MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 158: Quest Complete

Chapter 158: Quest Complete

As a Yellow-Gold boss, the equipment drop would not be any lesser. Moreover, it was the first clear for killing the boss, which in fact, was genuinely a big bang (news) for everyone!

There were already four pieces of Gold grade equipment, seven pieces of Silver grade equipment, seventeen pieces of Bronze grade equipment, and several Red and Green-ish skill books. Everyone was drooling just by looking at them!

"Golden fortune! Although the midget has grown out to be crooked, but the loots he left behind match the status of the Yellow-Golden boss!" Fatty Han was beamed with delight.

As the natural habit of Wei Yan Er, she always picked up the coins carefully from the floor first, before checking out the equipment drop.

Although Zac was a Yellow-Golden boss, there was no sign of any golden coins, only 92 pieces of silver coins, which after were equally dividing, gives each player only 11 pieces of silver coins, or maybe a little more for some of them.

[Harbinger Staff] (Yellow-Gold, Staff)

Magic damage: 1,340-1,540


Level required: 50

Looking at the terrifying magic damage value, everyone lost their cool, having smiles on their faces and took a breath in. This Level 50 equipment was worthy of the title of Yellow-Gold grade!

Han Ying Xue smiled and said, "Daffodil Daydream, you should keep the staff!"

Daffodil Daydream quickly shook her hands and said, "Honestly, I am eager to have the staff, but to challenge a Yellow-Gold boss side by side with you, that was way more than I can ask for! Besides, I have already taken a few pieces of fine equipment, I would feel sorry if I had it! Sister Snow, please have it!"

Han Ying Xue smiled again and said, "The staff requires Level 50 players to be eligible to equip it, according to a normal level up speed, it will take about 40 days to reach that level! In these days, it will be enough time to farm on this midget boss for a few rounds already!"

Daffodil Daydream insisted and shook her head, then she said, "The equipment might not drop every time as this was also a first clear reward; there might not even be a staff among the next time around!"

Zhang Yang interrupted and said, "How about this, the staff will belong to Little Snow for now! After the boss has respawned, we shall be back to repeat this, then the second staff will belong to Daffodil Daydream!"

Daffodil Daydream immediately nodded.

Zhang Yang was grinning deep down his heart, as long as this chick stayed with the gang, there would be no doubt about her becoming a member of his gang!

[Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] (Yellow-Gold, one-handed axe)

Attack: 796-996

Attack interval: 2.8 seconds

DPS (Damage per second): 320


Level required: 50

In comparison, the 310-362 damage output of the [Lover"s Sword] was overwhelmingly out of the picture!

"Axe! Axe!" Wei Yan Er shouted in her own excitement.

"Little sis, what are you so excited about? This is a one-handed weapon!" Zhang Yang laughed.

"Ah......" Wei Yen Er instantly dulled down.

Both Defenders and Guardians could use an axe, but Warriors had the <Axe Mastery> while Knights had the <Mace Mastery>. So long as the difference was not that bad, a player would generally choose their weapon of mastery.

There was no doubt that the [Dragon Tooth Battle Axe] would belong to Zhang Yang. But it was such a shame, he would need to get 9 more levels before he could equip it.

[Magician"s Brooch] (Yellow-Gold, accessory)

Use: Increase 700 magic damage, last for 10 seconds. Cool down: 3 minutes

Level required: 50

"Accessory!" The gang widened their eyes for a bit there.

The accessory with +2,000 armor that Zhang Yang had right now was categorized as a defensive type of equipment, and this [Magician"s Brooch] was an offensive type!

Daffodil Daydream insisted not to make any demand, and Han Ying Xue could only smile.

[Helm of Eternal Darkness] (Yellow-Golden, leather armor)

Defense: +24

Vitality: +240

Strength: +96

Agility: +96


Level required: 50

"Holy molly! It actually increases 240 points of vitality! With just one equipment, it could give 2,400 HP points! The defense value is also higher than the armor value!" Endless Starlight grew a pair of green eyes. As a tank, seeing a high vitality and high defense equipment triggered him to extend his arm towards the equipment!

"Starlight, do not taint Fatty Han"s helmet! Take your hands back to where they belong!" Fatty Han laughed.

Leather armors were naturally highly demanded among thieves and hunters. But in the end, with her 97 point strength, Sun Xin Yu pressed the two man down without saying a word and succeeded in securing the first Yellow-Gold leather armor in the China region server.

"A dog that bites does not bark!" Zhang Yang said it in a very low voice.

"Chiang!" with an incredible sense of hearing, Sun Xin Yu pulled half of her dagger out, coldly glanced at Zhang Yang, giving him a full warning through her eyes.

After seeing a bunch of Yellow-Gold equipment, the gang could not bring their spirit up anymore while looking at the Gray-Silver equipment, even when they were all top-tier equipment in the game at the moment!

"If we could have known earlier, we should have started with the Gray-Silver equipment!" Wei Yan Er spoke with a bitterly face.

