Hidden Marriage

Chapter 142: Rolling in the Hay

Chapter 142: Rolling in the Hay

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They had always thought that YS was one of Ning Xi’s ex-boyfriends, but from what the other had just said over the phone, he and Ning Xi were still together?

Otherwise, why would he have mentioned ‘having an affair’?

Ning Xi had a boyfriend. She had simply never mentioned him before?

When thinking of this possibility, Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned stormy.

However, he quickly calmed down, because there was still the likely possibility that that man had purposely said so to strike a blow at his love rival.

“Lu Tingxiao, I finished applying the medicine! Are my things there?”

“They’re here.” Lu Tingxiao regained his senses and passed her belongings over.

Lu Tingxiao waited until Ning Xi had finished changing before walking in again.

After changing into her own clothes, Ning Xi felt more at ease, and the atmosphere wasn’t as weird as before. Thus, she took off the blindfold.

The moment she took off the blindfold, she then saw Lu Tingxiao looking at her with an extremely complicated gaze. She subconsciously touched her face and said in confusion, “Is something the matter?”

Lu Tingxiao sat on the side of the bed, “Ning Xi, could you tell me about your personal matters?”

“My personal matters? What matters?”

“Anything is fine.”

Ning Xi felt that Lu Tingxiao was purposely changing the topic to shift her attention, so she thought for a moment before speaking up, “Then I’ll tell you about my hometown!”

Although that wasn’t the answer that he had expected, they would surely bump into that topic eventually.

Furthermore, this was the only time, and the very first time she had ever talked about her personal matters to him.

Thus, Lu Tingxiao nodded, “Sure.”

“Lu Tingxiao, in the outskirts of C City, there’s a small town called Spring Wind Town? Uh, a small place like that, you surely wouldn’t know of it!”

“I know of it. The scenery there is good. 《Hero in a Chaotic World》 filmed a few scenes there, right?”

When Ning Xi heard that, she got excited, “That’s right, that’s right! So you knew about that! The scene in 《Hero in a Chaotic World》 where the main couple rolled in the hay in the wheat fields was filmed in our town!”

Uh, what ‘rolled in the hay’! Why did she mention rolling in the hay at this kind of time! She had chatted so much just to forget about that kind of topic okay!

Ning Xi hurriedly stopped the progression of this dangerous topic. She coughed once, “Most importantly, because the town hasn’t been developed much, so the environment there is really good and the air is very fresh!”

“A few years ago, Lu Jingli clamoured to go fishing there a few times, but I was too busy with work then, so we ended up not going.” There was some regret in Lu Tingxiao’s voice. If he had gone then, would he have met her earlier?

When looking at it from a certain point of view, Lu Jingli could be counted as the matchmaker for him and Ning Xi.

Although he hadn’t gone that time, he had still met her eventually.

It was also because Lu Jingli had taken Little Treasure to a bar that they had been brought together.

Hm, I’ll reward him properly when I get back!

“If you have the chance, you should go there at least once, you won’t be disappointed! If you do, I can be your tour guide!” When speaking of her hometown, Ning Xi’s face was filled with excitement, but slowly, her expression dimmed, “More than twenty years ago, the air was even better. Back then, many rich people would come for a vacation. Quite a few of them would come while pregnant for the sake of their health. Twenty four years ago, one of them was Madam Ning, Zhuang Lingyu…”

Ning Xi suddenly went silent.

Lu Tingxiao didn’t push her, but simply waited for her quietly.

Ning Xi took a deep breath and continued speaking as if she were narrating a story, “Madam Ning had been prepared to stay in Spring Wind Town for the duration of her pregnancy, and was going to give birth back in the city. She didn’t expect that she would accidentally induce labour, causing the child to be born early…”