MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 153: Kill Them Both

Chapter 153: Kill Them Both

The battle went back and forth with Kinglose Turk continuously summoning the guards and the gang repeatedly slaying them all. Because Kinglose Turk summoned the guards so frequently, the gang had no time to focus fire on Kinglose Turk alone.

The overall damage for AoE skill was high but still weaker than a single hit damage, thus, Kinglose Turk"s HP dropped at a snail"s pace. The gang had to drag the battle without realizing it!

Luckily, Han Ying Xue had a great talent for healing and she was already an expert in MP before she reached Level 30. After she had gained <Divine Soul>, her healing power was further improved, which almost made her MP inexhaustible.

On the other side, [Shadow of Revenge]"s HP was high but Annie Balrum did decent damage, so [Shadow of Revenge]"s HP depleted rapidly. Han Ying Xue wanted to heal [Shadow of Revenge] but the system showed that it was invalid to cast spell towards the target, so she could only helplessly gaze at [Shadow of Revenge]"s HP dropping.

"Ha ha, Chateau, you useless crap, you were useless when you was living, you are also as useless in death!" Annie Balrum fired <Soul Burst> at [Shadow of Revenge] to destroy its last drop of HP and she wore a contemptuous expression.

After losing [Shadow of Revenge] who held the highest aggro, Annie immediately turned her target to Han Ying Xue because nobody had attacked her before and certainly Han Ying Xue, who performed mass healing would become her target as she held the highest aggro.

Zhang Yang had been keeping an eye on the other battle, so he hurriedly took out the quest spear from his inventory and selected it.

Suddenly, Chateau Turk"s soul appeared once again with full HP. The centaur prince immediately dashed towards Annie Balrum, raised his spear and roared, "B*tch, I"ll kill you!" It was the same action with the same dialogue as before.

Annie Balrum was stunned, and stopped attacking Han Ying Xue after she fired a single <Soul Burst> at Han Ying Xue. Annie Balrum turned around to deal [Shadow of Revenge], crying out, "Impossible! You are already dead! I just killed you, you are already dead!"

"B*tch, you betrayed me, you betrayed love and you even want to kill me now!" [Shadow of Revenge] roared with anger, "Go to hell!"

This pair of nominally couple started to fight once again.

90%, 80%, 70%... Kinglose Turk"s HP dropped slowly. He summoned the guards continuously and the gang cleared the summoned guards repeatedly in a cycle.

Poor Kinglose Turk had the esteemed title of being a boss, but was subjected to repeated AoE skills as if he was just another minion.

20%, 10%... 3%, 2%, 1%!

"No! No!" Kinglose Turk howled loudly in anguish and rage, clinging on to his life, "I"m the King of centaurs, I will dominate the world, the land is all mine! All the beauties are also mine! I"m immortal, I"m imm..."

Pa, the huge and tall body crashed down. This King had died hundreds of years ago but the evil sorcerer had used undead magic to resurrect him. Now, he faced death again.

"Ding! The party you are in has killed Kinglose Turk. Obtained 120,050 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!"

"It was really exhausting killing this old fellow, if not for him summoning so many minions, I suppose we would have killed him earlier!" Now only did Endless Starlight dare to discuss the strategy after killing Kinglose Turk.

"Kinglose..." Annie Balrum howled shrilly, countless black light surged from her body and eight dark stripes appeared on her beautiful face. It was another kind of sexy.

"Pa!" She threw another <Soul Burst> towards [Shadow of Revenge], instantly killing him, even when he still had about 40,000 HP!

"F*ck, after her father-in-law died, she releases her anger on her husband. This woman is really cruel!" Fatty Han shouted.

Another [Shadow of Revenge] was summoned again, shouting something among the lines of, "B*tch, I"ll kill you!" and dashed towards Annie Balrum. Before he could reach her, he was already slashed to pieces by Annie Balrum"s <Shadow Whip>!

"No need to summon anymore!" Zhang Yang rushed forward Annie Balrum, "Kinglose Turk has died and [Shadow of Revenge] is not useful anymore. The developer won"t let us defeat Annie Balrum so easily!"

If [Shadow of Revenge] could be used, then there would be no healing stress for the team because they could defeat Annie Balrum easily.

"What if we had hit Annie Balrum first?" Yan Wei Er blinked her eyes and asked.

"She may have been immune to damage probably had a full HP recovery ability before death, who knows?! Doesn"t matter anymore!" Zhang Yang continued rushing towards Annie Balrum and threw a chain of skills at her.

Han Ying Xue still held the highest aggro, so Annie Balrum totally ignored Zhang Yang. Annie Balrum cast <Dark Anguish>, <Touch of Weakness> and <Soul Decay>, three debuffs on Han Ying Xue, followed by <Soul Burst> and < Shadow Whip>. Many texts and debuffs floated above Han Ying Xue"s head.









Han Ying Xue had only about 4,300 HP so only had about 600 HP after being struck by Annie Balrum. She was petrified in fear and hurriedly cast <Holy Shield> while yelled at the same time, "Silly Yu, help me!"

