MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 159: Every cook praises his own broth

Chapter 159: Every cook praises his own broth

"Undead! Undead!" The White Jade City"s most powerful mage, who also happened to be the only god-class leader, Grand Magus Anthony Faylon had constantly been pacing back and forth ever since he received the report from Zhang Yang. With his two white eyebrows furrowed, he paced to and fro, for quite a while before he spoke again, "Warrior, thank you for bringing the news back to us! The alliance is now aware ahead of time that the undead have been planning something in the dark. Now, the alliance will not be caught by surprise! "

"Ding! You have completed the main quest: Report to Grand Magus Anthony Faylon!"

"Ding! You have acquired a system reward of 100 gold coins!"

"Ding! You have acquired a skill point!"

"Ding! You have acquired a reward, <Vitality Aura>!"

<Vitality Aura>! Not bad, it is different from Wei Yan Er"s <Strength Aura>. Because Aura skills cannot be stacked together, a higher level Aura will override a lower level Aura. If they are of the same level, only one aura will be effective!

"Warrior, I will see the Emperor immediately and expose the undead"s treacherous scheme to invade to the Empire! You ... must carry on your effort, I"m counting on you, young warrior!" Anthony Faylon praised Zhang Yang with nothing fancy but words, and departed from the Tower of the Mage.

Zhang Yang used his new skill point on his <Shield Wall>, decreasing the cool down of the skill from 7 minutes to 6.5 minutes. Then he took out the red-jacketed skill book for <Vitality Aura> from his backpack, pressed it against his body and learned the skill.

[Vitality Aura] (Level 1): Increases the vitality of team mates within the effective range by 4%. Aura range: 30 meters radius round from the caster. The effect last until the death of the caster or until it automatically vanishes. You can only activate one aura at a time.

Zhang Yang immediately activated his aura skill, and it spread out in golden light, forming a radius of about 30 meters circle. As the effect was gradually disappearing, he could see that above his head, there was a new sign of <Vitality Aura> beneficial effect, and the value of his HP was instantly increased from from 6380 to 6630.

This is awesome! With a full level 10 aura skill, the vitality enhancement will surely be multiplied several times over!

While Zhang Yang was leaving the Tower of the Mage, he took out the <Shadow of the Void> from his backpack. Since he had been rushing back from the dwarf"s castle, he did not care to look at the specification of the skill book, until now.

[Skill Book: Shadow of the Void]

Use: Teaches you the <Shadow of the Void>.

Required profession: Warrior, Knight, Thief, Hunter, Spellcaster, Priest

Required Level: 30


All 6 professions can learn the skill, so what use is putting this "Profession Required" list in the description then? Zhang Yang was laughing to himself while starting at the "locked" word with both of his sparkling eyes, knowing that only a very precious skill book would be locked or bound to the owner upon contact!

Zhang Yang immediately tap the skill book of <Shadow of the Void> onto his body and had the skill learned.

[Shadow of the Void]: You have disengaged from battle mode and entered a different realm! Since you"re in a different realm, you cannot see any living being; others cannot see or attack you! Your movement speed is increased by 100%! The performing of any actions or casting of any skills while under this effect will dispell this effect immediately. Last for 20 seconds. Cool down time: 10 minutes.

Another version of <Vanish> perhaps? Instantly, Zhang Yang had his mind picturing the use of the skill in multiple situations, such as: Dodging powerful skills of the boss, silently passing through a crowd of monsters without anyone"s notice, cutting off the head of an army"s leader in a chaotic situation, and also when participating an alliance battle, getting close to far away healers with minimal effort!

His face streamed with tears. Going through a difficult time of 21 days, he finally got a generous reward in exchange for his hardship!

Zhang Yang went to visit his warrior profession mentor, and from his exotic and charming instructor, he picked up 2 skills that were only eligible to a level 40 warrior: <Axe Mastery> and <Sacrifice>.

[Axe Mastery] (Passive): All attack is increased by 5% when an Axe-type weapon is equipped. Increases critical strike by 5%.

[Sacrifice]: Protects an ally, taking all damage done to the ally instead. Cool down time: 1 minute. Distance: 30 meters.

Riding his horse on these familiar roads, Zhang Yang had located the whereabouts of the identifier. Ever since the update of the latest version, the identifying shop has become one of the most gold consuming places in the game.

"Pak", the identifier placed the [Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] and the magnifying glass onto the table and said, "100 pieces of gold coins!"

"Sun of the beach, why don"t you just go rob someone!" Zhang Yang spoke very softly, but he still obediently handed out his 100 pieces of gold coins over to the identifier.

Rony revealed a sinister smile on his face, touching the [Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] here and there somewhat perversely. Suddenly, a dazzling stream of golden light flashed by, and the smooth intrinsic [Dragon Tooth Batte Axe] burst into a blinding light as if it belonged to an ancient god warrior, it was exceptionally divine!

There were also several players doing some identifying on their own equipment in the shop as well. They also tend to loiter around the area without bothering anyone ----- players do not have to worry about having their equipment being taken by others as the the system has been programmed to protect all items within the shop.

"Wow, was that a Yellow-Gold equipment?"

"You idiot or what, the only gang that actually defeated a Yellow-Gold boss and possesses Yellow-Gold equipment is the bunch of crazy-strong people from the Lone Desert Smoke! Does he look like a Zhan Yu to you? Or Hundred Shots, Slim and Handsome, or Endless Starlight?"

"F*ck me, how would I know when he does not have his name shown to the public!"

Zhang Yang could only smile gently, and took his [Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] back to check its attribute.

[Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] (Yellow-Golden, one handed axe)

Attack: 796-996

Attack interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS: 320

<Level 2 Socket 1>

<Level 2 Socket 2>

Equip: Increases your melee damage by 100 points.

