MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 154: Centaur Guard

Chapter 154: Centaur Guard

"Yellow-Gold boss?"

The gang spluttered out in unison, hardly able to mask their excited expressions.

Zhang Yang nodded his head and said, "Kinglose Turk is already Level 48, so the final boss could be above Level 50! In general, the final boss is stronger so it is likely to be a Yellow-Gold boss!"

Han Ying Xue thought about it and said, "Like Cave of Bones, wasn"t there a few bosses at the front of the dungeon that were Green-Copper followed by the Gray-Silver boss appearing at the end?"

"Yes, it is!"

Yan Wei Er excitedly said, "Then will that boss drop a skeletal war horse?"

When players reach Level 40, they could buy mounts from the Mount Shop at the Capital. The mounts were just the normal generic mount where they could choose between white, brown or black colour horses. They could buy the mount at 10 gold coins only, so it was common that every player had a normal horse as a mount!

Besides, the horses sold in Mount Shop only increased movement speeds by 200%, unlike [Skeletal War Horse]"s 300% riding speed!

Although they had been killing Shurian many times, it still never dropped any [The Leash of Skeletal War Horse]. So, Yan Wei Er had been in great anticipation of the [Skeletal War Horse] since long ago!

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "I don"t know about that but if the final boss is Yellow-Gold boss, then it will be the first Yellow-Gold boss in China server, even for the global eight servers. So, it definitely will drop best items!"

"Let"s go, let"s kill ourselves a Yellow-Gold boss!" Yan Wei Er shouted with excitement.

Zhang Yang saw Yan Wei Er started stepping forward, he shook his head and sighed, "Evil Snow, is this little brat really suitable for trading in businesses? Aren"t you afraid that she will give the whole company to others on a whim?"

Han Ying Xue didn"t take offense at the nickname "Evil Snow". On the contrary, she quite liked it. When she saw Yan Wei Er putting out such behaviour, she also sighed and said, "Yan Er, don"t you want to loot boss" corpses?"

"Ah!" Yan Wei Er only recalled she had not yet looted the two boss" corpses, she hurriedly turned back and ran towards the boss" corpses and said, "Don"t fight! Don"t fight! The boss" corpses are mine!"

Daffodil Daydream laughed and said, "Yan Er is really funny!"

Yan Wei Er ignored the comment but looted Annie Balrum"s corpse first.

[Circlet of Sacrificial Abyss] (Gray-Silver, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +4

Vitality: +96

Intelligence: +48

Spirit: +16


Level Requirement: 40

"Amazing, so many Vitality points from this equipment!" Daffodil Daydream muttered. [Circlet of Sacrificial Abyss] was terrifying compared to her Level 30 Green-Copper helmet which added only 36 Vitality points!

Two people with Spellcaster classes demanded the loot together, this time it was Han Ying Xue"s turn to be luckier, and she won the roll.

[Ring of Honesty] (Gray-Silver, Ring)

Vitality: +20

Intelligence: +20


Level Requirement: 40

Note: Treasure of centaur race, gifted by Chateau Turk.

"Poor Chateau, you must find a good lover in your next lifetime!" Fatty Han pretended to be emphatic, when he read the note showed on the post of [Ring of Honesty]"s description.

"He had bad luck in finding women!" Endless Starlight started to response.

Daffodil Daydream immediately refuted, "As a woman, of course, we have the power to pursuit happiness!"

"Damn, Annie Balrum had an affair and she is still in the right?" Endless Starlight said immediately.

Daffodil Daydream stated drearily with a far-away look in her face, "Perhaps the evil Prince liked Annie due to her beauty and forced her to marry him!"

"Then what about her getting entwined with the King?" Hundred Shots also joined the discussion.

"Why should women have to submit to humiliation, do they deserve to be held down under your body?" Daffodil Daydream spoke loudly, "If any guy dares to force me and I could not fight against him, maybe I would also seduce another guy and make him a cuckold!"

Daffodil Daydream deserved to be called as "Fujoshi" as she dared to speak anything.

Instantly, the discussion reached a heated peak.

Yan Wei Er didn"t pay much attention to it and continued to loot Annie Balrum"s corpse.

[Recipe: Limitless Cape]

Use: You learn how to craft [Limitless Cape].

Requirement: Advance Tailoring

Again it"s Han Ying Xue and Daffodil Daydream. Both of them had Advanced Tailoring. Finally, Daffodil Daydream won the roll this time. After she had learnt the recipe, she posted [Limitless Cape]"s attributes.

[Limitless Cape] (Gray-Silver, Cape)

Vitality: +30

Strength: +20

Equipment: Absorbs 50 Damage value for every attack dealt.

Level Requirement: 50

True Justice set equipment for tanks had made an appearance!

Endless Starlight"s eyes shone immediately and said, "Sister Daffodil, you must craft one for me!"

Daffodil Daydream pursed her lip and said, "I will craft for anyone but not you!"

Zhang Yang also said, "If you could craft this cape, it could be sold at a good price at Auction House!"

"Really?" Daffodil Daydream asked dubiously, as absorbing 50 Damage value for every attack dealt did not seem much to her.

