MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 157: Killing a Yellow-Gold boss

Chapter 157: Killing a Yellow-Gold boss

Zac raised his long staff up above his head, and a magic array immediately emerged from just beneath his head.

<Crash Magic>!


Zhang Yang shook his head a couple times as the chanting could not be interrupted. What kind of devilish <Crash Magic> is this?!

The chanting time for that skill was really short, as it only took 2 seconds before a dark light instantly burst out from the staff, radiating towards all directions.


For the first time in the attack, a numerical value appeared right on top of Zhang Yang"s head.




As the dark light emitted through, the other gang members also received a damage of up to 2,500 points! Only Endless Starlight, a Knight tank, received the least damage, taking only 1,875 points.

"Ding! Zac has unleashed <Shadow Burst>!"

Zac had already begun his chanting for <Shadow Burst> while the voice announcement was made in the system.

"Stupid boss, this is god damn tiring!" Han Ying Xue was provoked to the point that she was shouting; it was totally causing her lots of trouble! <Holy Prayers> could only heal Zhang Yang for 2,000 HP, while healing others for 500 HP. It was so insignificant to even look at!

"-2,000!" "-2,500!" "-2,500!"

Zac used another <Shadow Burst> to cause a massive area of splash attack, and then... another <Shadow Burst>. It seemed that the boss would not stop until everyone is dead!

Wei Yan Er started to cry very loudly, "This stupid boss is shamelessly strong, how are we going to fight this?"

Actually, a boss with this amount of HP such as Zac that only triggered their AOE (Area Of Effect) skills indefinitely was considered easy already! The upcoming bosses in the field would be equipped with aura skills. Once the players were within the effective radius of the skills, they will lose their HP like wild gooses! It will also mean that they will lose a lot of firepower! It will become a battle that required thousands of players, having one wave after another of the players to sacrifice themselves in exchange for a few thousands of damage dealt on the boss, using the advantage of numbers and time to wear the bosses down to their demise!

It was just like in his previous life when Zhang Yang was battling a big boss to compete an Inheritance quest. It came with a <Flame Aura>, scorching all players who were within 30 meter radius of the area with 5,000 damage per second! Normal players would just die burning within 10 seconds within the effective area, and the boss did not have to activate any other skills!

What should I do? Zhang Yang quietly asked himself.

"Snow, give up on the others and use your <Healing Bond> on me!" Zhang Yang had finally made a decisive call.

[Healing Bond]: Heal both the caster and the target at the same time. Recover 100% HP based on magic attack. Cast time: 1 second, Cool down time: 1 second.

Priests were known to be good in group healing. With the appearance of healing skills such as <Healing Shower> and <Fountain of Light> in the near future, the healing capability of a Priest could reach their healing up to 10 or 20 players at a time, but a Level 40 priest only had <Healing Bond> to stick with.

Han Ying Xue"s magic output was around 1,000, with a continuous spam of <Healing Bond> onto Zhang Yang and some healing skill, while casting a <Holy Shield> on herself, she should never die. And Zhang Yang had a passive skill of 20% of damage reduction, so they might just hold on long enough till the end as long as <Healing Bond> and some <Heal> were in play!

The only disadvantage was the incredible consumption of Mana Points of <Healing Bond>, can they really last until finishing the boss?

This was the spirit of the Warriors breaking their wrist! It was not that they did not care for their own hands, but they cherished their own lives even more! To keep everyone alive would only end up dying together, but maintaining Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue alive in the battle still provided them a glimpse of hope in defeating the boss!

It was really easy for Han Ying Xue to understand with her level of intelligence, so she immediately gave up healing the others and focused only on healing Zhang Yang and herself, then she would cast the <Healing Bond> afterwards.

"Hey sis! Give me a <Heal> please!" Wei Yan Er was already at the bottom of her HP bar. With both of her teary eyes, she tried for Han Ying Xue"s sympathy, "Sis, you are flesh and bones to me, you can"t leave me to die!"

"It"s cousin!" Han Ying Xue quickly corrected.

"Wow, Han Ying Xue, you dates-before-sisterhood b*tch! I want to unfriend you!" Wei Yan Er went raging about.

Others had also understood that the armor of the boss was just too high. Under the impression of damage output, it should be Zhang Yang who had <Cripple Defense> and <Eagle Eye> at the same time that was without a doubt, the strongest attacker among them! Furthermore, he also possessed many live-saving skills that made him the strongest survivor among the others!

Everyone was trying their best to deal as much damage as possible before they met their demise, with only one goal, to ease the stress for Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue!

"Ding! Player Daffodil Daydream has deceased!"

It did not take long for Daffodil Daydream to pass out, followed by Wei Yan Er, Hundered Shots, and Fatty Han, all to fall short of the battle. Sun Xin Yu managed to perform a well-timed <Vanish>, buying her an extra 3-second to deal a little more damage before she fell. The last one to fall was Endless Starlight, after using up his <Sacred Protection> and <Sacred Heal>, he fell down to the ground, lying dead.

"Little Yang, pretty Snow, we are counting on you guys!"

"Do your best!"

"The first clear of Yellow-Gold boss is within our grasp!"

The gang were pumped to encourage Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue.

"Hmph! You treacherous pair of paramours!" Wei Yan Er pursed her lips in displeasure.

The boss was left with 400,000 HP, and Zhang Yang could deal about 1,000 damage in every second. If nothing would go wrong, they only needed to maintain the same pace for another 400 seconds to secure their final victory! But the problem was, could Han Ying Xue"s mana hold on for that long?

