Hidden Marriage

Chapter 159: You Think I’m Dangerous?

Chapter 159: You Think I’m Dangerous?

Hearing this question, Ning Xi appeared to be little troubled. She scratched her head and said, “It’s the one I mentioned to you before, the ex-boyfriend that I only dated for a day.”

It was that man again.

Since they only dated for a day, why did they seem to have interacted so much?

Lu Tingxiao’s expression became extremely fierce, “Do you know that the channels used to smuggle in this type of gun are split between three factions? No matter which faction that friend of yours belongs to, they are key targets for the police. That diamond was most likely brought in through illegal means as well.”

Ning Xi lowered her head and mumbled, “I know…”

“You know about it?” Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned even uglier. She knew that and still associated with that sort of person? Knowing about the other’s background meant that she was in an even more dangerous situation!

Ning Xi hurriedly explained: “His background might be a little dangerous. Sorry, but I can’t explain his identity to you. However, he definitely won’t harm me, I can be sure about that…”

After she finished speaking, she clearly realised that Lu Tingxiao’s expression had reached the lowest point.

Right then and there, Ning Xi felt like she was a naughty kid who had been caught doing something bad by their parent. She was so nervous that she pressed her fingers together and didn’t dare to let out a single peep.

The great demon king was terrifying when he was angry!

After a long moment, Lu Tingxiao finally said, “Give me the gun.” Ning Xi’s protectiveness towards that man had almost destroyed his rationality.

“Okay…” Ning Xi immediately handed over the gun obediently, “What are you going to do with it?”

Lu Tingxiao took it mercilessly, “Confiscating it.”

Ning Xi abruptly threw herself at him and wailed in anguish, “AH! Don’t! That’s my protection amulet! I promise I won’t use it recklessly! I won’t let anyone discover it!”

Lu Tingxiao looked askance at her coldly. He then opened his drawer, took out another gun and passed it to her, “Use this one from now on.”

Looking at the gun that Lu Tingxiao passed to her, Ning Xi’s eyes immediately lit up, “This is…”

She couldn’t tell which model it was, but it was obvious that it was no ordinary gun.

“Can I dismantle it and take a look?” Ning Xi carefully asked.

After meeting the girl’s shiny eyes with his gaze, Lu Tingxiao nodded.

Upon getting permission, Ning Xi immediately dismantled the gun with glee. After taking it apart, she looked at the structure inside in disbelief, “P226?”

“I made some modifications, so it’s safer.” Lu Tingxiao’s expression was still the same.

Because Ning Xi’s knowledge of shooting, dismantling and assembling firearms clearly came from that man.

Ning Xi stroked that gun in admiration, not wanting to let go of it at all. She cast a glance at him weakly, “Uh, someone who can get a 92F is dangerous, but since you actually managed to get a P226, aren’t you…”

The 92F was known as the best gun in the world, but very few people knew that it was the P226 that was actually the best gun in the world. It wasn’t as popular as the 92F because it was too expensive.

Upon hearing that, Lu Tingxiao’s expression immediately turned cold, “You think I’m dangerous?”

Ning Xi shook her head hard, “No, no, no! How could I even think that way! Big Boss, you’re the best! You’re my angel! Are you tired? Are your shoulders sore? Let me give you a massage! Keep working hard!”

Without saying any more, she then ran behind him in a grovelling manner and put all her energy into massaging his shoulders.

When he heard the girl’s sweet and gentle voice, although he knew that she was purposely coaxing and buttering him up, Lu Tingxiao’s stormy expression immediately warmed up. However, he quickly turned tense again.

The girl’s soft hands were rubbing his shoulders with just the right amount of force. She was even massaging his neck and temples in an extremely professional manner.

That warm feeling and the perfect amount of force felt very comfortable, and it was also going to be the death of him.