Zhang Yang couldn"t help but laugh in his heart, looking at her somewhat comical predicament. He threw a <Vanguard"s Aggression> at Han Ying Xue and her received damage was reduced by 90% immediately!

As a result, Annie Balrum"s attacks towards Han Ying Xue were not harmful anymore and Han Ying Xue immediately casted healing spells, recovering her own HP to full!

Zhang Yang dared not take any chances and hurriedly summoned [Servant: Clear Lotus] to cause high damage output in order to hold the highest aggro! Otherwise, the effect of <Vanguard"s Aggression> would end after 10 seconds, and without any immunity and lifesaving skill, Han Ying Xue would not survive much longer.

8, 7, 6... 2, 1!

Ten seconds of <Vanguard"s Aggression> effect ended and the barrier shielded around Han Ying Xue disappeared immediately!

Han Ying Xue still held the highest aggro. Annie Balrum threw another <Soul Burst> towards Han Ying Xue and took out half of Han Ying Xue"s HP.


"Ah! Silly Yu, faster get your aggro, I"m going to die!" Han Ying Xue screamed.

Yan Wei Er rarely ever saw Han Ying Xue with such an embarrassing expression, she could not help but laughed along with Zhang Yang.


"<Destructive Smash> Critical Strike!"

After a high damage output, Annie Balrum had finally turned around and stared at Zhang Yang with her eyes full of grudge and anger: "Foreigners, you killed my beloved man, I want all of you buried together with my beloved man!"

"Damn, this shameless woman still dares to talk like that! How did the previous Prince and Queen deal with such a character?!" Endless Starlight muttered.

"Ding! You have received the effect of <Dark Anguish>. Receiving 500 Shadow Damage every 3 seconds for 18 seconds!"

"Ding! You have received the effect of <Touch of Weakness>. All your attacks and healing effect will be reduced by 5% for 1 minute!"

"Ding! You have received the effect of <Soul Decay>. Receiving 300 Shadow Damage every 2 seconds for 24 seconds!"

A chain of system alerts flooded his log, and a row of debuffs appeared above Zhang Yang"s head. His body was surrounded by black colour air which was the same as Han Ying Xue.

Luckily Zhang Yang had regained the aggro in time!

"Ding! Annie Balrum has released <Soul Burst>!"


Another damage text floated across Zhang Yang"s head once again. Annie Balrum"s <Soul Burst> was instantaneous and had high damage value. Luckily it needed 6 seconds of cool down time. Otherwise, Zhang Yang would not withstand a <Soul Burst> coming at him every second!

"Ding! Annie Balrum is channeling <Shadow Whip>. Dealing 1,000 Shadow Damage every second for 3 seconds!"

Annie Balrum wielded her wand, a ray of black light instantly twined around Zhang Yang"s body and "-640" damage text floated across his head every second.

"<Crash Magic>!"


Zhang Yang was unable to interrupt Annie Balrum"s casting and took its damage!

"Sis, let me avenge you!" Yan Wei Er shouted and whirled her weapon, stabbing the back of Annie Balrum which caused a chain of attacks, thus, many damage texts appeared across Annie Balrum"s head.

"Little brat, weren"t you laughing happily just now?" Han Ying Xue said angrily.

Yan Wei Er smiled and said, "No, that must have been your imagination!"

The gang started to deal damage forcefully and hacked away at Annie Balrum.

Although Annie Balrum had cast many skills, the damage value was not horrible. Her DPS was just about 1,200, but it was still higher than Han Ying Xue"s healing value. However, Zhang Yang could use lifesaving skills! These were the differences between a tank and a healer!

If they dragged the battling time any longer then Zhang Yang"s skills" cool down time would not be enough. Annie Balrum"s HP was only about 900,000, with the team"s DPS at above 5,000 and Annie Balrum could not last for more than 3 minutes! Zhang Yang started a chain of attack with <Berserker"s Heal> followed by the Lover"s Sword life steal effect, [Shadow of Merlinda], and <Shield Wall> which outlasted Annie Balrum.

"No... No!" Annie Balrum yelled madly before dying, "I cannot die! I"m the prettiest centaur, the Queen of centaurs, I cannot die..."


Annie Balrum crashed down.

"Ding! The party you are in has killed Annie Balrum. Obtained 117,550 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!"

"Ding! You have completed the quest: Kill Them Both. Gained 100,000 EXP!"

"Yes, we did it!" Endless Starlight and Daffodil Daydream got excited and jumped up.

Hang Ying Xue and the usual party members showed dull expression as they already killed a lot of Gray-Silver bosses so they were not excited at all.

"Sigh, they are all Gray-Silvers, why don"t they release a few Yellow-Gold bosses for us to kill?!" Fatty Han sighed.

"Yes, yes, yes, I want Yellow-Gold items!" Yan Wei Er eyes shone.

Thanks to the Yellow-Gold ring that Zhang Yang had obtained, the gang was drooling and looked forward to Yellow-Gold items!

Zhang Yang thought for a while and said: "Yellow-Gold bosses will appear when we are above Level 50. Based on the assumption that higher leveled Castle dungeons equals higher leveled bosses, the final level"s boss is probably a Yellow-Gold boss as Kinglose Turk is already Level 48!"