MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 152: An Incestophile and Cinderella

Chapter 152: An Incestophile and Cinderella

Zhang Yang noticed a look of gratitude flashed across Endless Starlight"s face. Zhang Yang smiled secretly and thought in his heart, looks like this future icon of a tank has already started to feel indebted to Lone Desert Smoke. As long as they do more raids together, then Zhang Yang would not need to doubt Endless Starlight"s loyalty to Lone Desert Smoke.

Wei Yan Er was preoccupied with digging about for further loots since the first item was already distributed. She kept an eye out for the valuable white gleam. Green-Copper items have longed been ignored by her.

[Feather Skirt] (Gray-Silver, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +4

Vitality: +96

Intelligence: +48

Spirit: +16


Level Requirement: 40

Han Ying Xue smiled and said, "Give this to Daffodil Daydream first, I"m wearing a full set of equipment and I do not want to ruin the set equipment effect just yet!"

She gave up her roll, so Daffodil Daydream embarrassingly received the skirt and equipped it.

Zhang Yang said: "In fact, Level 30 Gray-Silver equipment cannot replace set equipment, but 3 pieces of Level 40 Gray-Silver equipment can replace the 5-piece set equipment"s 10% damage increment! Most importantly, Level 20 equipment simply gives too little HP, and to clear future Hardcore Mode Castle dungeons, your HP needs to be up to at least 5,000!"

"5,000..." Fatty Han rolled both of his eyes and said, "My HP is only 4,300!"

"Didn"t I tell you to keep one set of equipment from the Garden? Have you sold it already?" Zhang Yang glanced at him.

"No, it is still in the Bank!" Fatty Han laughed as he replied.

Zhang Yang let out a sigh of relief after hearing Fatty Han"s reply. After clearing here, they would need to explore the dungeon of the Castle. Everyone was strictly required at least 5,000 HP to fight the fourth boss. If any single person did not make it, the party would be annihilated!

[Skill Book: Beast Rage]

Use: Grants the skill <Beast Rage>

Class Requirement: Hunter

Level Requirement: 30

Zhang Yang could help but laugh in joy and said, "Fatty and Hundred Shots, this skill is really good! It can increase the damage dealt by your pet temporarily like Shimalue Gutan"s pets just now!"

Hundred Shots said: "Fatty, let"s roll the dice!"

Both of them rolled the dice and Fatty Han obtained the skill book.

<Beast Rage>: Increases the damage dealt by your pet by 50%. Last for 15 seconds. Cool time down: 2 minutes.

"This skill is really useful for Beastmaster!" Hundred Shots could not help but exclaim when he saw the skill description posted by Fatty Han.

Fatty Han said delightedly, "With this skill, my damage output going to increase once again! Who else in the world could defeat me?!"

"Shing", Sun Xing Yu pulled out both of her daggers, the sound crystal clear in the silent atmosphere, and she glanced at Fatty Han coldly.

Fatty Han could not help but feel intimidated, he trembled in fear of this lady.

The gang was not interested in the remaining eight Green-Copper items so they just simply threw it into their inventories and continued moving forward.

They arrived at the fourth level after clearing a few skeletal tiger and skeletal wolf monsters at another long stone stairway.

It was empty within the resplendent palace, except for the huge pillars, which needed to be held up together by three men, set up a distance from each other.

"No monsters?" Daffodil Daydream could not help but feel delighted.

It was already 11 P.M. at night. The gang was thought of having a look at the fourth level before logging off and retiring for the night before continuing with the following two levels tomorrow. But if there were no monsters, they could fight the boss directly which would save up a lot of time!


Zhang Yang and Sun Xing Yu yelled at the same time.

Han Ying Xue could not help but laughed and said: "Both of you really have an unspoken bond!"

"Like husband like wife!" Wei Yan Er also laughed.

"F*ck" Zhang Yang rolled his eyes at that two gloating ladies and said, "It might be stealth monster! Starlight, you"ll have to take one for the team, go in front!"

Endless Starlight looked as if he was about to cry, and plaintively said, "Why me?"

"Nonsense, you have a solid defense!"

"Then why don"t you go in front?"

"I need to pull the monsters!"

Poor Endless Starlight, who was sold to the monster by the gang, held on his shield and walked in front. After he walked for seven to eight steps, he stopped suddenly and rotating stars appeared above his head which represented a <stun> status.

A person in black appeared from the back of Endless Starlight and he raised his two swords and stabbed Endless Starlight"s back, each stab took about 1,000 of Endless Starlight HP.

[Shadow Assassin] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 46

HP: 92,000

Unexpectedly, it was not a centaur but an elf... a dead one.

Endless Starlight was about 8 meters away from the gang, which was also the range of <Charge> so Zhang Yang immediately rushed towards him with <Charge>.