Among the 7 Gray-Silver equipment, Zhang Yang took a piece of [Snake King"s Chest Plate], a heavy armor piece. As he could only equip it at Level 50, he simply threw the armor piece into his backpack, identifying it only after he returned.

There were 3 skill books, one being a <Poison Blade> for Thief profession, another one was a <Flame Chaser> for Spellcaster profession, and last but not least, was a <Mending Prayers> for Priest profession. After Han Ying Xue and the gang had divided the loots, they immediately tapped themselves to learn their respective skills.

Of course, Zhang Yang valued the skill <Mending Prayers> the most.

[Mending Prayers]: Cast a <Blessing> onto the target, when the target is being attacked, the target will instantly restore HP value equivalent to 200% of the magic damage of the caster. While the <Mending Prayers> is in effect, it will automatically switch its effect to the nearest teammate around the target. <Mending Prayers> can switch for 5 times, last for 30 seconds for every switch. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

This was a very powerful group spell, the instantaneous and fast cooling time made it a very commendatory skill!

Killing the boss would mean that they had completed the quest. After several consecutive days of high intensive grinding, the gang was both physically and mentally tired. Before that, there were still bosses and equipment around as their incentives, but now, they became too lazy, with the mentality of not wanting to clear monsters. So they just tore a [Teleportation Scroll] and headed back to White Jade Castle. First they had to turn over to the main quest for the reward, and then went back to the centaur camp for another quest reward. In that way, they could polish their centaur reputation and make some fine purchases from the Reputation Shopkeeper.

Although Daffodil Daydream and Endless Starlight did not have any quest on them at the moment, they planned to return to the city to repair their equipment and tidy up their backpacks before they tagged along with Han Ying Xue and the gang to get their reputation up as well.

Watching his gang leave one after another, Zhang Yang could not help but to curse them in silence for their lack of generosity. He was still carrying the "Dwarf"s warning" on him, which forbade him in using teleportation scrolls!

Helplessly, he could only charge into the monster crowd to kill himself, to be revived straight back at the cemetery.

"Ding! You are affected with the weak resurrection effect, all equipment durability received 50% additional damage, all attributes decreased by 90% , last for 10 minutes!"

Zhang Yang did not care much about it, there would not be any battle along the journey back to the centaur camp to purchase the [Fountain of the Souls] and rescue the dwarf back in Hammer Heart Castle. Summoning his [Skeletal War Horse], Zhang Yang saddled up and the high profile horse went out with a boom, heading straight to the centaur camp.

"Haha, noob tank, guess what I got for the reward?" Wei Yan Er suddenly screamed in excitement.

"...You turned over the main quest for its reward?"

"Yea, so quickly, take a guess!"

Zhang Yang had never completed the main quest, how would he know? So he spoke out of randomness, "A Yellow-Gold equipment?"

"Cheh, what a crappy equipment, with just a simple use and it will be gone, how is that worthy to be a reward for a main quest?" We Yan Er snorted a few times and said, "You"re such an idiot, noob tank, what kind of a beta testing player are you -"

"Say it now, and don"t have a long winded-tongue like Snow Witch!"

"Silly Yu, what did you just say!?" Han Ying Xue was enraged. Because Wei Yan Er and Zhang Yang were using the party channel, of course Han Ying Xue would overhear the conversation between two of them.

Wei Yan Er smiled for a while, and then she said, "Alright, I will tell you then. The quest reward is 100 gold coins, 1 skill point, and a skill book <Strength Aura>! This is so annoying! When have I ever become barbarous?!"

"Aura?" Zhang Yang repeated and said, "You learned an aura skill?"

"Yea! Activating it will increase 2% strength of the target teammates that are within a radius of 30 meters area! But it feels weird, the aura skill level is just Level 1, but I cannot increase it with my skill point!"

Holy cow, the reward for the main quest is actually awesome, they actually gave a skill book that teaches aura skills! Zhang Yang smiled with joy, "The level of Aura skill cannot be increased with skill points, but with [Aura Stone]! And please don"t ask me where can you buy it from, an [Aura Stone] can only be dropped from a boss, so take it slow!"

Wei Yan Er shorted again, and then she kept silent after that. Then, Han Ying Xue, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han had also turned over for their quest reward, and they received an aura skill book as reward as well!

However, this reward was obviously correlated with professions of the players, as both Hundred Shots and Fatty Han received <Companion Aura> while Han Ying Xue received <Life Aura>.

[Companion Aura]: Affects the teammates within the aura"s effective range to increase their pet"s attack by 3%. Aura range: 30 meters radius round from the caster. The effect lasts until the death of the caster or until it automatically vanishes. You can only activate one aura at a time.

[Life Aura]: Affects the teammates within the aura effective range to increase recovery of HP by 3% when they heal. Aura range: 30 meters radius round from the caster. The effect lasts until the death of the caster or until it automatically vanishes. You can only activate one aura at a time.

