glass windows. Everyone behind the glass was screaming over as if they understood what was soon to follow. They scrambled further behind to escape.

BOOM! Ding...ding...

The bullet proof glass was then blasted into tiny fragments. Diamond J then took out a leather duffle bag and threw it inside the counter, pointing his gun at the staff. "Fill the bag with money!"

With their lives at point black range, the operators behind the counter did not dare to disobey the robbers. They frantically pulled out the drawers and threw the cash into the bag.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. To think that he would be involved in a robbery...what luck. The rate of him getting into a robbery was at least much much lower than him actually winning a million dollar lottery! Even though he was good at martial arts, however, he could not do anything! The opponents...had guns!

"Ehhh! This girl is super cute!" Diamond J cried out as he grab onto her hair and yanked it up. Yan Fei Fei immediately stood up in pain. The shotgun muzzle was pointed directly at her throat.

"Young lady...If you don"t want two brand new holes in your face, you better stop resisting!"