After Shadow Assassin recovered from being stunned, Shadow Assassin immediately changed his target and attacked Zhang Yang with his two gleaming swords.




Due to the monster having double physical attacks, even if Zhang Yang used <Block>, he still received an attack. But this attack was caused by off-hand weapon which also inflicted 80 points of poison damage.

In "God"s Miracle", off-hand attacks are reduced by 50% and its damage was much lesser compared to one handed attacks. In general, weapons with long attack intervals would be equipped in one hand slot to increase damage of single hit skills. While weapons with shorter attack intervals would be equipped in off-hand slots, in order to trigger some passive skills or poison effects.

"Why is there an elf in centaur"s palace? Could it be..." Daffodil Daydream was psyched. Daffodil Daydream was a "Fujoshi", and she started to fantasize about a boys" love scenario.

"You"ll find all manner of evil sorcerers in this dungeon, it won"t be surprising to have a few elf thieves!" Zhang Yang laughed and said.

Daffodil Daydream was disappointed, she pursed her lip and stopped talking.

With the strong ability of team"s damage dealing, this Shadow Assassin could only live for 10 seconds and died, dropping a few pieces of clothes and a Black-Steel item.

Poor Endless Starlight continued walking in front of the gang, acting as bait to attract the attacks of stealth monsters and reveal themselves.

This level was full of thief type monsters with stealth abilities. Theses undead were members of several races such as humans, beasts, dwarves, elf and even goblins and trolls! The team moved on for a while before Zhang Yang announced that today"s activity would end here and that they would continue tomorrow.

Zhang Yang logged on the game the next morning, and Yan Wei Er showed up in the team as expected.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Little brat, were you planning to apply for leave continuously until we done with this main quest?"

"En!" Yan Wei Er nodded her head determinedly.

"Don"t the kids nowadays wish to go the school and play with their friends?" Zhang Yang thought that it was odd. When he was studying, he also wished for holidays but after a long holiday, he would also wish to go back to the school, as it was more lively and fun!

Yan Wei Er pursed her lip with a disdainful expression and said, "What is fun in playing with those childish little brats?"

Zhang Yang was suddenly taken aback and looked at Han Ying Xue, he determined that Yan Wei Er had to have been influenced by this devilish woman.

Han Ying Xue noticed Zhang Yang looking at her so she looked back Zhang Yang with her seductive eyes and said, "Silly Yu, please just say so that you like me, don"t steal glances at me like that, otherwise, you"re going to develop a cross-eye!"

Yan Wei Er asked, "Sis, what is a cross-eye?"

Han Ying Xue squinted, briefly crossing her eyes and made Yan Wei Er laugh out loudly.

All members of the gang soon showed up and the gang continued moving forward.

The higher the level, the lesser the monsters spawned. So the gang only used five hours to clear the fourth level. The first level took two days to clear, the second and third level which took more than a day each to clear. So, these five hours were considered a very short period!

Halfway through the passage, Zhang Yang and Daffodil Daydream gained a level once again and both of them were now Level 41. The rest of the members were not far from achieving Level 42 as well.

There were two bosses.

[King Kinglose Turk] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 48

HP: 960,000

[Princess Annie Balrum] (Gray-Silver, Spectre)

Level: 47

HP: 940,000

MP: 470,000

This incestuous couple was snuggled together and passionately kissed like a loving husband and wife from time to time.

"F*ck, these incestous b*stards!" Fatty Han scolded.

"It just so happens that we have two tanks, so each tank for each boss!" Zhang Yang thought of it and said, "Princess is a magic-type monster, so Starlight, you tank the princess and I will tank the king!"

"We have only one healer. Will she be able to heal the two of you together?" Yan Wei Er said.

"Quest item!" Sun Xing Yu interrupted suddenly.

The gang recalled that they had received a quest spear from a quest of killing the king and princess which would be needed to use when fighting the king and princess.

Yan Wei Er impatiently took out the spear from her inventory immediately and chose to use the spear. Instantly, an illusory centaur figure appeared in front of everyone, it was the Prince Chateau Turk of centaur race!

[Shadow of Revenge] (Elite, Soul)

Level: 44

HP: 100,000

Once this Chateau Turk"s [Shadow of Revenge] had appeared, he stared at that incestuous couple in anger and roared then stomped his hoofs and rushed towards them.

Zhang Yang selected the quest spear in his inventory but the system showed that one [Shadow of Revenge] already existed, invalid to use temporarily. He pulled out his sword and said, "Don"t worry about the strategy, let"s try them out first, at least we"ll find out what the skills of these bosses are!"

"B*tch, I want to kill you!" [Shadow of Revenge] rushed towards Princess Annie Balrum angrily.

