Hidden Marriage

Chapter 65: A Dream-like Meeting

Chapter 65: A Dream-like Meeting

“How long will you be staying for? “ Lu Tingxiao inquired, using a tone reminiscent of both an elder and a boss to address him.

Jiang Muye sat up straight and answered honestly, “If there aren’t any hiccups, I should be staying in China from now on. Although the common practice is to push overseas these few years, but our domestic movie industry has been developing very quickly in recent years. The market is also quite big, going overseas to learn is a must, but I believe I need to return to my roots and develop within our country instead!”

“Mm.” Lu Tingxiao gave a rare affirmative nod to his words.

Jiang Muye heaved a sigh of relief, then asked with concern, “How has Little Treasure been lately?”

Lu Tingxiao: “Good.”

“Right, I brought toys for him, and some little presents for you. I was preparing to visit you tomorrow, I didn’t think that you would come here first…” Jiang Muye quickly brought out the presents he had prepared in his luggage.

Lu Tingxiao: “Thanks.”

And then… and then they went silent.

Thus, the sounds of the shower became even clearer…

Jiang Muye scratched his head awkwardly.

Lu Tingxiao naturally came to an understanding, and stood up after passing on some words, “I’m leaving, go back and see your mother when you have the time.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll send you!”

Jiang Muye, like a convict pardoned from death row, had just jumped up to send him out when a furious voice sounded from behind–

“Jiang Muye– what kind of lousy clothes are these! How am I supposed to wear this with such a big hole in the back!”

Lu Tingxiao had been about to get up and leave, but after hearing that voice, his body froze as if his acupuncture point had been tapped. After one second, he slowly turned around, and an icy dagger-like gaze shot towards the source of the voice…

The girl was barefoot, her hair was wet, and her cheeks carried a natural blush from the shower. She was standing at the door to the shower, utterly exasperated, wearing a large men’s t-shirt. That t-shirt was missing a huge chunk of fabric on the right side of her waist, revealing fair white skin…

Jiang Muye didn’t notice Lu Tingxiao’s expression. He only felt like dying. This guy was already about to leave, couldn’t that damned girl just wait a while longer before coming out?

“I forgot to throw that away after I tore it while riding my bike. There were so many clothes there, why did you have to choose one with a hole in it!” Jiang Muye replied her, having nothing to say about her actions. He turned awkwardly to look at Lu Tingxiao and introduced, “Uh, this is my friend, Ning Xi…”??

Having said so, Jiang Muye suddenly found that Ning Xi’s expression was a little strange.

She was staring directly at Lu Tingxiao as if she had lost her soul…

This damned girl, even if Lu Tingxiao was pretty handsome, she didn’t need to stare as if she had never seen a handsome man before, right…

Jiang Muye was extremely unhappy inside after seeing Ning Xi like this. His face was stiff as he said, “Ning Xi, this is my uncle, the Lu Corporation’s CEO Lu Tingxiao. Why are you standing there in a daze? Greet him!”

At this moment, with her hair still dripping wet and her hand still holding onto the missing chunk on the shirt, Ning Xi finally found her voice. With a voice like she was having a strange dream, she insipidly spoke syllable by syllable, “Un… cle…?”

Ning Xi’s tone was completely questioning, but in Lu Tingxiao’s ears, it became an affirmative tone, as if Ning Xi was calling him uncle. Thus, that expression immediately changed as if the great demon king had just cleansed all eighteen levels of hell in blood. A frighteningly cold aura was exuding from his whole body, frightening the two into shivers…

This strange aura continued on for quite long before Lu Tingxiao’s frosty gaze landed on Ning Xi, “The person you were going to pick up, was Muye?”

Hearing this, Jiang Muye was in a daze, “Ning Xi, you’re acquainted with my uncle?”