Hidden Marriage

Chapter 77: I Want to Take Him Home

Chapter 77: I Want to Take Him Home

Jiang Muye’s interrogation made Ning Xi frown uncomfortably, “So what if I am?”

Jiang Muye walked one round in irritation before staring straight at her, “Ning Xi, are you giving up on life? You even dare to play around with Lu Tingxiao, aren’t you afraid that you’ll get burnt playing with fire?”

“I’m happy to play with fire, what’s it to you?” Ning Xi wasn’t happy about Jiang Muye’s tone, so her attitude wasn’t all too good either.

“You…” Jiang Muye was about to storm off, but he finally threw a punch on the pillar behind her, “Ning Xi, I’m not trying to alarm you, but I’m just trying to give you a friendly reminder. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died when the time comes! Don’t you know who Lu Tingxiao is? Did you think he’s the same as those rich boys you dated in the past?”

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, “Do you think I’m an idiot? Of course I do!”

“Even knowing that, you’re…”

“So what? What’s it to you if you see me sleeping with Lu Tingxiao?”

“You…” Jiang Muye slowly calmed down. Actually, he knew in his heart that Ning Xi wasn’t so silly as to do something like that, so he suppressed his rage, took a deep breath and said, “Then tell me, what’s going on with all this?”

Ning Xi also felt that it was too childish to continue bickering with Jiang Muye, but it was because of this guy’s appearance that had agitated her today. She was rather hot-tempered now, any little thing could set her off.

Thus, she calmed down and explained, “I saved Little Treasure previously.”

Jiang Muye’s expression showed a little surprise, “You saved Little Treasure? What happened to him?”

“Half a month ago, Lu Jingli brought Little Treasure to a bar. In order to escape the noisy crowd, he accidentally hid inside a storeroom and got locked in unknowingly by one of the employees…”

Jiang Muye’s mouth twitched, “Bringing Little Treasure to a bar? That does sound like something my irresponsible second uncle would do. And then? What does this have to do with you?”

“I was preparing to come to audition for ?Land Under Heaven?, but for the sake of preventing me from going to the audition, Chang Li locked me up in that storeroom…” Ning Xi explained what happened simply.

Jiang Muye listened patiently to the end, “Alright, I understand now. You met Lu Tingxiao because you saved Little Treasure. Then the next step should be the Lu family giving you a sum of money as thanks, then GAME OVER, each of you should have gone your separate ways! Why are you still keeping contact with Lu Tingxiao? You’re even staying at his house!”

Ning Xi omitted the part where Lu Tingxiao had proposed marriage as a reward, “Because Little Treasure suffered a shock, and I saved him, he’s very reliant on me. Thus Lu Tingxiao requested that I stay at the Lu residence until Little Treasure’s frame of mind stabilises. I’m there to act as Little Treasure’s sedative at any time, do you understand now?”

After hearing that bit, Jiang Muye’s furious expression had slowly dissipated. However, he still had some complaints. He grumbled, “Are you sure that’s all? So many women want to marry into the Lu family, and you’re now the closest one to that goal. Don’t you have any thoughts of overstepping your boundaries with him?”

Ning Xi raised her brows and said calmly, “If we’re talking about overstepping boundaries, then I do have thoughts like that towards Little Treasure. He’s simply too cute, I really want to kidnap him and take him home to be my little sweetheart!”

Jiang Muye glanced at her speechlessly, before holding his forehead and saying, “Anyway, you had best not have any improper thoughts, the rich and powerful families aren’t like what you imagine!”

Ning Xi sneered, “And you know what the rich and powerful families in my imagination are like?”

She hated the upper class the most, they were all pretending to be polite, each wearing a fake mask…

It hadn’t been easy to leave the Ning family, so how could she possibly jump back into the fire?