"Chateau, you dickless trash! Even in death you persist to bother us!" Annie Balrum said with contemptuous laughter. She waved her right hand and a wand appeared, which she directed towards the [Shadow of Revenge] and a flash of flaming fire burst from the wand.

"B*tch, if it was not for me marry you, you would still be a commoner, is this how you repay me?!" [Shadow of Revenge] roared again and started fighting with Annie Balrum.

"So it is the Prince and Cinderella! Unfortunately, their marriage has changed!" Endless Starlight muttered.

Zhang Yang saw that they were fighting and said immediately, "Starlight, don"t pull the princess yet, let [Shadow of Revenge] pester her!"



Zhang Yang dashed towards Kinglose Turk and smashed on him immediately.


After a normal attack, a low-valued damage text appeared above Kinglose Turk"s head. Zhang Yang frowned as Kinglose Turk"s Defense value was about 300, which was very high! But he was not in fear as he had <Eagle Eye> and the rest of the members could rely on <Cripple Defense> which reduced 150 Defense value on Kinglose Turk, it would greatly aid the damage output.

Kinglose Turk yelled angrily, pulled out a spear and struck Zhang Yang: "Little human, how dare you provoke the great king of centaur, I"ll hack you into pieces!"

"Incestophile, go to hell!" Yan Wei Er yelled, dashed forward by using <Charge> and whirled her weapon.

"Little brat, you learned a new word in no time, huh!" Zhang Yang laughed.

Yan Wei Er answered arrogantly, "I hate trash like this guy who uses people and throws them aside for anything new. I"ll kill this shameless fellow!"

At the other side, [Shadow of Revenge] fought with Annie Balrum.

[Shadow of Revenge] pierced Annie Balrum by using his spear but it did not cause any damage to Annie Balrum. Yet, [Shadow of Revenge] was still the first who held the aggro. So, even if Han Ying Xue healed continuously, the HP recovery would not exceed [Shadow of Revenge]"s aggro.

Annie Balrum was a Spellcaster, she used a chain of DOT first, then damage reduction debuff, followed by <Soul Burst> and <Shadow Whip> which assaulted [Shadow of Revenge]"s HP. Luckily [Shadow of Revenge] had 100,000 HP, and with Annie Balrum"s damage output, she would need to attack for quite some time before she could kill [Shadow of Revenge].

Back at Zhang Yang"s side, Sun Xing Yu and the rest already started to deal damage in full force towards the incestuous king, causing the king"s HP to drop dramatically.

"Guards! Guards! Kill all the intruders!" Kinglose Turk shouted loudly.

Fatty Han laughed loudly and said, "Keep shouting, nobody is going to help you even if you cough your throat out!"

"Ding! Kinglose Turk has released [Summoned Guard]!"

Eight strong centaurs appeared in formation at the back of Kinglose Turk.

"Pervert Fatty, you have such a bad mouth!" Yan Wei Er said angrily.

"Coincidence! This must be a coincidence!" Fatty Han quickly claimed that he was innocent.

[Summoned Guard] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 45

HP: 90,000

"I will kite them all, you guys use AoE skills to kill them all quickly!" Zhang Yang used <Horizontal Sweep> followed by <Thunder Strike> to reduce the monsters" movement speed, before leading them in circles.

However, Kinglose Turk movement speed was still faster than Zhang Yang, even if his movement speed was reduced by 50%, Zhang Yang unable to flee from him! Luckily, Zhang Yang"s plan was to reduce the elite monsters movement speed only, thus, it did not matter if Kinglose Turk was unhindered.

They killed all the eight monsters within a minute and the field was back to normal after the chaos.

But Kinglose Turk" HP dropping became slower, Kinglose Turk" HP dropped only by about 100,000. The guards had reduced the party"s damage output by 67%!

"Guards! Guards! Kill all the intruders!" Kinglose Turk deserved to be called a king indeed, as he continuously summoned guards and stabbed repeatedly with his spear.

Eight strong centaurs appeared at the back of Kinglose Turk once again.

Based on Zhang Yang"s speculation, Kinglose Turk would summon the number of guards according to the number of people who held the aggro! Thus, this was actually beneficial to an elite team like them as if there was a 100-man team, Kinglose Turk would instantly summon 100 elite guards which will quickly wipe them out.

The gang continued using AoE skills and they killed the second round of summoned guards instantly. However, AoE skills drained a huge amount of MP from Spellcasters. After killing two rounds of summoned guards, Daffodil Daydream"s MP had depleted. Bandits and Hunters would recover their energy and Focus point in a fixed time. Warriors had it even easier, they functioned on Rage, where it did not matter whether they were attacking or being attacked by others, they would regain their Rage.

After another round of guards, Daffodil Daydream"s MP dried out once again, so she could only stand aside and spectate.