Hidden Marriage

Chapter 138: Lucky It’s You

In the next second, the girl opened her eyes fully.

In the instant that the man’s figure was reflected in those hopeless yet clear eyes, the girl stared dazedly with a perplexed expression, before mistiness quickly gathered in her eyes. Large tears formed, flowing along the rims of her eyes; they appeared one after another, seemingly endless…

“Ning Xi…” Lu Tingxiao was in a complete panic because of the girl’s tears, “What’s wrong? Are you hurting anywhere? I’m sorry I came late… Don’t cry anymore… I’ll send you to the hospital… You… don’t cry anymore, okay?”

His heart was about to stop beating.

Ning Xi’s eyes were red while tears still rolled down her face. With some effort, she tried to raise her hands, but they fell halfway.

“Do you want to get up?” Lu Tingxiao immediately leaned over and helped to prop her up.

Just as he was about to help her off the bed, her arms suddenly embraced his neck. Her head buried into his shoulders and her body trembled from her cries. Her tears quickly dampened his clothes, flowing along his neck…

Lu Tingxiao felt as though a knife was stabbing at his heart. He reached his large hands out to gently pat her as if she was a fragile piece of glass, “Don’t be scared… Everything’s fine… Everything’s fine… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Due to the extreme panic and fear, Ning Xi cried for at least ten minutes before she stopped and started to hiccup.

Lu Tingxiao patiently helped her to regain her breath, and because he was scared of alarming her, he stiffened his body and didn’t dare to move.

After a long while, Ning Xi finally calmed down and hoarsely spoke into his ear in an extremely weak and helpless tone he had never heard before, “Lucky it’s you….”

She just said, lucky it’s you.

These three words strongly struck him and echoed in his heart.

At some time, perhaps even she had not realised it yet, but his girl already trusted him that much.

Ning Xi forced out a smile, stammering, “Lu Tingxiao, you don’t know, how horrible today was… Before I saw you… I was already starting to doubt life, and I almost gave up all hope in this world…”

She had thought that she was infallible and she had thought that there was nothing more that could knock her off-balance. However, when what happened that night five years ago was about to happen again, she could not help but fall apart.

She had thought about it previously. Even if Zhu Xiangcheng wasn’t intending to take her himself, he was most likely going to give her to someone else. Birds of a feather flock together. Someone who hung around Zhu Xiangcheng would definitely be an even more nauseating man.

Right now, she was happy that she had guessed wrongly, but she had not expected that the person Zhu Xiangcheng wanted to curry favor with was actually Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao’s eyes flashed with killing intent, but his tone was extremely gentle when he spoke up, “Sorry, I was the one who dragged you into this. I wanted to help you out that night, but it caused a misunderstanding with Zhu Xiangcheng. I didn’t foresee that he would do this kind of thing.”

“How could I blame you? You were trying to help me.” Ning Xi suddenly realized she was still sprawled across his body and immediately tried to straighten up, saying awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I made your clothes dirty.”

The girl knelt there with a tear-stained face. After losing the layer of flower petals covering her, her thin clothes did nothing to protect her modesty.

Lu Tingxiao coughed and directed his eyes elsewhere, “It’s fine.”

Ning Xi tried to straighten her body but started to sway. Lu Tingxiao hurriedly supported her, “Are you alright? I’ll send you to the hospital!” ”

Ning Xi flushed and shook her head, “With this type of drug, there’s no cure even if we go to the hospital! Oh, um…. Lu Tingxiao, can I ask you for a favor?”