Hidden Marriage

Chapter 92: A Lousy Teammate



The staff who were watching this all showed scornful expressions:

"Is Jia Qingqing retarded? Repeating the same line over and over again, even I can recite it now! You are Meng Changge? How can you be Meng Changge! Meng Changge is already dead! Such a short line, how hard can it be to memorize it?

"That post said that Ning Xi’s acting sucks, but they really should see Jia Qingqing, then they will know what real bullshit is!"

"Actually, Ning Xi’s a good actress, do you realize that up to now, all her scenes were done after only one take? Her only NGs were because of mistakes by other people."

"You’re right! I thought she was just being herself, but she did a great job pulling off a young Meng Changge yesterday! Even though she was teasing Jiang Muye, for some reason, it didn"t make me feel uncomfortable; instead, it actually made my heart speed up!"

"That’s right, that’s right! I was so excited watching it yesterday. If someone else is switched in, I wouldn"t be happy about it at all! It feels like in my heart, Ning Xi really is Meng Changge!"

Ning Xueluo hadn’t expected that an even worse situation would occur, and she immediately cursed Jia Qingqing hundreds of times in her heart. On the surface, she pretended to show concern as she walked over to her.

"Qingqing, what happened? Are you not feeling okay today?"

Jia Qingqing was caught up in her anger, and going crazy. "I also don"t know what’s wrong with me today; when I look at Ning Xi, my mind just blanks out, like I’ve been cursed!"

"How is that possible?" Ning Xueluo actually didn"t believe Jia Qingqing, and assumed it was because of her own normally bad acting and laziness. However, she held on to her patience and comforted her. "Take it slow, I’ll run the lines with you!"

Ning Xueluo ran the scene with her, and in the end, Jia Qingqing recited the lines fluently.

"See, you can do it, right?" Ning Xueluo encouraged her.

Jia Qingqing immediately regained her confidence, and ran to look for the director. "Director, I’m ready now!"

During this time, Guo Qisheng had calmed down, and his expression was more relaxed. "Then let’s start!"


This time, Jia Qingqing still forgot all her lines.

She was unsatisfied, and tried again and again; in the end, she continuously NGed 28 times in total!

It was such an easy scene, yet the two of them filmed until night fell, and still weren’t done. In the end, the whole production crew wound up complaining.

They were filming a movie, not a TV show, and had to use a lot of film. That many NGs was a waste of manpower and money!

By the 33rd NG, Jia Qingqing stood there blankly, then suddenly screamed like a maniac, and rushed furiously at Ning Xi —

"Ning Xi, you bitch, what did you do to me! Why can’t I remember my lines?! Why?! It’s you! You did this…"

All the assistants waiting by the side quickly ran to pull her away, but in her madness she pushed all of them off her, even scratching Ning Xueluo, who was trying to help.

This really made everyone hate her.

"She is such a retard, still able to blame others for the fact she can’t remember her lines? Does she think other people can drill into her brain to steal her lines? She doesn’t even feel the least bit guilty for making everyone work so late!"

"Poor Ning Xi, to have provoked someone like that!"

"Don’t you think what happened last night was pretty weird? This thing happened to Ning Xi as soon as Jiang Muye came on set!"

"If Ning Xi was kicked out of the production, who would benefit the most?"

"Do you still need to ask?"

At these words, everyone had knowing looks on their faces.