Zhang Yang laughed, "It is pretty mediocre for just one piece of equipment, but what if you gather into set equipment?"

Set equipment? Then it could actually absorb... 500 to 1000 Damage value already!

Hundred Shots said, "That"s mean, there will be a huge damage reduction set equipment in the future?"

"Yes!" Zhang Yang nodded and said, "After Level 50, True Justice set equipment for tanks will appear with additional high damage absorption attribute. Berserkers and Templars finally do not need to compete for the equipment against Guardians and Defenders anymore!"

"Hais, finally I can relax a little bit!" Han Ying Xue said with a feeling of relief.

Zhang Yang smiled secretly and said in his mind, if the tank equipped more damage reduction equipment, the stress from healer to heal tank would be lesser. But the bosses in the future would mostly use AoE skills, so healers would still have to work harder for the party!

He left the evil Snow to her happiness for a while and kept that information to himself.

They already picked up the good loots from Annie Balrum"s corpse and now Yan Wei Er went to loot Kinglose Turk"s corpse.

[Seal of the Empire] (Gray-Silver, Shield)

Defense: +400

Vitality: +160


Level Requirement: 40

"Wow, they actually used the seal to make as shield, it is so creative!" Fatty Han said happily.

Zhang Yang glanced at Endless Starlight who was looking at [Seal of the Empire] with a most hungry expression, smiled and said, "Starlight, take the shield!"

Endless Starlight immediately showed a grateful but in fearful expression and said: "How can that be the case, you are still using a Level 30 shield! Why don"t you take this [Seal of the Empire] and give the [Bones of the Chimera] to me!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Your current equipment is too rudimentary and shield is the best to increase defense and HP! With the hammer you looted earlier and this shield, you can stand alone in the future! I would not have to worry and I will be confidently able to leave the second team to you!"

Having said that, Zhang Yang gave up his roll.

Endless Starlight was touched and almost cried in tears, he sniffled and accepted the request. Endless Starlight equipped the shield solemnly and swore secretly that he would lead his own "second team" with distinction, in order to repay Zhang Yang"s trust!

"Silly Yu, not bad huh, wheedling people in that way to be loyal to you!" Han Ying Xue sent a private message to Zhang Yang.

This evil Snow had really seen through Zhang Yang"s mind and knew that he was trying to capture people loyalty! Zhang Yang replied her private message, "When did I wheedle you and make you loyal to me? According to my conscience, there is nothing between you and me!"

"Bastard!" Now only Han Ying Xue realized the sentence she used just now could had left much to the imagination. It could have been referring to others or even herself so Zhang Yang won this war of words.

After Endless Starlight equipped [Seal of the Empire], his Defense value increased to 430 which exceeded Zhang Yang"s Defense value! Besides, his HP also spiked up to more than 5,800, but it was still slightly lesser than Zhang Yang"s HP a little bit! His aggro ability had substantially gone up as well, as he had a Level 40 Gray-Silver weapon!

It was easy to beef up a tank before Level 50 as long as the tank had a good weapon and a good shield like now, he was just a step towards being a beefed up tank! After Level 50, tanks needed to search around for damage reduction equipment which would be a tiring process.

Zhang Yang nodded his head in satisfaction. The next time when they explore 5-man and 10-man dungeons, they could call out two teams at the same time! They could also go for 20-man, and even 50-man dungeon raids by combining two teams into one! However, to become a strong guild, two fast progressing teams were still not enough, they needed at least three to four fast progress teams before they could surpass the same level of hardcode mode dungeon teams.

We should develop slowly and surely, it is impossible that we would achieve that in the blink of an eye!

"Wa, I loot a good item!" Yan Wei Er yelled excitedly.

[Servant: Centaur Guard] (Copper-Tier Servant)

Use: Summons a Centaur Guard to fight for you and lasts for 5 minutes. Cool down time: 1 hour. You can only summon a servant at the same time. If you summon any servant then other servants will share the same cool down time.

Level Requirement: 40

"Little brat, it"s just a Copper-Tier Servant and you"re celebrating like that?" Zhang Yang laughed and said

"Tch, you won"t understand us because you already have a Silver-Tier Servant!" Yan Wei Er rolled her eyes at Zhang Yang, before she politely bowed to the gang and said, "Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, please give me this servant, thank you!"

Endless Starlight and Daffodil Daydream were the new members of the gang and they also obtained many good items from them, and were greatly satisfied, so they would not fight with Yan Wei Er for that servant. Yan Wei Er had always been highly favoured by the gang, so Sun Xing Yu, Fatty Han and Hundred Shots also gave up on their rolls.

Zhang Yang already had Silver-Tier Servant, so he would not fight for a Copper-Tier Servant as well. He gave up his roll as well.

But Han Ying Xue put up one of her fingers, showing it to Yan Wei Er and said, "One week worth of housework!"

Yan Wei Er immediately jumped up and said, "Han Ying Xue, you are fishing in dangerous waters, I"ll cut off ties with you!"

"Two weeks of housework!" Han Ying Xue put up two of her fingers.

"... One week!" Yan Wei Er gritted her teeth in silent fury.

"Deal!" Han Ying Xue gave up her roll.

This Copper-Tier Servant finally belonged to Yan Wei Er.