MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 155: Gigantic Skeleton

Chapter 155: Gigantic Skeleton

Although she betrayed herself of her one week effort, but the joy of acquiring a servant put a great smile on Wei Yan Er"s face, and with a swoop, she summoned her servant out.

[Centaur Guard Antola] (Copper grade servant)

Level: 48

HP: 3,100

Under comparison, this servant was so much taller than Clear Lotus, with a long spear in his right arm, constantly having his upper body turning around, looking at the surroundings, appearing desperate for a fight.

"Little girl, what"s the damage output for this servant? What particular skill sets does he have?" Zhang Yang asked. The details of the servant"s attributes were only shown to their masters.

Wei Yan Er paused for a moment and said, "Melee damage range is in between 524-584. Attack interval is 3.6 seconds, damage per second is 154, and only one skill called <Force Strike>, effects similar to the Warrior"s!"

Zhang Yang nodded. The average attack of this servant was the same as a Level 48 player wearing a Level 40 Black-Steel tier equipment, it was still not as good as his Level 36 silver grade servant. Besides, it was much more inferior when in comparison to their skills, especially the <Substitute> skill; that was among the best!

As Wei Yan Er was busy with her new servant, Han Ying Xue took her place in touching the remaining loots from the boss.

[Sol Brave Chest Plate] (Gray-Silver armor)

Armor: +20

Vitality: +96

Strength: +48

Agility: +16


Required level: 40

This piece of equipment should be given to Wei Yan Er, to increase her maximum HP, stepping up every member of the main party to exceed the maximum HP of 5,000.

After salvaging the remaining seven to eight pieces of Green-Copper equipment, the party went through the long stone steps to the fifth floor, which was the final palace floor as well. Thinking that the final boss might be a Yellow-Gold boss, everyone was a little thrilled.

"If we can take out a Yellow-Gold rank boss, will it be announced in the system announcement?" Fatty Han spoke with his face showing that he had been longing for it. Ever since the "First Clear" in the Garden interior, it had been so long since his name was published on the system announcement. No wonder this swagger could not endure that loneliness inside him.

Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, "It should be, after all, no team has defeated any Yellow-Gold rank boss before, ever!"

Endless Starlight and Daffodil Daydream instantly had a shine in their eyes. For the two of them, at where they were right now, having their names well-known on the server was like a far-fetched dream to be fulfilled. But it seemed that in this one moment, that dream could be fulfilled, which led their hearts to jump very violently.

There were no monsters along the way, and the gang had arrived at the fifth floor of the palace in no time.

Compared to the fourth floor, the last floor looked more like an attic that was a 50 meters long square structure. In the middle of the attic, there was a gigantic skeleton structure, with a huge scythe in its right hand. In front of it was a very short person in a black robe, waving a wand, channeling some sort of pitch-black light into the body of that giant skeleton.

The person in the black robe was no taller than a meter, with the magic staff in his hand being way taller than he was, making it very uncomfortable to look at.

[Evil Necromacer Zac] (Yellow-Gold, undead)

Level: 50

HP: 2,000,000

Mana: 1,000,000

"It... It"s real.... A Yellow-Gold-tier boss!" the gang spoke in unity.

Endless Starlight was filled with tears all over his face, and said, "Not only have I defeated a Gray-Silver boss, but to also see a Yellow-Gold boss with my own eyes... No regrets! No regrets even to death!"

"Look at your unworthy face!" Fatty Han spoke with his scorned face, "Do not forget, how many beauties and pretty faces in the world are waiting for us to comfort them!"

"Hey, so what is the deal with that skeleton structure?" Wei Yan Er asked while pointing her fingers at the gigantic skeleton structure.

[Gigantic Experimental Skeleton] (Elite, undead)

Level: 50

HP: 0/1,000,000

"The game company will never place something useless like that in the game!" Zhang Yang frowned and said, "Something"s fishy about this! The skeleton might get up during battle!"

"How do we fight, then?"

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and said, "Starlight and I will draw the boss together, if the skeleton ever gets up, I will block that skeleton monster. Whichever monster has a higher attack, we kill it first! Starlight currently has the aggro ability and has his HP up high, dealing with a boss won"t be any issue for him!"

Endless Starlight instantly blushed, with endless excitement. Before meeting them, he had never seen a Gray-Silver boss before, what more a Yellow-Gold boss! Now that he actually had a chance to tank against a Yellow-Gold boss, it was naturally hard for him conceal his excitement.

"Little Snow, give Starlight a shield and let"s get a move on!" Zhang Yang said.

Han Ying Xue lifted her arm to instantly cast <Holy Shield> on Starlight.

Endless Starlight drew out his mace and shield, kept his emotion in check and said, "Let"s begin!" After saying it, he ran straight to the boss.

