Hidden Marriage

Chapter 145: I’ll Be Your Brain Dead Fan

Chapter 145: I’ll Be Your Brain Dead Fan

“What?” Ning Xi tilted her head.

Was it because he liked her, that he thought she was cute no matter what she did? Lu Tingxiao couldn’t resist stroking her head again, “Do you like diamonds?”

“Ah?” Ning Xi hadn’t expected that he would ask a strange question like that, “Why do you ask?”

“It’s your birthday today, so Little Treasure prepared a birthday present for you. It seems like it has something to do with diamonds. I was worried that you might not like it, so I’m asking on his behalf.” Lu Tingxiao explained with his normal expression.

“So that’s why…” Ning Xi scratched her head upon hearing this, then said, “Um, I think there probably isn’t a single woman who doesn’t like diamonds, right? However, it’s just my birthday, it’s not good if he sends me something so expensive. Since he’s just a kid, I won’t accept it. It’ll be better if he does something handmade!”

As if it had just been a careless thought, Lu Tingxiao added on, “It’s not something very expensive. That diamond you received on set the other day is more expensive. I’m just afraid that no other diamonds will seem as good to you after that one.”

Ning Xi immediately facepalmed, “Even you know about that! As expected, gossip travels a thousand miles… Don’t compare yourself with that weird guy, he’s crazy!”

“That guy is your boyfriend?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi almost choked on her saliva, “Pfft… how could it be! How did you get such a scary thought?”

“Because you seem rather close to him.” Lu Tingxiao explained in a slightly sad tone.

Ning Xi felt a headache coming on, “Heavens! How do I seem close to him? Does calling him crazy make it seem we’re close?”

Lu Tingxiao nodded, “It does, to me. You’re always very polite to me, and you’ve never criticised me even once.”

Ning Xi really didn’t know what to say. Was the great demon king Mr Lu a secret masochist? He actually wanted people to treat him a little worse?

“Anyway, that guy has nothing to do with me now! He… he’s just crazy, he just likes throwing diamonds at people! If I meet him again, I’ll definitely throw it back at him!” Ning Xi spoke in a carefree tone, but when speaking of that man, a trace of fear shone in her eyes.

“He has nothing to do with you now, then that means there was something in the past?” Lu Tingxiao caught the main point with precision.

Ning Xi coughed lightly, “That… I guess we could be counted as exes… If a single day counts…”

For some reason, she cared about the image that Lu Tingxiao had of her. She scratched her head and asked, “Lu Tingxiao, do you think it’s bad that I’ve dated so many men before?”

Lu Tingxiao had a solemn and respectful expression on. He replied her with utmost gravity, as if her question was a particularly important one, “No, everyone has their own way of living, and there are always stories behind their actions. Anyone who doesn’t know the whole truth doesn’t have the right to stand on a moral high horse and criticise or punish others.”

Ning Xi suddenly felt a burst of warmth in her head. Following that, she immediately smiled gently, “Lu Tingxiao, why do I feel like you’re one of my brain dead fans? No matter what I say or do, you’ll always feel that I’m right?”

“Brain dead fan?” Lu Tingxiao didn’t seem to understand what this term meant.

“That’s right, a brain dead fan will support their idol completely, even against all reason!” Ning Xi explained.

Lu Tingxiao pondered it for a moment before muttering, “Hm, that’s rather fitting.”

Ning Xi: “…”

While looking like she was deliberately suppressing some sort of emotion, she sunk into silent thought for a while. After some time, she let out a long sigh, “Lu Tingxiao… do you know…”


“Do you know that you’re even more scary than aphrodisiacs!” Ning Xi had a very conflicted look on her face. She then tugged at her collar with a painful expression.