Hidden Marriage

Chapter 82: You Want to Leave?

Chapter 82: You Want to Leave?

Ning Xi quickly placed food in his bowl as if her life depended on it, “Hehe, I… I was just joking… Please don’t mind it!”

Lu Tingxiao looked as if he wasn’t angry at all, and was actually in a rather good mood. His lips curled up as he said, “Good idea.”

Ning Xi was flabbergasted: “…” He actually thought that it was a good idea!?

“Ning Xi.” Lu Tingxiao suddenly looked at her seriously.

She became nervous after getting stared at by those deep eyes: “W-what?”

“If you change your mind, you can look for me any time.” Lu Tingxiao said.

Hearing this, Ning Xi’s heart thumped. She knew he was referring to the marriage proposal…

Although Lu Tingxiao had not mentioned it again since the last time she had clearly rejected him, but she could feel that Lu Tingxiao’s attitude towards her was different from the start. Furthermore, the air between them had become even more ambiguous…

The worst part was her heart had actually been slowly getting out of her control…

Perhaps it was like Jiang Muye had said, that she had been mesmerised by his good looks?

Ever since that incident five years ago, she had thought that she would never love anyone ever again. There had even been a long period of time where she had had a huge problem with her psyche. She had been extremely disgusted by men and found herself biased against them, especially when she saw bastards. She would lose control of herself, and her heart would be filled with the desire to mete out heavenly punishment on them…

Although her mental state had balanced out a lot over the past few years, she would still reject the notion of getting close to men. Finding someone to marry was a complete fantasy that wouldn’t come true to her.

However, this man in front of her… who always had an expressionless face on as if his facial nerves were paralysed… This man who had a terrifying aura, who quite frequently made her feel fear, had unwittingly opened a crack in the thick shell of her heart…

After they finished eating the hotpot, Little Treasure was so tired that he fell asleep while they were halfway home. Ning Xi hugged that soft little child in her embrace and couldn’t bear to let go of him.

Ah, what a terrible situation! The big bun was already making her confused, and now there was a little bun…

She found that she was starting to love the little bun even more as they spent time together. It was to the point that she would start to miss him if she didn’t see him for a day. If she didn’t hug him today, she would feel that there was something missing.

This wasn’t a very good sign…

When they reached home, Ning Xi carefully carried the little guy into his room.

Lu Tingxiao leaned sideways on the doorjamb, his gaze warm, “I’ve troubled you these few days.”

Ning Xi covered Little Treasure with the blanket before walking out, “It’s no trouble, I like Little Treasure a lot.”

After hesitating for quite long, she showed a gratified expression and smiled, “Little Treasure is getting better and better. It looks like I won’t need to stay here anymore soon!”

Lu Tingxiao’s expression abruptly sunk, “You want to leave?”

Ning Xi retreated a step, intimidated by his sharp gaze, “That… I was supposed to leave once Little Treasure recovered anyway. I’ll feel bad if I intrude for so long!”

Lu Tingxiao: “You’re not intruding.”

Ning Xi had no choice but to raise her head and stare straight into his eyes with a bright gaze, “I’ll feel trapped.”

Lu Tingxiao’s brows knitted tightly together, “Trapped?”

“Yes.” Ning Xi took a deep breath before speaking, “To be honest, I’m not a very disciplined person. While staying here, I feel like I have to watch my actions and words at all times…”

Lu Tingxiao: “You don’t have to mind them.”

Ning Xi held her forehead and said helplessly, “Fine, even if you don’t mind, I need to have my privacy. I’ll bring my friends home to play occasionally, or I’ll need to relax a little after work. I might ride my bike, crawl through the bars and hotels, and if I meet a good-looking guy who fits my type, I might even bring him over for the night…”

“Enough!” As he kept listening, Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned uglier and uglier until he finally couldn’t resist interrupting her.