"Eh? The breath of a lively soul!" Zac had a vast aggro range, as he already noticed Starlight approaching from afar. He suddenly turned around, revealing a face full of wrinkles and pimples. Although the face looked dry and deflated, but it was still distinguishable that he was a human rather than a dwarf when he was still alive.

Chiang chiang chiang! The sound of the clashing metals rung, and an iron fence descended on the entrance, blocking the way out. It was pretty obvious that no player could leave the fifth floor now before the battle ended.

"Die you piece of dwarf!" Getting the rare chance to be the protagonist, Endless Starlight was caught in his moment of excitement, and with a wave, he threw his shield straight out.


What a high defense, <Shield Toss> could not do the trick in breaking the defenses!

Although Endless Starlight had an increasingly large amount of melee damage with a Level 40 weapon, the strength value only provided a fixed damage, which required accumulation of equipment pieces to enhance the damage output. Having approximately 190 strength, he could only stare and do nothing when encountering a boss with super high armor.

"Zhan Yu, what a high armor this boss has!" Endless Starlight exclaimed in shock.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "200 at the least!"

"Oh, oh, oh, just so it happens, I still need some souls to complete my darling!" Zac pointed his staff towards the ground, as he instantly floated into the air and landed onto the shoulder side of that skeleton structure. "My darling, open your eyes, it is time for a massacre!"


A kindle of greenish flame appeared within the gloomy eye sockets of the gigantic skeleton almost immediately. Klak klak klak, every bon of the structure was making the sound of bursting cracks! "+100,000" "+100,000", with the continuous appearance of green healing numerical value appearing above its head, the HP bar of the monster was recovering very swiftly!

The whole process did not even take a second, just half a second! Just in a blink of an eye, the gigantic skeleton was already in the state of full health. Even if Zhang Yang wanted to charge forward to use <Destructive Smash>, it was already too late!

"Owh..." the gigantic skeleton suddenly probed its skull forward and let out a burst of deafening roar.

"Oh oh oh, come and get a taste of my darling"s power!" Zac smiled viciously on the shoulder side of the skeleton and continued to say, "Darling, kill them! Kill all of the lively souls!"

Searching out with its arm, the gigantic skeleton picked up the scythe by the ground, with the front edge of the blade charging up with a bright red glow, emitting a horrifying breath of blood! It abruptly waved its scythe and gave a heavy slash at Endless Starlight who was charging at the front.

<Divine Shield>!

Endless Starlight immediately activated his skill. This was a similar skill as the Warrior"s <Block>, with the effect of increasing 50% rate to absorb one hit and deflect a holy damage equal to the strength value. Although it was not a 100% rate, it could be effective against all assault types. This was also why Defenders were more familiar in drawing magic type monsters.


Endless Starlight was lucky, that attack was successfully absorbed and caused a deflective damage of 192 to the gigantic skeleton.

However, the momentum of the attack from the gigantic skeleton was immense. Although it was successfully absorbed by Endless Starlight, but the remaining shock waves drove all melee combatants such as Zhang Yang and Sun Xiang Yu upside down.

<Strong Hammer>! <Justice Bash>! <Judgment>!

Endless Starlight entered the attack range, instantly unleashing a series of attacks onto the monster.

This was the advantage of Knights being a tank; the skills were fueled by the mana points rather than rage points, so as long as the skills were not on a cool down period, the player could create a huge aggro value in just an instant.

The gigantic skeleton stormed the stage with its incredible roar again, waving its scythe at Endless Starlight and sliced him.


A huge damage text appeared on Endless Starlight.

You would never know if you have never experienced it yourself. Without being a tank yourself, you would never know how strong the monster is! Endless Starlight was instantly shocked, and he said, "What a ferocious monster, the basic attack should be above 4,000 already!"

Zhang Yang regained his stance right after he fell, and he charged into the front line and clashed into the monster. Although the gigantic skeleton was just an elite, but it was equipped with immunity to control skills, therefore it was not affected by the stun effect of <Charge>.


With a swing of his sword, Zhang Yang estimated silently in his heart that the armor of the monster was about 300 or so, so he instantly prioritized to throw 5 stacks of <Cripple Defense> onto the monster. To avoid dispersing Endless Starlight"s aggro value, Zhang Yang had to keep his shield into his backpack. In this way, the passive skill <Shield Oath> immediately lost its role, so that his attack no longer gave him and additional 20% extra hatred.

"Head to the rear of the monster and unleash your damage, monster"s attacks have split and knock down effect!"

"Oh oh oh, puny souls, die!" Zac was shouting from above, from time to time, he would throw a <Shadow Arrow> down towards the gang, without any specific target, it was totally random. Every arrow brought about 1,000 damage, though the rate of the attack was not that high.

