MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 151: The Queen of Centaurs

Chapter 151: The Queen of Centaurs


The Saber-Tooth Skeleton Tiger leaped up, vanishing into thin air, before reappearing behind Zhang Yang. With a massive slash of its sharp claws, the tiger dealt huge damage on Zhang Yang"s back.


"Ding! You have received <Mangle> (5 stacks). Receive 1500 HP damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds!"

Zhang Yang could not help but flick his middle finger at lady luck. The current 4 stacks of <Mangle> was just about to expire but he had received a fresh, new <Mangle> that could refresh the skill"s effect! He never had thought that the tiger would have a skill similar to a Thief"s <Shadow Step> to immediately teleport behind someone"s back. Not only had the <Mangle> been refreshed to 15 seconds, he now had 5 stacks of <Mangle>! He now had to take additional, unnecessary damage for the next 15 seconds!

Even though the Saber-Tooth Skeleton Tiger was strong, it was vastly outclassed by the party"s DPS! So far, Fatty Han and the gang had each exceeded 1000 DPS. Daffodil Daydream was slightly behind at around 800 DPS. The overall DPS strength was enough to kill the tiger with 100,000 HP in just 20 seconds!

"Don"t worry! Tai Tai! I will heal your wounds!" Shimalue Gutan cried out all of a sudden and chanted a healing spell and healed the tiger by 25,000 HP.

The spell casting duration was so fast that it only took half a second for her to finish the spell. Those that had interruption skills could not even react in time. Before they even realized it, the spell was already complete and they could only stare at the boss healing the monster that was already at the brink of death.

Fortunately, the tiger was inflicted with the <Destructive Smash> debuff that would reduce healing effect by 75%. If that wasn"t the case, the healing spell would have completely healed the tiger back to full health.

"Noob tank! You"re too slow! Why didn"t you stop her spell when you have an interruption skill! Hmph! You"ve lost my respect!" said Wei Yan Er. She always did try her best to poke fun at him.

Zhang Yang laughed and shot back, "I wasn"t the only one here who was unable to interrupt her spell. Why aren"t you scolding the others?"

"Because you"re the only one that has a stupid face!" said Wei Yan Er with full honesty.

"Don"t die! Tai Tai!" Even when the boss attempted to heal the tiger again, the team"s combined attack simply overruled her efforts. It was like tossing the contents of a cup of water into a raging inferno. The tiger"s HP was drained down in almost no time at all. Shimalue Gutan could only shriek at the top of her lungs.

"Somehow, I pity this queen. Her husband was cheating with her son"s wife and she only has her pets to accompany her!" said Daffodil mournfully, her eyes already showing signs of tears.

Zhang Yang scoffed. "In that case, let"s spare her."

"...No. We kill. Living is much more painful for her!" said Daffodil as she made up her mind. "We are giving her a mercy killing, not just for equipment and whimsical desires!"

Everyone laughed instantly.

"Tai Tai..." Shimalue Gutan cried and chanted another healing spell.

<Crash Magic>!

Zhang Yang was ready for it this time. He quickly bashed her with his shield.

The spell was instantly interrupted and she had received <Silent> for 3 seconds. <Silent> had rendered her unable to cast any spells for 3 seconds.

"Ding! You and the party members around have killed Tai Tai! Obtained 12,550 Experience Points. (50 points party bonus)!"

"NOOOO....!" cried Shimalue Gutan.

The boss suddenly glowed red. She had gone berserk.

"Damned intruders! I will crush your skull with my bare hands and throw your mangled copses into the abyss! May you forever burn in the raging flames of hell! Wu Wu! Gu Gu! Kill them! Avenge Tai Tai!"

"Ding! Shimalue Gutan has gained <Enraged> (1 stack). All attacks and healing effects will be increase by 33%!"

"Ding! Wu Wu has gained <Enraged> (1 stack). All attacks and healing effects will be increase by 33%!"

"Ding! Gu Gu has gained <Enraged> (1 stack). All attacks and healing effects will be increase by 33%!"

An increment by 33% in damage had made the boss stronger by a noticeable amount. The <Punishment Ray> had its damage increased to 2600 or more, with Zhang Yang"s damage reduction lowering that amount down to 2000.

"Pick up the pace!" Zhang Yang screamed.

The boss was not the only one that had suddenly ingested an overdose of steroids and went all crazy! Han Ying Xue had to take care of two tanks, which made her roll her sleeves up, taking things seriously.

The party then shifted their targets to the bird monster Gu Gu and managed to bring it down to critical health in a short time.

"Gu Gu!" Shimalue Gutan cried in anguish as she started to chant a healing spell. However, Zhang Yang was quicker and bashed her with <Crash Magic>, stopping her healing.

"Ding! You and the party members around have killed Gu Gu! Obtained 12,550 Experience Points. (50 points party bonus)!"

"ARGHH...!" The boss screeched in such a high pitch that everyone had to cover their ears. She stood with her hind hooves and screamed at no one in particular, dramatically rearing her head about like the tragic heroine of an opera.

"I WILL KILL YOU ALL! I WILL KILL! KILL!" Bellowed the boss.

"Ding! Shimalue Gutan has gained <Enraged> (2 stack). All attacks and healing will be increase by 67%!"

"Ding! Wu Wu has gained <Enraged> (2 stack). All attacks and healing will be increase by 67%!"



The boss fired a <Punishment Ray>, while the wolf concurrently spat out a <Fire Ball>. Both attacks struck Zhang Yang at the same time, causing him to have only around 1000 HP left!

What power!

