MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 156: Engaging Zac

Chapter 156: Engaging Zac

"Oh oh oh, what a bunch of puny souls! To be able to take out my darling, it seems that I have underestimated you!" Zac descended straight from the air, with only a wave of his staff, he landed softly on the ground.

He grinned and revealed two rows of yellowish teeth and said: "Since you murdered my darling, then I shall pull out all your bones and make a new darling!"

While he was all having the conversation, Han Ying Xue has seized the opportunity to heal everyone with recovery skills, activating <Holy Prayers> and <Healing Bond>, trying her best to fill up every single one of their HP bars.

Zhang Yang did not charge forward immediately, because that was most probably the introductory remark made by the boss, which provided the gang some precious gap of time to recover their stance for the coming battle. Charging blindly into hitting the boss would only result in provoking the boss to instantly initiate his attacks!

However, this introductory remark was just too short for them, after a few arrogant words coming from Zac, he aimed his staff right at Endless Starlight. In his aggro list, although everyone was having the same value that was zero, but because they were affected by the gigantic skeleton monster, his primary target that he locked on at the moment was Endless Starlight.

Shoof! Zhang Yang used <Charge> to tackle himself into the boss.


Slashing through with his sword, Zhang Yang was left breathless wondering how thick of a skin does the boss have!



Clashing with a <Destructive Smash> followed with a <Horizontal Sweep>, he swiftly completed accumulating his first round of the aggro value.

Zac suddenly went raging, switching his target onto Zhang Yang and started chanting his spell.

Naturally, Sun Xin Yu and the others rounded up on the boss and unleashed their attacks as their first move.



Although Sun Xin Yu scratched deep with her dual daggers, but the two hits could only do insignificant damage value! Bear in mind that Sun Xin Yu was equipped with a Level 40 dagger, and her main weapon could deal an average damage of 600, give or take. But she could only deal an insignificant damage of 89, and her secondary weapon attack could even barely scratch the surface of the armor!

So how thick of a skin does the boss actually have?

Although the skills of most of the thieves had the attribute to ignore defenses, and the attack value was also much higher than ordinary attacks leaving the effect of the amour to minimal, the mana value was still limited! The ratio of normal attack indicated in white texts occupied a very large portion of the damage output of thieves!

Sun Xin Yu immediately made a demand on Zhang Yang, "Quickly, use <Cripple Defense>!"

Zhang Yang could not help himself but chuckle, to think that the cold icy queen would even beg him for a moment! Although Sun Xin Yu"s tone voice had a huge difference from what he had in mind, but Zhang Yang still treated it as her begging him, having his vanity greatly satisfied.

<Cripple Defense>! <Cripple Defense>! <Cripple Defense>! <Cripple Defense>! <Cripple Defense>!

Truth to be told, even if Sun Xin Yu did not request for it, Zhang Yang would have still smashed 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense> onto the boss with the goal to boost the damage output of the whole gang!



With 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense> in play, the damage output of the main weapon of Sun Xin Yu had soared so much higher than before, but the damage output of her secondary weapon was still not ideal. For an agile thief, the damage output of secondary weapons is not important, its main purpose was to be used for poisoning!

But it was still not enough for Sun Xin Yu, who was constantly craving to be the best! The secondary had also contributed a damage of 135 for every second that passed; a portion of damage that should not be taken lightly as well!

<Eagle Eye>! Sun Xin Yu silently thought about it, thinking that she must acquire that skill!

The higher the armor a monster had, the more it affected a weapon that attacks swiftly, especially to those agile Thieves. Equipped with two of the swiftest daggers in the whole of "God"s Miracles", the damage per second was not low at all, but the single attack was down to the definition of very low. Therefore, this profession class really needed a skill that could decrease the monster"s armor!

"Puny souls, give up on avoiding the inevitable, return yourself to womb of death! Only death is eternity, then there is immortality!" With a touch of his staff, he completed his <Shadow Arrow> spell and threw it straight onto Zhang Yang.


The attack damage of Zac was totally different from phase 1, with the damage output increasing by threefold!

"Oh oh oh, puny souls, can you feel death?" Zac could be categorized as a garbage-talk kind of a boss, going on with such nonsense!

"Argh!" Wei Yan Er wildly swung her weapon around and said, "I cannot take it anymore, let"s just slay this stupid boss and be done with this, or else we are going to be dead by his annoying words!"

"Oh oh oh, slay me you say? You puny bunch of people, trying to slay Zac the great? Dream on with your pathetic daydream! Let me, Zac the great tell you about greatness!" the boss waved his staff around and, bam, bam, bam, shooting one <Shadow Arrow> after another.

Zhang Yang could not help but smile, then he said, "This is indeed a Yellow-Gold boss, its AI is somewhat sketchy, and it reacts to players" emotion accordingly!"

A regular NPC would only react according to the script when it was triggered by events. If a player did not speak the keywords that triggered them, the NPC would just repeat, saying irrelevant words. Only NPCs with higher AI would react accordingly to any words from the players.

Fatty Han was pumped at the moment, so he said, "Hey shorty, ugly ass, come and get me!"

