Hidden Marriage

Chapter 80: Throwing Out His Card Without Warning

Chapter 80: Throwing Out His Card Without Warning

After helping the little bun change his clothes, Ning Xi also slipped into her room to change.

The coincidence was that she also had an outfit that was extremely similar to Little Treasure’s. She immediately brought it out and wore it, and even matched it with denim overalls too.

The little bun’s eyes lit up the moment she came out of her room.

He looked at Ning Xi, then at himself; his little face was filled with happiness and satisfaction. He even reached out to touch the bunny ears on her hoodie, extremely glad to be in the same outfit as Auntie Xiao Xi.

When the two of them were done preparing, the sound of an engine revving came from the entrance.

Lu Tingxiao had returned.

The temperature outside the room was as high as 30 degrees celsius, but Lu Tingxiao seemed to have just come from Siberia. He had an icy, cold elegant expression as he strode into the living room with his slender, long legs.

When his gaze landed on the pair sitting on the sofa in matching mother-child outfits, his entire being seemed to melt like a glacier, starting from his frosty eyes…

Little Treasure looked extremely cute in the outfit, and as for Ning Xi, the cute bunny ears matched with the magical age-reducing overalls made her look even younger. Sitting together with Little Treasure, they looked even more like siblings.

Seeing that Lu Tingxiao had returned, Ning Xi immediately stood up and led Little Treasure over, “We’re both ready, shall we leave now?”

Lu Tingxiao nodded, and his gaze stayed on the girl’s body for a long time before he finally pulled it away, “Let’s go.”

After getting on the car, Ning Xi excitedly asked, “Hey, hey, Lu Tingxiao, look at our Little Treasure. Isn’t he so cute in this outfit? I had to look for such a long time before I finally found this one outfit.”

“Cute.” Lu Tingxiao replied, but he was actually looking at the girl through the rear view mirror as he said so.

Ning Xi was proud, “Right? We should buy more cute outfits for Little Treasure!”

“Mm.” Lu Tingxiao made a sound of agreement, then took out a black card and passed it to her.

“This… what’s this for?” Ning Xi blinked and looked without understanding at that legendary limitless black card that she had only seen online before.

Lu Tingxiao: “Buy them.”

Ning Xi: “Uh…”

This wasn’t what she meant, okay?

Why did he just throw money at people without a warning?

Forget it. Since he’d already given it to her, she was going to use it to buy a few more cute outfits for Little Treasure once they got back home!

When they reached their destination, Lu Tingxiao alighted first, before opening the car doors for the other two in a gentlemanly manner. He looked at Ning Xi and asked, “Are you fine?”

After spending so much time with him, Ning Xi had slowly gotten used to Lu Tingxiao’s brief manner of speaking. She knew that he meant if it was okay for her to appear in a public place with him.

Ning Xi scratched her head, “It should be fine! No one recognises me now, and moreover, I’m dressed like this!”

Having said so, she brought out a pair of lensless round amber spectacles and put them on, “It’ll be fine like this!”

“Mm.” Lu Tingxiao nodded.

The three of them headed towards the hotpot restaurant.

Ning Xi had been rather accurate about her guess that no one would recognise her.

However, she had forgotten about the little bun and Lu Tingxiao.

The father-son pair were simply too eye-catching, especially when they stood together. They were practically drawing everyone’s gazes.

Actually, Ning Xi was quite eye-catching today as well, because of her matching parent-child outfit with the little bun.

“Ah! Look at that father and child, aren’t they too good-looking! The adult is so handsome and the child is so cute!”

“That sister by their side is also pretty! This family is so good-looking! Is the father bringing the siblings out? Where’s the mother?”

Hearing this, Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned dark.

Luckily, the woman next to the man spoke up, “What father bringing out the siblings! That’s a whole family, okay? That girl is obviously the man’s wife, the child’s mother!”

“No way! That girl looks too young!”

“What do you know? It’s just that the husband is so much taller than the wife. You can tell from the way that man is looking at that girl. It’s obvious that it’s the loving gaze of a husband!”