Hidden Marriage

Chapter 2156 - Wedding 2

Chapter 2156: Wedding 2

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“Xiao Xi’s lost her brooch. I’m helping her to get a spare one. Why… are you here alone? Everyone’s at the front,” Ning Tianxin said.

Mo Lingtian came back to his senses. “I… I hung around with them a little too late last night and didn’t really get a good night’s sleep, so I’m looking for a place to rest.”

“There are some guest rooms upstairs.”


He had nothing else to say.

“I’ll get on with my errand.” Ning Tianxin nodded and passed him.

Mo Lingtian still remained stationary after the girl left. He tried to recall the girl’s face, her voice, and her expression as she spoke to him just now.

She had really moved on…

That was great…

As the wedding was about to start soon, Ning Xi was making some final preparations in the dressing room when Tang Lang barged right in.

“Little Junior Sister, look who’s here!”

Ning Xi doubtfully turned around and her eyes brightened in the next moment. “Master!”

Besides, there was a girl beside Han Xiao. While there were some pretty drastic changes about her aura and the way she dressed, she easily recognized her.


“Happy marriage.” The girl seemed strange, yet a sense of familiarity appeared in her eyes.

“Thank you.” Ning Xi could not find the right words to say at the moment. While the person before her was Annie, at the same time, she was not Annie.

“I’m sorry…” The girl looked down ashamedly. “I remembered everything a while back. Although I did lose my memories, I did something very hurtful.”

Tang Lang tried to soften the mood. “It’s a happy day today. Don’t mention those unhappy stories!”

Ning Xi also comforted, “Let the past stay in the past! As long as you’re happy with the Master now!”

Ning Xi was relieved when she knew that Annie now remembered everything.

“Hey Youge, when are we getting married?” Han Xiao asked.

The girl replied coldly, “Didn’t you say marriage is such a troublesome thing that you’d never do it in your life?”

Tang Lang and Ning Xi were speechless.

Master, how could you say that?! How could you?

A certain Master feigned innocence. “Really? Did I say it was troublesome? Aside from you, I’ll never want anyone else!”

They were once again speechless.

As expected of the Master!

We were wrong!

With the sound of the waves crashing against the beach, the church bells started ringing and wedding music started playing.

The wedding had finally begun.

Everyone was focused on the attractive lovebirds of the day.

Lu Jingli’s eyes teared up. “I’m so touched! My brother is finally married!”

Jiang Muye handed over a packet of tissues with a disgusted expression. “Worry about yourself more! After he’s done, we’ll be next!”

Lu Jingli was speechless. He swore to himself he would run away from home after this wedding!

Behind the church, no one noticed a man with white hair.

The man’s usual casual wear was nowhere to be seen. He was wearing a full formal suit and his hair was also combed up. He held a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

At this moment, he was looking at the girl walking towards the priest with another man…

He had flowers and dressed up formally…

Just to miss it…

The man seemed impatient. He thrust the flowers into the hands of a man beside him. “So troublesome! Who made the rule that people must give wedding presents? Give them the stuff we just grabbed!”

“Yes,” replied Tang Ye.

Those were not something they “just” grabbed at all. It was all the best loot they had this year.

Like a dragon protecting its treasure, he was now willing to give all of them away.

A man who never knew the meaning of love finally realized it because of one girl.

The wedding went on as the pair of lovebirds stood before the priest.

“Mr. Lu Tingxiao, are you willing to take Ms. Ning Xi as your wife? Do you pledge to love her, swear loyalty to her, and even in poverty, illness, and challenges, you’d stay by her side until the end of your life?”

“I do.”

“Ms. Ning Xi, are you willing to take Mr. Lu Tingxiao as your husband? Do you pledge to love him, swear loyalty to him, and even in poverty, illness, and challenges, you’d stay by his side until the end of your life?”

Ning Xi gazed at the man before her quietly. This was the man who insisted on marrying her the first time he saw her, the man who was always by her side no matter what happened, and the man who still married her even when he was alone…


Luckily, this time, she did not leave him alone.

There was a hint of glistening tears in the corner of the girl’s eyes. Her tone was heartfelt like never before as if she was handing her life over to him.

“I do.”