"An elf as fat as a pig? Oh oh oh, how could there be such a vulgar creature from the aristocratic tribe of the elves!" Zac rolled both of his eyes around, revealing a contempt look on his face, "Is it a boar pig that raped a female elf and gave birth to a half-bred bastard? Or some male elf forced himself down with a few hundred pounds of aphrodisiac to rape a female boar?"

This... is just outrageous!

The gang could not help themselves but to give a moment of silence for Fatty Han.

Fatty Han was surprised for a moment, with his face flushed into red soon, he shouted with rage, "You retarded f*ck face! You"re the bastard, you and all our family members are!"

Even a wretched person like Fatty Han himself suffered losses from the mouth of the boss, so the gang kept silent to avoid being cursed by this garbage-talk kind of boss. Channeling their rage into strength, they made haste on bringing down the HP bar of the boss.

98%, 96%, 94%... Due to the high armor of the boss, the total damage output of the gang which mostly consisted of physical damage was being brought down by a level of effectiveness!

Coupled with the boss"s bloody high HP, the percentage of the HP was decreased in a very slow manner.

"Puny souls, the time for games is over!" Zac pointed his staff at Zhang Yang and instantly shot a dark light that later shrouded him whole.

"Ding! You have received <Darkness Amplifying> effect, increase all damage by 100%, increase damage received by 50%, last for 10 seconds!"




Satisfying! Normal attacks exceeded a thousand, with <Horizontal Sweep> reaching about 3,000+ damage, and <Destructive Smash> was a lucky strike, dealing a critical damage that went beyond 9,000!

Staring at the damage he did, the gang was left without words.

Wei Yan Er quickly shouted, "Hey dwarf boss, hurry up and give me a <Darkness Amplifying> as well!"

"-4,813!" A swift land of a <Shadow Arrow> inflicted a very high damage value on Zhang Yang.

While having his damage multiplied many times over, the damaged received was also multiplied over many times. Although it could not take out Zhang Yang in one hit, but it was enough to make him suffer a lot!

But Han Ying Xue suffered a fate far worse, seizing the time of three seconds where the boss was chanting to cast shields and heal, maintaining Zhang Yang"s HP up above the safety line of 5,000.



Bam! The boss threw another <Shadow Arrow> at him.


The <Holy Shield> took precedence to absorb a damage of 20,00, but the attack still took Zhang Yang"s HP right off to less than 2,000.

The boss used a <Shadow Arrow> once in every 3 seconds, so only 3 shots could be released within the 10 seconds duration of the <Darkness Amplifying> effect! Zhang Yang made a decisive decision, activating his <Berserker"s Heal>.


A large green numerical value appeared right above his head, instantly gaining back his full health!

"Noob tank, you know you can consider to change your role to healer!" Wei Yan Er giggled.


During the duration of the <Darkness Amplifying> effect, the last <Shadow Arrow> hit right onto Zhang Yang.

Han Ying Xue healed in time, shoof shoof shoof, raising Zhang Yang"s HP and they finally made their way through a tough time.

"That almost had my heart out!" Han Ying Xue patted her plumping chest, sending her dual peaks constantly changing shapes and then restoring back to their initial shape, showing a surprising flexibility.

The waves of shaking boobs instantly sent the four men in the gang into a shock for a moment there.

Wei Yan Er looked at Han Ying Xue"s marvelous boobs with admiration, she did a duck face and said, "Be careful not to spoil them with your patting, sis!"

"Yan Er, are you trying to repeat your mistakes again? Please watch out as there might not be any dinner for you!"

Wei Yan Er showed no fear, so she said, "If you dare to starve me, I will call that Mr. Luo, I am sure he is very eager to treat us with dinner!"

Han Ying Xue lost her breath for a second, revealing her disgusted face, and she said, "Do not ever bring up that disgusting name of his in front of me!"

Zhang Yang recalled that he had heard the name before form the 2 ladies, so he asked, "Little sister, so what"s the deal with this Mr. Luo?"

"Cousin"s admirer! He started going after my cousin since high school, and then until the university time, my cousin has grown scared of him and hid in UK to study!" Wei Yan Er did not even blink or look at Han Ying Xue, and without the slightest hesitation, she betrayed her cousin"s secret to the public, "That Mr. Luo Yang Ming intended to pursue her to Cambridge, but luckily enough, the university refused to accept him because of his results. So he tried to solve his problem with money like he always does. So he ended up being expelled from the university, being blacklisted by Cambridge University! So he finally sneaked back to the country. That really had me laughing!"

"You b*tch, you"re so dead!" Han Ying Xue could not shut Wei Yan Er"s mouth, all she could do was threaten her with some nasty words from aside.

Wei Yan Er giggled, and she said, "Sister Sun, it seems like I will need to beg for dinner at your place tonight!"

"No problem!" Sun Xin Yu was always this straightforward.

As they were talking, the HP of the boss was decreasing. Zac had been using only <Shadow Arrow> and <Darkness Amplifying> all the time. The threat was great, but the pressure was only felt by the tanker and the healer, while the damage output gang was totally like chopping piles of woods, having no pressure on them!

90%, 80%, 70%... 40%, 30%, 20%!

"You damn souls, how can you all be still alive?! I am mad, I am really mad!" Zac spoke fiercely, revealing his impatient look on his face, "Then it is time for me to do this the serious way!"