Level required: 50

It was indeed a Yellow-Golden equipment, the additional special effect is very incredible!

Seeing Zhang Yang place the Dragon Tooth Battle Axe into his backpack, the players around were quite disappointed, everyone was trying to ask, "Brother, please publish the attributes of the weapon to the public!"

Zhang Yang took out a [Snake King"s Chest Plate] and handed it over to the NPC to identify, and he smiled, "That was nothing special, the color was just a little brighter than the others!"

"50 pieces of gold coins!" once again the identifier voiced out the cost.

This time around, the players around had heard it very clearly. Although they were different from Zhang Yang who has lived 2 lives, with the game being updated so many times, they had already caught on the the fact that the higher the grade of the item, the higher the cost will be to identify the item!

"Holy cow, that requires 50 pieces of gold coins! To identify a level 20 gray-silver equipment already cost me 20 pieces of gold! Could this be.... A level 50 gray-silver equipment?"

"Brother, could you be the boss of Lone Desert Smoke, Zhan Yu himself?"

"You look similar to him, a shield-bearing warrior!"

Zhang Yang paid the 50 pieces of gold coins made the deal to identify his [Snake King"s Chest Plate], then he smiled and said, "It was just my lucky day, I bought it from the Little Merchandize Shop!"

Speaking of which, he published the attributes of the [Snake King"s Chest Plate] to everyone around him.

[Snake King"s Chest Plate] (Gray-silver, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +20

Vitality: +120

Strength: +60

Agility: +60

<Level 2 Socket 1>

<Level 2 Socket 2>

Equip: Absorbs 200 damage in every hit received.

Required level: 50

"This is just too awesome!" The players around were shouting in excitement.

"The Little Merchandize Shop is sells such equipment?" one of the players asked.

Zhang Yang nodded, and he said, "I heard that the Little Merchandize Shop is being operated by Lone Desert Smoke?"

"Then it"s right!" another player clapped his hands once and said, "Not long ago the land lease was dominated by Zhan Yu, wasn"t it? This Little Merchandize Shop must be a shop that he bought with the land lease!"

"Let"s go, I"m definitely going to check it out, let"s see if I am lucky enough to grab some gray-silver equipment to show off in the guild!"

"I"m going too!"

So, the players around quickly kept their identified equipment and all of them hastily headed to the Little Merchandize Shop.

Zhang Yang grinned widely, it was a small act on his part, he was merely obeying the saying that every cook praises his own broth!

Only Gray-Silver equipment or higher will require to be identified, furthermore, only a handful of guilds can forge a Gray-Silver equipment at the moment! Therefore, those players who possess a Gray-Silver equipment are either elites in bigger guilds or they are just filthy rich!

The few players he met just now were obviously not from any bigger guilds around, because the guild names that were displayed above their head were in total mess. But these players are rich, they didn"t seem to have any shortage of money! Zhang Yang"s Little Merchandize Shop not only required a stream of small sales, but also required the support of rich players who were willing to spend extravagantly in his shop!

These rich players usually had friends around, so they would definitely share the news among each other. There was a saying that birds of a feather flock together, so basically a friend of a rich person would also be rich, and virtually, they would be doing free advertising for the Little Merchandize Shop!

Zhang Yang walked out of the identifying shop and summoned his [Skeleton War Horse]. Then he headed towards the Little Merchandize Shop. It had been days since he was last there, so he wondered what would have happened to his little shop!

His horse travels very fast, and in no time at all, he had reached the entrance of his little shop. Putting his horse back into his backpack, Zhang Yang walked up to the entrance of his shop. Natalia went up to him and bowed, greeting him, "Master, welcome back!"

With her upper body bent over, a great deal of her fair, soft breasts were revealed to the point where there was no way her garments would be permitted to drop a centimeter lower, instantly sending a few otakus around into nosebleed. The very edges of circles, slightly darker than the skin of her chest, were just beginning to show.

Zhang Yang walked into his shop to look at the accounts and the remaining stocks of his shop.

Initially he had deposited 100,000 gold coins for Natalia to perform some acquisition activities. It turned out that the start-up capital had no fallen or even remained where it was, but had increased by up to a total of 2,410,000 gold coins! It could be said that the average daily profit of the shop was about to 110,000! The situation amazed Zhang Yang beyond words!

The items that he sold were merely player-forged items that were usually auctioned. The idea was to take advantage of the people who were unwilling to commit too much to the game system, in order to earn about 5%-20% the value of the items in their hands when they sell it to the shop! But the inventory of the shop is limited, there is no way that this little shop could compete with the auction community. In comparison to the auction community, the earning of the Little Merchandize is just like a scrap to them!

But this scrap is about 110,000 pieces of gold coins and the daily profit, this... This game company is really earning like a bull on adrenaline!

Zhang Yang was somewhat puzzled as he looked through the inventory of his warehouse in the shop.

By the looks of it, he finally understood where this Little Merchandize Shop had been earning those gold coins from! Just when he was looking through the records, there were a dozen sets of herbs and ores sold, and then came a dozen sets of similar materials to replace the emptied slots.

But the sales for the first 10 days were obviously much higher than the sales for the last 10 days. The reason was simple: In the beginning, the shop had a few pieces of Gray-Silver equipment and a lot of bronze equipment to support the scene, and with these good things bought off, the number of customers visiting the shop had naturally declined. Players bought ores and herbs if they happened to pass by, because the price in the auction house and the price elsewhere would all be the same, so it didn"t matter where they bought it from.

Now that the good pieces of equipment had been sold out, the players who sought for equipment would naturally decline in numbers, and the side sales of herbs and ores would also decline.

It was a lucky thing that Zhang Yang had just returned with his backpack full of level 40 green-copper equipment!