With Han Ying Xue having <Heart of Light>, the mana consumption for all healing skills were reduced by 75%, but casting group magic consumed quite a large amount of mana. There might not be a problem for her to hold for 4 to 5 minutes, but 400 seconds was about nearly seven minutes!

"Reserve the shield for your own use, and heal yourself later, I will activate every single one of my life-saving skills once, that way I can strive to activate them later for more than a few times!" Zhang Yang said to Han Ying Xue. The more frequent he could activate his skills, the more Han Ying Xue could save up on her Mana Points for later use.

<Berserker"s Heal>, shoof, recovering to full health, bought a six-second gap. Activating the special effect of the [Lover"s Sword] recovered another 4,000 HP, prolonging another 4 seconds. Activating <Shadow of Merlinda> gave another 10 seconds! Activating <Shield Wall>, another buff of 10 seconds!

And there was also red potions and the ring"s <Lifesteal> effect, adding up to a sum of 5,600 HP recovery within 2 minutes, which was not much lesser than what <Berserker"s Heal> could offer!

18%, 15%, 11%... The boss" HP bar was depleting, and the Han Ying Xue"s mana was too!

The outcome of this battle will be based on whether Zhang Yang could kill the boss first, or Han Ying Xue finishes her last drop of mana, leaving both of them vulnerable die by the boss!

8%, 6%, 3%!

Han Ying Xue had used up all her mana about 2 seconds ago, but luckily the cooldown for blue potion had been refreshed! She consumed a grade 1 Mana Potion, swezz, gaining 1,000 mana points as a bonus!

It was the key to ensure their victory!



With a <Healing Bond> in play again, both Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue received an abundance of green healing values over their heads.


"You"re almost there!"

"Noob tank, why haven"t you killed the boss yet? I despise you!"

"Zhan Yu, just a little more!"

"Little Snow, hold on!"

Victory was upon them, everyone could not resist their urge to scream and shout.


"Slash! With your full might! Forget about me, just get rid of him!"

"We"re about to win!"

"The first clear of Yellow-Gold boss, here we come!"

"Hahaha, we are the best!"







"We did it!"

"Ding! You and your party have slain the Evil Necromacer Zac, acquired 1,000,050 Experience Points (50 reward points for team effort)"

"Ding! You and your party have completed the "First Clear" of the Yellow-Gold boss, this result will be recorded in the Glorious Achievement List! As the party leader, please key in your team name, for the world to praise!"

"Ding, you have competed the main quest: Final Blow! Automatically redirect to new quest: Report back to Grand Magus Anthony Faylon. Hustle back to White Jade City to claim your reward!"

Pak! The midget body of Zac made a turn around and fell onto the icy-cold ground facing up to the sky. The fiery red staff on his hands fell off afar.

Phew! Zhang Yang took breath of relief, they managed to pull this off because of his high damage output and Han Ying Xue"s large healing capability. If it was up to others, they would not have held on for such a long period of time! Even if they could have held on for so long, they would not have enough fire power (damage output) to put down the boss for good!

Zhang Yang conveniently entered the name "Lone Desert Smoke" into the entry box and selected the confirm button, allowing the server to begin making the announcement.

"Server Announcement: The Lonely Desert Smoke has succeeded in acquiring "First Clear" for killing Yellow-Gold boss Zac. This great deed will be registered onto the Glorious-deed list (China Region)."

"Server Announcement: Player Zhan Yu (Leader) has succeeded in acquiring "First Clear" for killing Yellow-Gold boss Zac, acquired server reward 10 gold coins, luck attribute +1, All alliance reputation increased by 500 points!"

"Server Announcement: Player Endless Starlight (member) has succeeded....."

Every corner of the global channel was full of server announcements in red, and once again that shook every single player in the China region!

"So what"s the situation now? A Yellow-Gold boss?"

"You must be joking!"

"No wonder the Lone Desert Smoke had not been exploiting the Death Mode of the dungeons lately, so this is what they have been up to, killing a Yellow-Gold boss!"

"That"s right! The castle interior is full of only Gray-Silver bosses, if it"s up to me, I would have went straight for the Yellow-Gold boss as well!"

"I"m so envious now! I wonder what kind of equipment will a Yellow-Gold boss drop out?"

"Brother Zhan Yu, I am currently 28, as beautiful as the flowers, with an exotic body, pure as a virgin, please take me!"

"Pure as a virgin? That means no more a virgin then?"

"Didn"t you hear I am currently 28? It is really super hard to find a virgin nowadays, you can find one in the nursery school!"

"F*ck, this is totally out of topic!"


Han Ying Xue started to revive the gang one after another. The gang were so agitated after their revival!

This was the first clear for killing a Yellow-Gold boss!

Noticing Sun Xin Yu staring at him by a quick glance, Zhang Yang smiled, "If you are very excited to the point that you are thinking of giving me a hug, just come at me!"

The moment he finished his words, a shadow instantly flew into his arms, clinging to him very tightly.

Zhang Yang quickly said, "I was not talking to you! Argh!"

It was Endless Starlight, with tears streaming down his face, crying, "Zhan Yu, I"m so excited right now!"

"... I can see that!"

"Am I becoming famous now?"

"... Most probably!"

"Then my dream of creating a harem environment is finally becoming possible now!" Endless Starlight was sobbing too much to speak.

"... F*ck off!"

"The loot, the loot!" Wei Yan Er did not care so much whether she would become famous or not, but what she loved the most was the looting.