According to these occurrence, will he also get <Strength Aura>? But, the difference in the professions might affect him in getting a different Aura skill as the reward.

While Zhang Yang was deep in his thoughts, he hustled his horse to go faster as he wanted to conclude his quest as soon as possible so that he could return back to the main city to turn in for the main quest. He was very eager to see what kind of Aura skill he would get as the reward.

Dashing wildly on his horse, Zhang Yang reached the settlement of the centaur. He rushed straight into the wooden house of Maya Kukulo.

"Human, you are too brave, too powerful! You have kept your promise to slay the Evil Sorcerer Zac! Hahaha, we will never have to be concerned with the invasion by the undead! Human, the centaur tribe of the Kukulo will forever be your friend!" Maya Kukulo thanked him with excitement.

"Ding! You have completed the quest: Protect the Sacred Ground, acquired 100,000 experience points, centaur reputation +1,000!"

"Ding! Congratulation, you have reached Worship in centaur reputation!"

"Ding! You have acquired an achievement: Warrior of the Centaur! You have acquired the title: Warrior of the Centaur!"

No reward?

It was probably because the quest is linked with the "Rescue the Dwarf" quest, so the reward should come from the dwarves!

Zhang Yang visited the reputation shop and purchased a [Blast Wave] skill book and a bottle of the sacred water.

[Blast Wave]: Unleash a shock wave out front in a conical area, all targets within range will receive a damage equivalent to 100% of the strength value, and stun all the targets for 4 seconds! Required: Melee weapon. Consume: 20 rage points. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Although the damage based on strength value was a little lower, but this skill was very effective in crowd control! Stun the crowd for 4 seconds was actually very terrifying!

After sorting out every items he wanted to purchase, there was nothing left for him to stay here. So Zhang Yang summoned his [Skeletal War Horse] and rode out for Hammer Heart Castle.

Another 20 minutes had passed, and Zhang Yang arrived at the Hammer Heart Castle.

"Human, you have finally returned!" Markan looked at Zhang Yang, and straight into business, he asked, "Have you obtained the sacred water from the [Fountain of the Souls]?"

"Yes, I did!" Zhang Yang took out the bottle of sacred water and passed it to Markan.

"Good, very good indeed! I can sense the pure energy hidden within the sacred water!" Markan drew out a breath of relief, "Human, if you return just a little later, Sith would not have made it! Thank the God of Titans!"

F*ck, even if it was 10 days later, the outcome would still be the same. The quest did not specify a fixed duration of time, a delay of one full year would not be a problem either! It was just that in S-rank quests, there would be a quest score. A delay of 1 year would definitely leave a "very bad" comment; the lowest of the lowest score of all!

Zhang Yang followed Markan to the 3rd floor and entered Sith"s room. A priest of the dwarves was standing right beside the bed, continuously channeling exorcism spells into Sith"s body to resist the erosion of the spirit of Terpot Ryhar.

"Sir Markan!" The priest stopped his chanting and gave Markan a sign of respect.

Markan slightly nodded and said, "Palatine, you have had a long day!" He then took out the bottle of the sacred water and poured it into Sith"s mouth.

"Argh!" a scream full of misery and suffering suddenly came right out from Sith"s body, followed by a dark skeleton floating out of the dwarf"s body, it turned out to be a reflection of Terpot Ryhar, "No! No! This is impossible! Argh!"

A stream of green lively light gushed out from Sith"s body, instantly erasing the dark skeleton out of its existence, clean and clear.

"Phew!" Sith sat up suddenly, and he looked around, left and right, having a confused expression on his face, "Sir Markan, Palatine, why are you here?"

"Sith, you are well again?"

"I... I remember now! When I took up the sacred relic [Bow of the Fallen Moon], I felt an evil force entering itself into my body! Now... I am fully well!" Sith got off the bed.

"Sith, you should thank him, our respectful human friend! He did not just bring back our sacred relic, but he also saved your live!" Markan pointed at Zhang Yang while he was speaking.

Sith immediately bowed down to Zhang Yang and said, "Thank you, my friend!"

"Ding! You have completed the quest: Fountain of the Souls, acquired 10,0000 experience points! Duration of the quest: 21 days. Quest Score: Perfect!"

"Ding! You have acquired the reward <Shadow of the Void>!"

"Ding! "Dwarf"s Warning" has been lifted from you!"

At last! Zhang Yang drew a long breath, it was this piece of junk that caused him to not be able to return to the main cities for 21 days!

Ignoring what <Shadow of the Void> was and casting it aside into the backpack, Zhang Yang immediately tore a [Teleportation Scroll]; never again would he want to strike any deal with this bunch of dwarves, ever again!

10 seconds later, with a blur in front of his eyes, he found himself appearing at the teleportation site of White Jade City.

Back! Back at last!

Zhang Yang summoned his [Skeletal War Horse] and hastily rushed all the way to the middle of the city searching for Grand Magus Anthony Faylon to turn over to his main quest for his long awaited reward.