Hidden Marriage

Chapter 160: I’ll Feed You

Chapter 160: I’ll Feed You

“That’s enough.” To prevent himself from losing control, Lu Tingxiao was forced to call a stop to the massage.

“Okay.” Ning Xi didn’t think much of it and continued to study the gun. Following that, she turned to Lu Tingxiao with uncertainty and asked, “This gun… You’re really giving it to me?”

Lu Tingxiao: “Take it as your birthday present.”

This gift was rather special…

Ning Xi gently stroked the gun, “Thank you! I love it!”

The safety on this gun was indeed much better. Furthermore, it had a low-key appearance and no one would be able to tell what model it was unless they dismantled it. It was much more convenient to use.

Ning Xi continued looking at the gun and couldn’t help but feel a little teary, “Lu Tingxiao, thank you… No one has ever been so kind to me before…”

Lu Tingxiao felt slightly touched in his heart. As he was about to say something, Ning Xi spoke with emotion, “It feels a little like having a father!”

Lu Tingxiao: “…”

This… was a rather high evaluation, but he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s already this late, you must be hungry. I’ll make some supper for you!”

After Ning Xi eagerly ran out, Lu Tingxiao dismantled her old gun without batting an eyelid.

As he expected, the serial number had been erased.

However, this narrowed down the list of suspects again.

Ten minutes later, Ning Xi walked back in carrying a steaming bowl of food.

“Lu Tingxiao, are dumplings okay? I saw that there were still some remaining in the freezer from the last time we made them, so I heated some up for you!”

“Leave it here.”


Seeing how busy Lu Tingxiao was, Ning Xi felt a little sorry for troubling him. Thus, she took up the bowl, “I’ll feed you, okay?”

Lu Tingxiao’s brows furrowed together slightly. He wanted to reject her offer at first, but he couldn’t bear to do so.

“I’ll feed you, I’ll feed you! Just focus on your work!” Ning Xi hastily picked up a dumpling with a pair of chopsticks and carefully blew on it before sending it to his mouth.

Lu Tingxiao stared at his laptop screen with a serene expression before opening his mouth and eating that dumpling.

Why didn’t it taste this good the last time he ate it?

Ning Xi continued feeding the dumplings to him one by one until she finished feeding him the entire bowl.

“Go take a break, I’m almost done here.” Lu Tingxiao returned Zhang Qiang’s laptop to her and started concentrating on his own laptop.

“Oh, okay.” Ning Xi hugged the laptop and sat on the sofa in the corner.

Because she was bored, she started looking through Zhang Qiang’s laptop to see if she could find any leads.

In the end, she actually did find something.

She found a folder named ‘Important Secrets’ in the D: drive. Upon opening it, she discovered that there were quite a few videos in the folder.

Perhaps that guy had hidden some evidence and hadn’t told her?

While eyeing the screen suspiciously, Ning Xi opened one of the videos.

Right as she opened it, Ning Xi felt that something wasn’t right. However, when she finally reacted, it was already too late. Heart-pounding moans and groans blasted out from the laptop, sounding extremely clear and distinct in the quiet study…

Ning Xi: “…”

Lu Tingxiao: “…”

Ning Xi wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in it. She kept clicking, but she couldn’t close the video because she was panicking.

In the end, Lu Tingxiao couldn’t bear watching any longer and walked over to help her close the video.

Ning Xi threw the laptop away and complained, “He had some files in a folder named ‘Important Secrets’, so I thought it was evidence… Damn! I should have known!”

Any suspicious folders in a man’s computer would surely be that kind of thing!

Seeing the girl’s indignant appearance, Lu Tingxiao pinched the space between his brows before sighing with absolute helplessness, “It’s done, come over and take a look.”

He had told her that he would finish it within one night out of selfishness, hoping that he could spend more time with her.

However, if this torment continued, he didn’t know what he would do…

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