Zhang Yang frantically cried, "Starlight! Provoke Wu Wu and get him off me!"


Endless Starlight quickly complied and cast <Taunting Fist>, dragging Wu Wu away from Zhang Yang.

Half a minute later, Wu Wu turned into a pillar of light and falls defeated.

"WU WU!!!" Shimalue Gutan was enraged beyond compare. Her dark, charcoal hair started to spread out and floated up mystically. Her eyes glowed with intense green, emerald flames.

"Ding! Shimalue Gutan has gained <Enraged> (3 stack). All attacks and healing will be increased by 100%!"

"Damn! We"re cruel!" Fatty Han cried crocodile tears. "When her husband had found a new toy to play with, she had managed to find herself a few loyal companions! Yet, we just killed them! Aiyaya...Looks like this poor woman had to depend on cucumbers to accompany her during the dark, lonesome nights!"

"Fatty...You know...If you don"t speak up, no one would think that you"re a mute."


Fatty Han turned around and saw the 4 ladies staring at him with eyes that could swallow him whole. Fatty Han turned his gaze away sheepishly. "Eh...ladies, I know that you have the hots for the big Fatty. But please, control your passion! You have to know that you"re all Little Yang"s main dishes, and that there"s a saying: "a brother wife is off limit..."

The ladies were furious enough as it is, but when Fatty Han added fuel to the fire, it brought their fury round by a full circle, dissuading them as they felt that there was no point directing their wrath at Fatty Han.


The boss cast <Punishment Ray> and blasted Zhang Yang with powerful, enhanced damage. Even though he could stop the boss from healing, but he still had to take the <Punishment Ray> head on!"



Han Ying Xue"s <Brilliant Light> and <Regeneration> ticked at the same time and healed almost half of his HP. However, it was still insufficient in coping with the loss of his HP!

Only half a minute passed, and Zhang Yang had to depend on <Berserker"s Heal> to recover from his dangerously low HP back to full health. The boss" damage had exceeded the healing that Han Ying Xue could provide, therefore Zhang Yang had to depend on himself to deal with the excessive damage he received.

Health potion, <Berserker"s Heal>, Lover"s Sword <Lifesteal>, <Merlinda"s Shadow>, <Shield Wall>, <Substitute>, he had to use everything he had to survive! Zhang Yang had planned the skill cycle out and prioritized the ones with the lowest cool down times to maximize the effect.

The good thing was that even if Shimalue Gutan"s attack was strong, her HP did not match up to the strength of her attacks. She did not have any large AoE multi-target skill as well. After lasting for another 2 minutes or so, she shrieked and fell defeated.

Haaa! Phew...

Everyone drew in a deep breath and let out a long breath of relief. The fight with this boss did not take long, but the boss" attack was so strong that many of them had held their breaths, witnessing Zhang Yang being close to death for many times. They could only relax and let down their guard only when the boss was down.

"It"s finally over. Man! I was freaking out there!" said Endless Starlight as he wiped his forehead; even when there was no sweat.

Zhang Yang could not help but sigh. The period of the Gray-Silver equipment was once known as the weak period. It was even applicable to the boss as well! Shimalue Gutan was one such example, her strong attack could easily kill a tank with one or two hits! However, she was a glass cannon who lacked durability! When players started to put on Yellow-Gold gears with damage reduction set skills, there would be lesser cases of instant kills.

Han Ying Xue was so completely worn out that she laid her head on Wei Yan Er lap. While stroking her cousin sister"s silky hair, she stared angrily at Zhang Yang and cried. "Noob tank! Look at what you"ve done! You"ve completely drained my cousin sister out!"

"WOOOOAHHH!" Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, and Endless Starlight broke out in surprised laughter.

"Little brat! Don"t say something like that..." Even a person as flirtatious as Han Ying Xue would feel some shame when Wei Yan Er said something that could be interpreted very differently in such manner.

Turning around, Wei Yan Er was confused, but when no one cared to explain her fault she snapped, "You guys are bullies! Hmph! I"m not talking to you guys anymore!" She got up to her feet and went to the boss for the loots.

[Blaze War Hammer] (Gray-Silver, One handed Hammer)

Weapon Attack: 403 - 461

Attack Interval: 2.7 seconds.

DPS: 160


Level Requirement: 40

"Oh yeah! This is good sh*t!" Endless Starlight cried as he inspected the item. His current weapon was still a level 30 Green-Copper tier with only 60 DPS. He would definitely experience a huge difference if he were to equip this item!

Zhang Yang saw his reaction and smiled gently. "Take it!" Zhang Yang gave up his roll.

Endless Starlight wavered a little and said, "H-How could I...I mean...your weapon is just a level 30 Gray-Silver tier. The hammer is much better!"

Zhang Yang shook his head sadly. "When you reached level 40, you were still here. What you didn"t know was that you could get a level 40 skill from the Class Instructor. At level 40, a Defender could learn a skill called <Hammer Mastery>. It could increase all damage by 5% only when a hammer-type equipment is worn! That is why a Hammer is a specialized weapon for Defenders!"

Wei Yan Er nodded her head and said, "That right! I have already learned the skill <Axe Mastery>. All attacks are increased by 5% when I"m equipping an axe weapon! That is why, no one is to take away my axe! Any two-handed axes that ever appear in the boss loots are all mine!"

Endless Starlight smiled gratefully and accepted the hammer. With this, his attack and ability to pull aggro would be greatly increased. All of this was thanks to Zhang Yang! His respect for him has only grown stronger! He knew that the original party members did not need him to join. He knew that he would make little difference to them!