The gigantic skeleton suddenly issued a roar full of rage, storming its right foot onto the ground, and a radius of about five meters of black circle appeared beneath its leg, with countless skulls vaguely seen constantly emerging from the beneath ground.

"Ding! You have received <Decaying Abyss>, deals 1,000 shadow damage every 3 seconds, the effect will last until you leave the effective area of the Decaying Abyss!"

Endless Starlight was smart. He had already drew the gigantic skeleton towards the side even before Zhang Yang had to speak, so he left the effective area of the <Decaying Abyss> in time. But inevitably, all melee combatants that were still in the effective area had to suffer one time of 1,000 damage after 3 seconds had passed.

Han Ying Xue immediately cast <Healing> to every member, and she quickly threw any healing skills available at the moment onto Endless Starlight.

In just a few seconds, the gigantic skeleton stormed its foot onto the ground, once again unleashing <Decaying Abyss>, forcing Endless Starlight to corner of the sides.

The skill was activated on an extremely frequent rate, with the interval of not more than 10 seconds, which basically only gave the gang just a few short seconds to unleash their damage onto the monster in peace before they were forced to shift around.

Without much effort, the small area was almost occupied by circles of <Decaying Abyss>.

Zhang Yang became cautious, and said, "Starlight, don"t stray too far while dodging the <Decaying Abyss>, because they won"t disappear and if the battle is prolonged, there will not be a spot to dodge anymore!"

Endless Starlight immediately read the situation and said, "Understood!"

Pang, pang, pang! The gigantic skeleton gave the ground a consecutive storm, leaving one circle of abyss after another, in just a short moment, one third of the fifth floor area was occupied with circles of <Decaying Abyss>!

"The key to victory in this battle will be based on the damage output of each sides, we must take out the monster before it covers the whole area with <Decaying Abyss>, or it would be us who will suffer the horror of the abyss and die a horrible death!" Zhang Yang shouted, while summoning [Servant Clear Lotus] to increase their damage output. His initial intention was to reserve her until the boss battle, but her <Substitute> was just so convenient for him!

Wei Yan Er can only stare blankly as her servant had already exceed its time and vanished. To summon it again, player was required to wait for another 50 minutes!

Every single one of them had unleashed their skills with long cooldowns, trying their very best to take out the gigantic skeleton as swiftly as possible after hearing Zhang Yang. "Oh oh oh, Puny souls, I sense your fear! Wonderful, it is just wonderful, I just love preys with desperate helpless eyes, that"s the sensation that is limited only to killing!" Zac laughed continuously in a weird manner, without forgetting his role to throw a <Shadow Arrow> at the players in every few seconds.

90%, 80%, 70%!

The damaging output of the gang was not disappointing at all, but the skeleton monster had a very thick armor, even with five stacks of <Cripple Defense> that lowered 50% of its armor, there was still 150 points of armor left. It would largely affect the damage output of a dual-wielding profession class, especially [Servant Clear Lotus] who only caused 1 physical damage with her secondary weapon. She could only cause some descent damaging output with her primary weapon attack and her skills.

60%, 50%!

The breathing space of the fifth floor was getting smaller by the second, and the <Decaying Abyss> had shrouded more than half of the area, with the first abyss that was placed on the ground showing no sign of disappearing!

40%, 30%!

The breathing space for the gang continued to be reduced into the size of one to six of the original size of the fifth floor.

"Speed! Speed! Hit harder!" Zhang Yang cried out intensely.



The gang had to retreat for two or three more round!

7%! The gigantic skeleton had only 72,841 HP left.

There was no way to pull back anymore! Every one of them had been circled up around the foot of the monster as that was the only area that was not shrouded by the Decaying Abyss.

"Come together! I am activating <Vanguard"s Aggression>! Within this 10-second gap, it"s either him or us!" Zhang Yang shouted.

Pang! With another storm from the foot of the gigantic skeleton, another decaying abyss appeared!

Zhang Yang reequipped his shield, activated <Vanguard"s Aggression> covering the whole gang. At the same instant, he activated <Substitute>.





Although he used <Vanguard"s Aggression> which left him to receive double damage, his <Substitute> gave him a 5-second invincibility, making Zhang Yang able to hold up strong. The moment his invincibility faded, he was damaged with "-1,600", "-1,600" overtime. With a few skills in play, Han Ying Xue brought his HP back up.

60,000! 50,000! 40,000! 30,000!

The effect of <Vanguard"s Aggression> faded, leaving the team vulnerable to begin losing 1,000 HP as every second passed. However, the HP of the gigantic skeleton was emptied out, leaving it to shriek and turn into a bunch of bones, crumbling down to the ground!

At the same instant, all of the <Decaying Abyss> vanished without leaving a sign on their own!