Hidden Marriage

Chapter 146: I Can’t Bear Any More of Your Flirting!

Chapter 146: I Can’t Bear Any More of Your Flirting!

Damn it, they had chatted for so long to shift her attention for nothing!

Why did this guy suddenly start flirting with her without warning!

The scariest part was that he was still sitting there with an innocent expression without realising what he had done!

Was this the so-called highest realm of flirting where he could throw out the greatest flirting moves without meaning to? Oh geez…

Her mind was in so much confusion that she didn’t even know what kind of strange thoughts she was having…

“Are you feeling unwell again?” Seeing the situation, Lu Tingxiao immediately showed a tense expression.

Ning Xi rubbed her temples, which had suddenly begun to throb. It wasn’t as simple as feeling unwell. The surging tide that had risen again was even worse than the first one. Right now, in her vision, Lu Tingxiao had become one of the male leads in a shoujo manga; he even had his own moving background music and romantic pink cherry blossom special effects…

Her inner rationality fought intensely against his seductive pink glow; she felt as if she was about to get possessed by the devil.

Seeing that Ning Xi’s breathing had suddenly quickened and that she was covered in sweat, Lu Tingxiao’s expression abruptly changed, “Where exactly do you feel unwell? Weren’t you all better just now? What… what kind of ‘unwell’ do you feel? Is it… that… or something else?”

Lu Tingxiao spoke a little awkwardly, because he had just recalled the words she had said, that he was even scarier than aphrodisiacs.

This was likely the greatest praise he had ever heard.

With reddened eyes, Ning Xi stared straight at him without blinking.

While getting stared at by that sort of gaze, Lu Tingxiao felt that a fire was about to light up in his body.

Ning Xi shook her head forcefully and threw herself onto the bed behind her. She gazed at the ceiling above her helplessly, “Ay, I guess I still have more to bear with tonight… Lu Tingxiao, if I can’t hold myself back any longer later, remember to knock me out!”

Lu Tingxiao muttered to himself, “Actually, I can…”

Ning Xi immediately interrupted, “Stop stop stop, don’t say anymore! Please, Big Boss Lu, spare me! This little one really can’t bear any more of your flirting!”

Lu Tingxiao raised an eyebrow, “What are you thinking? I was about to say that I can leave.”

“Uh… oh…” Ning Xi rubbed her nose in embarrassment, then mumbled falteringly, “But… if I have to wait it out alone… I’ll… I’ll be bored!”

She was too embarrassed to say that she would be scared alone.

However, Lu Tingxiao understood why she felt uneasy and asked gently, “Why don’t we go home then?”

Go home…

Ning Xi froze for a moment. In the instant that she had heard those two words, she had immediately thought of the Lu residence as if it was natural.

“Let’s forget about that, as I am right now…” She didn’t want to taint that place with her current appearance.

Ning Xi spotted the documents and laptop that Lu Tingxiao had placed by the bed, “Why don’t you do your work! I’ll be fine after I meditate for a bit and adjust my body~”

Lu Tingxiao smiled, “Alright.”

The regular rhythm of fingers tapping on a keyboard sounded in the quiet guest room, like the gentlest lullaby in the world.

The girl’s expression was tranquil as she slowly shut her eyes…

After detecting that the breathing by his side had turned soft and steady, Lu Tingxiao stopped his actions and carefully covered her with a blanket.

The girl muttered a little and subconsciously grabbed onto his fingers, “Lu Tingxiao…”

Lu Tingxiao’s body stiffened as his expression became indescribable.

She had called him by name.

“Yes, I’m here. Don’t be afraid.” Lu Tingxiao bent over and kissed the girl’s lips with a gentle expression.

However, there were dark clouds mixed in with that gentle expression of his…